A Houseful of Incest Ch. 02


We were two families of two intermarried brothers and sisters, now, thanks to our late uncle’s wealth, living in two purpose-built houses within the walls of an old Manor Estate. Incest had been bred into us already and now, with three parents and four children all over 18, we found many, many outlets for our entertainment, our lust and our general sexual appetites.

We were myself Chris, 22 and my sister Debbie just 18; our parents Tony and Sandra, both in their mid 40s and our Dad’s sister Aunt Betty who was 44, along with her two children Paul 20 and his sister Tina who was 19. It was Betty’s late husband who had made millions in the city before losing his life in a car crash who had empowered our small enclave to thrive and now it was up to us to continue with the delightfully interwoven family life.


All the excitement of Debbie’s birthday was now weeks behind us and since then she’d enjoyed time in bed with both Dad and me as well as Mum and now Debs had settled down to become a very willing addition to our fun and games. She was already so enthusiastic that Mum even complained about having to share us two men with her even though Mum never slept alone.

Debs had most definitely taken to her Dad’s nice big cock to the point where Dad had to ration her somewhat but in truth it was the newness of being fucked that Debbie was enjoying most and she admitted to me that it was the sexual thrill of committing incest with her father that excited her rather than his substantial cock. Mind you, she wasn’t slow in wanting my penis either, despite Dad’s being that bit bigger.

“I just love that feeling of being kind of stretched inside – I mean, I know a cock’s designed to go up inside me but it’s such an amazing sensation,” she enthused as we sat having a quiet moment or two, “I kind of can’t describe it…I can feel it in my mind but to put it into words is different.”

“Perhaps I’ll refresh your memory later on then,” I suggested as I stroked her thigh, “Assuming that you want me to.”

She turned and kissed me firmly, her warm moist lips deliciously sexy, her firm breast pressing hard against my arm.

“As if I’d stop you!” she sighed, “You’d better make sure you do refresh my memory – a lot!”

The same type of conversation continued most times we met because to her, incest was the best thing ever to fill her world.

“Not every daughter gets to be fucked by her Dad,” she said to me one night as we writhed and squirmed on her bed, my penis deeply embedded inside her, “Then again, I doubt that all that many brothers and sisters fuck either.”

“Don’t know about that,” I grunted as I picked up the pace, “Who cares anyway, just enjoy it! Oohhhh fuck, ahhh, here comes another load!”

The next couple of minutes dissolved into a crescendo of grunts, gasps, cries and the slapping of flesh as our bodies slammed together as we both climaxed once more.

“Ohhh damn, you’re good,” she panted, “Bloody hell Chris; I think you get better every time!”

“No, it’s you,” I added as I bent down and softly kissed her hot sweet lips, “You’re learning more and more – you’re going to be an insatiable little minx!”

“Aren’t I already?” she sniggered, her lovely hot vagina sucking and squeezing me eagerly, “And speaking of that, do you think you’ll be able to do that again, please Chris? Soon that is, not right now.”

“Expect so since that was only our second time tonight,” I said as our hot slippery bodies moved slowly together in the afterglow of a good fuck, “Should be good for one more round!”

I felt Debbie’s vagina tighten around my cock again as I spoke, a sure sign that she was a happy bunny but her words almost deflated me.

“Don’t worry if you can’t,” she said as her pussy continued to stroke my re-hardening cock, “‘Cos If you can’t then I’ll go and see if Dad’s got any left!”

Thank heavens that I was able to rise to the occasion again – I hate to leave any job unfinished!

That was a few days ago but today was not to do with sex or Dad but was to do with Debbie and the award ceremony for her efforts and those of her friends at reducing the amount of litter around town and now with our morning fun behind us we were on our way to the town hall.

There, along with several hundred business men and women and a smattering of members of the public we’d listened to some impassioned speeches, most of which were boring but none of which were fortunately too long and then we gathered with the rest of our clan until Debbie was released from the ceremonial happenings.

All seven of us from both sides of the family were there and we soon formed a milling happy crowd as we embraced and kissed as we usually did when we met. We hadn’t seen much of Aunt Betty or her offspring for a couple of weeks or so as they’d been away, Paul and Tina enjoying a break while Betty attended a residential course to learn all about massage and something to do with ‘sexual healing’ whatever that was but they were back now and busily asking Debbie how she sarıyer escort was settling in to being part of the incestual mix. Judging from her comments she was obviously enjoying her new status and most definitely sounded as if she was hoping to expand her experiences. Mind you, she’d already tried all the family cocks more than once by now and although I was curious to know what other experiences she intended to explore, my ruminations were interrupted by our chattering.

