At the mall


At the mallSaturday I got out of work early, so I decided to go to the local mall. I got lucky and found a parking spot really close to the store. I opened my car door wide, and swung my left leg out, and next the right. It was than I realized that I just showed 2 boys about 16 yrs old, a great view of my pussy. I never wear panties or a bra.They followed me into the mall, and were a few stairs behind me on the escalator. I could hear clicking noises, and realized they could see my ass and pussy under my short skirt. They were taking pictures with their cameras phones. I decided to have a little fun and purposely dropped my phone. I bent over to pick it up and they went crazy taking pictures of my ass and pussy. They followed me for an hour and a half, I teased them the whole time.                                                  They followed me into the shoe store, it’s one of the self service stores. I picked out a pair of knee high boots and sat to try them on. I removed my high heels and brought my knee up to my face slipping the boot over my foot. Pulling the boot on and pushing my foot forwards, I intentionally let my leg go to the right, causing my legs to konak escort open wide. The boys were one row over pretending to be looking at shoes. They just starred as I repeated this with the other boot. My pussy was in plain sight and was getting a little wet, causing it to open a little.                         Next I went to a clothing store, the boys again followed me into the the store. I took a few outfits into the dressing room, it’s the type with the curtin you close behind you. I closed the curtain making sure to leave it partially  open. I could see the boys had moved behind a rack of clothes,  directly across from me.  They stood there staring at the dressing room, as I began to undress. All I had on was the skirt and blouse, so I was nude in a flash. I thought their eyes were going to pop out of their heads, slowly I put the new outfit on, and walked over to the mirrors hanging on the wall. Their eyes were glued to me, I slowly bent over with my ass facing the mirror.  My ass was in full view,  and so was my pussy. I admired myself in the mirror for a little longer and returned to the dressing room . The boys had moved to a closer konak escort bayan rack of clothes only a few feet away.  This time I left the curtin open, acting like I forgot to shut it, I left my back to them, and removed the outfit. Standing nude,I turned around to hang up the outfit. My tits and pussy was in full view, they just starred. I reached up and grabbed the next outfit and put it on. Pushed open the curtin , stepped out and checked myself out in the mirror.                            I went back to the dressing room, turned to the boys and asked what they thought of the outfit I had on. They were eager to check me out, and said it was ok, I asked if they would be willing to give me the opinion of the other outfits. They both agreed and said they would, they even offered to find a few more outfits for me to try on. They stood outside of the dressing room, and we talked as I changed, the curtin was half open. They didn’t care for the next outfit, so again I changed as we chatted. This time I left the curtin fully opened, they just starred, as I stood there nude, taking as I  changed. They were smiling and making comments about escort konak the outfits, moving within 6 inches of the curtin.  I repeated this 3 more times, until they finally agreed on an outfit. As I changed into my clothes, I made sure they got to enjoy me nude, as I did more talking, than dressing. Finally dressed, I sat on the stool,  to put my heels on. Picking up my right foot, and opening my leg to the right, I put my foot partially on the stool. My pussy was in plain sight and fully opened for their enjoyment. I stalled a bit pretending to have trouble with the shoe, the boys mouths were opened wide.  I repeated this with the other shoe, again opening wide for their viewing pleasure.                                         I went to pay for the outfit, at the register, the cashier remarked how nice it was to see a mom and her boys shopping together. I just smiled, paid my bill, and we left.  Back at my car I thanked them, they asked if I needed help next Saturday.  I said I wasn’t sure, but they said they would love to help me again if I am there.   I thanked them again, opened the car door and sat down, slid my right leg in, at the same time putting my package on the passenger seat. This left my legs fully opened, my skirt was around my waist,  and my pussy was open wide. Slowly bringing my left leg in and closed the door. As I drove away I saw the boys high five  themselves  and  grabbing their cocks in the mirror………

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