B’ham Asian Men Play with Beautiful wife


B’ham Asian Men Play with Beautiful wifeAn Asian guy on here obviously read my blog and contacted me to suggest a private play with him and a “few friends at some house in “Sparkhill” Birmingham instead of that “seedy cinema” so we went on last Saturday (11th Feb) and my lovely wife was once again the center of attention but this and the first time brown “Brown Cocks”She enjoyed seeing this other young beautiful lady being gangbanged by Asian men in my favorites list in within my profile https://xhamster.com/movies/2394077/british_blonde_wife_has_surprise_bbc_gangbang.htmland she said if they treated her like this then she would go along and see what happens. When I told him this he was obviously very happy and they would role play just like the above video link so she knew it what to expect.We arrived Friday night and had a nice evening out with a meal etc and waited in anticipation. Saturday morning we were both Horny as hell and she put on as requested by “Wagas” a short tight dress, stockings and for some reason, lots of jewelry!? so to give you an idea, canlı bahis she had around her small flat waist her gold chain, gold ankle bracelet and a single pearl neckless and then put on a longer coat as we left the hotel to retain some respect.They wanted to meet in a local pub in their area but I suspected this was to show her off to their mates so we arrived direct to the house by taxi and was let in by the main guy “Wagnas” The actual house was terraced and smaller than I imagined and she was led into an empty front room that didn’t have the curtains drawn but had lace netting drawn across. I stood back as he told her just like the video to ” Close your eyes and wait” ……. The door opened and in walked loads of Asian men and I was immediately worried and “E” looked alarmed and seeing this one of them said “don’t worry she will be treated with respect”. They took off her coat and started to calmly but firmly fondle her body through her dress. There were about 8 guys around her and they gently pulled her dress off and undone her tight bra to leave her standing bahis siteleri in just her shoes, stockings and tiny g-string which barely covered her sweet pussy and small strip of pubic hair shaped above.They were sucking her boobs and pulled off the g-string and started to finger her holes and I’m pleased to say she looked like she was now enjoying it. Some more men came in with a mattress and placed it on the floor and then covered it with a clean sheet. She was pushed down onto her back and one of them put a condom on and shoved his cock into her while she had cocks each side of her face and they asked her to suck them. By now her whole body was covered by mens greedy hands squeezing her boobs and body. He quickly came and was just as quickly replaced by another cock and he also came quickly into her. She was then pulled up onto her knees and another one started to fuck her from behind and also enjoying slapping her tight bum. She was being groped all over and they also took turns pushing their cocks into her small mouth. They wanted her to swallow bahis şirketleri their spunk but she said no so they came over her face and hair. I don’t think my cock has ever been so hard as they fucked her senseless and covered her in Asian cum.They were talking in their own Asain language and smiling as they were able to finger her bum and even tried to fuck her small bum hole but we agreed she wouldn’t allow this but they came very close to almost getting her to agree on which made it even hornier for me to watch, She allowed 6 men to fuck her and the rest she sucked as many as she could but her pussy was starting to feel sore so then as agreed before, she called time as she was taken to a bathroom dripping in cum and we got a taxi back and talked and she allowed me to play and fuck her as she smelled of sex and Asian men.Of course, they want to meet her again but we have said to each other that we won’t go back to the same places as we like to leave these lucky men with the memory of having such a beautiful young lady. To think she was only 18 when we first met and I was the fist man to fully make love to her and now around 23 men have had the sheer privilege of being able to fuck my beautiful wife.Keep an eye on my profile as we take another break but maybe you might be next!

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