Anita meets my parents


Anita meets my parentsAfter dating my sweetheart Ana for about a couple of months, I finally decided it was time to introduce her to my parents.I talked with them both and they kindly invited us to spend the weekend and share their comfortable cottage in the woods.Ana was delighted when I told her she would my lovely parents.On Saturday morning I picked Anita up from her home and we drove to the woods. When we arrived and got out of the car, I could smell the grill. My father was there cooking for sure…My mom smiled and almost ran over to Anita, giving her a nice hug and telling me how beautiful she was. My dad also said it was nice to meet her finally; Ana went to him and also gave him a hug.When the food was ready we all sat on the patio for a chat; as both my parents interrogated Ana about a thousand topics…After having lunch, Ana asked if she could get into the swimming pool for a dive. My mother said it was fine and added Ana could change her clothes in our bedroom.Ten minutes later my sweet girlfriend appeared again outside, wearing a tiny light yellow bikini. She was hot in that outfit,; it revealed her nice round boobs and could barely cover her nice trimmed mound…I stared at her perfect body and then she dove into the pool. She swam for a while and then she lay on a patio chair tanning while I sat talking to my mom and dad.Then my dad said he was going to the liquor store and he walked into the house. At same time Anita told me she was feeling cold and then she would go to dry off and get dressed.A while later I told my mom I would go inside to show Ana my old room. I went upstairs and to the end of the hall to the bathroom and noticed the door was open but nobody was in their. My old room was also empty. I thought to go to the main room.I threw the slightly cracked door and looked inside. Ana was standing at the foot of the marital bed in her yellow bikini.My dad was standing in front of her and his arms were holding my girlfriend’s hips. He was kissing her deeply…I watched as my dad slid his tongue into Anita’s mouth and slid his hands down to her ass cheeks and began squeezing them softly…Then I felt like someone had hit me in the stomach with a hammer.I walked back downstairs and outside as my mom asked where Ana was. All I could say was she maltepe escort was having a warm shower …A while later I came back into the house and climbed the stairs up.I walked quietly to the end of the hall and looked into the bedroom.Anita was lying fully naked on the bed with her ass near the edge and my dad was on his knees on the floor. Her long legs were over his shoulders and he was eating her pussy out. Ana giggled and moaned while she squeezed her nice round tits between her hands. Her eyes were closed as she moaned. I stood there almost in a trance; watching my dad having his way with my innocent beautiful sweetheart. He began to shake his head back and forth on her pussy, making her squeal and moan with pleasure. Then I could not believe my ears when I heard she told my dad she wanted to suck his dick…She turned onto her stomach and then slid down the bed and got onto her knees on the floor. I could already see my dad’s massive hard on trying to poke its way out of his shorts. Ana looked up at him with a smile as she pulled slowly those shorts down to his ankles and his rock hard dick flung out in front of her…My girlfriend smiled up at him as she wrapped her hand around that huge cock and began stroking it. He grunted softly as she placed her other hand under his cock and began rubbing his balls. Anita lifted it up and placed her tongue on his balls; licking all the way up to the tip of his cock. She opened her mouth wide and slowly slid it in as she looked up at him in the eyes. My dad groaned as she began stroking him and sucking his cock.She kept sucking him faster, covering his cock with her saliva. He reached down placing his hand on her head as she looked up to him putting her hands behind her back. Then my father put his both hands on her head and began thrusting his cock into her mouth as she made a gagging noise with each thrust. Her eyes began watering as he thrust faster and faster until her head shot back coughing and gagging. He placed his hands very carefully under her arms and lifted her up onto the marital bed. He pulled his shirt off and climbed onto the bed on his knees. He placed his hands onto her knees and gently pushed her tighs open. Ana surprised me again, when I heard her begging my dad to put his cock in her escort maltepe wanting cunt. At same time, she grabbed that hard shaft and positioned the head against her pussy lips.Soon she began sliding it in. Anita’s back arched and she let out a whimpering scream as my father placed his hand on her stomach pushing her down to he mattress. He slowly slid every inch of his cock into her hungry cunt as she whimpered that his cock was so big and hard…Ana put her hands on the sides of the mattress gripping it as she squealed with every hard thrust. I could hear his balls slapping against her ass as he drove his cock into her sweet body. He lifted her legs up putting them to his shoulders as he fucked her fast until Ana began whimpering that she was going to cum…He told her she could come on his dick and she smiled up to him.Suddenly her back arched again and her head tilted back with her mouth wide open. First there was a deep silence, until suddenly she let out a loud scream of pleasure.Her pussy burst onto his cock as she quivered and moaned wildly. My dad pulled his cock out of her, slapping it against her pussy lips as she groaned and cried her climax.Then he ordered her to suck his dick clean. She rolled onto her belly as he knelt on the bed and began sucking all of her fluids and semen dripping off from his cock. She sucked it faster until he ordered her to get on her hands and knees…I thought he wanted now to fuck my sweetheart in the ass. Ana smiled at him as she turned around; getting on all fours, sticking her tight ass in the air. He grabbed onto her round hips and then he slid his cock back into her stretched cunt. Anita’s body shot forward as she moaned as he grabbed onto her hips and began thrusting his cock harder into her. My dad reached out grabbing onto her hair and pulled her head back as he drove his cock into her wet cunt. He laughed and asked her if she was a nice little slut for his boyfriend’s daddy…She groaned a loud yes as my dad’s body slapped against hers with each thrust. She soon squealed in pleasure and my father pulled her head back further until again she let out a wild loud scream as her pussy exploded onto his cock. He pulled his cock out and pushed her to the bed; making her lay flat on her stomach. Then he spread maltepe escort bayan her rear hole wide open with his fingers and started to lick that very tight rear entrance…Anita moaned loudly as my dad sat up and placed the head of his thick cock against her asshole. She begged him very softly not to fuck her in the ass. But he smirked at her and began pushing until her head shot up violently.I heard Ana letting out a loud painful scream as she felt that hard intrusion. My dad slowly slid his cock into her asshole as she whimpered with tears rolling down her sweet innocent face. She screamed into the pillow as he began slamming his cock into her very tight asshole. Her body shook as he fucked her until she laid there almost like she had passed out not making any noise. My father kept thrusting in and out of her sweet asshole; until he groaned that he was going to cum in that tight anus…He began fucking her fast and hard as she squealed until he thrust into her deep and held his cock inside of her anus. Then I saw him shooting his semen deep into my girlfriend’s asshole.When he finished shooting his load into her ass; he slid his cock out as she whimpered in relief. He slapped her ass cheeks as he pulled his pants back up. I quickly ran into my old room as he left his bedroom and walked back downstairs and outside. Then I walked to that main bedroom and opened the door.My sweet Ana was lying onto the bed, face down and still panting.I climbed onto the bed spreading her ass open and looking at her destroyed asshole and my dad’s cum starting to leak out of it. Then she smiled through the pillow and said she thought that it was done. But then I pulled my cock out and shoved it into her asshole. Ana let out a squeal, crying her ass was hurting so much.I leaned on her and whispered into her ear if it was right…She suddenly recognized my voice and her head turned as she began crying. But I kept thrusting deep into her destroyed and sore asshole as she squealed and screamed in pain…Then I arched my back and shot my warm semen deep into her rectum. I pulled my cock out pulling my shorts back up as she turned over to face me. She said she was sorry about what she had done with my father…But I close the door, letting Ana there crying in shame.I went outside and found my father again close to the grill.He smiled to me; but I told him he was a real bastard.My dad opened his eyes wide; but he smiled to me when I told him; next time he wanted to fuck my girlfriend, he would better include me in a threesome…

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