3 Evil sisters-Part 2


3 Evil sisters-Part 23 Evil sisters-Part 2The ringing of my alarm woke me up and lazily rolled over to shut it off. Upon rolling back I saw my beautiful sister Ashley only inches away from me, as naked as a newborn baby but with the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her face. I didn’t want to wake her up but I still needed to get ready for school, so I tried to quietly worm my way out of her loving grip.Having successfully completed my task I grabbed some clothes and headed into the bathroom. Once I had the shower running at the perfect temperature, I slid the glass door shut and let the hot water run down my body to wake me up. I leaned against the wall as my thoughts drifted back to last night, to how I found myself losing my virginity to Ashley, and loving every second of it. A part of me wanted to crawl back into that bed and just spend the rest of the day with her. One day of absence from school wouldn’t kill me, in fact I think it’d do me some good to spend some quality time with my loving sister. I must’ve been buried in my thoughts of her because I failed to hear my bathroom door open and shut. It wasn’t until she slid the door to the shower open that I finally snapped out of my thoughts and soaked in the image of her naked body as I climbed into the shower with me. “Maaaax,” she moaned, her eyes fighting a small war just to stay open, “Why’d you get up?”“I have school Ashley, remember?”“Can’t you skip it today?” she whined and pressed her body up to mine. The water was spraying both of us now as I wrapped my hands around here waist. “Pleeeeeeease?”“I will next time,” I leaned forward and stole a kiss, causing her to smile softly.“Promise?”“Promise.”“Then I might as well get in a little fun before you have to go,” she opened her eyes slyly, directing them downwards at my rock hard dick that had been pressing up against her body this whole time. Gracefully getting to her knees, I watched her grab onto it and slowly start to pump it, planting a kiss right on the head that made me moan in approval.She grabbed a hold of it with both hands now, starting to pump faster and faster, teasing me with the occasional kiss. I wanted to feel what it was like to have those lustful lips sucking on my dick and I finally got my wish as she wrapped her mouth around it, sending a jolt of pleasure throughout my body and I thought it couldn’t get any better from here but she proved me wrong only seconds later. Her mouth continued to suck on the top part of my dick as one hand moved to the base of it, adding to the already insane amount of pleasure I was feeling, and to make things even hotter her eyes would glance up towards me after each moan that escaped from my mouth. Those hungering eyes made it all the more hotter as her tongue brushed the belly of my dick slow and sexily, making sure to wipe it clean as I moaned out, “I’m gonna cum Ashley!”She didn’t stop, in fact her mouth started taking in more and more of my dick and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I unloaded everything into her mouth and it didn’t faze her in the slightest as she sucked my dick try until it started to soften up. Once it was all over my legs felt like Jell-O and I eased my way to the ground with Ashley soon joining my side.“How was that?” she teased licking her lips.“Maybe I should skip school today,” I smiled and she gave me kiss on the cheek before resting up against me, the warm water only adding to our comfort as we lay there for some time. She exited the shower first and after a couple of minutes I made my departure as well. The rest of the morning was routine once the fun in the shower had ended. I got ready and soon found myself sitting at the table munching down on a piece of toast. There wasn’t any sign of Ashley while I sat there, and I knew that Izzy wouldn’t show her face until at least noon. Riley on the other hand was a morning person and she liked to give me an extra dose of hell before I walked to school. She hummed her way down the stairs, walking into the kitchen like she owned the place as she scoped out the cupboards for food. I paid her no mind, keeping my eyes glued to the TV, but I knew that that wouldn’t save me from her morning wrath. A loud crash made me jump to my feet instantly, searching for the source when I caught a glimpse of Riley’s wide smile. “Riley what did you do?” I asked.“I didn’t do anything,” her lie was so obvious that it wouldn’t fool a five year old, “When I opened up the cupboard a glass cup fell out and crashed onto the ground. If I would’ve known that placing cups in a cupboard was too difficult for you I would’ve offered you some help but then again I’m starting to think that you did this on purpose.”“Excuse me?” “You heard me. You know that I always open this cupboard so why not set up a trap to injure your poor sister,” she let off a fake sniffle and covered her eyes, “All I do is try and help you and this is the thanks I get.”“Oh really? That’s what happened?”“That’s what happened.”“Then tell me something Riley. If all the glass is right next to your feet, and the cupboard where I put the glass cups are over here,” I took the three steps to emphasize how unlikely her case was. “How come all the glass is located right there instead of s**ttered all over the place.”“Beats me,” she shrugged, “But you better clean it up before Izzy gets up.”I growled at her before retrieving the broom and hastily getting to work. Since it was all centered around one spot it didn’t take very long for me to clean the mess up, but while I was doing this I failed to watch what Riley was doing. When I finally dumped all the glass in the trash and put the broom back I turned to see Riley finishing the last of my two pieces of toast. “Riley that was my breakfast!” I shouted walking over to the table.“And it was delicious,” she smiled, patting me on the head like a puppy which only served to fuel my anger. “Sharing is caring isn’t it?”I opened my mouth to say something when I heard two sharp honking sounds from outside.“Oh! That’s my ride,” she finished the last of my toast, grabbed her backpack and headed for the door. “Oh and just in case you forgot Max, school starts in five minutes.”I looked at the clock to realize that she had played me like a drum. With that in mind, I grabbed my backpack and flew out the door breaking out in a dead sprint. Making my way down the leaf covered sidewalk, I knew that only a miracle could help get me to school on time. And that miracle…did not happen.I sat in front of the principals office, waiting my turn on death’s row until finally my name was called. Mr. Novak sat there quietly, his eyes darting back and forth across his computer as I took a seat in one of the seats in front of his desk. With a long sigh that I thought would last another hour, he finally brought his gaze onto me. The late thirties to early forties man was never happy as far as I could tell, with slick down brown hair and a monkey suit on (dress pants and beige jacket), he finally spoke.