Assgina for Angie

Assgina for AngieThe phone rang and I immediately knew who was calling without even picking up the phone. As I always do, I ran to the phone and picked it up. “Hello?” I said breathlessly, my chest tight with anticipation as butterflies swarmed in my stomach.”Timmy, could you come over?” Angelica replied. “Please?” Her voice sounded weird and I knew something was wrong.”Of course,” I said.”Thanks, I really need someone to hang out with right now.””I’ll be right there so just ho-” I pulled the receiver from my ear when I heard the dial tone. Angelica had already hung up.I didn’t bother finishing breakfast. “Sorry about the mess, Ma,” I called out as I raced out of the house, not waiting to hear her reply. Out front I tossed my bike off the porch into the yard and jumped down after it. Once on my bike I tore across our yard and down the road to Angelica’s house at a blistering pace.Twenty minutes later I dumped my bike in Angelica’s yard. Her twin sister, Dawn, looked up from the book she was reading when I ran up the stairs to the wrap-around porch.Despite being twins the two were nothing alike. Dawn had a reputation as a serious and studious girl. While Angelica was headed to the local community college in the fall, Dawn had been accepted to attend Cornell. Her serious mien was complemented by her looks with her long dark hair, green eyes and understated beauty.She smiled widely when she realized it was me. “Good morning, Timmy. So what’s up?”I stood there catching my breath and I held up a hand. “Just-just a second.””Wow, you’re sweating! Did you race all the way here?”I just nodded, bent over with my hands on my knees.”Sit down, sit down,” she urged, patting the spot next to her on the swing chair she was sitting in. “I’ll go get you something cold to drink.”I shook my head. “No, I’m okay now,” I said, straightening up. “I just came to see Angelica. Is she up in her room?”Dawn’s eyebrows knitted themselves in a frown. “Yeah, she’s been pouting up in her room like a baby since Friday. All over her stupid ex-girlfriend.Ex-girlfriend. My heart soared but I did my best to keep my face from showing the exultation I felt.Apparently I wasn’t doing to good a job of it because Dawn snickered. “You might want to try looking at least concerned before you knock on her door. Maybe even a bit sorrowful. Right now you look like someone who has just found out he won the Lotto jackpot.””I see,” I said, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. I forced my face to take on a more neutral expression. “How’s that?””That is possibly the most blank look I’ve ever seen on a person without the use of mood altering d**gs,” she told me.”It’ll have to do,” I said. “It’s either this or grinning like a fool. Anyway, thanks for the help.” I opened the front door to the house.”What do you see in her anyway?” Dawn asked.”She’s Angelica,” I answered as if that explained everything. And for me it did.As Dawn had promised I found Angelica in her room sulking. “C’mon in, Timmy,” she called out from the other side of the door.I opened the door and peeked in. Angelica was lying face down on the bed. “How’d you know it was me?””I can always tell the sound of your footsteps and the way you knock,” she answered. She rolled over on her bed and looked at me.Angelica was named well. She looked as angelic as anyone possibly could with her long blonde hair and clear blue eyes. The kind of blue eyes that Elton John sungabout. The kind of eyes that indeed looked ‘like the deep blue sea on a blue blue day’. I had fallen in love with those blue eyes and loved them more every time they looked at me. But they had always looked right through me as if I were even less substantialthan the morning mist that gave our village its name.But there, that morning those blue eyes were seeing me. Perhaps for the first time seeing the boy that loved her more than he loved anything or anyone.Knowing that she and her girlfriend had broken up I expected her eyes to be red and her face streaked with tears while she sobbed with grief. There wasn’t any of that. Her eyes were clear and bright and while she didn’t look happy neither did she seem sorrowful. No, she didn’t look sorrowful at all. She looked annoyed. She didn’t look like someone who lost the one she was in love with so much as she looked like someone who had her plans for the weekend spoiled.”Angelica, are you alright?”She scowled. “Yeah, I’m okay. I mean, it’s that fucking bitch, Wendy.”I silently cheered. Dawn had been right, they really had broke up. Finally it was my turn to have a chance with Angelica. However, outwardly I gave her a helpless shrug. “So what happened?””I told her I wanted to hang out with her this weekend but then she blew me off to go visit her sister in California. We got into an argument about it and ended up breaking up over it. Anyway, fuck that bitch. She’s old news.””Ah, I’m sorry to hear that,” I said in what I hoped wasn’t an obvious