After a somewhat prolonged and loving yet limited gossipy greeting it was agreed that we’d head back home without delay and then we’d all go to Betty’s place so that she could update us with her newly acquired knowledge.

Betty was a great one for starting up new projects, enjoying her financial ability to dabble in new experiences and learnings and somehow they always seemed to have something to do with sex, even if only vaguely. She’d already done a live-art course and had made us pose nude for each tableau…a project that had soon turned into a fuck-fest, as did a course on mind control during which we quickly proved that she had no control over our minds! The only project that didn’t really work was a nude cookery experience because the orgy that it inspired was quickly cut short when Betty accidentally pressed her bare arse against a hot pan and Dad splashed some hot soup on his foot. It didn’t stop the rest of us from continuing our sexual romp up in the bedrooms though.

Sure, sex never seemed to be intended to take over her courses but somehow it always reared its head although no-one, not even Betty, complained!

This time Betty had already bought a massage table and now wanted to show us what she’d learned so an hour or so later we were home again and walked the few hundred yards across the Estate grounds to her house, a lot less formally dressed than we had been in town. It was warm summer now so everyone was in shorts and assorted loose-fitting tops, both for comfort and easy access. It was very obvious that neither Mum nor Debbie wore a bra and I was thoroughly distracted as I watched their lovely breasts jiggling and swaying, Mum’s generous nipples adding to the display.

Paul was at the door to welcome us and it was clear that Mum found him to be something of an inspiration judging from their warmth together but then again, Mum always liked young men! Dad wasn’t exactly holding back either as he and his sister embraced – and when Tina almost flung herself into my arms I felt like taking her up to a bedroom on the spot! She may only have been nineteen but she, like my sister, was very outgoing, flirty and extremely sexy – but then none of us were exactly shy and by the time we’d settled in their lounge I was feeling not a little aroused.

Paul, managing to display a very grown-up appearance, then acted as host as he distributed drinks all round while Betty set up her demonstration. She really was acting the part and now wore a short white wrap-around outfit and seemingly not a lot more, that showed off her figure perfectly especially when, as the sunlight streamed through the windows, the clear outline of her curves was visible to us. My own guess was that it was all as planned – no way was Betty a prude and obviously intended her demonstration to enhance her sexual attributes, abilities and activity.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” she started, her voice soft yet commanding, “If there are any gentlemen present, that is!”

Dad raised his hand and waved, but Betty waved him away.

“I said gentlemen, not sex-mad monsters!” she laughed, “Hey Paul – I know you’re a gentleman, aren’t you?”

“I try to be,” he murmured demurely at which his mother strode over to him and held out her hands.

“Come on then,” she said as she dragged him towards the table, “You come and be my first subject!”

Paul, her son, was not entirely eager to be the centrepiece of the action but it was immediately obvious that while his mind might not be wanting stardom, his cock was still willing. The outline of his semi-erection was clearly visible already and when she turned him around and beckoned him to take his clothes off, all was revealed and it quickly became the heart of our attention as his penis rapidly filled and rose up.

“Hey, wowwww!” yelled my mother as she saw him for perhaps the first time in a number of months, “Look at that delicious looking cock!”

“Don’t you get enough cock at home?” muttered Dad as he gently nudged his wife.

“Ohhh, you know what I’m like!” giggled Mum, “The more the merrier!”

Paul looked down at his stiff cock and quickly slid his foreskin back, then stood expectantly beside his mother who leaned closer to her son.

“Ohh I’m sorry darling,” breathed Betty as she cupped his balls, “Did I do that?”

He nodded quickly then smiled, his smile mirrored by that of his mother.

“I’ll have to make it up to you then, won’t I?” she added as she caressed his buttocks.

His penis did indeed look perfect esenyurt escort as it quivered in the sunlight and stood proudly almost upright with his knob glistening in the sunshine. His knob glowed redly atop the solid length of his penis and even from where we sat we could see the trembling bubble of precum that had already formed.

“I swear he’s grown, you know he must be over seven inches by now,” moaned Mum from beside me, her fingers now exploring my thigh, “He’s taking after his father, that’s for sure!”