“Max, this is the eighth time you’ve been in my office for being tardy to first period,” he took off his glasses and dropped them on his desk. “We’ve only been in school for three months, and the last time you were in here you said that you’d find a way to fix this problem. Yet, here you are.”“I know Mr. Novak and I’m sorry, but-”“I’m tired of hearing excuses Max,” he interrupted, “If this happens again I’m going to have to organize a parent-teacher conference to help solve this problem.”“No,” I shook my head rapidly, “No, no, no, no sir that’s a bad idea.”“Well I think it’s the only thing that’ll help get you to school on time.”“But-”“No buts! You’ll serve an hour detention with Mr. Edwards today, end of discussion.”There really was no point in arguing after that. With my detention slip in hand I made my way to my first period class. Before I knew it first period was over and second rolled around, then third, then fourth, and finally I walked into my fifth period class just as I thought the day couldn’t get any worse. Luckily fifth period was Advanced Art, probably the only class that I’d have an A in, mainly because it was the only thing I was really good at. I pulled up a chair at one of the many tables in the room and went about sketching some plant that was placed in the front of the room.“Alright class settle down,” Mr. Edwards announced even though the room was already deathly quiet. He was laid back, and everything from his cargo shorts to his goofy looking hippy length blonde hair only served to emphasize it. Once the entire class had completely halted any and all action aside from breathing, he finally went on to say, “Get back to work.”That made me chuckle a bit. Mr. Edwards was a cool guy, and probably the only teacher that I liked so having detention with him wasn’t really a punishment, for me anyways. “Tardy again huh?” he asked pulling up a chair next to me.“Eighth time apparently.”“Least they stuck you with me and not one those other teacher’s who actually care about their job.”“I know right?” we shared a chuckle before he took a look at my work. “Looking good Max, looking real good.”“Eh,” I held up the picture next to the plant and made a comparison, “It’s alright.”“Alright? You’re drawing better then most of the k**s in my senior-only art class. You have a gift man.”“I’ll take your word for it,” I slapped it back onto the table with a hint of disgust, “I just don’t feel like I’m getting better y’know?”“A little self confidence goes a long way Max.”“So does a cab with fifty bucks worth of fare money.”Either he didn’t hear me or he didn’t bother to answer after that, getting up and going to another table to check on there progress. Meanwhile I became lost in my own little world as I tended to do when I started drawing. What started off as a hobby to escape the hell my sisters put me through soon became the one thing I could be proud of. The problem was that I felt like I wasn’t improving, like I had somehow peaked with my drawing skills and it bugged the hell out of me trying to figure out why. Before I knew it, the lunch bell rang and I regrettably made my way out of the classroom and proceeded to sleep walk the rest of the day until school finally ended and I headed back to serve my detention.I drudged into the room and plopped down at my usual table, oblivious to the fact that Mr. Edwards wasn’t the only other person in the room. It took a very aggressive throat clear for me to finally look up and discover the new person. She was my height with an above average body in my opinion, nice shoulder length brown hair and glasses that only served to make her look more intelligent.“Max, this is Gene,” he showcased her like an item at an auction. “She’s a senior here at school and has agreed to help you with your artwork.”“And how is she going to do that?” “By modeling for you.”“Modeling…for me?”“That’s right?”“You serious Edwards?”“Dead serious.”“Just seems a little,” I glanced at Gene who was quietly humming to herself, “Odd that this would help out of everything.”“Try trusting me for once in your life Max. When I have steered you wrong?”“Guess you got a point.”Grabbing my notebook out I followed Mr. Edwards instructions and sketched Gene for the rest of the detention. It was definitely harder to do, sketching an actual person instead of an object and after seeing my first picture fully finished it was like a gateway d**g, I wanted to do more. Unfortunately I only had an hour so after two and a half pictures Mr. Edwards told me I had to stop which kind of annoyed me to be honest.He did offer let me do the same thing tomorrow after school and I happily accepted. Gene even seemed happy about it too. Guess she wanted to just stand around and be ogled at for an hour…must be a girl thing. Either way I packed my stuff up and went home. When I walked into the house it was quiet, way to quiet, which surprisingly didn’t bother me at all because it meant one thing.Everyone was gone.When I walked into the kitchen I found just what I was looking for. You took to long to come home, left to go eat dinner-IzzyLooks like this day is getting better and better, as I now actually smiling having bought about an hour of peace and quiet thanks to my detention. I walked into my room, dropping my backpack and kicking off my shoes to prepare myself for a well needed nap. The door suddenly shut and I froze like a deer caught in headlights, mainly because I wasn’t the one who shut it.My head slowly turned to see who it was, however they didn’t even give me the chance to see them as I was smothered into someone’s arms.“Max!” Ashley gripped me so tight I was having problems breathing, “Where were you?”My face was buried between her breasts muffling my voice, although I was still able to squeak out the words, “I had detention.”“Well you’re finally back at least,” she sighed in an almost annoyed fashion.“Wait,” I wrenched myself free from her grip, “Why are you still here? I thought you went out to eat?”“I told them I was sick,” with a sly wink she wrapped her arms around me again, “I wanted to stay here and be with you. Aren’t you happy?”