Always Owned by MD part 6


Always Owned by MD part 6MD had dismissed me. Again. I had deserved it. I had been useless, tardy, unreliable. Everyday I had fought with my every day life and my need to serve MD. I had spent sometime back in my normal life. I knew that wasn’t lasting as I signed up to a fetish site and created a profile. I spent a day whoring myself out to women, men, anyone that would entertain me, but I had not luck. A week later, still it was being proven what a worthless whore I was, still no interest. Finally I found a Dom/Domme in the UK. Everything he or she said seemed like a scam, every question they asked made me suspicious but I didn’t care. They ordered me to log into Skype and perform. My Skype account still reflected my true owner – MD. I was called Cheery Smith – her cumslut. They ordered me to undress, I did. They ordered me to jerk off, I did. I didn’t know who was controlling me, I didn;t care. They had me lie on my back and cum, I did. After telling me my cum was too pathetic for me to interest them, they left Skype. A week later I knew what I needed. I needed her. All I thought about was her firm hand and soft ass. She was so powerful, she had total control over me while I went about my day. I thought of her, all my sexual thoughts centered around her. All this while she wasn’t in contact – she probably sincan escort wasn’t even thinking about me. I went online and tried to get her attention with no luck. Until a couple of weeks later when I got a txt out of the blue. “why are you messing around online?” I apologised and explained that I was desperate. She ordered me to call. She asked what was going on, I said I was back under her thumb. She laughed and told me the obvious, I always was, whether she is in contact or not, I am always under her control, that’s how powerful she is. She was right. MD explained that I was of no interest to her, just a used up fat whore well past my use by date. She said that she was only interested in getting money from me. We agreed on a regular payment plan. She agreed to meet me that night, just to display her dominance. I would have to pay though. I had no money and no way to get it without alerting my wife. My mother in law was staying at that time so, only 10 mins of being back in contact with MD I was stealing money out of her purse to buy my Mistress whatever she desired. That night I waited for MD as instructed. I sat there in my work out clothes (good cover story) and thought dirty, nasty thoughts, I thought like a slut. As soon as I saw MDs car my cock began keçiören escort to grow. She pulled up next to me and without hesitation sat in my car like she owned it. So whore, here you are again hmmm? you know I have no use for you, what would a woman like me have use for a slut like you? I don’t know Mistress. Exactly, did you bring my money. I reached down and handed MD her money. Good whore she said as she laid it out, note by note on the dashboard. She laughed as she did. So what do you think you deserve for that my little slut? I don’t know Mistress, whatever you think I deserve. She in closer – do you want to be kissed you pathetic whore? Her mouth was an inch from mine. Yes, please Goddess, yes, yes. How do you want to be kissed slut, like a little girl or like a man? Like a girl Mistress, oh god like a girl. The sides of her mouth curled in delight as she kissed me softly, gently. I moaned like a slut into her mouth and sank in my seat. I was hers, anyones, I was a limp collection of fuck holes. MD reached down into my shorts. mmmmmm what’s this slut? she pulled my cock out of the leg of my workout shorts, hmmmmmm? My cock Mistress. her mouth was still agonisingly close to hers, she looked me in the eyes. No bitch, slut’s don’t have cocks, so what mamak escort is this pathetic hard thing between your legs? My clit Mistress? That’s right. With that she spat into her hand and rubbed her spit into the head of my clit. And why do you have a clit slut? Because I am a little sissy bitch mistress. I am your sissy fuckhole. I’m just a girl, a worthless little slut. MD laughed and sat back in her seat. Now whore do you think you should be able to cum? I looked down at my throbbing clit. I will do anything you want mistress, you own me so I will only cum should you decide. Mistress leans forwards a whispers…. you’re to cum but you must ruin it. You’re to cum into your hand, then, being the slut you are, you know what to do with it. I pull my clit out as far as I can from my shorts and begin jerking my cock, MD leans forward again and drips he spit onto my clit. I’m honoured to have her spt on me. MD kissed me again, roughly this time, I feel her teeth, her spit. I tell MD I’m close to ruining. MD’s hand goes up my shirt and she grabs my nipples roughly, look at you she whispers, you’ve got bigger tits than me. Open your mouth. I do, MD shoves he hand into my mouth, your mouth needs a fat cock pumping in and out of it. I tell MD I’m about to cum and stop touching my cock. It jerks as I cum, yet I get no pleasure, as it should be. Some of it goes on the seat and floor of my car but most goes into my hand. You know what to do with that slut. I suck the cum off my hand, show MD and then swallow it. She kisses me, sharing my cum a little. With that MD opens the door. I’m visiting you Sunday. Be ready. She then drives away

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