Beach Party for Three


The drive to the beach with Kyle had been pretty stressful. The air-con in the car was playing up and the passenger seat window wouldn’t open either, so Cleo was feeling very hot and sweaty and her clothes were sticking uncomfortably to her skin. To make things worse they’d also managed to hit every red light on the journey so far and they were running about half an hour late for meeting the others.

Cleo had been friends with Kyle since she’d started work at the law firm two years ago. He’d been the only person to really smile at her on her first day and his face had stood out in a seemingly endless sea of stressed and angry faces. They’d ended up becoming occasional (OK, regular) post-work drinking buddies and he was the only person in the office she felt comfortable spending time with socially.

They were on their way to meet a few of Kyle’s old university friends at the beach. There was a dinner party planned for that evening in a beach house that one of his friends had rented for the weekend and Kyle had invited Cleo along to join them. During a conversation at work she’d gushed about the fact that she hadn’t been to the beach in ages when he’d told her what he was doing at the weekend. Afterwards she felt a bit awkward as she realised she might have accidentally pressured Kyle into inviting her on the spot, but Kyle hadn’t really shown any signs of backing out since the offer so she’d decided to just go with it. She absolutely loved the beach and it felt like it had been ages since she’d had a chance to let her hair down so she couldn’t wait.

Cleo was wearing a thin white vest and some skimpy beach shorts but it was still far too hot for her in the car. She gripped the front of her vest with her fingers and pulled at it repeatedly, to try and billow air down her top. She’d been absentmindedly doing this for a couple of minutes when she caught sight of Kyle watching her keenly out of the corner of his eye and realised she Was probably giving him a strobe-like view of her bra-free breasts.

Kyle jerked his head back to the traffic as he realised he’d been caught looking at her and his cheeks started to redden slightly.

Neither of them said anything but Cleo smiled to herself at the flattering thought that Kyle might have been actively trying to see her breasts. Her own eyes darted briefly towards Kyle’s lap and she saw that his board shorts looked pretty full around the crotch. Was that a twitch she saw or was she imagining it?

She reluctantly pulled her eyes back to the road, for fear of getting caught staring herself. “What are your friends called again?” she asked, as a way to diffuse the slight tension that had now descended within the car. “Errrm, Stephan, Daisy and Paul. You’ve obviously met Stephan already, but I don’t think you’ve ever met Daisy or Paul. Those two only got together after we left uni but the four of us all lived in a house together in the second and third year at uni. We were pretty inseparable really.”

Cleo had met Stephan a couple of times while out drinking with Kyle. She remembered him being a pretty good looking guy and she’d also thought he’d been quite funny, although she had to admit that she’d been pretty drunk both times, so her judgement could have been slightly impaired.

They carried on the rest of the journey in slightly awkward silence, but thankfully the traffic seemed to dissolve as they got closer to the beach.

They finally pulled up at the beach, got their bags out of the back of the car and started the walk up and over the dunes to the spot where Kyle’s friends were due to be meeting them. As they summitted the final dune, the view was magnificent. The Sandy beach stretched for miles in both directions and it was practically deserted. Beneath the clear blue sky the sand looked almost white and the sea was calm, with foot high waves breaking evenly along the length of the beach.

“There they are!” shouted Kyle, pointing to a group of three people standing halfway between the ocean and the dunes. They climbed down the dune face and jogged over to Kyle’s friends. All three of them greeted Kyle and Cleo with big hugs and Cleo felt instantly at ease in their company. “She’s well out of your league,” was the first thing that Daisy said to Kyle, with a mischevious grin on her face and a sly wink. Kyle looked a bit embarrassed. “We’re not together. Cleo’s just a friend from work,” he stuttered. Cleo laughed. “I hope you’ve not been telling them all that I’m your girlfriend!” she exclaimed in mock horror. “I’ve got a reputation to maintain,” she teased.

Kyle was blushing again and Cleo started to wonder whether he actually did harbour secret feelings for her. “This might be a very fun weekend after all,” she thought to herself.