“Extremely,” I smiled and gave her a kiss.Our mouths were tangled second later and we stumbled our way onto my bed. She was lying on top of me, canlı bahis her body pressing against my causing my dick to harden immediately. But there was something different about it, something that I couldn’t explain as we started undressing. I wanted to figure out what the difference was but before I could she spread her legs and bit her bottom lip, making her look damn irresistible. “Come give it to your sister Max,” she smiled, rubbing her pussy softly.I got onto the bed and lined up my dick once again, wasting no time as I slowly slid it inside her soaking wet pussy. She was moaning louder now, and with a quick thrust I was more then half way in. Her pussy was still pretty tight as I slowly started to go deeper and deeper, thrusting my hips faster every so often just to hear the sound of her moaning my name.“Oh Max!” her breaths were short and quick, but in between them she still managed to talk, “Fuck me harder Max! Please fuck me harder!”I would’ve loved to have fucked her for longer but I already knew that I was going to cum soon, however that didn’t stop me for ramming her as hard as I could. My head board was banging against the wall because I was trying so hard to give her what she wanted.“I’m gonna…cum,” I mumbled, trying to hold it in longer.“Cum inside me Max! Fill up your sister!” she pleaded, her voice was soft and longing and after hearing her say that I couldn’t hold it in. Seconds later I blew my load inside of her and she let out a long, succulent moan while I slowly pulled out and crawled up the bed next to her. She reeked of sex, her breathing was heavy, but she was smiling broadly, and that’s all that mattered. I thought we would’ve laid in each other’s arms, just like we did last night, embracing one another and our newfound relationship. I was sorely mistaken however, because less then a minute later she rolled out of bed, flew into her clothes, and ran out the door.“Thanks Max! I got to go,” she called back, shutting my door and disappearing.To say that I was left speechless would be a total lie. I was left wondering what the fuck happened and why the fuck I’m the only one lying in this bed naked. The nudity would probably get me in trouble if Izzy came home so I quickly got dressed and laid back down on my sex scented bed. Why did that feel so different from before? The first time she was more…nervous. No, not nervous. Careful, like she wasn’t sure if she should be doing it or not, and I think that’s what I liked most about it. This time that feeling wasn’t there though. The sex was still amazing don’t get me wrong, but I think it was that feeling of caution that drove me to fuck her in the first place and without it I couldn’t help but feel weird.I must be fucking crazy.She can’t be cautious every time we have sex. That’d just ruin the mood after awhile I’d think. Then again I’m not an expert at sex, so why am I complaining? I guess it was because the whole thing felt somewhat…rushed?Even though I thought that, I still laid in bed for the rest of the night, only getting up to grab food and to check on Izzy and Riley when they came roaring through the door with head’s bigger then the whole house. I had no idea what they were doing or why, but frankly I didn’t care. It wasn’t until midnight when everyone had gone to bed and the lights had disappeared throughout the house did something happen to peak my interest. The front door opened. I immediately thought it was a burglar, grabbing my lamp and slowly sneaking out to check whether or not I was right. A lamp may not help me fight off a burglar but if I throw it hard enough and it makes a loud enough noise to wake Izzy up then I’m fine with that. As my door creaked open, I heard the light humming sound that could only come from a girl, and if my guess was correct then that girl had to be Ashley.What the hell? When did Ashley even leave? With another sleepless night under my belt, I left extra early to avoid Riley’s antics, munching on an apple the entire way there. The day came and went, and I stayed late again in Mr. Edwards room and sketched Gene for the allotted time given until he had to leave. For the next two weeks that seemed to be the only thing I looked forward to at school, sketching Gene for an hour. Turns out Mr. Edwards was right, sketching an actual person did improve my art little by little, and in those two weeks I was starting to see improvements, although very little. But the best thing was that I was finally getting better, and it felt amazing.My life at home during that time didn’t change, actually it got worse. Crazy right? How could it get worse then it already was? The root of the problem stemmed from Ashley surprisingly. Her attitude towards me became more hostile when the other girls were around and she’d even smacked me a couple times for no reason. Of course she’d find little ways to sneak into my room to have sex almost everyday over those two weeks, but I was still at a standstill. Was sex with Ashley really worth the added abuse?It was a cold Tuesday night, everyone was asleep and even I was dozing off when a kiss interrupted my would-be sleep. “Wake up sleepy head,” she whispered into my air. My eyes opened immediately to see her lying next to me, short shorts and sports bra on, with a wicked smile on her face. That same feeling of hurry in her eyes as she took of my shorts and began stroking my dick quickly yet tenderly. I was still half asleep but with my dick quickly getting to full attention I sat up and tried to focus as well. My hands made there way towards her ass as I squeezed it tightly, my other hand getting underneath her bra and grabbing her boob. She took of her bra and I dropped her short shorts, moving to the edge of my bed in a doggy style position. It was our third time in this position and I absolutely loved it, luckily she did to.I got up and moved behind her ass, my dick brushing up against her soaking wet pussy as I toyed with her. She squirmed, thrusting her ass back to try and put my dick inside of her, but I liked teasing her, I rarely had the chance to do it and in this position I took full advantage of it.“Max,” she whined and looked back, her eyes were cold with anticipation, “Give it to me already!”I smiled and did as was told, sliding my dick all the way inside her warm pussy. With my hands on her hips I didn’t waste time, fucking her harder and harder with each thrust. Her perfect ass was brushing against my body every time I shoved my dick all the way in, the soft moans escaping her mouth ever so often, and the way she squeaked out my name in her sexy voice drove me wild. “Oh Max,” she arched her back slightly and started moving her ass faster, “Oh Max! Make me cum Max! Please make me cum!”Her moans became louder and louder and just hearing them brought me on the verge of cumming too. She was getting desperate now, moving her ass up and down as I filled my hands with her round ass, squeezing tightly. “Oh god!” she shouted in response, “Oh I’m gonna cum Max!”