A Day at the Races


A Day at the RacesA Day at the Races Dedicated to candaulism_rules and his hot wife!In this scenario, I am presenting a trophy at the racecourse (actually, sometimes I do this) and am charmed when you send up your wife to collect the winning trophy for the race. From the side, you can see I’m being a little too enthusiastic in my compliments of her style and attire, but you graciously invite me to join you afterwards in the bar where you’ve gone to celebrate with your training connections. At the bar we socialise together and a little more flirting goes on, but it’s good-natured banter and I don’t think too much about it…When racing is over you announce the party will continue at your hotel and that I am most welcome to accompany you, and we all head off together as it’s been a long day and we’re all feeling quite peckish. At the hostelry, some food and more champagne is ordered and we all relax a little more into each other’s company. The food is good, the wine continues to flow and the flirting goes up a notch or two, but again I’m not getting carried away as there are so many other people around. However, one by one all the other weary guests depart and eventually even the staff make their excuses and leave. As you’re the only couple staying over on the premises for the night, the owner also calls it a day and bids us farewell, just asking us to switch off the lights before retiring upstairs…With just the 3 of us left now, you fill the glasses one last time and the conversation takes a further turn as you inquire as to why I’m alone today with no lady by my side. I smile and explain I’m currently unattached and to my surprise your wife gives my thigh a squeeze, as you make a joke about fixing that for me. I raise my glass to toast that suggestion, and now I realise your wife has not withdrawn her hand and that you are obviously aware of this. We exchange ‘knowing’ smiles and with that your wife begins to stroke my excited penis through my pants, while you relax back into your chair. As she undoes my fly, my cock rises up to meet her and in seconds she has me fully erect with the deft touch çanakkale escort of a woman who is experienced in the art of penile stimulation and maintenance! She applies just the right amount of tension to make sure I’m totally rigid, but also has me purring under her expert control.‘Would you like to know the secret of our relationship, Jack’?, you ask, all the time reclining further back into your chair, while giving off carte blanche signals with your insouciant body language.‘Go ahead and enlighten me’, I just about manage to reply.‘I like her to be happy at all times, Jack, including indulging any random desires she may have, from time to time, You’ve been eyeing her up since you were together on the podium today at the racecourse. By the time she came back down I said to myself, there’s a man who’d fuck my wife if he had half the chance. So what I’m saying is: now is your chance, Jack. Go ahead and fuck her like I wasn’t here – believe me, it’s what she wants, too’.With that endorsement ringing in my ears, I stand up to take her arm and guide her towards the nearby table. Turning her around, I encourage her to get up on the table and lie back in a reclining position. Slipping my hands beneath her ample ass-cheeks, I pull her forwards while taking another quick glance at yourself to check your reaction. At the same time, your wife also looks towards you to take the temperature of the situation, and at that moment I push her black satin panties to one side and in one stroke, thrust my throbbing cock straight into her. She gasps with the suddenness of it all, readjusting herself to accommodate the instant locomotion I inflict on her by now arousing pussy. All the time now her attention is steady upon me, and almost without animation she d****s one shapely leg over my shoulder, as my subconscious tries to deal with the fact that I’m now balls deep inside the alluring society lady whose image will be adorning the racing pages of tomorrow’s national newspapers.As I power harder into her, you pull your chair a little closer to get a ‘bird’s eye’ view of my penetration ısparta escort of your more than willing wife. I drive in even deeper, all the time conscious of your steely gaze, as you observe every thrust that we make while carefully taking out your own by now enlarged penis…Eventually, you rise from the chair and approach us, discarding your own clothing as you move in. By the time you reach us, you are fully erect and gently swivel your wife around and turn her lower body towards you, so you are now ready to enter her from behind. Taking your cue, I move to the front and present her with my own purple hardness which by now is well lubricated by the free-flowing juices from her well-fucked cunt. As you ease your cock into her, she proceeds to take mine deep into her mouth, lovingly tending to the angry head with her glossed lips. She gives herself a moment or two to accustom herself to the different rhythm of your fucking, before resuming her delicious sucking of my spoiled cock.After a while, you reposition her again and this time you mount the table and encourage her to squat down on your cock, facing away from you with her buttocks pointing in your direction. I take the glass of champagne and pour some of it into her mouth, half in jest and half as a reward for her beautiful cock-sucking. Now she gets to dictate the tempo and reaching forward, I part her sleek black panties again and pour more champagne down over her febrile cunt. As she accelerates on top of you, I massage the champagne into and around her clit as you hold her steady by the hips and push deeper and further into her. Soon I hear a feral growl gathering in your throat and finally with maximum velocity you deliver a tsunami of cum deep inside your wife’s hard-worked pussy. Then you quickly disengage again and resume your seat while motioning me to take your place…‘She’s all yours now, Jack – you better finish the job you started’.Hesitating to follow you into her now sperm-sodden cunt, I push my cock up to the entrance of her soft butt-hole, delaying momentarily to see how this will be received sivas escort – both your reaction and hers. I can see you about to raise a hand as a caution, but then she turns her head and gives me a sly smile that suggests that this act will not be discouraged. ‘Well, I’ll be…’, I hear you mutter as you shake your head and sit back to enjoy the remainder of the show…Using as much restraint as I can muster, I gently but steadily push my cock into her ass, pausing initially to allow her to get used to the feeling, and then when I feel I have her confidence, I push on to effect a deeper and stronger motion. As I continue bum-fucking her, I can see you getting re-aroused and you stand up again and bring your cock back to her luscious lips to allow her suck you up to full hardness. As she greedily gives you some more extravagant head, we both steady her with our hands on the table to our mutual satisfaction. She alternates between sucking your cock and withdrawing to look over her shoulder and give me deep eye-contact to keep me pushing deep into her by now well-penetrated sphincter. I respond as gamely as I can, increasing the rhythm but trying to remain in control in case I either spoil your blow-job or inadvertently push her off the edge of the table…Once or twice my cock slips clean out, but she leaves me in no doubt I am to stay the course. As I hold her strongly by the hips to re-enter and fuck her as hard now as is practical, she strengthens her oral action on your rejuvenated cock. To your own surprise, you manage to offload another substantial deposit, spraying sperm all over her gorgeous face and lips, while holding her steady by her hair from the nape of the neck…Feeling my own endurance about to run out, I pull out of her ass and allow myself the luxury of exploding all over her shapely buttocks, holding her tight and making sure every drop is there for you to admire from the other side of the table. As you sink exhausted back into your chair, I lift her head and gently spoon the spunk off her bottom in the crook of my finger and feed it into her loving lips. She sucks my fingers dry, cleaning every drop of seed off my digits, while maintaining eye contact with you as she consumes every morsel of cum…As I collapse back shattered into my own chair, she coyly lifts the remainder of the bottle and coquettishly calls out – ‘more champagne, boys?’ 🙂

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