Afternoon hook up


Afternoon hook upCraig’s list used to be a good way to hook up with guys. I quickly learned that the W4M posts were all prostitutes. The M4M posts were mostly bisexual guys. I answered a post once and quickly learned that we were both looking for the same thing, I am a bottom and he is a top. He invited me over, so I decided to take a long lunch break.I arrived to a dumpy little shack of a house with broken windows about 3 miles out on a dirt road with no neighbors. I thought this must be what a crack house looks like. I knocked and a guy answered the door – naked. I was surprised but since there were no neighbors around it was ok. He invited me in and suggested I get naked and join him. He sat on the couch as I began to pull me clothes off. Once I was naked, I moved over the couch and he spread his legs. I guess we were just going to get to it. I was happy with that because I needed to get back to work.I got between his legs and took his soft cock in my mouth and began sucking it. I played with his balls and sucked as his cock started to get hard. He reached over and grabbed the remote to turn on the TV. He began watching porn while I was sucking his cock and he basically ignored me. I decided to start licking and sucking on his balls. He pushed my head down so I licked and sucked my way down to his ass. He wasn’t very clean but nothing in this house was. I drooled and let my slobber work around his ass. He raised his legs to give me better access so I continued to rim his ass. He let out a moan so I began to probe his ass with my tongue. He pulled my head into his ass trying to get my tongue deeper in him. I spread his cheeks and pushed as deep as I could as I tongue fucked his ass. After a few minutes of this he said he needed to fuck me.He told me to bend over the footrest next to the couch and he would fuck me from behind. The footrest was just big enough that I could be on my hands and knees over it. He got behind me spit on my ass. He worked the spit up and down my crack and then spit again. He then began to work his cock in my ass. After a couple of thrusts, he was buried deep in my ass. He held my hips and began slowly pulling his cock almost out of me and then back in. His slow fucking felt wonderful. This is what I needed. I laid on the footrest enjoying being slowly fucked.After a couple of minutes, he began to pick up the pace. He started to give me full hard thrusts. It felt so good to have his hard cock filling my ass. Then I heard a car pull up. I raised my head and asked him what that was. He told me he had a couple of friends who were going to istanbul escort stop by and not to worry about it. That was not what I was expecting. I was not comfortable with people walking in on me while I am being fucked in the ass by a stranger. I started to get up and he pushed me down as he rammed his cock back in my ass. He then laid on top of my back, pinning me down.Just then, the door opened and 3 guys and a woman walked in. He was still laying on me and told me that I should relax and go with it or it may get rougher than I want. He said hi to the people who had walked in and said “this is my fuck buddy, anybody want to join us?” They must have known what was happening because they were already pulling their clothes off. One of the guys came over and fed his cock to me. The other guys sat on the couch and said they would have a beer and wait their turn. The woman, who was also naked by this time, sat on the chair and said that she was glad that she was not going to have to satisfy all of these sick fucks by herself. They all laughed.The guy fucking me picked up his pace and began pounding into my ass. I did the best I could sucking the cock in my mouth. At first I was very nervous about this but between the cock in my ass and the one in my mouth, I was becoming more horny and starting to be excited about this. I reached up and began massaging the balls as I sucked on the cock in my mouth. The guy I was sucking told the others that I was a good cocksucker and was really getting into it. I appreciated the complement and really wanted to get a mouthful of his cum. The guy fucking me began to grunt that he was going to cum. I love the feeling of a cock exploding in my ass so I took the cock out of my mouth and encouraged him. Oh god yes, shoot your cum deep in my ass, let me feel you explode in me, fill me with your cum, I begged. He grunted and exploded in my ass while the other guys started calling me a cum slut. They started calling me a faggot whore who was begging for cum and that they were going to wear me out. They were right. When I get horny, I become a complete cum whore who will do anything for cum.As the guy fucking me was finishing blowing his load, the guy I was sucking grabbed my head and began fucking my face hard. He grunted, drink my cum whore, as he dumped his load of cum down my throat. I swallowed and sucked and swallowed more until he was empty. After his cock was completely empty, I began to lick him clean to be sure that I got every drop off of his cock and balls. avcılar escort As I was doing this, the guy fucking me pulled his limp cock out of my ass and one of the other guys took his place.The new guy rubbed his hard cock up and