“I’m gonna cum too Ashley,” I replied grunting. My thrust getting quicker and quicker until I felt her pussy clamp down on me dick tightly, but that didn’t stop me this time. I continued to fuck her even through her moans of pleasure until my dick was soaking wet with her juice, and only then did I finally blow my load into her pussy.With a defeated sigh, I finally pulled out and collapsed backwards while Ashley didn’t even bother to move next to me, instead just falling over onto the bed with a smile. She was breathing like a mother in labor and her smooth hair was riled up now but I still thought she looked beautiful. To bad I didn’t get to look at her long before she got up and stumbled to put her clothes back on before making her way to the door.“Thanks Max,” she giggled playfully and waved, leaving me thinking the same thing I’m always thinking.What the fuck is going on?The next morning, the answer hit me in the face like a dodge ball, courtesy of Riley. I woke up late which was an oddity in itself, and I still decided to eat at home which was just asking for trouble. I was nearly finished when she walked into the kitchen to join me. I could tell she was in a bad mood because her perfect sandy blonde hair was tied up into a ponytail, and I had a good feeling about what happened.“That fucking asshole,” she muttered, slamming the refrigerator door as if it was the cause of all the problems.Dumped…again.“Is there something wrong with me Max!?” she turned her eyes onto me.“For starters you treat guys like trash,” I answered truthfully.“When have I ever done that?”I held up a finger and pointed at me.“You don’t count.”“Why don’t I count?”She sighed and leaned up against the fridge, “Why does Ashley always have the best boyfriends.”The cereal that was in my mouth at the time now littered the table. I was practically choking for the next thirty seconds, my lungs burning until I finally coughed out the last of the cereal chunks. “What’s wrong with you?” Riley asked eyeing me awkwardly.“Ashley has a boyfriend?”“Uh, duh! Jeez she spends like all day with the guy I thought even an idiot like you would realize that.”“Wow,” my eyes were glued to the bowl of cereal in front of me. She’s using me…that bitch.This explains everything. Always coming home late at night, or always gone during the day and only talking to me when she wanted sex. I must be a fucking idiot to actually have believed that Ashley felt something for me. In a fit of rage I slammed my fist onto the table.I don’t know how long I sat there, pissed off at Ashley, but by the time I snapped back to reality a sharp honk outside signaled that Riley’s ride was here. More importantly that meant that I was late because all my stuff was still s**ttered in my room. This day officially sucks and its not even 8 o’clock yet. And it only got worse from there. Not only was I late, but Mr. Novak didn’t forget about his promise to organize a parent teacher conference the next time I was tardy so I knew I’d catch hell for that. The rest of the day was a giant cluster-fuck of bad things happening to me. The zipper on my backpack broke and my books landed in a puddle of water, my lunch account at school had nothing left in it so I didn’t get to eat, I failed a math test (that one wasn’t as surprising but it still added to the snowball effect), I stepped in gum, completely screwed up my sketching of Gene to the point where I flung my notebook into the wall and left without another word, oh and lets not forget that I was technically my sister’s booty call.FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.I was slamming my head into my desk at home, wishing that this was some nightmare that I hadn’t woken up from yet. “Max get your ass in the kitchen!” Izzy yelled from the living room.“Fuck,” I mumbled and sat up with a migraine. Of course I burned the food, and of course everyone gave me hell for it too, but I didn’t have the energy to give a damn about what they said, until this came up however.“So you’re going up to his cabin for the three day weekend?” Riley asked. Friday was a holiday and that didn’t even cross my mind until she asked the question.“Yep, we’re leaving tomorrow. It’s just going to be us and a couple of his friends. No parents, and no limits,” Ashley smirked at Riley. “I can’t wait.”Maybe that was the last straw for me, or maybe I was about to pass out from my growing migraine but I got up abruptly and left my plate on the table to retreat to my room. I don’t think I’d ever been this angered by my sisters, even after all the crap they’ve done to me I can hands down say that I’ve never been this mad. Pacing around the room, I was tapping my fingers rapidly against my leg trying to calm my thoughts. As if fate was pushing my buttons, the door opened and shut quickly as Ashley appeared with a smile.“Hey Max,” she strutted like a model towards me, “Izzy’s taking a shower and Riley’s blasting music in her room, let’s get in a quick one.” She was already wrapping her arms around me but I didn’t do the same, instead, I shoved her back. After a small stumble, she regained her footing and look at me with wide eyes, “What was that for?”“Fuck you!” I shouted. The built up anger from the past mixed with today’s horrible outcome was finally sending me over the edge. And the best part was that it felt great! “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and FUCK YOU! You’re an abusive piece of shit that’s been using me for the last two weeks. You’re mean to me for no reason, you played with my emotions, and you used me for sex when you already have a boyfriend! What the hell is wrong with you!?”“M-Max,” her fear was about as obvious as a talking dog, “W-what’s gotten into you?”“What’s gotten into me?” I laughed at how she was trying to pin this on me. “The only thing that’s wrong with me is that I actually thought you liked me! I must be a fuckin lunatic to think that an egotistic tomboy like you could even consider the feelings of her own brother. I’m done being your little toy! Get the fuck out of my room!”She opened her mouth but nothing came out, and after she still hadn’t left my anger fumed even more.