Big Boob Speeder – The Speeding Ticket


Big Boob Speeder – The Speeding TicketI just got the job as sheriff of a small town in North Carolina. The old sheriff retired and moved to Richmond to be near his family. He had worked for more than 50 years in this small town and the town people had gotten use to him. I was new but had been working as a policeman in NY and wanted to get away from the high crime and noise of the big city. The pay was less but the life style in North Carolina was less expensive and it made up in other ways. There is one traffic light on main street that goes out once a month and the crime is near non existent. The town officials ask me to hand out parking violations and speeding tickets when they need money for a new project and I look for out of townees to receive such tickets.I was working at the court house and looking at my one room jail when a large 18wheel delivery truck passed by and the NY plates caught my attention. I followed the truck through town and up Chapel Street to the old Van Buren Estate and the truck finally stopped. I pulled over and watched the delivery guys pull out a big piano and vases and painting and this small older fella was watching to. He was about 70 and had a cane and was about 5ft and skinny. I talked to him and he and his wife moved out of NYC and wanted to come here for some peace and quite. He said his wife was over in Raleigh working on a house deal and she found the Van Buren Estate on line and fell in love with it.It was the Friday on the 3rd of August when I was sitting in my squad car parked behind some trees looking at my new issue of XL magazine when a car swooshed bye and the light on the speed gun registered 75. The speed limit in this part of town was 30 so I started up the car and got in pursuit. The car pulled up Chapel Street before it stopped and I ran the NY plates. It came back clean so I got out and walked up beside the black Cadillac. It was a new car and the dealer tags and new car sent could be smelled as I tapped on the window.The window went down and I flashed by light inside and was stunned by the women driver. She was blonde blue eyes with a business suit the was black with cheetah fringe on the collar and cuffs and her massive boobs were trying to be constrained by a black wire bra. The bra was coming out of her white blouse as the two buttons around her mid waist tried to contain her boobs from coming out. She sat upright and her boobs rested on the steering wheel and it looked like her airbag had already gone off from the side. Her big boobs had to measure 50 HHH. She smiled and said “sheriff is there a problem in a strong southern accent.” She met her husband in Nashville a few years ago when she was trying to be a country singer and he was rich and she moved to NY to be with him. I peeked in again and her skirt rode up slightly as she spoke and her breast heaved up and down when she breathed. Her black hose peeked out her skirt and her right hands played with the stick shift and she dragged her nails over the steering wheel.”Miss you were going 75 in 30 back there,” I said. She said “sheriff there must be a mistake. I just bought the car a month go before my husband and I moved into town and it speeds when you go down hill.” She smiled and her bright pink lips and pink massacre highlighted her face as she spoke. I asked “where did you move to, miss.” She smiled and said “the Van Buren Estate. My husband retired and he wanted to move some where nice and get away from the noise. He said all the people in town were great and we both love living here.” I smiled and said “75 in a 30”. She smiled and said “sheriff you must have a tuzla escort wife and she probably speed once in awhile.” “No wife miss but the towns people are sticklers when it comes to speeding. I need to see your license and registration.”She pulled out her big black leather bag and looked inside and said “I must have left my wallet on the kitchen table before I left this morning. Darn the luck. If I get one more ticket my husband going to kill me maybe you could follow me up the rode and then you can come in a meet my husband.” I said “take it slow I will be right behind you.” Normally a big boob women driver would have just gotten a warning and a smile but she was a huge notch above the women in town and I had to see what they did to the old Van Buren Estate.I followed about a 1/2 mile and then down he service road to there house. She closed the gate as we both parked and I got out first and went up the side and held the door open for her. I placed my hand down and she pulled her self out of the car. She pulled her skirt down and she slammed her car door. She walked in front of me. She had a tiny waist maybe a 26 and her ass was huge. Her ass had to be a size 50 as she strutted up the side walk to her front entrance. She said “I hope my husband didn’t go