Black Mistress


Black MistressTwo weeks after graduation Jean Rogers packed her bagsand headed for Detroit and a job with General Motors. Arelative who works there had put her name in for an entrancelevel position as a file clerk. Needless to say it was a verynervous little girl who showed up at 7:30 AM that first day.Jean was a average 18-year-old white female. She hadbeen born and raised in a mostly white middle class suburb andwas naive of the various life styles to be found in the big city.Her teen years had been pretty much as you would haveexpected. She was active in various plays and clubs at school.She dated several boys but never formed anything like a loverelationship with any of them. They were all right to datebecause they took her to the dances and parties that all of herfriends were attending.Her sexual experience was limited to the usual kissingand petting and on one occasion, during a sleep over withseveral other girls, witnessing a brief oral sex encounterbetween two of her teen aged friends. There was a truth or daregame going on and one girl was made to kiss the exposedvagina of another girl. It was very racy stuff for animpressionable f******n-year-old. All the other girls said thingslike “UGH”, “GOSH”, or “OH MY GOD” but to Jean it lookedalmost beautiful. For some reason that she could not explainshe wished it had been her that lost the dare. Seeing the winnerpull the crotch of her panties to one side and thrust her tenderyoung crack up to be kissed sent a thrill through Jean that shecarried with her for a long time.Her only other exposure to sex was the discovery of a”dirty book” hidden away in her father’s underwear drawer. Itwas 5×8 paperback containing a story of a young girl’sintroduction to prostitution in a Paris brothel. The text wasvery arousing and the black and white pictures were shockingto say the least.Jean read and re-read every word and stared at thepictures in awe. The men’s penises were huge to her eyes andthe women were all so beautiful. In one part of the story thegirl was made to go down on the house’s madam as part of hertraining. Jean loved to reading about how the older womanpushed the little girl’s face between her legs and mashed hersmelly old cunt into her face. Telling her what a sweet thingshe was and how good a little cunt sucker she would become.All the while rubbing her self on the trembling girl’s mouth andtongue. Jean had been masturbating for about a year prior tofinding this material. After that time, masturbation became atleast a twice-daily activity.When she started work at the Detroit plant things wentwell the first few weeks. Jean was able to fit in with her fellowemployees in no time. She didn’t socialize much outside ofwork because of her limited finances, plus the fact that shereally wasn’t into the things she heard them talking about. Potsmoking gaziantep escort bayan and free sex weren’t things she knew much about.About six weeks into her employment Jean wastransferred to a new department headed by a very strikinglooking black woman of 45 to 50 years. When she wasinterviewed about the job she couldn’t help but admit to herselfthat she was attracted to her new boss. The woman wasn’tbeautiful in the ordinary sense of the word. Her figure wassomewhat on the plump side. Still, she carried herself in amanner that said in no uncertain terms, “I am in charge and youare not”. Jean loved that and respected the power shedemonstrated.The longer she worked for Mss. Andrews the more thefeeling of attraction grew. Jean tried to shake it off but it wasthere and she knew it. She went out of her way to be close toher and, whenever possible, to be alone with her. Finally oneday Mss. Andrews called her to her office closed the door andconfronted Jean.”I’ve been watching you girl and I know you have beenflirting with me! Do you have any idea what you are gettinginto by coming on to me? I’m not only a dyke. I am aDominatrix Mistress. I enjoy doing things to little girls like youthat most women would find disgusting.”Jean was so surprised she was speechless for a moment.Before she could answer her, Mss. Andrews bent over andkissed her full on the lips. Jean’s head was spinning. The kisshad sent a thrill through her body and she wanted more.”What should I do Mss. Andrews?”Her boss replied, “If you will be at my apartment atabout nine this evening. I suggest you drop in and we can talksome more. Not a word about this to anyone or you will befired so fast you won’t know what happened.”The hours from that moment until nine that night draggedby. Jean had never known such a feeling of excitement. Shewas about to “COME OUT” as the saying goes and admit to herself and the world that she was gay.She was unsure what to wear and settled on a casual skirtand blouse. Her undergarments were some of her best. A half-slip, wire cup bra and high thigh panties. She did and re-did herhair and make-up before boarding a bus to the area of Mss.Andrews’ apartment. Several times she thought of backing outand rushing home. She even stood at the woman’s door forseveral minutes before she pressed the doorbell.Mss. Andrews was dressed in a full-length dressinggown. She greeted the frightened girl and led her inside to asitting room.”I am so happy you decided to come by my dear”, saidthe older woman. “I’ve had my eye on you for sometime andwas hoping to get to know you better. Now come over here andkiss me.”Jean was trembling as she approached Mss. Andrews.She pursed her lips and placed them against Mss. Andrew’smuch larger pair. The way Mss. Andrews tongue instinctivelyshot out and slipped between Jean’s lips was like she was tryingto swab the inside of the girl’s mouth. The poor girl couldn’tbelieve she