lie.She waved her hand in dismissal. “Pfffft, like I said, fuck that bitch. I’m just tired of sulking in my room. So, what do you wanna do today?”My mind raced. Fuck! I hadn’t been expecting that at all! I tried to think of something fun or cool we could do that was either free or something I could afford and we could easily get to. Unfortunately, there weren’t an abundance of such things in or anywhere near Misty Hollow. As fast as my mind raced it only seemed to go in circles.Angelica snickered. “I know that look. Don’t sweat it, Timmy. Really. I have something fun we can do right here in my room.” She lifted her hips off the bed, slipped her fingers under the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down her legs. Once she pulled them down to her ankles she kicked them off and they landed on the floor. “Fuck, I’ve been horny all weekend. I think you can figure what comes next, Timmy.”I knew what came next. I looked at the meaty monster between her legs and licked my lips. Her cock had been flaccid when she kicked off her shorts but as I watched it filled with blood until it was standing proud and free. I pulled my eyes from the thick cock and looked into Angelica’s eyes. “Angelica….””Suck it, Timmy,” she said. “I’m so fucking horny. C’mon, Timmy, I know you want to please me, right? You do want to please me and make me happy, don’t you?”The pull was irresistible. She was right, I wanted to please her in the worst way. I shuffled across her bedroom until I was standing next to her bed. Without a word I knelt down next to her bed and reached out to wrap my fingers around the thick shaft.”Fuck, yes,” she sighed. “Now take it into your mouth. Yeahhh….”She trailed off into an inarticulate groan as I bent over her crotch and teased the head of her prick with my tongue. I ran my tongue over the tip of her cock again and again, paying particular attention to the flared ridge. It wasn’t long before her hand found the back of my head and she slowly but firmly forced me down onto her cock.I had no choice but to open my mouth and take her meaty cockhead between my lips. “Yeah, suck it, suck it you little cock-tease,” she groaned as she lifted her hips, forcing more of her dick into my mouth.Suck it I did. I took her deeper into my mouth until the tip of her cock was into the back of my throat, threatening to gag me and my lips were stretched over the thick barrel of her cock.I pulled back, tracing patterns on the underside of her cock with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the tip of my tongue as her prick slipped from my mouth until just the cockhead was trapped between my lips. I swirled my tongue around her bloated cockhead again, wrenching another groan from her.”Play with my nuts,” Angelica urged as she forced my head back down onto her cock.I did as she told me and reached between her legs. Her ballsack was soft and heavy and her balls seemed huge to me. I could barely hold them in my hand, the soft flesh bulged between my fingers as I gently gripped it.I sucked and slurped on her cock as I bobbed my head up and down in a slow leisurely blow job. As I toyed with her sack I felt her balls pull up tight against her body from time to time before descending back against my fingertips.”Timmy, you really know how to suck a cock,” Angelica grunted, her hand on the back of my head as she coaxed me to take her deeper into my mouth. “I bet you get a lot of practice sucking boys off in the bathroom at school. Isn’t that right?”My cheeks burned, mostly because I had found myself on my knees in the boys’ room at school. I wasn’t into boys really, I just liked sucking cock. The irony that the nicest cock in school belonged to the most beautiful girl in school wasn’t lost on me.”Mmmmm…yeah, now pinch my tits,” she moaned as she pulled my left hand up to her chest. Her breasts were both naked and I realized she must have pulled her t-shirt up to expose them. I blindly groped around both her breasts until my fingertips discovered the hard nub of one of her nipples and I slowly twisted it between my thumb and forefinger.Angelica’s breasts weren’t gargantuan but they were more than enough fill my hands with. On her slender frame they looked plenty impressive. Particularly for a near virginal high-school guy like me.Soon she was writhing on the bed, humping her cock up into my mouth while I rolled her nuts between my fingers with one hand and pulled on her tits with the other. “Oh god, don’t stop. Fuck yes, ohhh yesss…” She trailed off into an inarticulate groan before clapping both hands to the back of my head and filling my mouth with her cock just as deep as she could go.Her cock seemed to swell in my mouth and she let out a deep grunt as she filled my mouth with her seed. Not wanting to make a sticky mess all over her crotch and bed I swallowed as quickly as I could. Each gulp sent a mouthful of her thick jizz sliding down my throat and I had to repeat the process several