to bed its 9pm and sometimes his medication makes him sleepy.” She opened the big door to the front of the house and she turned on the entrance lights and we walked in. Her husband got up out of his chair and walked over and said “Honey were you speeding again, how many times do I say slow down?” “Honey the sheriffs been nice he may just give me a warning but I forgot my wallet in the kitchen. Now run upstairs and I will tuck you in for nightie night.” She squeezed his cheek and he smiled and waved his hand goodbye to me and headed up the stairs.I looked around and they had made the old house new again with picture of her singing on stage and her costumes and records on the wall. The whole house had her southern touches of old wooden furniture and country nick nakes everywhere. She smiled and said “sheriff go in the kitchen just down the hall to the left and my wallet should be on the kitchen table and I will be back. She smiled and climbed the stairs and I looked up and followed her ass as she climbed the spiral stair case. Her ass cheeks wobbled and her black leather skirt was just barley containing that ass. I could not see if she was wearing panties because I didn’t want to be caught staring and walked into the kitchen. I found her wallet on the kitchen table and pulled it out. She was 27 and had naturally blond hair and her height was 5ft 6inches and weight was 160 on her license. She wore glasses only for reading and she was an organ doner.I peeked into her fridge when I heard her high heels click on the wooden floor as she was coming down the hall and into the kitchen. She said “sheriff did you find my wallet.” I said “yes.” She walked in and she know had on a bright blue Japanese komto dress that barely came down over her ass and has a small gold fortunate cookie tied on the end of a 2ft string that stretched down to her blue 6 inch heels. She had on a gold ankle bracelet that covered a rose tattoo on her ankle and her finger and toe nails were painted white with blue oriental flowers on them. She had on a big gold diamond toe ring on her right foot and I finally got a look at a large gold white diamond on her wedding finger. Her big cleavage could be seen with the 8 inch circle in the front of her dress. She had on sweet perfume and body glitter and her pink lips were redone and brighter. She smiled and said pendik escort “you found my license. I told you it must have been left here this morning as I was rushing to go to Raleigh and sell another house.” I smiled and said “yes it was right were you said it was.”She reached into the fridge and asked me if I would like a drink. Normally I would say no but I was starting to feel warm and I wanted to stay a few more minutes to watch her. She poured my a tall cold lemonade and said “sheriff it my own creation it has a just a hint of vodka but it goes down great. I laughed and sipped the lemonade and she licked the rim of her glass and a few drops fell onto her hand and she wiped her hand on her mouth and said “yummy don’t you think sheriff. How about I show the house if you have a few minutes.” I nodded my head and she poured us another round and she led me around the house. Her kitchen was huge and her parlor area was huge and the spiral staircase up to the 2nd floor of the house was huge. They had about 5 acres of land behind the house and it was dark with no neighbors near bye.She took me into the living room and I sat on the blue leather couch and she went to her study and brought out a blue sequins rhinestone outfit she wore in Nashville and giggle as I blushed and she said “sheriff it still fit, I still have a great body after 2 years of not performing. I still sing but my new love is selling houses and meeting new people.” I said “it always nice to be in the south near family and friends.” She placed the costume back in her study and asked me to sit near the piano because she wanted to sing for me. “Sheriff just hit that button and the piano will play and you can watch me, I love a good audience especially a handsome sheriff. I said “ok, sing away.”She was a ok singer but trust me know was paying attention to the singing just those big jugs and big ass as she sang. I clapped my hands and she said “sheriff do you sing.” “When I was younger, I sang in the church choir,” I said. She smiled and said “I will be right back I need to check on honey boo and went back upstairs. I had been in the house for 30 minutes and she was causing my dick to get hard. I need to go home a jerk off to ease the pain. About 5 minutes later she cam back and said “he is sleeping like a baby, follow me into the den I have something to show you.” I followed her and put my hand down to cover my bulge and she showed me a old civil war gun on the wall above the fireplace and said “it was General Stone Wall Jackson gun. I got it at a estate auction my husband just loves it. I just