business trip surprise


business trip surpriseI hate being away from you so much but here I am again 1500 miles away in a hotel room wanting to feel your touch. On top of that I have called three times and still no answer from you. I am getting worried but I have to rush to get to the last minute meeting. Panic almost consumes me in the elevator ride down to the restaurant. Dinner meetings are not my thing. I am to nervous to eat usually. I am sitting at the table and my last minute “would be” client is 20 minutes late. Finally a note is brought to me with apologizes that the meeting must be cancelled. Damn last minute urgency to abrupt cancel. I decide I will order a drink at the bar before heading back to the room for a long soak in the tub. I try again to reach you and no answer I finish my drink and head back to the room. When I open the door I am shocked to find a service cart with dinner on it. I go to the phone to call the front desk and let them know there has been a mistake and someone is missing their dinner. As the phone starts to ring I realize that I have that feeling that someone is behind me. As I am about to turn I feel the touch as someone reached around me to hang up the phone. As I try to turn and use the phone as a weapon I hear you speak and I am so relieved and shocked at the same time. I give you a big hug then take a step back to scold you for worrying me and then scarring me half to death. While I am on my rant you push me against the table and kiss me to hush my mouth. I give up and let your tongue invade my mouth and wrap my arms around you. You lift me up on the table and I wrap my legs around you as you continue your assault down my neck and I moan in acceptance. You pull back to look at me and I am breathless. With a ragged breath I ask why you are here and why didn’t you tell me you were coming? You respond and say that you knew I missed you and that we have not had any vacation time in awhile. So, you decided you would surprise me to have some much needed quality time together. As I start to speak again your mouth is back on mine and you push your tongue through my parted lips. I slide my hands up under your shirt and rub my hands over your chest and down again running my nails over your sides and across your stomach. You pause to catch your breath, I laugh and tug on the buckle on your belt. I go for the button on your jeans and you stop me “As much as I want you right now we should eat. You are going to need your strength.” I smile sheepishly at you “What ever do you mean? I plan on eating and taking a long hot bath, then straight to sleep” With a wolfish grin of your own “Oh I can promise you that you will be in bed not so sure I can promise you any sleep.” I smile and lick my lips as you pour my wine. When we are done eating you come around to me and reach out your hand, I take it immediately and you pull me up to you locking your lips on on mine. I open my mouth and let your tongue invade my mouth. Your arms wrap around my waist and pull me in closer as you move your hands down to squeeze my ass. I wrap my arms around you to hold you tighter as I grasp your hair in one hand and press the nails of my other hand into your back. Your hands move around to my hips and you push me away enough that you can reach my breasts and give them a good squeeze. Hands moving up to my neck you loosen the scarf that I am wearing and place it in your pocket with a smirk on your lips. I stare back in amazement at what you must be thinking. You pull me in again and I raise my mouth up to meet yours and I am surprised when you bite my lower lip and tug on it gently. Then lost in our kiss again I reach down and catch the hem of your shirt and pull it up and over your head. Once it is gone I watch your face as I rub my hands all over your chest. I go for the button on your jeans again and you grab my wrists and stop me. You kiss my nose to try and take the sting out of your denial. I give you my best “Please I want to touch you now look.” but you don’t budge. Kissing me again you start to make your way across my jaw and to my ear whispering that you are “here to please me.” Staring into my eyes so you you watch my anticipation you slowly undo the buttons of my blouse. As you push it off of my shoulders and down ataşehir escort my arms you are back at my ear and kissing and then a tug on my ear lobe. Then swiftly down my neck to my shoulders while sliding the straps of my bra out of your way. As your mouth reaches my breasts your hands find the hooks and you remove my bra and let it fall to the floor. Kissing each my breasts tenderly I moan out in acceptance and you gently begin to suck. First on my right nipple then my left. Sucking becomes nibbling as I wrap my fingers in your hair. “Suck hard baby.” You oblige me with a fierce grip and I moan in acceptance, “That’s it.” You stop and I look at you bewildered. You ask me to