Bob the gay tentacle monster 1


Bob the gay tentacle monster 1“Hey Diesel, do you and your gal have plans for the weekend?” Bob asked with his deep low voice. I shook my head no. “Nope, she had to go out of town for some training. Why do you ask?”Bob sighed. “I have tickets to a concert but my blind date canceled. I don’t want them going to waste.”“I’ll go to it with you, been trying to think of a reason to get out of the house anyways.” I said and smiled when Bob’s face lit up with his own toothy smile. “Right on, it’s at seven tomorrow. Want to go get some wings before hand?” Bob asked as we headed to the time clock to punch out for the weekend.“Sounds good to me, see you tomorrow.” I said heading off to my truck and head for home. Bob is a friend of mine from work, he is a truck mechanic and I am a driver. He is a damn good mechanic too, and a stand out guy. Never minds working a little later and is always willing to lend a hand or five… Well he has two arms with normal hands. Which makes his job easy since he never needs to ask for a second pair of hands to help him. I feel bad for him on days like this, it’s hard to find a date when you are a tentacle monster. Even given some of the other odd anthromorphs running around town. Like I said, Bob is a good guy, sure he might have steak knives for teeth and large eyes. But really you couldn’t ask for a better friend. Not sure how tall he really is, but usually it seems he is a good six foot four inches. His skin is a bit rough and rusty orange in color. He has a partial skeleton, at least from the little I have gotten out of him about it.Bob has an octopus shaped head, with some human features; nose, mouth and ears. So he has a skull and neck, he also has two arms and a rib cage. It’s from the rib cage down he is undeniably a tentacle monster. Personally the only real frightening thing about him are his teeth so a friendly smile can turn to a rather evil looking one quickly. Thankfully he knows this and only shows them when he is either being an ass or is generally not in a good mood. Apparently even online dating does little to help some people find a date. I think this is the second one this month that cancelled after finding out he had tentacles. It did just dawn on me that I do not have the slightest clue who was the headlining act. Oh well it will be nice to get out of the house and Bob is a fun guy to hang out with. Saturday morning rolls around and I roll out of bed around ten. Only thing I have to do is mow the yard, then I can work on some little projects before Bob shows up later in the day. Bob shows up a little after five, he drives an import which he has spent a fair amount of money on tuning up. It’s something I usually tease him about since he works on trucks all day in farm and ranch country. It always gets a shrug and a chuckle out of him.After locking up the house we head out to a local bar and grill. Nothin fancy but they have awesome food and sell mostly micro brews. I am not a big drinker, but the foods good and the staff are nice which in my book goes tunceli escort a long way. Actually we come here enough they know our names and we don’t have to look at the menu. Drinks and wings are ordered and we watch some sports and news. Usually work comes up, Bob wonders how one guy still has a job with the amount of shit he breaks. I always wonder why dispatch thinks an eighty thousand pound truck can travel as fast as a sports car. It is the usual Saturday night crowd, only a couple of assholes bother anyone.“I never asked, who are we going to see?” I ask as the waitress brings us our food. Which brings out the only other thing about Bob that makes me a little uncomfortable, he eats the whole wing including the bones.He chuckles as I shiver from him chewing up bone. “A local rock band, seen them at another venue when they were an opening act.”“I think the local station has one of the singles in rotation.” I said and admired the waitress’ cute little ass.“They do.” Bob said and sipped on his IPA. I follow his gaze as he grumbles about something quietly. He is a bit self critical of his looks and dislikes people pointing at him. “Ah don’t pay any attention to them. They are just jealous that you are hanging out with a handsome guy like me.”“You do realize you are almost as strange as I am Mister big horn sheep gorilla mutt.” Bob chuckles. “The world is a funny place. Maybe they are sad because they are not with you. Ever think of it that way?” I ask and almost swipe the last wing. Except Bob manages to catch my wrist with a tentacle and slowly reaches out and takes the last one. “Nice try on both counts. Though your reflexes need to be a little bit faster.” Bob says and tosses the whole wing in his mouth. “I know you had a rough week, so I figure anything I can do to cheer you up.” I said.Bob smiles. “I know, I appreciate it. If only the other drivers could top off their own engine oil and coolant.”“This is the first decent truck I have had, I want to keep it that way.” I pull out my wallet after the waitress drops off the check.Bob holds up a hand as he pulls his wallet out. “I got this, leave a couple bucks for tip.”“Alright.” I say and pull out four singles. With dinner paid for we jump back in the car and head to the venue. It’s not a huge place, actually it’s a really old theater. I have been a couple times, it’s usually crowded but the acoustics are decent. The line moves pretty quick and we take some seats off to one of the sides. There are two local bands playing and they put on a hell of a show. Even got the chance to see some boobs from girls flashing the bands. All and all a pretty good way to spend a Saturday. I figured he would want to head home after the show but he asked to see how one of my custom radio controlled truck projects was coming along. With a stop at the fridge for a couple of drinks we headed down to the basement.“With as much driving as you do during the week, I am surprised you buy toy trucks to drive at home” Bob said uşak escort with a deep laugh. “True, but I can’t jump the trucks at work.” I said while he looked over one of them.Bob laughed. “Well you could, but you would get fired and I would have to kick your ass.”