A hot night with Caitlin (Office sex P2)


A hot night with Caitlin (Office sex P2)After we cleaned up the office and put our clothing back on Caitlin and I walk out the office toward my car so I can drive us to grab dinner and back to her place. As we were walking to my car all I can think off is how much fun I am going to have tonight with her…..When we got to her place after dinner we sat in the lounge drinking some wine and chatted for while before she excuse herself to the bedroom. After about 5 minutes or so she reappear with just a bath towel wrap around her tiny body asking if I wanted to join her? I stood up and walk toward her, when I got next to her I gave her a kiss and grab one of her tit and replied “I would love to babe”. I started to take off my clothes as she walked into the bath room to start running the shower, as I stepped into the shower admiring Caitlin’s sexy water soaked body my cock is already fully erect and ready for more action. When I am next to her she started to rub my hard cock and I was grabbing her tits and sucking on them, after a few minutes we started kissing while her hand still wrapped around my cock jerking me and I started to rub her clit and fingering her wet pussy. Caitlin started moaning and it got louder as she was closed to cumming and when she got closer and between her moaning she was screaming “faster, faster…. I am gonna cummmm….”, I kept fingers fuck her until she cum and collapsed onto me while my fingers still buried deep inside her pussy. I slowly withdrew my fingers and brought it up to her mouth so she can taste her own juice, She sucked on my fingers for a while before dropping to her knees and have my hard cock in her mouth sucking it like a lollipop. As she was sucking and licking my hard cock I hold canlı bahis her head and started fucking her mouth pushing my cock all the way in and chocking her a few times as it hit the back of her throat, after a few minutes of fucking her mouth I asked her to stand up and finish washing so we can finish in the bedroom. After we got out of the shower and dry up I picked her up and brought her to her bed and lay her down on her back and we started kissing again and I moved slowly down her body spending some time sucking and messaging her perky tits before i reach her moist pussy lip. I started kissing and sucking on her clit which made her moan and her hip started moving upward to meet my tongue. Caitlin’s moan started to get louder and I knew she was close to cumming again, so I inserted 2 fingers into her now very wet and tight pussy and as my fingers hit her g-spot she let out a scream ‘ohhh god baby I am cumming…’ and her body started trembling as her orgasm took hold of her. As she calm down from her orgasm I had moved back up to give her a deep passionate kiss and had position my rock hard cock at the slit of her awaiting pussy and sliding it up and down, she broke off the kiss and say ‘fuck me now! I want to feel your cock inside me and want you to fuck me hard!’. With that I pushed my cock deep into her tight pussy in one hard thrust and as my cock buried deep inside her pussy she let out a loud moan ‘ohhhh baby… your cock feel so good inside me’. I started to “make love” slowly with Caitlin as we passionately french kiss for about 5 minutes before I told her that now I am going to fuck her hard. She said to me ‘Yes fuck me fast and hard, I want to feel your cock deep inside me now’, with that I started fucking bahis siteleri her hard in the missionary for a good 5 minutes and Caitlin’s moan was getting louder and after a few more hard thrusts her pussy tighten up around my cock and her body started to trembling again as another waves of orgasm hit her. I held my cock deep inside her as she enjoyed her latest climax and as she calm down I asked her to get on all four so I can fuck her from behind, as she got up she gave my cock a quick suck and look at me in a seductively and said ‘mmmm your cock is so hard and taste so good…. now fuck me hard until you cum inside me…’. I position myself behind her and rubbed my cock along her slit teasing her while admiring her tiny waist and sexy ass thinking that I am gonna fuck her so hard all night. She turned around and said ‘stop teasing me baby… I want you inside me now.’, I held onto her tiny waist and pushed my cock into her in one hard thrust again and she let out a moan ‘ohhhhhh…. that feel so good baby, now fuck me hard’. I started pounding her pussy hard and fast while pulling her shoulder back so I can fuck her deeper and as I fuck her Caitlin was moaning and screaming ‘ohhhh fuck me baby…. I want to feel your hot cum inside my pussy…. ohhhh ahhh…’. I kept pounding her pussy hard and end up pushing her down onto the bed so it make her pussy feel tighter and after a good 10 minutes of hard fucking I told her that I am gonna cum and with one last hard thrust deep inside Caitlin’s pussy I exploded filled her pussy with my hot cum, it felt like I unloaded liter of cum inside her as my cock kept pulsating for a while. As I cum inside her Caitlin moan ‘ohhh baby I can feel your cock pulsating and cum inside güvenilir bahis me… I hope you have more to offer me tonight baby’. As I recovering and still laying on top of her with my cock still semi hard and deep inside her, Caitlin turned and said ‘mmmmmm you are still hard and I can feel it’ and with a seductive look in her eyes she started to move her hip up and down. After a few minutes of this and to my surprise I was rock hard again, she asked me to swing her up to the cowgirl position without my cock slipping out and after some moving around I managed to swing her up with us still attach in the hip. As she got up she started moving her hip back and forth riding my cock like a pro… As she pick up her pace riding me one of her hand was massaging my balls and her other hand was rubbing her clit trying to make herself cum again. Caitlin started to moan again as she rode me ‘ohhhhh yesss I’m cummmmmming…..’ and within second I felt her pussy tighten up and she exploded with her third orgasm of the night. As she calm down I can feel my cum dripping out of her pussy down my cock and onto her bed creating a wet spot. She then spun around my cock and told me ‘Now is your turn to cum again… You just lay back and play with my tits and let me ride you till you cum baby…’ with that she started moving her hip back and forth and side to side slowly while I grabbing and playing with her perky tits. from time to time she would lean in and we would embrace in a passionate kiss and after riding me for a good 20 minutes I told her I am gonna cum and she jumped off me and gave me a blow job until I blow my cum inside her mouth and she swallow it all. She kept sucking my cock until it go soft and came up and lay on my chest and said to me ‘You gave my pussy a good fucking tonight baby… Hope you can stay tonight so you can fuck me in the morning again…’. I told I will stay the night and will give her another good fucking in the morning…

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