times before her squirting cock finally tapered off.She winced when I wrapped my fingers around her cock and stripped the cum from her shaft while I sucked on the tip, cleaning the remainder of her seed from her flagging cock. “Careful, it’s really sensitive after I come.”I let the end of her member slip from my lips. “I think I know how a cock works. I do have one after all.”She swatted my hand away from her tits and pulled her shirt back down. “Do you? I’ve never actually seen it to know for sure.””I could show it to you if want,” I said, knowing what her reaction would be.She didn’t disappoint, she wrinkled her nose in a show of distaste. “No thanks.”I shrugged, feigning indifference. “So, what do you want to do now? We could go swimming at Miller’s Pond if you want.””What, you think I’m gonna go skinnydipping so you can see me naked?”I shook my head. “What? Of course not, I meant in our swimming suits of course.”She snorted with derision. “So, you’ll just be imagining me naked instead? No thanks.”I tried to think of something else for two teenagers to do in place like Misty Hollow. My mind kept going back to sex but Angelica had just gotten off and clearly wasn’t interested. “Well, we could-“Angelica cut me off with a sharp chopping motion of her hand. “It’s fine, Timmy. Don’t bother yourself.” She reached for her smartphone and popped the phone’s earbuds into her ears. “I’m gonna chill out and listen to some music. I’ll talk to you later.”I knew a dismissal when I heard one. I stood frozen just for a moment, feeling the slightest stirrings of anger buried deep within myself like embers under a long forgottenbonfire. It only lasted that split second before I stomped the rising resentment back down. There was no way I could ever allow myself to feel anything negative about the girl I loved.I left her room and closed the door behind me when I heard someone running down the stairs to the first floor. I rounded the bend to the stairwell and looked down to see Dawn at the bottom of the stairs.”Dawn?”She looked up at me, her cheeks red with embarrassment….or something else perhaps. She had been on the second floor, that much was obvious. It suddenly clicked what she had been doing while I was with Angelica.I descended the stairs, looking her in the eyes the whole time. “Got an earful, did you?””I really don’t know what you’re talking about,” she mumbled as she averted her gaze.”So, you didn’t hear me giving Angelica a sloppy blowjob?””What! Of course not!” she shouted.I looked down at her crotch. “So that lump in your pants is just a sock?”She whipped her hands in front of her crotch. “God! I’m sorry!”She pushed past me and ran through the living room and down hall towards her room. Seconds later I heard her bedroom door slam shut. She had been listening through the door while I sucked Angelica’s cock. I was sure of it. I wondered if she had eavesdropped at Angelica’s door when her sister was fucking Wendy.It occured to me that when I had caught her she was probably going back to her room to jerk off. She was clearly embarrassed at getting caught but would that embarrassment be enough to stop her from masturbating? For a moment I thought about turning the tables.I pictured Dawn standing outside her sister’s door with her pants around her knees, stroking her cock while listening to her sister fuck. I shook my head to dispell the image. I was hard as rock myself, the last thing I needed was to get caught stroking myown cock outside Dawn’s room.The ride back to my house was uncomfortable. I was hard all the way back and I didn’t waste any time once I got back home, within seconds of dumping my bike in the yard I was in my room and stroking my cock. I must of been really worked up because when I came I covered my chest and stomach with my own spooge, even shooting hard enough to send the first couple of streamers splattering against my chin.I lay back on bed, letting my jizz cool as I floated in semi-euphoric haze. I knew I needed to clean myself up but between the boneless feeling of floating on my bed and the orgasm induced drowsiness I was feeling I just couldn’t manage to care all that much.***When I woke my chest and stomach were a crust of dried jizz. I grimaced at the disgusting feeling of being coated with my own spooge. There was no way I was going to spend the rest of the day stuck to my cum so I threw on my shirt and shorts and headed to the bathroom.”Hey, I’m gonna take a shower now so don’t come busting in!” I called out. I had no idea if Mom was even still home but I sure as hell didn’t want to find out by having her walk in on me while I was stepping out of the shower.I tossed my clothes in the hamper and stepped into the shower. Within seconds hot water was blasting away the grime of my own seed from my body. Under the spray of hot water my cock slowly came back mobilbahis güvenilir mi to life, stimulated by the occasional inadverdant blast of water against my sensitive cockhead.It