Bra Heaven #1


Bra Heaven #1So this is one of many bra experiences I’ve had over the years. One of my favorites in particular. Katie is a blond, about 5’5″ skinny and small perfect tits. I would always jump at the chance when she would wear a tank top and i could see her sexy white push up bra thru the tank top. My history with her bras and panties is pretty extensive.The first experience I had with her underwear was at a friends cabin. I had already seen the white lace push up bra thru her shirt, and was hoping I would get a chance to see it again while she wasn’t wearing it. everyone was down by the water, and I went back up to the cabin to grab another beer. I b-lined it straight for her suitcase. Right on top was the beautiful white lace push-up bra that I had been fantasising about.i took canlı bahis it out and held it up. 32 B was the size. I took out my erect penis and gently grazed the lace cup over the head of my cock. As i gently rubbed her bra all over my member it was too much to handle and came came so hard all over the bra. I wiped it off and put it back in her bag.Another time I was living out of town and she was dating my friend. When they went out for the day I decided to have a little fun. I found a little pink la senza g-string and immediately took it and added it to my collection. I then took a little black la senza g-string from her bag and pulled it up my legs, it felt so good having the string ride up tight on my ass. I took out a black la senza push up bra and put it on. i then bahis siteleri masturbated thinking about her amazing body until i came so hard.She had a birthday party at her house once, and I had already figured out long ago where her bedroom was, it was upstairs. There was about 30 people at this party so I had to be quick. i went upstairs to use the bathroom and got so horny and aroused when I stood at the door to her room. it was dark and the only light going in was coming from the hallway. on the floor i immediately saw two beautiful bras. A grey lace la senza push up bra, and a red lace la senza push up bra. i quickly grabbed the grey one and stuffed it down my pants. I look around her room for the other treasures… i then found the drawer. To this day when I masturbate güvenilir bahis I still think about that golden moment when I had the opportunity to look in her bra drawer. It was amazing. my penis felt sooo good looking at all the cups and lace.. i took a lime green push up bra, a purple lace push up bra, a solid white push up bra, and of course the grey one i found on the ground. i al so took a tight little white lace g-string. I went home after that and laid on my bed, and took the bras out of my pants and got completely naked. i put on her little white g-string and laid on the bed, with my erect penis out of the side of the panties. i took the grey lace push up bra and graced my penis with the cup. it felt amaazing. i slowly ran the other bras all over my body, and ended up actually putting on the white push up bra. i then put the head of my penis in the lace of the cup and slowly massaged my head until i filled her lace bra with my cum. there is cum dripping out of my dick as i write this story.

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