Afternoon Wake Up


Working during the pandemic had been quite the change. While it was a bummer not getting to interact with coworkers face to face anymore, the freedom of working from home certainly had a lot of perks. Especially for someone who hated wearing clothing so much. Zoom meetings meant she mostly only had to be dressed from the waist up, so she got to spend most days working in a tank top and panties, with an over shirt nearby to throw on for meetings or the occasional video call.


Her phone screen lit up on her desk, a notification blinking on the screen before going dark again. Checking the clock, she saw it was about that time. “Oh finally” she thought. She’d been waiting all morning, finding it hard to focus on work.

“Hi” was all the message read, but she knew what that meant. He was finally up. “Hey :-)” was all she sent back, a smirk breaking across her face. She liked this game, where they both knew what was going to happen, but they pretended like they didn’t. “You finally up?” she followed up with quickly. Too excited to focus on work anymore, she quickly logged out for lunch and headed upstairs.

Poking her head around the doorway to the bedroom, she looked in first. Him working the night shifts meant their schedules didn’t line up that well anymore, but at least she was working from home still so they still got to see each other every day.

“Are you actually up? I can let you sleep longer if you need it” she whispers into the room.

He lifted his arms above him, stretching before smiling at her. “You and I know there’s only one thing I want right now” he replies amused, patting the bed next to him.

“Are you sure? I know it’s still early… I don’t want you tired on your drive home tonight.”

He laughed and lifted up the covers, motioning for her to get in with him. He could hear the need in her voice even if she was trying to pretend it wasn’t there. Knowing her, she’d probably been thinking about this moment all morning. He watched her stripping off the few clothes she was wearing as she made her way to the bed.

He’d never known someone quite with the drive she had. She was almost always ready to go, and when she wasn’t it was so easy for him to get her there. Sometimes he thought it was just the sound of his voice that did it for her. She’d be busy, focusing on something else, and with just a few words he could get her panting and practically begging him for it.

“Mmm, come here baby” he whispers as she climbed into bed, arms extended out towards her.

She couldn’t help but gasp softly as his hands slid around her back, pulling her in. His touch was electric. All her hesitation with waking him early disappeared the moment his lips touched hers. She was hungry for everything he had to offer. Her arms quickly made their way around his neck, pulling herself closer as she shifted herself up onto his lap.

His hands slid down her back to squeeze her ass, pulling her hips into his. He groaned feeling her tits on his chest and her body starting to respond. Her hips rocking against him.

“I’m so hard,” he whispers, squeezing her ass tighter

“I know,” she giggles. She’d felt eryaman escort it pressing into her thigh as soon as he’d pulled her against him. She shifted on him again. Running her hand down his chest and stomach to grasp his cock. Slowly working her hand up and down as she sat up on him.

“Mmm, that’s right little one. Fuck me,” he moans. His eyes closed, focusing on the feel of her hand on his cock. His hands traveling around from her ass to her hips and thighs.

“Oh, yes sir” she replies happily, one of her hands sliding up his stomach to steady herself. Raising herself above him and rubbing his cock along her entrance. Sinking herself down slowly, his thick cock spreading her pussy.

“Mmm, fuck” he growls, feeling how tight she felt around him. “Yes, just like that.” His hands squeezing her thighs as he opened his eyes. Watching her working her hips to take him all.

Smirking. “You like that honey?” she whispers, making it all the way down. Leaning herself forward on him, running her hands up his stomach and chest before scratching her nails back down. “I know I do” she moans as her hips started moving back and forth over him, working his cock in her pussy.

“Yes. That’s it. Fuck me nice and slow” he groans. His hands sliding up from her thighs, to her hips, then sides, and finally to her tits. Squeezing and kneading them before pulling on her nipples. Looking down between them, watching her bury his cock over and over again.

“Oh god Malcolm. I’m so close already” she moans breathlessly. Closing her eyes, tilting her head back to focus on the feeling of his thick cock sliding in and out of her. Moving her hands behind her to his thighs. Leaning back, moving her hips faster.

Pulling her nipples harder as she leans back on him. “Oh yeah?” he groans.

“Mmhmm” she moans in response. Biting her lip as she starts moving her hips faster. Harder. Nails pressing into his thighs. “Oh god yes, I’m gonna cum” she cries out.

Moving his hand from her tit down to her thigh again. Squeezing it hard. Slapping one of her tits with his other hand, making her cry out again. “Yes, fuck that thick cock. Cum all over it baby” Slapping her other tit. Watching her move on him. Pinching and pulling her nipples.

“Oh fuck” she screams. Her thighs squeezing tight around him. “I’m cumming”. Her nails pressing into his stomach. Making sure to keep her hips moving through it.

“Fuck yes baby” he moans. Watching her cum. Feeling her pussy squeezing his cock even harder. Pulling her down on him. Kissing and sucking her tits, listening to her moan in response. His hand sliding up her back to take a fistful of her hair. Pulling her head back. “Don’t stop fucking me” he growls before slapping her ass.

Yelping at his hand makes contact. Reaching up for his hair to hold onto him as she starts bouncing her hips against hip. Jumping as his hand makes contact again. Moving herself faster on him. Bringing herself down harder on his cock.

His teeth closing around the soft skin on her tits. Slapping her ass again and again. “Mmm, fuck. Such. A. Good. Little. Slut.” he moans again, enunciating each word every time she comes down escort ankara on him.

“Yes” she cries.

“Whose slut?”

“Your slut Malcolm.”

He growls in response. Pulling her hair harder and giving her a hickey on her chest. Her ass turning bright read. His hands moving to her hips, as she sits up on him again, forcing her down harder. “Fuck me slut.”