“Not bad for a youngster,” added Dad, “Still got a way to go to beat mine though!”

Betty waved her hands to hush my parents but she was smiling happily, her eyes torn between Paul’s cock and her audience. She’d obviously known what was hidden so it was hardly surprising therefore that she’d chosen her own son for her demonstration.

“Much as I don’t want you to hide that thing, could you lie down on your tummy please,” she said once Paul was undressed, “Get yourself comfy and relaxed.”

He settled himself on the table, holding his cock up his body to avoid bending it as he did so and then, with a quick wriggle of his bum he turned and smiled at his mother, his somewhat embarrassing hard-on now hidden.

“Ok, I think we’re ready,” she began, “Can everyone see?”

A chorus of noises filled the room briefly before she held her hand up again to silence us.

“Now there are all kinds of massages you can do,” said Betty to us, “But I’ll stick to the simpler ones for now – ones that you can all perform and this first massage will concentrate on the legs and buttocks.”

She poured some drops of oil onto her hands and in moments the scented essence sent waves of fragrances over us all, an erotic mix of warm oriental smells that somehow made my cock surge into erection.

“I felt that,” murmured Mum into my ear as her hand now stroked my stiff penis through my shorts, “We’ll have to try that, won’t we?”

I nodded but my concentration was on Betty as she leaned over her son’s body, then placed her hands on his calves. Her action of bending was revealing to me that she very obviously wasn’t wearing any underwear and I was rigidly captivated.

“I’ll try to explain what I’m doing,” said Betty, “But I’m concentrating on doing it right so I might not talk much.”

“Concentrating on getting him excited more like!” added Dad, “Come on, let’s see some action!”

Betty glared at him but despite that we could see the smile she was hiding as she settled to her task and when she shook her arse, causing her short white overall to fly up briefly, we knew that her glare wasn’t serious.

“First of all you spread the oil everywhere,” she began as her hands moved swiftly all over his legs, “Then, starting down here near the ankles, you press firmly with your thumbs and slide your hands up and down the calf muscles…”

“Ahhhh!” gasped Paul softly as her hands slid up towards his knees, “That’s nice Mum.”

She ignored him as she stroked and massaged his calves, then she turned to us.

“You can do that for perhaps ten minutes before moving to the next set of muscles,” she said, “But I’ll speed things along for the sake of this demonstration and I’ll come back to things like pressure points and such later.”

“Yeah, you’d better speed things up!” shouted Dad, “I’m getting all worked-up here!”

Tina was right beside him and was no doubt helping with his general arousal judging by the smile on her face.

Betty glared at Dad again then turned back to her work and slid her hands up to the back of Paul’s thighs where she rested then as she adjusted her position, wriggling her rump and causing her easily visible naked buttocks to quiver deliciously as she did so.

“These muscles are bigger and you’ll need to spend longer here and there are also several sets of muscles to work on,” she continued, talking a bit faster now as her hands began to move around on the insides of his thighs, “And of course when you stroke them you do tend to somewhat arouse your subject.”

“I thought that was the whole idea!” added Mum with a big grin, “Well, at least that’s why I’m stroking Chris’s thigh!”

“Is she stroking you Chris?” asked my cousin Tina, “Would you like me to do that instead?”

I felt my cock throbbing as it became the centre of attention but Mum’s grip tightened as Tina spoke.

“No way, I’m first!” Mum said, her voice cheerful and light, “You can have him afterwards!”

“Excuse me!” came Betty’s voice loudly, “I’m trying to do a demonstration over here!”

“Tough!” yelled Mum, “Anyway I think we’ve seen enough – come on, I need some action!”

“Wait a minute!” yelled Betty back at her, “Let me show you…!”

With that she motioned for her son to roll over onto his back and as soon as he’d done so Betty grasped his rigid glistening cock and held it upright so we could all see it again.

“See, just five minutes of massage and this is the result,” she said quickly as she dried her hands avrupa yakası escort and began throwing off her few clothing, “Just imagine how he’d be after an hour!”

“I think I’d have shot off by then!” said Dad as he stood up and pressed the material of his shorts around his lengthy cock, “As it is I’m all stiff and ready, so who wants this?”

