Black Bisexuality in Football


There is much to be said about alcohol, folks. Some say it can make you do things. I guess they’re right. How else could you explain what I’ve done last night? I slept with my best friend! The name is Damon Sparrow, by the way. I’ll be your big and tall, forthrightly bisexual sexy black football stud for the day. Last night, I went to the Red Dawn, this club located near campus, to chill. I had just broken up with my bitchy ex-girlfriend Chelsea Winter and basically, I wanted to get her out of my head. She was way too jealous and insecure, you know? The kind of chick who calls you every five minutes wondering where you are. That’s not caring. It’s scary and borderline psychotic. So I finally dumped her. She got mad as hell and told me I’d be sorry. Truth be told, I am sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t dump her stupid ass sooner. What a bitch!

Anyway, I went to the club with my buddy Frank Martin and we had ourselves a time. Frank is a tall and skinny black guy I’ve known since my days at Brockton Community High School. He’s now a fellow student-athlete at Mandrake College in Boston, Massachusetts. We chill all the time. Hell, once we did more than chill. We actually hooked up. Yeah, Frank and I had sex. We haven’t spoken about it since. It’s been three years. I consider myself bisexual but Frank is desperately trying to hang onto his heterosexuality. I don’t know many straight men who’ve slept with other men while drunk. Maybe I don’t know enough people. Or could it be that Frank is lying to himself?

There are a lot of hot chicks at Mandrake College, and so many of them are freaks who go crazy for sportsmen, yet Frank has yet to get himself a girlfriend. He tends to follow me everywhere. I honestly think the poor bastard is in love with me but can’t admit it to himself. I came to Mandrake College because I wanted to get the hell out of Brockton. I’ve lived in the so-called City of Champions my whole life.

It’s a boring place. Mandrake College seemed like ankara evi olan escortlar the perfect escape. They were offering me a full student-athlete scholarship for football, so I had no complaints. Mandrake College is a small private school with only fourteen thousand students. The school sponsors Men’s varsity Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Rowing, Sailing, Rifle, Gymnastics, Water Polo, Archery, Rodeo, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football, Wrestling and Ice Hockey along with Women’s varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Rifle, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Rowing, Sailing, Swimming, Equestrian, Water Polo, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Tennis and Ice Hockey. They compete in the NCAA Division One.

The football program at Mandrake College sucked big-time but I didn’t care. They had their asses kicked by everyone from Boston College to the University of Maine, UMass-Amherst Connecticut State University. Mandrake College was one of the biggest sports programs in the country, yet it had the least respect. Recently, they began drafting talented black male and black female student-athletes in an effort to save their sports teams from obscurity. They did so notably in football, basketball and volleyball. Unfortunately, it didn’t save them. I didn’t care. and to be honest, I just wanted to play ball and go to class. Frank joined the Mandrake College Men’s Baseball team and he did okay. Just like in high school, he followed me around. Everywhere. I swear I couldn’t fart without the bastard smelling it.

Partly because I wanted to get Frank off my back, I introduced him to this tall, plump, big-booty Spanish chick named Maria Suarez.

I knew Maria was a freak. Most Spanish chicks are. I even peeked on them the first time they hooked up. Maria led a very nervous Frank to her dorm, and sat him on her bed. She undressed before him, and showed him what she was working with. Frank looked at the ankara olgun escortlar tall, voluptuous Spanish beauty and I swear I saw him salivate. When Maria went straight for his dick, he didn’t protest. She took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him off. Yeah, my buddy finally relaxed. And he enjoyed himself.

As for me, I went to get myself a freak to play with. I ended up hooking up with this tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed white chick named Chelsea Winter. I had no idea that she was the daughter of Adam Winter, the infamous Massachusetts State Senator. She was a really spoiled brat but I didn’t pick up on it at first. I was too busy checking out her big ass in those tight pants she wore to class.

I also couldn’t help notice her big tits in those tight shirts she wore. The gal never wore a bra and I later found out she seldom wore underwear. What can I say? I was quite drawn to her. I was horny.

When Chelsea wasn’t talking nonsense, she put her mouth to good use. The white chick gave one of the best blowjobs ever. She loved playing with my nine-inch, uncut black dick and my big hairy balls. I’ve gotten my cock sucked by many women and a few men in my lifetime and she was one of the best. Where in hell did she pick up her oral skills? She laughed when I asked her and told me she went to Catholic school, as if that should explain everything. I shrugged and thrust my cock down her throat. When I came, she drank my seed. Eagerly. Hot damn, now that’s my kind of woman!

Chelsea was down for whatever. I would put her on all fours and have a go with that fat ass of hers. I spread her ass cheeks wide open and pressed my dick against her backdoor. With a swift thrust, I went inside. There is very little difference between a woman’s asshole and a man’s. Many bisexual men who are into anal sex will tell you the same thing. I love fucking Chelsea in the ass. I thrust my dick deep into her ass, like I’d seen those black male porn ankara sarışın escortlar stars do to these blonde women in so many porn videos. I grabbed her long blonde hair and yanked her head back while fucking her in the ass.

She yelped in surprise. I laughed and smacked her ass. Now that’s more like it! I drilled my cock into her backdoor, plowing deep into her. We went at it until I came, flooding her ass with my seed. Chelsea’s squeals filled the dorm. She is a fun fuck. Too bad she was a control freak. I had to dump her.

So, yeah, Frank and I went to the club and we both struck out with the ladies. I don’t know what happened. I’m usually in top form. Most bitches can’t resist me. I think I was quite drunk, too. Frank ended up driving me back home and putting me to bed. I woke up feeling funny. Frank was kneeling before me, sucking my cock like it was pumping life into his mouth. I gasped in surprise. He winked at me and continued what he was doing. Well, I guess the guy finally showed some initiative. I didn’t mind. That’s one hell of a way to get over a lousy night.

Frank sucked my cock and licked my balls like fellatio was going out of style. When I came, he drank my seed. I told him I wanted his ass. He got on all fours and spread his cheeks. I got behind him and shoved my dick up his ass. Frank’s ass felt tighter than I remembered.

I grabbed his hips and plunged my cock into his ass. Hard and fast, I pumped my cock into his butt hole. Frank screamed as I tore into his ass. I laughed and smacked his ass. I knew he craved me inside him. I was going to fuck his ass until he begged for mercy. And that’s exactly what I did. I fucked him until his screams filled the dorm. Then I came, flooding his ass with my manly seed.

That’s going to hurt in the morning.

When the next day came, Frank was gone. The next time I saw him was in class. He didn’t say anything and neither did I. There was nothing to say. It was just a late night fuck session. No big deal. We’re both sexually adventurous young black men. We can handle it. We’re cool. Just between you and me, I’m going to want his ass again tonight. His ass is tighter than Chelsea’s had been. And he definitely screams louder than she did. It’s going to be fun!

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