“Oh well. They put on a pretty good show. I feel bad that you got stood up again, but glad I could go with you at least.” I said and leaned against my workbench.“You would think I would be used to it by now. I blame porn and feral monsters, give the rest of us a bad name.” Bob said and set the truck he was looking at down.“People are funny. However I will say Alyssa was more nervous about your big sharp teeth than the tentacle monster **** everyone thing.” I said with a smile, which only made Bob smile.“She is a mouse after all, they tend to be skittish around anything with teeth.” Bob said and his smile grew a little wider. “Speaking of your little mouse.”“Oh what about her?” I asked.“We had a rather long talk one of the nights you were out of town. She mentioned you are a little curious about it.” Bob said and chuckled.About the time I figured out what ‘it’ was, Bob had reached out with a pair of his tentacles and pulled me closer. Truth be told I was, but didn’t want to ask or really know how to ask. He was looking for a serious relationship and I thought it would be weird to just ask if he would fuck me.“Well you see, I… how do I put it? I thought it might make you uncomfortable to just ask you know?” I managed to stammer out.Bob seemed to give it some thought . “Fair enough, since you are curious and I haven’t had any for some time what do you say we do it?”I was a little nervous however I was really aroused at this point and a bit light headed. I managed to nod yes as one of his many appendages caressed my cheek. Bob smiled a little and while I felt something undoing my belt the tentacle that was rubbing my cheek rubbed across my lips. As soon as I barely opened my mouth it pushed inside, it was already leaking a bitter sweet liquid that I couldn’t get enough of.I was stripped rather quickly and Bob had shed his shirt and Kilt. Which is when I discovered he had several more tentacles than I had thought. Raising himself up to stand taller, Bob also reached out and picked me up. One tentacle holding each of my arms and legs and one wrapping around my waist before slowly snaking back up to my mouth.While a bit embarrassing I eagerly let it back in my mouth. Also embarrassing was my raging hard on from so far very little effort on his part. “Alyssa certainly was not lying about this part of you.” Bob chuckled as one of his small tentacles wrapped around it and began to slowly stroke it.This was the first time I have ever been leered at in such a manor. I tried to bring my legs together but considering the strength difference that wasn’t going to happen. “I will admit it is a bit more, thrilling if you do struggle a bit. But don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” Bob said with that low voice of his.Another yalova escort small tentacle joined the first stroking my cock and I felt a very thick slimy one drag along my ass. I tensed up a little as the slime made my fur and ass slick. As if sensing my apprehension a couple of thin tentacles teased lightly at my tail hole; along with the one in my mouth spurting more of the odd fluid. I moaned as the slimy thick one pushed inside of me. As Bob’s thick member pushed deeper I moaned a little louder as the bumps of his slimy cool tentacle teased me. My eyes grew rather wide as more and more of it pushed into me. Eventually it stopped and Bob pulled it back out, just as slowly as he pushed it in. The slow and long strokes continued, I won’t lie it felt fucking awesome. I did start to protest as I felt another one between my ass cheeks. Double penetration was not high up on my list of things to try.Bob leaned close. “You were curious, so who am I to begrudge a good friend of the full experience? You just relax and let me take care of everything.”Admittedly I was not in a position to offer any argument. Plus as I felt the tip of the next tentacle rub against my hole, Bob really was treating me very well. The second phallic appendage slowly pushed its slimy way inside of me. I have never taken this much before and while not painful, it was a bit odd and uncomfortable for a little bit. At first they worked in unison, before one went in as the other came out.I mumbled a ‘holy fuck’ since I was still sucking on the one in my mouth. Never would I have imagined how great having two cocks inside me would feel. As I was losing myself in that wonderful, fullness; a rather odd looking tentacle opened up and plunged downwards forcing my cock inside of it. It was like getting a hand job and a blow job at the same time. “That didn’t take long.” Bob chuckled as that tentacle continued to suck on my cock as I kept cumming. In my defense at this point it was sensory overload and he had been stroking it for a long time now. I felt the two cocks in my ass bulge as Bob unloaded his cum inside of me. It was a very filling amount, though he did say it had been a while.As I was riding on my first double penetration tentacle monster high, I instantly came nearly crashing down as a very familiar pair of hands grabbed a hold of my horns. They tilted my head back and I was looking up into Alyssa’s smiling face.“Seeing you like this is a lot hotter than it sounded. Bob really has you stuffed good.” She said before placing a kiss on the top of my snout. “He must be a bit of a voyeur too, since he just came again.” Bob said and winked at me.Alyssa’s smile grew. “I guess we should have recorded it. Oh well. Are you feeling a little better Bob?”“Much better, you really are a devious little mouse.” Bob chuckled.We all paused as a thick blob of cum landed with an audible splat on the floor. “Don’t worry about the carpet, it will clean.” Alyssa giggled and patted me on the head.“You be a good boy and stay put while I get my camera to at least get a couple of pics of those two tentacles deep in your ass.” Alyssa said and scampered off.I managed to give Bob a bit of a dirty look.“Come now, this was her idea and you were curious.” Bob said and pushed all three of his tentacles deeper causing me to moan again.

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