turn around and close my eyes. I protest but you give me that smile that I can’t resist and say “you said you trust me.” I turn around and I feel you against my back whispering in my ear to “relax and close your eyes.” I can feel the silk on my face and it clicks that it is my scarf. You guide me across the floor and tell me to sit. You help me so that I don’t fall and then I hear you remove the lid from one of the trays. “Open your mouth.” I hesitate and you simply say “Please trust me.” I open and you place something on my lips and tell me to bite. I taste and realize it is a strawberry, sweet and juicy. You offer me another bite and this time it is has cream on it. You lick the cream that is on my lip and I can’t help but kiss you. Pulling away from me I pout and I feel something against my lips, “Open”. I do as I am told and enjoy the taste of pineapple and the juice runs down my chin. Then i feel something against my bare breasts. You kiss me and lick the juice from my face moving down to my breasts. You begin to suck again I reach for your head and you take my wrists again and hold my arms at my side. I can’t see you, you won’t let me touch you the suspense is getting to me. You tell me to grasp the sides of the chair and to not let go. You place your hands on my knees and I can feel you as you kneel in front of me. You slide your hands up my thighs pushing my skirt up. You unhook the clips on my garter belt and tell me to “Lift”. As I do you slide my panties down and remove them. You take the time to hook the clips back to my hose. Pushing my legs open with your hands and tell me to move to the edge of the chair. I do so and you begin by kissing the inside of my knee moving up my thigh. As you reach my coveted area you simply hover there so I can feel your breath. It feels like you are so very close and I long for you to kiss me, lick me, something, anything but you don’t. Starting at my other knee you do it again. I try to move towards you this time encouraging you to touch me but you don’t. You move away from me and then back. “Open” and you place another strawberry in my mouth and I take a bite. As I chew you slide the other half from my lips down my chin, between my breasts. Further down and then you are rubbing it all over my clit and I know this is it. You are going to please me with your tongue. I feel the strawberry on my lips again and you tell me to take it. I do and as I chew I feel you on the inside of my thighs again and then you take my breath by kissing me there. You lick gently at first around and around in circles with just the tip of your tongue. I feel your finger as you start to play with my opening. “My how ready you are” you say as you slip a finger inside me. I let out a low moan as you continue to lick and push your finger in and out of me. I move my hips in motion with your hand and I feel you slip another finger in. You gently suck my little nub moving your fingers in and out.I hook my legs around the legs of the chair to brace myself. You start to flex your fingers deep and you hit a spot that sends me an unexpected wave of pleasure and it takes my breath. You ask me if I am OK and all I can do is nod my head in response. You continue hard and fast against the spot until I explode in release. Your hands slow and I finally manage two words, “Please, again.” This time you use only your fingers and I can only assume that that you are enjoying watching my face as my pleasure is building again. I am so close and at once you stop touching me. I kartal escort am bewildered at your actions. You unwrap my feet from around the chair and take my hands asking me to stand. I can only guess that we are headed to the bed. We stop and I feel your body shift and I realize you must have sit down. You Pull me close and wrap your arms around me to my zipper. In one motion you slide the zipper down and my skirt on the floor.I am standing before you in nothing but my garter, stockings and heels. You assist me to sit astride your lap and pull me in close wrapping your arms around me as your tongue invades my mouth again. I gladly accept your intrusion and relax on your lap. When I do I find that you too are more than ready for me. The feel of your hard on pressing through the denim and giving me a rub in just the right place. My breathing catches and I push into you more. My hands are in your hair as your mouth moves down my body to my breasts. In one motion you have me flipped on my back and are on top of me. I wrap my legs around you to try and keep you close and pressed into my body. You resist me and reach around to unhook my legs. “Relax, anticipation is half of the fun.” I do and you continue further south. Small circles on my erect clit send waves of excitement over me again. So very close yet you stop again and I feel you move off of the bed. I can hear your zipper and assume you must be removing your pants but then