A Futa Family Vacation


*Note: Hello everyone! I’m very glad to present my first story on this site. This is an idea I’ve had brewing as a roleplay concept for awhile, but some of the rp’s just didn’t work out, so I’ve decided to turn my RP idea into a story of sorts!

Basically, the idea is that in a world where Futas are the only sex, a family and some friends go on vacation to a small coastal village in the country together. Little do they know that Mating Season is coming early this year, and they’ll soon have a house full of futas in heat to deal with!

As for how I’ll be able to flesh out an entire extended family of characters? I’ll have individual chapters focusing on specific characters, this isn’t going to be a super narrative heavy thing, though there will be some character arcs and plot threads woven in here and there, but it’ll most likely be fairly episodic. Also, all characters are at least 18, obviously.*


June 3rd, 3:45 PM.

Alex gazed up at the perfectly clear blue sky and sighed in contentment. The gentle breeze, the suns rays on her, the clear skies, it was a perfect setting to bask in her recent graduation.

The raven haired girl looked back at the school behind the hill she was sitting on, wondering what her future had in store for her as she looked at her past.

“You know, I’m already starting to feel a bit nostalgic about this place.” Alex mentioned wistfully to her friend Ella.

“Really?” The bespectacled redhead asked her pale friend. Alex’s nerdy friend raised her eyebrow skeptically, Alex was not the type of person who was particularly sentimental.

“Hell, no! Fuck this place. I never want to look at another essay or test again!” Alex declared, they both laughed and nearly rolled on the ground together.

“Though, if there is one thing I’m going to miss about Highschool, it’s hanging out with you.” Alex admitted. Ella frowned a little.

“Hey, we can still do stuff together, even if we’re going to different universities!” Ella insisted.

“Ell, let’s be realistic. You’re not going to have time at that genius tech college, and you’ll probably be moving out of state to find jobs in a place that actually has need for people like you. We’ll still talk every now and then, but it won’t be the same. This is the last summer I think we’ll be able to spend time together like this.” Alex folded her arms and stared at the ground.

“…And everyone calls me the negative one… Well, okay I was thinking the same thing, but I was just trying cheer you up! And that means we just have to make this summer count, right?” Ella suggested. Alex smiled slightly and nodded.

“Right. You know, I normally hate going on vacations with my family, but I have a feeling this time will be…Wait. Ella what time is it?” Her friend looked at her phone.

“Nearly 4…Oh, shit!”

“We’re fucking late! Come on!” Alex and Ella quickly packed up their things and dashed from the schoolyard, they were leaving soon and they’d both hardly even packed!

“Alex, wait uuuuuup!” Ella almost comically rolled down the hill as her friend raced back home, quickly getting back on her feet to catch up.

The two girls soon made their way to Alex’s house, and the door was already open as some of Alex’s family members could be seen loading some their belongings into the back of a car.

“Where’ve you been, honey!?” A mature, brown haired woman sternly questioned Alex as she packed a large suitcase into the back of the truck.

“I’m so sorry, FaMa, we just lost track of time is all. I really reaaaallly tried to be on time.” Alex said innocently to Jen, her FaMa, meaning the one of her Mothers whom hadn’t given birth to her.

“Alex, you’re an Adult now, this schtick isn’t going to work on me anymore. Even if you are still cute.” Jen laughed and pinched Alex’s cheek.

“Mother!” Alex groaned in protest and stomped her foot, eliciting another laugh from her FaMa.

“Come on, get your things, we’re leaving soon.” Jen told her daughter.

“Why are we leaving today instead of tomorrow morning, anyway, Jen?” Ella asked as she helped Alex’s mom load stuff onto the car.

“Because we’d be tired from the car ride and would sleep all day anyway. At least this way we’ll be properly rested tomorrow!” She explained.

“Knowing Alex, she’ll probably sleep all day anyway.” Ella said, making Jen laugh again.

“Yeah, there’s no helping any of my daughters when it comes to that. God, especially Chris. I think they get it from their other Mother.”

“Eliza?” Ella asked. Jen nodded.

“Anyway, are you sure your moms are okay with you staying with us in the countryside for so long, they seemed very…”

“Overprotective and clingy?” Ella suggested.

“I didn’t want to say that, but yes.” Jen nodded.

“Yeah, but I just graduated so I think they want me to make my own decisions like an adult. Or they want me to stay away during Breeding Season.” Ella joked. Jen chuckled.