down my ass crack, rubbing the cum leaking out all around. He slid his cock up the crack, getting it coated in cum. He then pushed on my hole as he slid it past. He kept working his cock up and down my crack, teasing my hole with each pass. I began trying to push back into him as he passed my hole. After I was finished cleaning the cock in my mouth, he pulled away. I used this opportunity to let out a moan. After another pass and him still not entering me, I began to beg. Oh god, please shove your cock in me, I cannot take this teasing, I need to be fucked, I begged. He laughed and said that he didn’t think a whore like me deserved his cock.Please fuck me, I begged. I need your cock in my ass, I need to be fucked, please use me as your fuck toy, I need your cock in my ass. The woman of the group spoke up. “Wow, he is a cock sucking cum slut isn’t he, I have never heard anyone beg to get fucked in the ass before. You all should use him and leave my ass alone from now on.” They all laughed and the guy behind me finally rammed his cock deep in my ass. I let out a moan of happiness. He grabbed my hips and began fucking me hard. The woman came over and told me to let her take the footrest out from under me. I did not understand but moved up and let her take it. She then sat on the ground in front of me and pulled my head down onto her pussy.I began to eat her pussy while the guy behind was pounding into my ass. Her pussy had a strong smell to it and tasted like it had not been washed recently, but I was too horny to care. I began eating, kissing and licking all over her pussy. I shoved my tongue in her and then sucked on her clit. She let out some moans and began to get super wet. Her juices were pouring out of her and I kept sucking and swallowing them.The guy behind me shouted that he was going to cum. I begged him to fill my ass with his cum. She pulled my face back into her pussy and told me to shut up and eat her cunt. I did as I was told and enjoyed the feeling of the cock exploding in my ass while I ate her pussy. As soon as the guy fucking me finished, the other guy took his place, ramming his big hard cock in me with one thrust. He held my hips tight as he pounded into me. He was driving into me hard.The first guy, the one I had actually come to see, told the woman that she should have şirinevler escort me eat her ass. He said that my tongue felt great in his ass and that she would probably like it also. She pulled her legs up and pushed my head down. “Eat my ass, slut,” she said to me. Then she laughed and said that guys had said that to her but it was the first time she had said it to someone. I began licking my way from her pussy down to her ass. I could already smell her ass and could tell it had not been washed recently either. At this point I was so horny that I would do anything sexual. I licked around her dirty asshole and then began to probe it with my tongue. She let out a moan and kept licking around. She pushed me away as she pulled back. I did not understand until she got up and turned over and shoved her ass back into my face. She put her head down and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I licked and sucked on her ass while I was getting mine fucked. I worked my tongue in her and then began to suck on her puckered hole. She let out a moan and told everyone how good it felt. She said she now understood why the guys were always trying to make her do this to them.The guy behind me blew his load of cum in my ass to join the rest of the cum in me. After he finished he wiped his dripping cock on my ass. I could feel cum leaking out of my ass covering my balls and leaking down onto my dick. The guy that I had sucked off said he was ready for round 2 and took his place behind me. He shoved his cock in me and began fucking me hard. With each thrust, he would push me into her ass. I reached up to steady myself and shoved a couple of fingers into her pussy. I began finger fucking her while I was eating her ass.After a few minutes of this attention, the woman started to have an orgasm. She started to yell, oh god, oh god, I am cumming! Her whole body was shaking until she collapsed on the floor. The guy fucking me pushed me forward, causing me to land on my face. He followed me down. I was now laying on the floor with my face shoved into her ass while the guy laid on top of me fucking my ass with thrust after thrust. “Take my cum, you fucking whore, I am going to fill your ass with my cum you filthy slut.” he yelled at me as he unloaded his balls into my ass.After he was done cumming in me, he got off of me. The lady got up and went back to her chair. I laid on the floor, face down with an ass full of cum. The guys told the first guy that he had picked a great cum slut for them. I then remembered I was supposed to be on my lunch break and needed to get back to work. I told them I needed to go and they said that I should call in sick, because I am definitely a sick cum slut. They laughed and said they would be ready for another round in about an hour. After nearly 2 hours of being fucked, I thought this sounded like a great idea. I called in to take the rest of the day off. Definitely my best sick day.

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