was doing this to her. She wasn’t a racist in anyway but to be surrendering to a black woman was somethingthat had never before entered her thoughts.Mss. Andrews’ kiss became more and more demandingand her hand began kneading and rubbing the girl’s flesh. Herhand went up under the blouse and Jean’s bra was suddenlyfalling away from her breasts. One button and a zip and theskirt followed suit as did the five-button blouse. With their lipsstill locked together they jointly eased the slip and panties fromher hips and she stood naked in front of her first lover/mistress.Mss. Andrews, “My but your flesh is like Carrara marblec***d. I like that a lot.”With that she opened her gown and exposed her ownnakedness to the awe struck girl. How beautiful she appearedto Jean. Her skin was the color of dark coffee. Her breasts, fulland slightly sagging. Her areolas were big and round. Theywere an even darker in color than her skin. Her pubic moundwas covered with a thick mat of tightly meshed coal black hair.Jean, “Oh Mss. Andrews tell me what I should do?””Well c***d, first of all, when we are together like thisyou will refer to me as Mistress or Ma’am. Do youunderstand?””Yes”-said Jean.SLAP right across her face, came the open hand of Mss.Andrews. “Didn’t you hear me bitch? I said its Mistress orMa’am””I’m sorry Ma’am” replied a sobbing Jean. “It won’thappen again Ma’am.”The dressing gown hit the floor and the naked Nubiantook the girl by the arm and forced her to her knees. Standingover her, legs spread wide enough to give her new student aclear view of all of her treasures, she said, “What were youdreaming of doing with me all those times I caught yourstaring. I’ll bet you have never even licked a pussy before haveyou?””No Mistress I haven’t. I don’t deserve your attention.Please forgive Me.” was all Jean could say.”Shut up you pathetic little cunt and lick my bodystarting at my feet.”As Jean began licking between her Mistresses toes, thewoman picked up a cane and touched it to girl’s buttocks. Thecane went tap.tap.tap.WHACK, right on the left cheek.Jean screamed in pain and started to pull away.Mss. Andrews, “Get back there you filthy little cunt orI’ll beat you until your ass bleeds.”With tears running down her face she began kissing andsuck once more. Trying to over look the flaming streak thatnow blazed on her bottom. WHACK.WHACK.WHACK,came three more blows. The girl reached out and wrapped herarms around her mistress’s legs for support. “Please, please,Oh my God, Mistress please, no more.””Come with me, I will help put the fire out.” Said Mss.Andrews as she led the girl to a large plastic sheet spread overthe floor. “Get down your hands and knees and lift your asshoney.”Jean willingly complied and elevated her hot red bottom.Her mistress straddled her buttocks and let go a stream ofstrong smelling pee that splash against those burning stripes.Blessed relief. “Turn quickly little one and drink” was theorder and Jean did just that. The last of the woman’s urine fellinto the open mouth of this inexperienced girl before sheswallowed.”You have done well. You may lick my slit dry now ifyou wish.”Jean needed no other invitation and she pressed hermouth to the wet crack hidden deep in the mat of wooly hair.With a snake like tongue she drilled deep into the dark hole andfelt her mistress twitch as she found her clit. It was a veryspecial moment. She now understood what her place was inthis relationship and she loved it. She captured the woman’sclit in her mouth and sucked it like a miniature prick. HerMistress squealed in delight and pusher her over backward andsquatted over her face. “Suck you dirty little cunt, suck mytwat and eat my clit!” She grabbed the girl by the hair and rodeher mouth like a man rides his mate. “Yaaaaaaho” shescreamed “suck it, lick it, eat it, oh yes, yes, oh my god I’mgoing to pop’ “aaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”The spent Ma’am fell to one side and breathed heavily.Sweat pored from her body causing her skin to take on a brightsheen. Jean clung to her. Kissing her. Taking one of her largebags to her mouth. Suckling like a baby. Kneading the fleshytit. Squeezing it and flicking her tongue over the nipple.”Clean me bitch” was the next order and Jean went towork licking away the effects of the strenuous activity. Hertongue lapped away the sweat the covered the bulging bellybefore working its way down to between those thick blackthighs. The smell at and around that pussy was strong butnothing compared to what she discovered when she reached thewoman’s anus. As with many heavy people it is difficult toclean that area completely and Mss. Andrews was no exception.Jean had never dreamed of doing anything so debasing astonguing another human’s asshole but here she was and shewanted to continue. Spreading the cheeks wide her tongueflicked out and touched the puckered hole at which time herlover/mistress jerked and moaned. Jean pressed forward andopened her mouth wide. She covered the hole completely andbegan sucking and licking. She made love to the woman’snether hole as though it was her cunt. She pushed hard to causethe sphincter to yield so that her tongue could enter into thewoman’s bowel. There was no thought about what she wasdoing other than pleasing her mistress. Whatever dried shit orother matter she found in and around that hole she gladly tookinto her body and she made every effort to please this womanwho she now felt bound to.When Jean was finally home in her own bed she had timeto recall what this day had meant to her. She had found herplace in life and was anxious to dedicate herself to the pleasureof her delightful black Mistress.

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