“I know you haven’t been old enough until now to experience it, istanbul escort but you should know the Heat doesn’t start until nearly two months from now. It’s barely even june!” Jen explained.

“Oh, right… God, Breeding Season…” Ella stared off for a second, Jen smiled sympathetically and started patting her on the back.

“I know Breeding Season seems scary, but it’s nothing to worry about. It’s completely natural, those urges. Once you get out of your shell, I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun during The Heat!” Jen tried to reassure the girl. Ella gulped.

“F-fun? Really?” Ella stared wide eyed at the big boned woman, quite uncertain. Jen nodded and smiled kindly.

“Sure! There’s just something exciting about being so turned on that you just have to- Dammit, where are the other girls?” Jen suddenly realized that her two daughters had still not arrived from getting their things ready. And even Jen’s wife, Eliza was nowhere to be seen.

“Though preparations for Breeding Season don’t generally begin until nearly a month from now, some experts believe that sometime within the next few years we might see it come around much earlier than usa-“

Alex turned off the television in her room as she finished packing her things, inspecting herself in her mirror one last time before leaving.

She was definitely a pretty girl, but very average looking by her own standards. Short, fairly pale, with long dark hair and blue eyes. She was also very flat in every aspect, but she was never one who desperately longed for bigger breasts, or anything like that. Well, she supposed she could’ve done with a bit more meat on her rear, but that was besides the point. Overall, she just looked boring, in her own opinion.

Then of course there were her braces, which she hated with a fiery passion. They made her look like such a dork whenever she smiled. She was an adult, she should’ve had them removed by now. But her Mothers and her dentist absolutely insisted that she keep them for the next few years. As a kid she loathed brushing her teeth, so she supposed this was suitable punishment.

“Alex, Chris! If you two don’t come down here soon we’re leaving you here!” Jen yelled from down below. Alex sighed and quickly left her room with her things, before realizing her sister was nowhere to be seen.

“Chris? We’re leaving soon.” Alex called out. The girl then peered into the bathroom at the far end of the hall and saw the white haired girl carefully applying black lipstick. Alex sighed.

For a generally cold and indifferent girl who claimed to not care what others thought about her, she seemed to spend long amounts of time applying her makeup.

Chris often went for a pale look that Alex achieved naturally through going outside as little as possible, and favored black clothes more than anything else. Then there was her white hair, dyed from her natural blonde hair that Chris claimed made her look “preppy”.

“You done turning into a vampire?” Alex asked. Chris sneered. Alex grinned a bit, that sneer was very familiar to her, given how often the sisters bickered and argued.

“Are you done fixing your fucked teeth yet?” The goth snarked as she finished up with her makeup and grabbed her bags.

“Ouch. That hurts so much.” Alex replied sarcastically and gripped her chest.

“Hey, don’t squeeze your chest too hard, you might actually gets tits.” Chris smirked, and Alex actually sneered at her sister this time and huffed.

“Moms, are me and Chris getting different rooms at the vacation house!?” Alex shouted as she bolted down the stairs past her gloomy sister.

“So childish…” Chris muttered to herself and followed Alex down the stairs.

“No, you’re not, honey. There’s already more people coming than we thought, so you two will have to share a room.

The woman saying this stepped out of her room and hugged both of her daughters as they approached her.

“Hey Eli- I mean Mom.” Chris corrected herself, changing what she called Eliza as she gave Chris the stink eye.

Eliza was a tall, tan skinned woman with gorgeous blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that went down her back. In comparison to her wife’s thick, somewhat pudgy body, she had quite an athletic and amazon-esque figure.

“Have you girls got everything ready? Luna and her girlfriend are getting here soon, they’re going to follow us to the village.” They could hear Jen tell them from outside the house.

Right on time, a car soon pulled up as Alex and the others exited the house. Soon, a very tall, green haired young woman wearing tinted sunglasses got out of the car and hugged the others.

“Hey, little sis. How’ve you been? Got a girlfriend yet?” She joked and rubbed Alex on the head. Alex rolled her eyes and smiled a little.

“I’ll get one, I’ll get one, Luna. I just haven’t found the right person, I guess.” Alex shrugged sheepishly and explained this to Luna avcılar escort as she hugged her younger sister closer.

“Alright, sure. Just remember that I’m a love guru, so if you ever need advice just come to me.” Luna joked. Alex rolled her eyes.