“I said get the fuck out of my room, NOW!” The volume must’ve finally snapped her out of her trance and she left my room in a hurry, a terrified expression bahis siteleri on her face. If I was in a cartoon world, steam would be coming out of my ears. Truth was that I wanted to hit her. For the first time in my life I wanted to fight back and hit one of my sisters, but I wasn’t about to stoop that low. Ashley wasn’t worth it. None of them were, but at that moment my drive to scream and shout and lose all control was overwhelming, but in hindsight I probably didn’t need to be that mean to her…What the fuck am I saying? It was a long time coming, and Ashley was the one who finally sent me over the edge. They all deserved a piece of my mind but after that little yelling session I just laid back down on my bed and fell asleep on the spot.It was hands down the best sleep I ever had, and when I woke up I felt great. With most of my morning rituals completed, I exited my room only to see Ashley at the door with a bag full of her things for this weekend’s cabin gateway. She saw me, and at first I thought she’d be mad, but instead, she was scared. It was undeniable that my big sister Ashley looked like she was staring at monster from a horror movie. I could’ve taken this time to apologize, but instead I went for broke.“Fuck do you want?” I growled, my eyes narrowing immediately.She forced her eyes shut and walked out the door without a single word. The school had an assembly today so I would miss out on my art class which saddened me a bit, but for some reason I was feeling a lot happier then usual. My happy mood died out however when I realized one very important thing.The parent teacher conference.Since my mother was no where to be seen, guess who became her stand in. Izzy. She was raging mad when she arrived at the school wearing black ripped jeans and a big black sweatshirt that was way to big for her. After a few less then surprising comments from her, she walked into the principal’s office and left me sitting outside on one of the chairs to await the outcome. The only thing that changed in the next hour was the time on the clock. Only then did Izzy emerge with a pissed off look on her face and murderous eyes.“Too good to show up on time are we?” she spat out. “Parent teacher conference, I can’t believe this! I should be hanging out in the mall right now but noooooooo, my idiot brother can’t even find his way to school half the time.”She would’ve continued if a nearby door didn’t burst open as my savior, Mr. Edwards, walked in with a shocked look on his face.“Max? Where were you today? Gene and I have been waiting for you for the last hour,” he told me before looking at Izzy, “Isabella! It’s good to see you again.”“Hi Mr. Edwards,” she feigned a smile, “It’s nice to see you to. I hope my brother hasn’t caused too many problems for you.”“Who Max? He’s one of my best students.”“You don’t need to lie to him because I’m standing right here.”“I’m not lying,” Mr. Edwards went on, “He’s more talented then a lot of my seniors. Oh! I almost forgot Max you forgot your notebook yesterday.”He started to hand it to me before Izzy snatched it up. “Hey that’s mine!” I argued trying to get it back but the height difference was playing to her advantage as she held it straight up. This is why I hate being short.Mr. Edwards must’ve thought that it was a joke because he was laughing hysterically, “It’s nice to see that you two are so close.”“I wouldn’t call it close,” I mumbled under my breath, giving up on getting my notebook back, “Can you tell Gene that I’m sorry about yesterday and today. I hope she’s not mad.”“Oh she won’t mind,” he waved his hand, “I’ll pass the message to her and we’ll meet back on Monday. That alright with you?”“Yeah, that sounds good.”“Have a great weekend guys,” he waved and disappeared around the corner as Izzy and I waved.The hand with my notebook in it lowered just within my range, and I took the opportunity to lunge for it. She must have cat like reflexes because the second my body moved the notebook was already out of my reach.“Give that back Izzy,” I demanded.“With that tone your lucky I don’t beat you over the head with it,” she threatened, “Now let’s see your so-called artwork.”With a last desperate attempt to get her to stop, I resorted to the one method that I thought was sure fire to get her to drop my notebook. I went for her boob, admittedly not the smartest plan, but I copped a free feel of her right boob and I was sure that she’d drop the notebook.Boy was I wrong.Not only did she not drop it, but she turned and sent a right hook that caught the side of my temple. She rocked me harder then a Metallica concert with that hit, and I crumbled to the ground like a sand castle that an ocean wave crashed into. I was kind of asking for it, I mean, I grabbed her boob in public. Luckily no one saw us, and I can only imagine what’d she do if someone did. I’d probably dig my own grave before she beat me to death and dropped me inside. With an enormous migraine, and my vision starting to blur, I sat on the ground half dead as Izzy stormed out of the hallway muttering swear words the entire time. By the time I was able to see straight, I stumbled out of the hallway and into the sunset filled sky, not bothering to look for her car. That walk home felt like an uphill battle through snow, and there were multiple times that I had to stop and rest on a tree to make sure I wouldn’t collapse on the ground. I couldn’t tell if I was just a giant pussy or if Izzy really put a lot into that hit. Either way when I got home I made a beeline for the medicine cabinet, grabbed some headache pills and gulped some down with a glass of water. The deathly silent house caught my attention at that moment, and after looking around in the living room and not finding a single note, I was left baffled and a little confused. Although I’m pretty sure the reason I was confused was because my head was still ringing like a church bell. I made it into my room at last, lazily drudging into it and walking over to my desk to sit down. The quick slam of a door caused my eyes too widen. This scenario seemed very familiar, only I knew that this time it probably wasn’t going to be Ashley waiting to give me a hug. Sure enough, when I turned around Izzy was leaning up against the door with an agitated look on her face.“Fuck my life,” I mumbled resting my head on my desk, “You’re here to kill me aren’t you?”“I should after you violated me in public you filthy pig,” her tone was surprisingly calm and I noticed that my notebook was still in her hand. She must’ve caught me looking at it because a sly smirk crossed her lips, “I looked through this pile of trash. Not impressed, especially by your model.”After I didn’t answer she took it upon herself to continue the conversation.“Is this why you’ve been coming home late? Sketching this whore after a school everyday?”