An Immodest Proposal


You walked into my apartment. Nothing unusual, or unexpected about that. You had a key, and usually came over after work. We have been dating since college, and now the only things keeping us from taking the next step was ourselves. We talk about it, but nothing has come of any of our talks. But tonight…

I barely let you get out a word, before I fall on your figure. My hands tenderly caress your throat as we kiss. You give a surprised “hmmm” that is muffled by my mouth. My hands are on their own mission now, stripping every scrap of fabric that has deprived me of the sight of your body. Finally your panties and bra come off, left on the floor just a few feet from the door where I attacked you. I am not sure that it is even closed, and wouldn’t stop even if it weren’t.

I lift you so that your criminally long legs circle my hips. Our kiss goes on, unbroken as I carry you to the tiny futon/bed that we share most nights. Your mind and body have finally caught up with me and you return all of the passion that I have given. I let you fall to the bed, and look at me with wide eyes for only a moment, until another side of you takes over. The seductress has arrived now. You cross her legs at the ankle, and turns onto one hip to give me the greatest of all views that man has been fortunate to discover. The way a woman looks when her curves conspire to make the perfect flowing S-shape is absolutely devious. casino oyna You know this, same as any woman worth loving.

My pants and the only thing I have been wearing while waiting for her to come in. They vanish and now I attack you again. My lips find yours and there is only one word for what happens after; explosion. Our writhing puts me on top and behind you, but you have still turned your head over your shoulder to continue this once in a lifetime kiss. I lift myself off of you long enough to push your shoulders down. You are pinned and helpless on her belly, and the shivers that run through you betray how much you love to be that way. I begin applying subtle pressure to all of my favorite places. The birthmark on your shoulder, and the freckles on your lower back. The reactions I get have been different each time we play this game. Tonight your trembling becomes almost violent. Each shiver makes me harder and harder. My cock has been pressed into the curve of your ass and the feel of your warmth drives me mad. I spread your legs just enough to find the source of this maddening heat. My fingers find the moist fire that drips from your pussy. I have to taste you, the same way I have to breath. But keeping you helpless is still on my mind. I don’t want to give you a moment to think. Keeping you on your belly, I raise your hips and bury my tongue between your nether lips. Your legs are still pinned, but your canlı casino hands are trying to tear a hole in the mattress. I have spent the last years finding every valuable bit of information about what brings you to climax, and I am using them all now. Your screams drive me further and further, make me harder and harder, and with one final flick on the swollen target I have made of your clit your hips buck wildly and one deafening roar of lust bursts from your body.

You try to turn over, but again, I leave you pinned, and climb back up your body, tucking your legs between mine. With your hips raised, I align myself with your dripping sex, and give one colossal push that thrusts me against your g spot. The pressure of your perfect ass and thighs grips on me and nearly drive me over the edge right then. You must have felt that, because you squeeze harder and smile over your shoulder. I fight off instinct and pleasure and turn my attention back to you. I pull your hair and make you arch you back, so your heavy breasts graze the sheets. My hand finds your nipples and pulls just hard enough to make you squeal once. Now you are back on the defensive and I use that. I draw my member from you as slow as I possibly can, and when I only have the head still in you, I drive myself back down into your body. This rhythm is maddening to you, and I know it. It only prolongs your build up and I love it. Finally all you can do is kaçak casino scream at me, to hurry to go faster to go harder. Only when I hear you scream enough will I give in. And then, every syllable is broken by the pounding that I give you. I thrust for all I am worth to bring you over the edge again. My desires to hear and feel you orgasm are rewarded tonight in spades. Every scream is another shockwave of pleasure leading to something even greater. Moments might be hours but neither of us can stop. But after a while the pressure of these screams and your perfect flesh are too much for me. I tell you how close I am and you beg me to let it happen, to come inside you, just not to stop until after I am completely spent. My breath is ragged, my heart races uncontrollably and with one gut wrenching thrust I explode inside you. It is my turn to roar inside you. Our life has been drained into the last hour of uncontrollable sex. I roll off of you and close my eyes only a moment, when I feel your arms drape across my chest. You kiss me, and shudder once more. We exchange a quiet I love you, and within moments we are asleep.

I wake up an hour later. The ring that I kept in the draw by the futon/bed is still there. I pull it out and place it on your finger, while you still sleep. I gently lift myself off of the bed and set up the note on the nightstand. Hopefully you will see it first when you look at the time. It is simple. “Life should be an adventure. Please share an adventure with me.” I walk to the kitchen, and pull a bottle of wine from the wall, dreaming of the next few minutes and toasting an engagement.

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