One hand on his stomach to steady herself on him. “Oh fuck yes” she cries as his hard closes around her neck. Her other hand moving down to start rubbing her clit. Moving faster, harder.

“Look at me” he growls.

“Oh god” she cries, her head falling back.

“I said look at me.” His hands tightening on her hips. Thrusting up as he pulls her down.

“Yes sir” she says snapping her head back to look at him. Crying out with each thrust as his cock hits harder and harder.

“You’re my slut. My little bitch.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I’m yours.”

“Say it again” he growls. Pulling her back down by her hair. His arms wrapping around her lower back. Holding her down as he keeps thrusting up into her.

“I’m yours Malcolm” she yells. Her nails leaving marks in his shoulders.

“Mmm, yes you are little one.” His hands sliding down to her ass. Pulling her down harder, forcing his cock deeper in her. Biting down on her shoulder.

“Fuuuuck,” she screams, “I’m cumming.” Her thighs and pussy squeezing tighter around him and his cock.

Smiling up at her as he watches his hot little slut cum. His hands squeezing he ass tight, grinding her on him.

She smiles back at him, running her hands up his chest. “I’m so lucky I found you.” Alternating between scratching him with her nails and pulling at his chest hair. Listening to him moan in response and squeeze her ass. “You always fuck me right.”

He pulls her back down. Kissing her hard. Growling against her when her hands pull at his beard. “I’m not done with you yet sweet girl” he whispers in her ear. Pulling out from her and moving so she’s on her stomach. Kissing up her back, his hands rubbing over her red ass

Biting her lip and looking back over her shoulder at him. “Pillow under my hips?”

“Not this time baby. My thick cock wants this ass” he replies. Following it with another slap on her ass.

“Mmm. Your thick cock can have whatever it wants” she responds. Grabbing one of the pillows and hugging it to her chest. Scooting her knees up, raising her ass for him. Missing the sound of him grabbing something from the drawer.

His hand sliding up her ass. Pressing down on her lower back as he thrusts her vibrator into her, filling her pussy again. His arm wrapping around her waist. Biting her shoulder as he fucks her with the toy. Pressing her head into the bed when he feels her body starting to buck under him. The muffled moans encouraging him to go faster and harder with the toy.

Her moans quickly getting louder as he goes faster. Turning to screams as he makes the toy bottom out in her. “Oh fuck yes. Don’t stop baby. I’m gonna cum again.” Clawing at the sheets as her hips buck.

He makes a fist around her hair. Holding it tight and pressing her head down sincan escort harder. Making short hard thrusts with the toy.

“I’m cumming” she screams into the bed.

“Mmm, yes you are. Good girl” he growls behind her

“Oh fuck” she pants. Her body relaxing onto the bed as he slows with the toy.

“Such a good girl” he whispers. Leaving the toy in her as he lubes his cock and presses the head to her ass. His arm sliding around her hips, putting her back on her knees as he presses into her. Reaching back to move the toy slowly as he hears her whimpers. His thick cock head spreading her tight ass.

Biting her lip and bracing herself against the mattress. Feeling him pumping his hips and the toy. Her hips grinding between his cock in her ass and the toy fucking her pussy. Gasping as his cock sinks all the way in. Filling her ass. “Jesus, it’s so fucking tight” she whimpers.

He moves, laying fully on top of her. Working his hips. Taking her ass while his hand still works the toy in her pussy. “This is my ass” he growls in her ear.

Turning her head to the side. “Mmhmm. All yours Malcolm” she moans softly.

“My sweet girl’s ass. Extra tight with your toy fucking you.” Pinning her to the bed with his weight. Thrusts getting harder.

“You’re gonna split me in half” she cries

“I know baby and you love it” he growls, fucking her faster. Feeling her hands come back and grab onto his hair. Hearing her moans getting louder, encouraging him. “That’s right baby. Give it to me.” Pumping his cock in her ass and the toy in her pussy.

“Fuck me Malcolm. I wanna feel you cum in my ass” she cries out. Feeling him fuck her ass harder as she claws at the bed. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Harder!”

“Fuuuuck baby” he howls. His cock bursting, filling her ass, as she raises her hips to grind her ass back on him. Biting her shoulder, rolling them onto their sides, his hips still thrusting slowly.

“Mmm” she moans. Pressing back against him. “Oh god” she exclaims as his hand lets go of the toy still in her and moves to rub her clit.

“I know my sweet girl has one more” he whispers in her ear. “Don’t you?”

“Mmhmm” she replies as his other hand closes around her throat. “I always have more for you.”

He bites her shoulder again, still rubbing her clit. “Are you gonna give me what I want?” His hand moving from her clit to grab the toy still buried in her pussy. Biting and kissing her neck. Thrusting the toy in and out.

“Harder” she whimpers, hearing him moan in response. Hooking one of her legs behind his. Reached a hand down to rub her clit as her other reaches back for him again. “Oh god” she cries as he bottoms out the toy in her. “Oh fuck yes.”

“That’s it. Be my good girl” he growls. His hand squeezing her throat tighter. Slamming the toy in and out of her pussy.

“Fuuuuck” she screams. Her hips bucking, forcing her pussy against the toy.

“That’s it Mandy. Give it to me.”

Her grip on him tightening as she screams and her body shakes. A fourth climax tearing through her body.

“Good girl” he whispers. Slowing down his thrusts with the toy, letting her come down. Kissing her neck until she turns her head to kiss him back.

“No one makes me cum like you do Malcolm” she whispers snuggling up against him.

“You know why” he responds. His arm pulling her back tight against him.

“Because I’m yours.”

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