“She’s not a whore,” I shot back, “And what are you complaining about? I’m out of the house longer just like you wanted so I don’t see the problem.”“Excuse me? You better watch your fucking mouth Max. I don’t care what you do outside of this house but I’m not gonna have you sketch whores all day. Your perverted enough you sick fuck.”“Well then you’re going to have to keep me on a leash because I’m going to keep staying late after school.”“Maybe I should keep you on a leash, or maybe I should call the school and tell them that Gene is sexually harassing you. I’m sure that they’d love to hear that.”“The hell is your problem?” my anger was quickly escalating after she said that and I stood up with clenched fists. “Why can’t I have one thing in my life that you can’t destroy huh?”“Because life isn’t fluffy kittens and rainbows dumbass, and if you swear around me again I’m going to tie you to the ceiling and beat you until the candy comes out,” she threatened.“Well you better find a rope, or another model, because I’m not going to stop even if you put me in the hospital.”What happened next could only be described as the most legendary staring contest known to man. Our eyes stayed locked in menacing stares, the room staying as quiet as a funeral, mainly because this may lead to mine, but I wasn’t going to back down. Unless she knocked me out cold…again. After ten minutes went by and we still had gotten no where, the strangest thing happened. Izzy gave in.“Then I’ll do it,” she rolled her eyes.“Huh?”“You heard me idiot, I’ll model for you.”“You?”“Yes?”“Seriously?”“What part of yes don’t you get you moronic horn-dog? I’m going to model for you so you don’t have to see that little whore again, got it?”“When?” I asked skeptically.“Right now, my room, move your ass,” she opened the door and pointed. I wasn’t entirely convinced about what was going on but I did what she said and headed out the door. Grabbing onto my wrist, she dragged me upstairs (a place that I was told was strictly off limits for me) and into her room. Izzy’s room was kind of bare, with only a couple posters on the wall, a full body mirror, a large desk in the corner and her bed pressed up against the wall with a window right above it. This was the first time I had been in Izzy’s room since last year when I brought her medicine for a cold that she caught, and even then she still kicked me and told me to get the hell back downstairs. Needless to say, I was treading lightly as she let go of me in the center of her room and sat down on her bed.“So what do I do?” she asked.“You get in a pose and try not to move, talk, or be annoying while I’m drawing,” the last part I added just for fun but she didn’t approve of it judging by the scowl on her face, “Guess we can start with that pose.”“No,” she refused and laid down on her side, supporting her head with her hand and gazing towards me, “I want to do this one.“Whatever,” my will was all but defeated right now as I grabbed her chair and took a seat. With my hand now zooming around the paper, I started to calm down slowly but surely as my work started to get closer to completion. It wasn’t until I stopped and gazed at my paper that I was forced to glance at Izzy to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things.This was a blessing in disguise for me, and I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out until my first sketch was almost finished. Here, laying smack dab in front of me, was my model-like sister who ditched her jeans and black sweatshirt for short shorts and a black shirt that was two sizes too small, and she was also wearing knee high striped socks that I never noticed. The whole look drove me insane, and the best part was that I was getting a free pass to ogle away at her. Those creamy white thighs, and that perfect curvy body that put so much emphasis on her large boobs that brought back the memory that I had finally grabbed one. Although very brief, it was now forever imbedded in my head.“What are you doing?” she spat out after realizing that I was ogling at her body.“Just checking something,” I lied and shook my head, “I’m almost done just a little longer.”“Bought time, jeez how slow-”“Models don’t talk,” I interrupted looking back down at my paper, “Please be quiet.”I was playing with fire, but right now I knew that I couldn’t get burned until to the end so it didn’t bother me. To my surprise she actually did listen and shut up until the time came when I felt that I was down. With that announcement she stood up and walked over to see the final product. She never said anything, eyeing the picture of her body over and over again while her eyes narrowed, almost lustfully.“Like I said,” she recovered her evil look and looked away, “Trash.”Now it was my time to scowl, but I didn’t feel like arguing so I just scoffed and left her room, heading back down to mine and slamming my door shut. Where the hell does she get off calling my art trash? She was the one who wanted to me to sketch her right? It wasn’t like I asked her to do that, and I definitely didn’t ask her to wear clothes like that. I decided that I didn’t want to think about it after that, cooking dinner and doing some chores before falling asleep and awaiting Friday’s holiday. It started off slow, with nothing happening until Riley shouted that she was going to the mall to meet with her friends. That didn’t concern me in the slightest as I sat at my desk and flipped through my notebook until stopping on the one picture that I was starting to loathe. Izzy’s. I wanted to rip up that paper, burn it, drive fifty miles in any direction and dump the remains somewhere, the only problem was…I couldn’t. My eyes were glued to it, examining every detail of her drawn body with a familiar longing. It was the same kinda longing I felt for Ashley, and that alone angered me even more, but I wasn’t going to destroy my ticket to glance at her body whenever I wanted.The door happened to bust open at that point and I whirled around to see Izzy leaning up against the wall. My jaw hit the ground when I saw her look. Skin tight jeans and a tank-top that made her boobs practically fall out of it, ditching her knee high socks and revealing her silky smooth legs.“What…” I couldn’t find the words to express what I wanted to say, so instead I decided to ask a more logical question. “Do you want?”“Sketch time,” she nodded towards the hallway, “Let’s get this shit over with.”“Are güvenilir bahis you serious?”“Don’t start that shit again Max,” her voice was trying to sound annoyed but I could tell that something was different. “I’m serious, your not drawing whores anymore, you’re going to draw me from now, now get your ass up and let’s go.”