“Paul was already stiff when he climbed onto the couch,” said Tina, ignoring her mother’s glares. She shared a thumbs-up moment with Dad and then lunged towards him, her sudden enthusiasm setting off a frenzy of activity, with clothes being shed everywhere, nubile and generous breasts suddenly wobbling and swaying, tight and cute arses trembling with anticipation and pussies and cocks all glistening and sparkling with juices.

“Orgy time!” yelled Dad eagerly as he stroked his jutting penis, “Come on Bets, leave him alone, you’re needed over here!”

“No way!” Betty answered as she cast off her robe and started working her hand up and down her pussy, “I’ve got mine here!”

With that she lifted her leg and a moment or two later she was sighing happily as she settled herself onto her son’s stiff cock.

“Perfect!” she breathed as she wriggled around to facilitate his complete immersion inside her vagina, “Ohh god, I needed this!”

Then she was away in her own world as she rose and fell steadily, her wonderful tits bouncing perfectly with each movement. Every so often she’s shake her lustrous tresses from her face then smile at us then settle back to her happy fucking.

“Come on Tony, I’ll make room for you!” said Tina as she slid down beside her uncle’s thigh and pulled his cock into her mouth.

“Uhhh yeahhh!” grunted Dad as Tina set to work, “Wow girl, your mouth is amazing!”

Not far away Dad’s wife was just pushing me down onto the ground having removed all my clothes and hers too and now she was aiming her hot wet pussy at my solid-as-a-rock cock which she held upright in one hand.

“Ahhhh lovely!” sighed Mum as she settled over me, sliding down my pole until her firm warm buttocks rested on my groin.

She was in reverse cowboy position facing away from me as I lay on the floor and now she looked over her shoulder at me and winked.

“Don’t you dare shoot off too soon!” she said with a laugh, “I need a good hard happy ride before you let loose.”

“Well don’t work your pussy so hard then,” I answered back, “I might last longer that way.”

“How can I do that and cum as well?” Mum asked, “Oh, just try to give me one decent orgasm Chris, please!”

I was about to answer when a cry filled the air and we all froze. It was Debbie who stood naked and alone in the room with her head in her hands.

“What about me then?” she cried, “You’ve left me out!”

“Come here then sis,” I offered quickly, “Have a seat, right here!”

Debs caught on quickly and with a shrill laugh she crossed the room and began settling above me, her knees by my side, her split-apart and very wet pussy facing me. There was no way that any sane man would have ignored her because she was far too hot, especially once aroused!

“Sorry Debs darling, there’s just not enough cocks to go round,” I said, “I’m sure Mum will let you take over when she’s finished though.”

“There won’t be much left by then!” answered Mum over her shoulder, “Not if I have my way!”

Mum immediately started to rise and fall much quicker then gasped as her arousal rose too while in the meanwhile Debs smiled down at me, used her fingers to convey a kiss from her lips to mine, then settled onto my face, wriggling her pussy deliciously as she made herself comfy.

She tasted amazing as usual, a delicious melange of scents and flavours that served to make my cock jump strongly underneath Mum.

“Ohhh, I felt that again!” Mum panted, “You’re not getting close already are you?”

“Don’t think so, not yet,” I answered, Debbie’s deliciously wet pussy in my face, “How about you?”

“I am – I’m definitely getting close!” Mum gasped as her pussy pressed my penis and pulsated powerfully, “Ohhhhh Chris, first one’s cumming, I can feel it!”

It was pretty obvious that Mum was getting positive feedback so that every spasm caused another one, every squeeze she made sent a wave of feelings through her pussy and every time she embedded my cock deeply into her vagina another spasm was started that then set off a whole new chain of events.

“Damn, ahhh, nearly, oh Chris, oh yessss, here I go!” she cried as she lost control of her body on my cock.

For a few moments, well, it seemed like minutes, her body threw itself around like a rag doll while cries of lust and pleasure, along with droplets of sweat and other juices flew from her, then she slumped heavily down onto my still very hard penis.

“Oh wow, brilliant!” she panted, “Oh damn, that was a good one!”

“Can Debs have a ride now?” I asked, my voice somewhat muffled by Debbie’s pussy but I felt Mum shake her head.

“No way – I’ve only just started!” she said firmly, “You get on with your work and I’ll get on with mine!”

In response I humped my hips and cock upwards at Mum, driving it deeply into her welcoming pussy then settled to see to Debbie’s needs. Already she was slippery wet everywhere and with each thrust of my tongue into her depths came another small wave of her sweet juices.

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