“By the way,” Luna grinned deviously and pulled a small bag out of her pocket “I got some great weed, and I figured since you’re an adult now that we could smoke some together.”

Alex’s eyes widened in alarm, she looked at her older sister and then the weed. She nervously shook her head, and was about to reject the offer before she heard one of her moms scream at their direction.

“Luna!” Eliza shouted at her oldest daughter.

“Hey, she’s an adult, come on.” Luna casually responded and chuckled. It was amazing to Alex how laidback her sister could always be. Especially compared to how uptight Chris always was.

Soon, a gorgeous girl with dirty blonde hair, got out of the car and stood next to Luna, hugging her closely. Geez, this girl looked like a model. But like, for a Mormon magazine or something.

“Hello, everyone!” The young woman smiled kindly and waved. She had a crucifix necklace around her neck and the most white teeth Alex had ever seen. Then there were her pretty gray-blue eyes, full lips and flawless skin, Luna really seemed to have hit the jackpot.

Wait, why was she acting so horny over her sisters girlfriend? Alex lightly slapped herself to snap out of it and blushed slightly.

“For those of you who I haven’t met before, my name is Robin, it’s very nice to meet you!” Luna’s girlfriend happily exclaimed. Alex had to manually stop her own jaw from dropping.

“How did a degenerate like Luna get a sweet and innocent girl like her?” Chris quietly asked no one in particular. Alex tried to contain a laugh.

The group of Futa began to mingle amongst themselves while they made sure they had everything they needed, and they were soon off.

“Auntie and our cousins are meeting us there, right, FaMa?” Alex asked Jen as she got settled next to Chris in the car. Chris glared at Alex and pushed her with her elbow. Alex rolled her eyes. “Hey, I can’t move any farther!” She angrily whispered to Chris. Ella meanwhile, sheepishly looked at the two sisters as she hoped they wouldn’t fight each other in the car like last time.

“Yeah, that’s right! Apparently your cousins are bringing one or two of their friends to stay as well.” Eliza confirmed, since Jen was busy driving.

“Jeez, how big is this house that it can hold all these people?” Ella asked. Chris and Alex nodded, they were similarly surprised so many people could fit in this one place.

“Well, it was your great Grandmother’s old vacation house. You know, the rich one? She can’t travel much anymore, so she pretty much gave it to us. And yeah, it’s ginormous, I was shocked! You could hold three parties in there.” Jen excitedly answered.

And then the hours continued to pass as they made their way to the small costal town where their new vacation house was. As the light outside the windows began to dim, the bored Alex started yawn a little bit, fading in and out drowsiness. Eventually, her tired eyes soon shut and she laid her head on Chris’ shoulders.

“H-hey! Get off of me, you dork! We’re going to sleep at the house anyway…” She angrily whispered to the tired girl. Alex whined softly, eyes still closed.

“Chris, tireeeeed. Headrest.” Her sister softly said. Chris rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. Just don’t drool on me.” Chris groaned as Alex grinned and shifted a bit so she could lay her head more comfortably on her sisters shoulder.

Ella, meanwhile, nearly had her head outside the window like a dog. “Ughhh.” The poor car-sick girl groaned. Chris considered patting her on the back empathetically, but figured that’d probably just make the nerd puke her lunch out.

After hours and hours of driving, Chris and Ella watching the city pass by as their surroundings became more and more rural, they eventually made it through a small costal town and to a massive house on the hill just outside of it.

“Alex, wake up.” Chris shook her sister. Alex opened her eyes and unleashed the loudest yawn any of them had ever heard.

“Mmm. We there yet?” The tired girl asked them. Chris rolled her eyes.

“No, we got sick of you and decided to leave you on the side of the road.” Chris snarked. Eliza laughed and ruffled Alex’s hair.

“Come on, honey, they’re waiting for us in there.” Her athletically built mother explained. Alex nodded, and they all soon made their way to their new home for the next few weeks.

“Holy shit, this place is huge!” Alex exclaimed. Chris and Ella were also in awe as they looked the big vacation house up and down.

“Can we just live here instead?” Chris asked. Jen and Eliza laughed heartily, Jen pinching her daughters cheek.

“I wish. If it was in a less rural area I wouldn’t think twice about living here. And anyway, you’re planning on living at University, şirinevler escort right?” Jen asked.

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” Chris nodded and answered unconvincingly. Alex nearly had to cover her mouth to contain a laugh.