“Um, ok?” Any sane man wouldn’t pass up this opportunity, and I was no difference, standing up and making my way to her room yet again. Just like yesterday she chose the pose, leaning up against the wall and staring off to the side. I felt like she was begging me to ogle at her freely now, and I made sure to take extra time to finish my drawing of her. Damn it she looked sexy and I wasn’t going to deny it, hell she even got me hard just by standing there, and only when I finally calmed down did I stand up and tell her I was done.“Hopeless, just…hopeless,” her words sounded hollower then a cave, and this confused me even more. With an upset growl, I stormed out of the room immediately and proceeded to do the same thing as yesterday, disappearing into my room like a turtle disappears into a shell. It was happening again. The want, the lust, the desire. Everything that led to mine and Ashley’s relationship was practically repeating itself, but there were two big differences this time. First off, I hated Izzy’s guts more then anything right now for insulting my work, and secondly, I wasn’t going to be used again.That night, I tossed and turned, dreaming about Izzy’s body up against mine, but at the same time I could see me giving her a piece of mind and even hitting her. It wasn’t look good for me, and I knew it. But this time there was nothing driving me to kiss her, to feel her, and that’s because every time those thoughts popped up in my head they were replaced with violent outbursts on my part. Saturday started off almost exactly as Friday, and yet again Riley had made plans to leave as déjà vu quickly overcame me. Especially since I was looking at the picture of Izzy once again, lustful thinking one second and unbelievable anger the next. It was torturous to say the least, but I tried my best to keep calm.Needless to say I failed at it.At that moment, who else would’ve shown up then the cause of my problems, Izzy.“Hurry your ass up Max,” she groaned from my doorway, “I got other things I wanna do today.”I hadn’t even turned to look at her, grabbing my notebook and pencil to follow her upstairs. It wasn’t until I was in her room with the door shut did I finally look at her. My notebook and pencil slipped out of my hands at that moment.A short black skirt, no where near her knees, and a strapless tank-top that exposed her belly and top half of her boobs. And her pose made everything worse, leaning back up against her desk and glaring right at me, her legs less then three inches apart but I could tell one thing from it.She wasn’t wearing anything on underneath her skirt. With the help of my notebook, I was able to cover up my boner the entire time I was sketching her, but my lust was starting to get the better of me. When the cursed moment came that I finished my work and she slowly walked over to see it, I died a bit on the inside.“I don’t get what Mr. Edwards sees in you,” she shook her head disappointedly, but I got up and headed for the door again, pissed off and annoyed. How I could ever want this wicked whore was beyond me, and the worst part was that she didn’t stop there. “If your one of his best students then the rest of the school must be drawing stick figure cause your terrible.”“Alright that’s it,” I turned and flung my notebook onto the ground, finally at the breaking point with her insulting my work. With anger now fueling my actions, I marched right up to her and put on the most pissed of look that I could, “Listen up you fuckin gothic trash, I’m done with your little games alright.”“What the fuck are you going on about? This is what you wanted! I’m trying to help you out even though it’s obvious that your fucking terrible,” she glared back at me evilly, “And if you even think about using that language again I’m going-”“Shut the fuck up!” I shouted interrupting her, “This isn’t what I wanted this is what you wanted! You wanted me to stare at your half naked body! You wanted me to sketch you! Stop being stupid bitch and admit it, this is what you wanted, and I’m done with it.”Maybe it was because she never heard me yell before or maybe it was because I was genuinely on the verge of fighting back but she started to back away from me.“Don’t even think of trying to pin this crap on me,” I continued, matching her step for step until her legs hit her bedside. “You’ve been making my life a living hell for as long as I can remember and I’m sick of it. I’m not going to let someone else toy with my emotions anymore so you can take your whole pissed off and forced to do shit act to hell!”I shoved her onto the bed and she collapsed with little resistance, her legs dangling off her queen sized bed as I hopped on top of her. I pinned arms down with all of my strength but she didn’t bother resisting, her eyes wide with fear. My anger now coursing through my body like a d**g, I hit her, not anything to serious like she would do but I gave her a nice hard slap across her face that could’ve been heard from downstairs. “This is what you want right?” I was still shouting, my adrenaline flowing like a waterfall. She didn’t answer so I hit her again. She winced in pain, looking up at me with vulnerable stares as the weirdest urge flew into my mind, and without warning, I bent down and forced a kiss. It was fierce, and angry, and all around lustful for both of us, and once I needed a break I pulled away and saw how she tried to chase my mouth. I slapped her again, “You’re not in charge anymore Isabella! Do you understand?”For some reason I used her full name, but it felt a little sexier to me as she nodded softly.“Say that you understand!” I demanded, hitting her again.“I understand,” her voice lost all the anger she was feigning earlier.“Tell me that this is what you want!” I ordered, squeezing her boob again as she let out a moan of pain and ecstasy. “I want to hear you say it! Or else I’m walking out that fucking door now!”“This is what I want,” she squeaked out.“Louder!”“This is what I want,” still she squeaked so I hit her again and stole a quick kiss.“Louder or I’m leaving!”“This is what I want! I want you to do this to me!” she screamed and I smirked my enjoyment, leaning down and giving her another deep kiss as my hands groped her boobs. She moaned inside my mouth while my tongue continued to invade inside of her. I pulled back again and looked at her, those memories of her persistent scowling face didn’t prepare me for her newfound innocent one.It was like she was giving me permission to do whatever I wanted with her, and as we both panted looking at one another, I knew that this is what I wanted more then anything. A chance to have her, and abuse her.My anger and lust was now combined and running freely through my mind as I pulled down her top to expose her giant boobs, sucking on the right one immediately while my hand grabbed onto her left nipple, twisting and pulling on it.