love guns, especially big guns with a long barrel. I looked around and there was paintings of old civil war rebels on the wall from Jackson to Lee.”Sheriff I also love a man in uniform and who cares a gun with him,” she said. She placed her drink on the table and ran her fingers over my service gun and down my night stick and said “damn sheriff you have a nice gun. She traced her finger down my chest and tweaked my badge and now was about 2 inches from my side. Her breathing increased and I looked down her dress and her nipples were erect and there was sweat dripping into her big valley of cleavage. She then reached up and cuffed my crotch and said “yes!!! DO you have another big gun your hiding? She got on her knee and her eyes looked up to mine and she bit her pink lips and slowly unzipped my pants and my dick flopped out into her hand. She spit in her hand and started to stroke me. “Wow you have a big dick sheriff. I like them big and hard.” She licked on my head and her lips encase my shaft all the way to aydınlı escort the front of my pants. She gave me a wet blow job for 5 minutes before she stood up and spit out my cock and started to unbutton my top button.I grabbed her hand and spun her around and said “miss I forgot to search you, I need to see if you are hiding anything.” I brought her hands behind her and then I placed my cold steel handcuffs around her wrist and she gasped for air. I walked her over to the nearest wall and placed her face on the wall and said “assume the position perp.” She spread her legs and arched her back as a reached around and fondled her boobs. Her ass wiggled on my dick but her dress was still pulled down and she moaned and rubbed her face on the wall. “I think you may be hiding something under this dress.” I need to give you a full cavity search, this will only take a minute.” I reached up and ripped her dress off her and through it on the ground. She screamed and her butt wiggled as she orgasmed and moaned loudly.I pushed my hand on her back and she hugged the wall and then I rubbed my night stick up and down her ass crack. I took off my belt and revolver and placed them on the ground. I took off the rest of my clothes and now stood behind her naked with a night stick in my right hand. I got on my knees and told her relax her ass as I started to tongue her asshole and I fingered her pussy. I ate her ass for about ten minutes and said “I can’t seem to find anything in this cavity. Maybe your hiding something under your big jugs, bend over and move them back and forth.” I stuck my mouth on her pussy she bent farther over and I pulled hard on her breast and she moaned and had another orgasm. I said “Miss I didn’t find anything in your pussy or under your breast so !!!” I got up and walked her over and placed her on a wooden chair and slid my dick into her mouth. She sucked and slurped on my dick till it got hard and I then took her back to the wall and said “my night stick did not find anything maybe my big hard gun can find something in your ass.”She bit her lip and her head hit the wall and I inserted my dick into her anus. I slowly slipped it in and she screamed and wiggled her ass. I slapped her ass and said “ride the sheriff like you drive your car, Fast bitch, fast!!!” She slammed her head back and turned toward me and said “fuck your dick bigger than your night stick and grunted and started to really slam my dick into her ass. After about 15 minutes I arched back and shot a warm big load into her ass. I pulled out and cum leaked onto the floor and she got on her knees and cleaned off my cock.She scooped up some more sperm and licked off her fingers and I helped her to her feet and said “do you have another room you want to show me?” She grabbed my cock with her hands still handcuffed behind her ass and led to me upstairs to a guest bedroom. She said it was her Japanese room, because she loved Japanese art and always wanted to go there. I smiled and unhandcuffed her and through her on the bed. we fucked the rest of the night and I got out of the house at 6am before her husband awoke. She walked downstairs and her pussy and ass was covered in dry cum and kissed me goodbye.Sunday the sheriff office was closed and I was cleaning up my office when the door to the sheriff office opened and I heard a women voice say “sheriff I just jay walked across the street and almost caused an accident. I am making a citizen arrest and I will need to locked up in your jail.” I said the fine is $10 dollars or one night behind bars.I slid my cock into her pussy from behind as she grabbed a hold of the bars. I wiggled her breast through the bars and sucked on her nipples till she screamed. I fucked her for two days before I took her home and told her husband I caught her speeding again and let her off with another warning.Buckxoox

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