The sunbeam hits the blanket and my eyes slowly open. I hear you breathing softly beside me, your beard tickling my shoulder. I shift my body and feel your arm move across me. Your touch heats my skin and I turn to you. You look into my eyes and kiss me hard. My nipples stiffen and I feel your fingers tease them before you duck under the covers to suck and nip. I run my hands through your soft hair, murmuring. My hips move to your body as I start to roll against you. Your hardness springs alive against my thighs and I move my legs to capture and hold you. My back arches in want as I feel you leave my nipples and trace your tongue along my body to my fevered pussy. You part my lips and your tongue slides to my hard clit. You tease with flicks then suck as I moan. Your tongue probes deep and I feel my juices run. My hips start to buck as I squeeze your head between my thighs and feel my wetness dripping down into my ass. You come up again sharing my taste.

You casino oyna position your hips between my legs and drive your hard cock into my aching pussy. We find our rhythm and I look at you as I suck my nipple. You groan and withdraw to my protest. You adjust your hips so that your cock is tapping my ass. You take my legs and easily slide them over your shoulders as you rise on your knees. I lift my hips slightly and you start to fill me with your head. Holding my legs as I relax, you slowly pulse until I have all of you. You look at me as we meet slow and deep, your balls slapping against me. I find my clit and start to rub hard and fast as you thrust into my warm, tight ass. My other hand traces the grooves of your chest. I start to tighten as I begin to feel the first waves of my orgasm hit. You feel my body tense and push my legs back further as you let your heat fill my ass with a hard grunt. I feel full and sated as you release your cock and pull canlı casino me in for another kiss.

Looking into your eyes again I roll from your arms to sit on the edge of the bed. I stretch and feel your fingertips tracing my spine. I shiver at your touch and turn to you. Leaning down my lips find yours crushing them with renewed need. My tongue searching for more. You move to the edge of the bed, our lips parting as I head to the shower. Bending to set the water I feel you behind me, your hands spreading my legs. My wetness coats my inner thighs. You drop to your knees and I feel your tongue plunge into my pussy as your finger finds my ass. I catch myself against the shower wall. Rocking my hips onto your tongue, I want more. You withdraw and push me closer to the wall. Grabbing my hips, you thrust your hard shaft into my warm needy space. Holding me tight I’m filled with every thrust. I tighten my walls around you feeling all of you. Your hand reaches around kaçak casino to open my folds, finding my clit as hard as my nipples. Your fingers tapping and rubbing as I moan louder. My hips rolling wanting you deeper. Your tip hits and the first burst grabs me. My pussy tightens and explodes, I shudder and scream. Leaning against the wall I catch my breath.

You grab me in a turn and push me under the warmth of the water. Your cock hard in your hand, I watch you start stroking firm and slow. I want to touch, your hand reaches to push my shoulder down and I sink to my knees. Looking up your hand brings my head to your tip and your precum glazes my lips. I greedily lick and circle your head with my lips. You stroking faster, I’m reaching for your balls. Tight and heavy cradled in my hands, you are close. My lips push against your hand and slide down your shaft. Sucking back up from root to tip, my tongue teasing. I slide and tease again feeling your rigidity as you release your hot cum down my throat. My mouth surrounding you, I swallow and glide off. Pulling me up, you support me against the wall, pressing our bodies together. Our mouths meeting in slow, deep kisses.

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