“Oh fuck,” she softly groaned as her hand rested on top of my head. I continued this little torture pattern and soon I heard her whisper “More. I want more.”I stopped sucking and looked up at her, slapping her boob causing her back to arch immediately, “You don’t get a say in this Isabella. I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want to you, understand?”“Yes sir.”“My name isn’t sir,” I slapped her quickly.“Yes Max,” she corrected immediately and I rewarded her with a quick kiss. I needed her to realize that I wasn’t just another guy, I was her brother, and I was getting my revenge at long last.With her total submission now guaranteed, I slapped her boobs again just because I knew I’d love her reaction. The pain expressed on her face and the quick spasm from her back made me grin, but now I wanted to have a little more fun.“Take off your skirt,” I ordered getting off her and she hurriedly did as was instructed and laid back down as my finger started running down up and down her thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy every time. Finally it brushed over her clit and damn did her hips buck up in the air. Knowing that, I teased her some more, rubbing it softly with one hand just to make her do the same, but every time she did I squeezed down hard on one of her boobs so she had a mix of pain and pleasure.With a light slap to her pussy lips, she was sent over the edge in a hurry, moaning out loud and clutching onto her bed sheets violently as if she was about to be thrown off her bed. The look on her face told me exactly what was happening, and that just made things all the better for me. “Are you going to cum Isabella?” I whispered softly to her and she shook her head rapidly as I slapped her pussy again, “Did I say you could cum?”“P-p-please Max,” her breaths were short and sexy as she started squirming.“Please what Isabella?” my hand moved down her thigh slowly teasing her all the more. “Please let me cum Max! Please! I need to cum.”“Not yet,” I smiled wickedly while she glanced at me worriedly. I got off the bed and got on my knees bringing my face up to her sweet smelling, completely shaven, and soaking wet pussy. Leaning in closer, my warm breath splashing up against it and causing her to moan even more.“Can I cum now?” she pleaded but I just shook my head with a smile.“Wait a little bit longer,” I cooed as I stuck up my tongue and brushed up against her pussy. It tasted fantastic, and the reaction I got from her was perfect as her whole body started quivering. After a few more licks she started whimpering and I thought she suffered enough, “Now you can cum.”I moved in closer, bringing my whole face up to her pussy as my tongue ran up and down in wild exploration. “Oh fuck!” she screamed as her whole body froze for a second, her pussy juice flowing out as my tongue licked her clean, before she finally relaxed with dangerously heavy breathing. I wiped my mouth after I was done, crawling onto the bed and resting on top of her as we engulfed one another in a passionate kiss. But I wasn’t done yet, and I had finally thought of the perfect thing to get revenge.I sat up, and got off her, “Get on your hands and knees.” She nodded weakly, sitting up herself before I slapped her face again, “I don’t have all day Isabella, move your fucking ass already!”There was a quick spring in her movements after that as I undid my belt and dropped my pants to reveal my rock hard dick. I saw her looking back at me, biting her bottom lip with her eyes screaming at me to fuck her. With my hands slowly running up and down her back before I smacked her ass hard. Her face was something that I didn’t really want to bruise, but her ass was fair game because no one would see it. So I smacked it harder and harder each time, and each time she moaned louder and louder until I saw a giant red mark on her right cheek.Finally, I positioned myself behind her, rubbing her ass cheeks softly as she groaned in relief. Her nice and soothing moaning was going to stop very soon now as I pushed her ass a little lower giving me the perfect angle to do what I needed to do.“Oh fuck!” she screamed as my dick plunged straight into her ass.It was the perfect revenge in my eyes, fucking a whole that she probably never even experimented with, and although I wanted to make her scream over and over again, I knew that it could seriously hurt her if I wasn’t careful. That didn’t stop me from getting half of my dick inside of her though.“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she continued to shout as I carefully went in and out of her tight ass. It felt so warm, and it was tightening around my dick with every thrust making it feel even better. She didn’t fight it either, in fact it was like she was trying to take a little more each time as her harsh moans continued. Cold sweat was running down my forehead, my dick continuing to tear apart her ass as I finally felt the urge to cum.“I’m gonna cum again,” she gasped out quickly, “Please can I cum Max?” She looked back at me, almost on the brink of tears by the look of it and with a quick nod she smiled weakly. “Ooooooooh god! Yes! Yes! Yes!”Hearing her screams, I busted my load straight into her ass with a loud grunt as her body twitched and her ass tightened quickly. Her arms suddenly gave out as she face planted onto the bed, her ass still high in the air as I finally took my dick out. We were both breathing like we ran a marathon, but I knew just by the look on her face that she enjoyed every second of the pain. I grabbed onto her shoulder and flipped her over until she was lying on her back, her body exposed save for the tank-top still lying below her boobs. Our eyes met and I crawled up and bent down to give her an aggressive kiss that she happily accepted. After I pulled away I gave her a quick slap across the face and got off the bed, pulling up my pants and leaning down to grab my notebook. With the most recent picture of her still on display, I ripped it out and walked back over to the bed, shoving the paper into her face.“My art isn’t shit,” I hissed, “You’re beautiful and my art just proves it.”I didn’t say anything after that, walking out the door and heading down the stairs only to stop at the bottom and look back up towards Izzy’s door.What the fuck did I just do?

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