felt so good that I couldn’t resist reaching down and wrapping my fingers around my stiffening cock. Exactly at the moment that a there was a knock on the bathroom door.”Timmy?” I heard my mom call through the door.Stifling a curse, I let go of my cock. “Yes?””There’s a telephone call for you.”I sighed at the lousy timing. “Okay, just take a message and I’ll get back to whoever itis after I finish with my shower.””It’s Angelica.””In that case, tell I’ll call her back in a few minutes,” I said, turning off the shower and stepping out of the shower stall.I broke a personal record for drying off, getting dressed and then making a phone call. “Hey, Angelica, my mom said you called?””Hey, Timmy, are you doing anything tonight?””No, I don’t have any plans,” I said. “Why? Do you want to do something?” I winced, I sounded far too eager, even to myself.”Yeah, let’s hang out tonight,” she replied. “Is that okay?””Of course!” I said and then frowned at just how pathetic I sounded. “I mean, yeah, sounds cool. When do you want me to come over?””Naw, man, I’ll come pick you up. How does eight sound?””That sounds gr- er, that sounds fine.”I spent the rest of the day fussing over what to wear although an inner voice told me that my choice of clothes wouldn’t matter since the only part of that Angelica was interested in didn’t wear clothing in the first place. It was the same voice that questioned whether Angelica was really good for me and I had a lot of practice at ignoring it.Despite several hours to choose I ended up selecting what I normally wore anyway, a pair of cargo shorts and a Pink Floyd t-shirt. Before I settled on that selection I went through virtually every article of clothing I owned. Twice.In the end I reasoned that if I dressed up better than normal it would signal that I was thinking of the evening as a date and Angelica had never mentioned going on a date. She specifically used the words ‘hang out’ and hanging out was not a date. Hanging out with Angelica usually ended up with me on my knees and Angelica’s dick in my mouth.Still, hopes springs eternal, although mostly for people too stupid to learn from history. With Wendy out of the picture perhaps Angelica was taking our relationship more seriously. I considered the jacket and tie hanging in my closet. Then I imagined myself in a tuxedo only to end up at McDonald’s. I shuddered and dismissed the jacket and tie idea. Overdressing for a night of casual hanging out, not to mention casual blowjobs, was the surest way to earn Angelica’s scorn and of the many things I wanted from her scorn wasn’t on the list.After changing clothes more times in a single afternoon than Angelica would all week I finally arrived back at where I started; in shorts and a t-shirt.Once I had finally decided on what to wear it still was before six o’clock and I spent the rest of the time nervously pacing through the house, driving Mom nuts.”Keep it up and you’ll wear a hole right straight through to China,” she said, looking up from the recliner in the living room where she leafed through one of her boring Home & Garden issues.”Sorry, just nervous,” I said. “I can’t help it.”Mom sighed. “Well, if you have to walk in circles for the entire evening at least do it in your room. It’s maddening to watch you wear a circle in the carpet.””Yeah, okay,” I said. Mom was right, I could just as well pace in circles in any room in the house.Before I reached the stairs I heard Mom’s voice from behind. “You know you’re wasting your time with that girl, right? Everyone knows she’s fooling around with the Granger girl. You ought to find a girl who likes boys, for a change.””Actually, they broke up,” I told her.”Just because she’s looking for a new dance partner doesn’t mean she’s going to do the tango with you.””Yes, Mom, I know,” I said as I started up the stairs. “Thanks for the cheerful, sunny, optimistic outlook.””I’m a realist, not an optimist,” Mom called out as I climbed the stairs.***I knew it instantly when Angelica arrived; I heard her Ford Taurus pull into driveway. Looking out my bedroom window I saw Angelica pull her car up behind Mom’s Corolla. I almost leapt straight out of my room and down the stairs but managed to contain myself. Instead, I watched her exit her Taurus and walk across the yard to the front porch. I only left my room after I heard Mom answer the door.I was halfway down the stairs when I saw that Mom was on her way up. “Ah, there you are,” she said, looking up at me. “Angelica’s in kitchen waiting for you.””Ah, right, thanks.”She searched my eyes for a moment before turning around to head back down. “Don’t worry, I won’t bother you two in the kitchen. I’ll be in the gardening shed if you need me.I found Angelica in the kitchen as promised looking quite bored. “Well, it’s about time, you’re as bad as any girl.””Sorry, I lost track of time,” I lied.She gave me a long look, her eyes narrowed. “I very much doubt that. How many times did you change your clothes before settling for shorts and a t-shirt?””None.””Now I know that’s bullshit, Timmy,” Angelica said, directing a vicious grin my way. “You were wearing a different t-shirt and shorts at my house.””Oh yeah, but they got dirty so I changed,” I replied.Her amusement was almost savage. “So you came home, beat off and made a huge mess.”I shrugged. I didn’t want to admit it but I also knew that Angelica would see right through any lie.”So, yes,” she said when it was obvious I wasn’t going to say anything. “Well, don’t you worry, the only mess I’ll make will be right down your throat. No clean up needed.”So we had a date after all. The usual date my mouth had with her cock.