The Futa family soon made their way into the huge vacation house as they heard Luna’s car pull up not too far behind them.

Alex and Chris were awestruck as they entered, this place was nicer than they could’ve imagined.

They were in a massive, vertical living-room that led into a large lounge room. Alex noticed the well kept wooden floors, a fireplace at the far right, and a second floor whose balcony one could see from the bottom floor.

And in front all of the nice furniture was a huge tv attached to the wall, right above the fireplace. There were two bedrooms downstairs, and three on the second floor.

“Holy shit! Look at this place!” Luna yelled from behind them. Robin frowned and slapped her significant other on the arm.

“Honey, language!” Robin chastised Luna. The green haired hippie smiled and rolled her eyes.

“You’re my mom now, huh?” She laughed.

“Sure feels like that sometimes.” Robin shook her head, but grinned slightly.

“Hey hey hey, I’m responsible. Most of the time.” Luna gently argued, folding her arms.

Soon, the door to the far right of the lounge room opened, and a beautiful brown haired woman with a build similar to Jen’s came out and waved to everyone at the door. The woman’s face was decorated with several freckles, a wide and gorgeous smile, and round glasses similar in size to Ella’s but they were clearly for fashion and not prescription.

“Hey there, everyone! How was your drive over here?” The mature woman casually talked with them for a moment, hugging her sister Eliza close.

“It’s been way too long, Anne. The last time we were able to get together like this Chris and Alex were barely in Highschool, if that!” Eliza gladly exclaimed. Anne nodded, before reaching out to pinch Alex and Chris’ cheeks.

Both girls had to grin and bear it as their aunt smushed their apparently very pinchable faces.

“Oh, but they’re still so cute! You two just graduated, right?” It certainly didn’t feel like it to Alex, considering how much their aunt still treated them like they were her cute little kid nieces.

Soon, a couple of people on the top floor began to leave their rooms, and a pretty blonde woman who looked to be in her 40’s stepped out and called to the girls on the bottom floor.

“Hey everyone! Alex, Chris, come up here and chat with us! Also, I want to show you two where you’ll be sleeping.” Chris and Alex nodded as they quickly went upstairs, leaving Anne and the others to catch up on things.

Anne talked for a minute with her sister and Jen, conversing about old times and the things that had happened since they were all last together. Anne soon showed them their own rooms and went to see how Luna and her girlfriend were doing.

Luna was currently looking through the fridge (what she always did when entering a house for the first time), while Robin walked back and forth, gazing in awe at how expansive the interior of the house was.

“So, what have you been up to lately, Luna? I’ve heard you’ve got a lot on your plate.” Anne said, trying not to giggle at her pun. Luna nodded, already gathering anything in the fridge that looked tasty to her.

Luna continued to explain that due to the filmmaking course she was taking at her university and her job as a freelance photographer, she was pretty much always busy, despite her reputation as a slacker.

“I have a lot of fun with it and everything, it’s my passion after all, but thank f- thank goodness for this vacation.” Luna giggled at her own obvious correction as Robin glared at her. Anne laughed.

“Some things never change. I can still remember how many times Jen washed your mouth out with soap when you were a kid.” She mused.

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” Luna gagged a little remembering every time every time she had been punished for cursing as a kid. Robin giggled and hugged her girlfriend closer.

“Hmm. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

Meanwhile, Alex, Chris, and Ella were being shown the guest rooms where most of the girls in the house would be staying.

Ella gulped as she was introduced to each and everyone who was staying there, the anxious girl was seriously wondering if she’d had come if she knew how many people would be there.

First, the blonde woman introduced herself to Ella, explaining that she was Anne’s wife, Stella. Much like Anne and her sister she was very approachable and nice, but she had a bit of a mischievous smirk on her face that suggested she found this meek girl amusing.

Then there were some of Alex’s cousins. A bespectacled blonde girl and a gorgeous brown haired young woman, who both looked to be around Ella’s age, maybe a few years older, were conversing on a bed near the window.

The brown haired girl giggled as the blonde girl groaned and reluctantly let her do her makeup.

“I really have more important things to do than concern myself with things like being cute!” She argued.

“Come on, don’t you want a girlfriend!?” The other asked incredulously.

“If I ever get a girlfriend, it’ll be someone who wouldn’t be shallow enough to just be interested in my looks.” Her blonde sister huffed and said.

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