Kyle was a handsome guy and looked after himself well. Most of the guys she worked with were fairly well off and dressed in expensive clothes but Kyle managed to look good in whatever he was wearing. Even stood there in a surf t-shirt, ankara dansöz escortlar a pair of board shorts and some flip flops, he managed to look well dressed and effortlessly cool. Cleo had fantasised about him many times in the past whilst masturbating, but she’d never actually tried it on with him for fear of ruining their professional relationship and their friendship. He hadn’t shown any sign of interest in her up until this pony, but now she was starting to pick up some hints that there might be something there after all.

The group carried on catching up and joking around with each other and Stephan fired up the BBQ, which had been set up before Kyle and Cleo arrived. Stephan cooked up a feast of steak, fish and halloumi and they sat on their towels eating, drinking cold beer and chatting in the glorious sunshine.

Just as they were finishing eating, Paul got a call on his mobile. He started to look increasingly worried as the conversation went on and said very little before ending the call saying “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Is everything alright?” asked Daisy, putting her hand on his arm.

“It’s my brother,” said Paul. “He’s been in a bike accident and they’ve taken him to hospital with a broken leg and head injuries. Thankfully it doesn’t sound like he’s critical, but it doesn’t sound like he’s in a great state either. I really need to go and see him.”

“Of course.” said Daisy. “Let’s get going. Really sorry guys. Looks like we’re going to have to leave you three to it.”

The others told Paul and Daisy not to think about it for a second and to get on their way. They quickly said their goodbyes before jogging back up the beach and over the dunes, out of sight.

“I hope his brother’s OK,” said Stephan after the pair had disappeared out of view. “Yeah, I know Paul’s pretty close to his brother too so he’ll be really worried about him,” said Kyle.

For half an hour or so the remaining trio were a bit subdued. They tidied up after the BBQ and set out their towels to sunbathe for a while. Cleo told the boys to turn around so that she could get into her bikini. There was barely anyone else within sight in either direction and Cleo reckoned that even if the three or four people she could see in the distance were looking her way, they wouldn’t be able to make out much anyway. The boys had turned around so she turned her back to them and quickly got naked. It felt pretty liberating to be standing fully naked on the beach in the middle of the day and she took a moment to enjoy the sun on her fully exposed body. She didn’t have too much of a bikini tan line as she regularly sunbathed naked in her secluded garden. She’d recently shaved off all of her pubic hair though and this had revealed a faint white patch where her landings strip had previously been. After taking a moment, Cleo bent forward and almost reluctantly pulled on her bikini bottoms. She pulled on her bikini top and did up the fastening at the back. She turned back to the boys who were still facing away from her and told them they could now turn around.

After 15 minutes or so of sunbathing and chatting, Cleo decided she needed to cool off. “Anyone fancy a dip?” she asked.

Both of the boys jumped up immediately. “Race you to the sea!” shouted Kyle “Last one there has to share their most embarrassing story this evening!” and with that he started sprinting towards the water.

Stephan and Cleo looked at each other briefly, with wide eyes, and then quickly followed in hot pursuit. They managed to gradually claw back Kyle’s head start and with about 20m to go Cleo had just about pulled up alongside him. Stephan had done even better and had pulled a couple of metres ahead of the others. He reached the water first and just behind him Kyle and Cleo both dived headfirst at the final moment and hit the water at exactly the same time. Cleo was pretty pleased with herself and Kyle lay on his back in the surf, with a smile on his face, breathing heavily. “Damnit girl, you’re faster than you look!” he laughed. “I think I still just beat you though.”

“Kiss my ass!” shouted Cleo. “You drew with a girl, AND you had a head start, so I’m pretty sure that makes you the loser here!”

“OK, OK,” he said. “I guess I ought to take this defeat like a man. Particularly if I’m gonna get to kiss your ass in that cute bikini!”

Cleo laughed and splashed water in his face. “In your dreams, loser!”.

She jumped up and waded out further into the water. “I’m looking forward to hearing that embarrassing story of yours later this evening!” she shouted back at him.

As she waded out she mulled over the ass kissing remark and thought about the growing list of signals that he might really be into her. “This evening could be a lot of fun,” she thought to herself, and she started to feel quite horny as the cold water covered her body and hardened her nipples under her bikini.