***”So, where do you wanna go tonight?” I asked as Angelica backed her car out of the driveway. I was sure that I’d be sucking her cock soon enough but she wouldn’t pick me up just for that. She had other plans as well or else she would have just told me to come over on my to suck her off in room again.She looked over at me, giving me a smoky look. “Tonight is a special occasion, Timmy. I just happen to have a bottle of something good. So, tonight we’re going someplace private. Just the two of us.”A bottle of something good? I immediately thought of the wet bar her dad kept in their basement with its stock of bourbon. Chances were her dad would never notice a single bottle missing. I wasn’t wild about having her drive her car after polishing off a bottle of bourbon but I didn’t say anything for fear of her thinking I wasn’t fun to hang out with.”So, where is this private place you mentioned?””The clearing up on the overlook.””That’s private?” The overlook was a common spot for people to park their and fuck. In fact, it was so locally famous that it had become cliche.”Private enough,” she said. “No one is going to bother us as long as we’re in the car.””Okay, that’s cool,” I said, resigning myself to a belly full of bourbon and cum.***I heaved a sigh of relief when Angelica pulled the car into the clearing overlooking the valley. We were the only ones at the overlook although I was sure other couple would show up eventually.”So, what’s the bottle of something special?” I asked when she finally killed the ignition.”Hold youwin on,” she said as she leaned over in front of me to open the car’s glove box. She pulled out a small plastic bag before closing the glove box and sitting up in her seat. She pulled a small jar out of the bag and held it up for me to see. “So, what do you think?””K-Y jelly?” I said, nonplussed.”Smart boy,” Angelica said with a grin.”I don’t get it,” I said. “This is your bottle of something good?””Yeah, it’s actually a jar of something good,” she said, “but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.””We came here to fuck,” I said. There was no question. There couldn’t possibly be another reason for Angelica to bring me to the overlook with a jar of K-Y stashed away in her glove box.”Is that a problem?””Not at all,” I answered, shaking my head. “I wasn’t expecting it, that’s all. You’ve never let me touch you except for the occasional blow job before. And now you bring me out here to fuck you. I’m actually thrilled, or I will be as soon as I wrap my head around it.”Angelica laughed, throwing her head back in mirth. “Oh, god, too funny! You think you’re gonna- oh, fuck that’s funny!”I was more lost than ever. “Mind sharing the joke?””There’s no way I’m gonna let you put your tiny little penor in me,” Angelica said, wiping her eyes. “The K-Y was is for you. Specifically, for your ass.””You think I’m gonna let you fuck me up the ass?”Angelica smiled. “I know you are.””No way!””Timmy Woodard, take off your pants and get in the back seat or I’ll take you back home right now and you can spend the rest of the night at home with Mommy.”I knew she was serious. A minute later I was naked from the waist down and in the back seat on my hands and knees with my ass up in the air.”Good boy,” Angelica crooned as she knelt behind me, her hands on my ass. “Now just hold still for a bit, this will probably feel weird at first but I promise it will feel really good soon. For me at least.”I groaned as I felt a slick finger probe my asshole, spreading the slick lubricant around my anus before easing into the hole itself.”Fuck, Timmy, you’re as tight as a hamster!””Hamsters are tight?””Well, duh! Look at how tiny they are.”Once she had her finger all the way into my ass she swirled it around, getting my rectum good and slick. The feeling of her finger all the way inside of me was a strange one but I had to admit it didn’t feel bad. In fact, I almost liked it once I got used to it.”There, you should be good and lubed up now,” Angelica said as she pulled her finger from my ass and wiped it off on my back. She put her hands on my hips a moment before I felt the tip of her erection probing for my slick asshole. “Fucky fucky time,” she said with a laugh as she insistantly pushed her stiff cock against my anus, using main force to open it up.She wasn’t gentle by any means and I gasped in pain as she sank her hard length into me. “Fuck, take it a bit slower!””No way,” she replied as she shoved herself in deeper. “You’re as tight as any virgin. I’m gonna wreck your asshole before I’m done.” She puncuated the statement by punching her dick all the way in until my asshole was wrapped tightly around the root of her cock.”God, you don’t need to rip my asshole apart,” I said, snarling from the agony of havingmy asshole stretched out by Angelica’s thick cock.”Quit bitching, you little cunt,” she said as she pulled her cock out before slamming it back in. “Just take my cock like the little cock hungry whore you know you are.” I bit my lower lip bloody as she held onto my hips and pounded away on my asshole. “Hey, Timmy, did you know that you actually have a nicer ass than Wendy?””That’s great,” I grunted. “Would you mind not completely destroying it?””What a baby,” Angelica sneered. “I fucked Wendy in the ass a lot harder than this and she did’t complain. If you can’t take even this much it means you’re even weaker than a girl. How’s it feel being such a sissy boy?”I didn’t answer, instead I merely gritted my teeth and took it. For her part, Angelica didn’t let up at all, forcing her cock deep into my rectum with each punishing thrust. I couldn’t help gasping in pain as she stretched my asshole to the point of nearly being torn in half as she used me for her own pleasure just as hard as she could manage.Eventually the pain eased and the feeling of her thick prong sliding inside me started to feel good. Moreover, I realized that she had d****d herself onto my back and I could feel her tits pressed against me, her nipples hard points against my skin.I couldn’t help myself, I reached between my legs and fondled my own growing erection.Angelica realized instantly what I was up to. “Knock it off,” she snarled. “I swear, if you jizz all over my car seat I’ll fucking kill you.”I jerked my hand away from my cock but my erection never went away. I knew I’d be jerking off as soon as I got home.It didn’t take long before Angelica’s moan of pleasure took on a desperate edge and I knew her orgasm was imminent. “Oh yes, I’m almost there. Your tight little ass is gonna make me fucking spurt! I’m gonna cum buckets deep in your guts. Your asshole will be leaking spooge for a week.”She crudely laughed at her own wit before roughly thrusting deep into my ass. I felt her cock twitching deep inside me and then wet warm feeling spreading throughout my bowels. “Fuck yes, oh god, of fuck….”Her cock seemed throb in my ass forever as she flooded my guts with her seed. For a moment I had the thought that if it were possible to get a guy pregnant through his ass I would have gotten pregnant with triplets.Angelica hissed as she pulled her wilting cock from my ass. “Make sure you don’t drip cum onto my car seat, you little cum slut,” she said as she pulled her jeans back on. “Just lie down in the back seat with your ass up to keep the jizz from leaking out your ass. You can put your pants back on when I drop you off at your house.”I looked up at her from where I lied on the backseat. “We’re not going to hang out tonight?”She shook her head. “Naw, I’m gonna go play some Mario Kart, maybe go cruising for chicks if I feel horny later.””Oh,” I said, pondering my latest dismissal. “Well, maybe we can hang out tomorrow?””Yeah, sure, maybe.”***The next day I was hanging around my house hoping for a phone call from Angelica and pondering whether I should just head over to her house. I did want to see her, of course. However, I didn’t want to look clingy or desperate.So instead I spent the whole day beside the phone waffling over what to do.When the phone rang I jumped out it and had the receiver to my ear in less than a second. “Hello?””Hey, Timmy. How’s it hanging?””Oh, hi, Angelica,” I said, hoping my voice didn’t betray just how much I was trembling. “So, what’s up? Did you want to hang out today?””Naw dude, I’m kinda busy right now,” she said. “Last night I crashed Terry’s party and man I found this… fuck, hold on….” -her voice came from far away and I knew she had pulled the phone away from her mouth,”shit, how many times to I need to tell you towatch the teeth, I don’t want bite marks all up and down my cock,” her voice came back to the phone-“sorry about that, this bitch uses her teeth so much that she gives bite jobs, not blow jobs. Anyway, she’s just like a bicycle, you can ride her all night long and she’s still ready to go come morning.””Um…so….””Yeah, kinda busy today,” Angelica said. “But she’s gotta take off later so if you wanna get together tonight we can hang out and, y’know, have some fun.”I knew exactly what she meant by ‘have some fun’ and I knew she’d be the one having all the fun. But still, she was Angelica and that was everything. “Okay, sounds like a plan.”

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