The three of them splashed around in the water together ankara saatlik veren escortlar for a while and the two boys started to put on a bit of a show, trying to dunk each other under the water.

At one point, as the two of them were facing off, Cleo sneaked up behind Kyle and in one fluid move she pulled his shorts down, all the way to his ankles underwater. Kyle instinctively spun around to defend himself and Stephan took to opportunity to pounce at Kyle and dunk him fully under the water. Cleo took her chance and in the commotion she managed to completely remove the shorts and quickly swim off with them. She swam along parallel to the beach for about 15 meters or so and then headed as fast as she could for the shore. By the time Kyle had come up for air and worked out what had happened, Cleo was stood on the beach waving his shorts in the air and laughing wildly. Stephan was also laughing and pointing.

“Oh my god! Bring them back!” shouted Kyle, but Cleo just stood there laughing.

She slowly sauntered back up the beach to her towel and sat down to watch what was going to happen next.

Stephan came out of the sea and walked up to join Cleo. “That was a slick move,” he laughed. “I don’t know what he’s going to do now but I’m just glad I’m not in his shoes,” he laughed.

“I think I’ll make him sweat for a little while before I give these back,” said Cleo.

But, to their surprise, Kyle almost immediately began to wade out of the water towards them. Rather than covering his modesty, he brazenly strolled out the water and without an apparent shred of embarrassment he began walking up the beach towards the shocked pair.

As he got closer Cleo’s eyes scanned every inch of his body. It was clear that he had nothing to be ashamed of at all and to top off his toned physique she watched in amazement as his huge dick swung from side to side as he strode towards her. “If that’s what he looks like after swimming in cold water then just how big would that thing be in the warm?!” She thought to herself.

Kyle reached the towels and stood over his friends, dripping with sea water and with his hands on his hips. “Lovely swim,” he said. “Why’d you two get out so soon? I could have stayed in there all day.”

“Fair play,” said Stephan. “I’ve got to hand it to you. You’ve got some balls my friend!”

“I’m glad you noticed,” replied Kyle with a cheeky wink.

Kyle lay down on his towel and made no attempt to cover himself up. Cleo felt like Kyle’s confidence had expertly nullified her short-stealing prank, but she felt like the sight of his sexy body and a close-up view of his mammoth cock was a pretty good consolation prize.

“Well, there’s only one thing for it then,” she said, almost to herself, and she undid the clasp of her bikini top and slid off her bikini bottoms, tossing them to the side.

Stephan and Kyle gazed across at her naked body and neither of them made any attempt to hide their staring. “Well this beach party just got a bit hotter,” said Stephan. “What is it they say about your options if you’re not able to beat them?” and with that he slid off his own shorts, leaving himself completely naked.

Cleo couldn’t help staring herself and she was pleased to see that both of the boys were neatly groomed down below, which showed off their wares very nicely indeed.

All three of them now lay there fully exposed to each other and after a few minutes of thinly disguised sideways glances, Kyle turned over to lie on his front. Cleo glanced across as he rolled over and it was pretty clear from his swelling member that Kyle’s growing excitement was the reason for him changing position. Cleo couldn’t really blame him. She was feeling pretty horny herself by now and knew she was feeling quite wet down below, but she was thankfull that she was able to hide it better than the boys in this situation.

Moments later Stephan followed Kyle’s lead and turned onto his front as well.

“You boys working on your back tan?” She teased.

Cleo thought she’d have a little more fun with the boys so she got up very slowly and gracefully and walked over to stand above them with her legs shoulder width apart and her back to the sun. “Right then. Let’s get packed up and head back to this beach house I’ve heard so much about. I could do with having a shower before dinner as I’ve managed to get sand in all sorts of unspeakable places!”

The boys both squinted up at her and she knew that they would both be enjoying a pleasant view of her unspeakable places. She knew that her outer lips would be slightly swollen in her aroused state and this would be nicely showing off her neat little pussy to the boys.

“Errrm, why don’t you pack up your stuff and get a head start? We can catch you up in a couple of minutes,” said Stephan, his eyes pleading with Cleo. “No, no. You come with me and show me the way,” grinned Cleo as she seductively brushed a little bit of sand from ankara azeri escortlar her inner thigh.

Stephan and Kyle slowly and reluctantly got to their feet and as Cleo had suspected, both of them were sporting absolutely huge erections.

“Well well. Aren’t you two a sight for sore eyes?!” exclaimed Cleo.

“Sorry, this is a bit awkward” grinned Kyle sheepishly.

“Don’t apologise. It’s always flattering to get a double salute from such attractive men.” she laughed.

The boys hurriedly pulled their shorts on over their raging hard-ons. They both tucked their dicks into their waistbands, but that still left a good two inches of cock exposed for both of them.

They packed up their belongings between them and walked east along the beach for a mile or so to the large lone white beach house in the dunes that was to be their home for the night. Stephan had the keys in his bag and he let the group.

By this time the walk had allowed time for the boys’ hard-ons to soften but Cleo still had the image of the two of them standing erect, side-by-side, burned into her retinas.

Together the three of them began to explore the house, which was incredible. It had a new surprise at every turn of a corner or opening of a new door. There was a cinema room, a huge veranda, a pool, a hot tub. It was a stunning house that Cleo thought wouldn’t have felt out of place in a party scene from the Wolf of Wall Street. Cleo was slightly disappointed that there were only three of them there to enjoy it, as it would have been an amazing place for a big party. But then again, she had hopes for a slightly more intimate evening anyway.

They each chose a bedroom and the boys gave Cleo first choice so she picked the master suite with a huge four poster bed sat in the middle of the room.

The three of them went off seperately to get showered and agreed to meet in the kitchen for dinner in an hour.

Cleo unpacked her things and stripped off her beach clothes. She wanted to jump straight onto the bad and lay there naked, but she knew she’d regret it later if she filled the bed with sand. She went into the luxurious en-suite shower room and turned on the shower. She waited for it to warm up slightly and then stepped under the hot jets of water. As she stood there washing the sand and salt from her lithe, tanned body, she closed her eyes and thought back to the afternoon’s events.

The day had already taken quite an interesting turn and she’d enjoyed an unexpected eyeful of two big hard dicks. As she thought about the sight of the boys naked, she let her hands roam across her soapy, wet skin. She rubbed her shoulders and brought her hands down across her breasts, running them across her hardening nipples. As she moved lower down, her fingers grazed her pussy lips and she slowly started to tease her lips apart with one hand whilst gently squeezing her clit with the other.

After a while she dipped a finger inside herself and could feel that she was already quite wet with the image of the two boys in her mind. She used her thumb to rub her clit while she finger-fucked herself with two fingers. As she really started to get into a rhythm she crouched down in the shower and spread her knees wide apart to give herself full access to her wet pussy. She rubbed her clit vigorously with her eyes closed, and with the water splashing over her body it wasn’t long before she began to feel an orgasm spreading out from her clit and through her body. She trembled with pleasure while the image of those two beautiful, hard cocks filled her mind.

When the orgasm passed she was tempted to start all over again but she decided that she should save herself for later.

Cleo got out of the shower and dried herself off with one of the impossibly soft white towels hanging on the towel rack. She walked over to the bed and picked out her evening outfit – a loose fitting, white, lacy dress that really showed off her tan.

Although they were of a good size, her breasts were so pert that she could get away without wearing a bra so she slipped the dress straight over her smooth naked body. She was about to pull on some silky white panties but as she picked them up she paused for a second before dropping them back in her bag. “It might be nice to be a bit more free and easy tonight,” she thought to herself. “It might also make for a bit of fun later on as well!”

She put on some subtle makeup and applied her favourite perfume before leaving her room and heading to the kitchen. As she made her way through the house she could hear the boys laughing in the kitchen and when she joined them she discovered they were already halfway through their second beer.

“What took you so long?” asked Kyle with a smile.

“I expect she just couldn’t help playing with herself in the shower at the thought of our naked bodies,” laughed Stephan.

“In your dreams!” said Cleo, although she had to turn and open the fridge to stop them seeing her blush.

“Have we got any white wine?” she asked, although really she was just playing for time in order to give her face a chance to cool down and she could clearly see two bottles at the back of the fridge already.

“Straight ahead of you on the middle shelf,” said Kyle.

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