it sounds like you are walking away from me. I hear another zipper and wonder what you are doing and then I feel you back on the bed. “You still OK?” “Hmmm” is the best I can manage my mind is so clouded with the intense feeling of being so close to pleasure a few moments ago. You are lying beside me and I feel something soft move over my face then down my breasts. After a moment I realize it is feels like feathers. “How does that feel?” With a hitch in my voice “Soft, delicate,well amazing actually.” I have goosebumps all over my body. Before you are done you have covered almost every inch of my body. You lift my ankle and undo the tie on my shoe and I hear it hit the floor as you reach for my other ankle. Stating where you left off with the feathers you kiss your way across my body not missing a spot. My goosebumps have goosebumps. I can feel your throbbing erection on my leg and you feel hot against my skin. I am so ready to feel you inside me as you press your knee between my legs I gladly open wider. You press against my pelvic area and I wrap my arms around you to pull you in closer. You raise up to kneel between my legs and begin to rub your penis on my clit and I have to catch my breath again. Raising my hips towards you begging for you to enter me. You lower yourself and rub the tip in my wetness and move back to rubbing my clit. “Please, I need you inside me.” You slowly enter but only enough to say that you are in. Gently you push in and out and I wrap my legs around you to try and pull you in closer.You oblige and push all the way in to the hilt and pause. Chills take me over and I shudder at how good it feels. You begin a gentle assault thrusting in and out, “Please I need you harder.” You give me more but it is still not enough, “More please. Make me come undone for you, harder.” You pull out and order me to turn over. I quickly roll over and to my knees. I am smiling from ear to ear I am so ready for you to take me fast and hard. You rub your hands over my ass then give me a good swat and I let out an “OW”. You place a hand on the center of my back and guide in with your other hand. and thrust all the way in as I try and push back on you. You nudge my legs wider open and then grab my hips and pull back and quickly thrust back in as you use my hips to pull me towards you. I almost choke it feels so good. You start slowly thrusting in and out and build some each time. “Baby you feel so good.” “HMMM” is the best I can muster for a response. Your speed picks up and you are slamming so hard into me that I can feel your balls hitting my clit. I reach my arms out and grab handfuls of the sheet to hold on. All at once I feel a hard smack on my ass and I let out a loud moan of pleasure. My mind is spinning and I can feel pendik escort the release building deep in me. I manage to tell you that I am very close and I feel another smack on my other cheek. I try to move with you and you smack me again. That is all it takes and I scream “Oh Sam I am coming” I didn’t think it was possible but it feels as though you speed up your thrusting and I feel you tighten as you let out “Me to baby” and we let go together. I can’t hold my body up any longer and I fall forward and you move with me laying on my back. We are both so out of breath we just lie in this position for awhile. Finally you roll to the side and I move over to rest my head on your chest. “Thank you that was wonderful.” You kiss my forehead and say “Not bad for round one.” and you remove the scarf from my eyes. You move to stand up and get us a drink. Handing me a glass of wine you order me over to the side of the bed and you reach down and unhook my garter straps again and roll me hose down my leg and off my foot then the same on the other leg. You take my hands and order me to stand. I do as I am told and you take hold of the garter and slide it off. Taking my hand again you say “Come we need to do a better job of washing the sticky off of you.” and you lead me to the bathroom. In the shower you have me wet my hair as you take my shampoo and work it between your hands. “Turn around.” and you massage my hair into a lather. Then down my back and over my ass giving me a good squeeze and then another smack. “Turn” and you was my breasts and I notice that you are getting hard again. After you have given my upper body a good washing I lean back and rinse the soap from my hair. I smile and announce “Your turn” I wash your hair and then move my hands over your back. when I reach your ass I give you a good squeeze allowing my nails to graze you and I feel you ass tighten. I order you to turn and I rub your chest and move you back so that you can rinse your hair. As you are doing so I move my soapy hand to your growing hard on and give you a good squeeze. Massaging you up and down and when I feel that you have been properly washed I tell you to rinse. When you turn back toward me I take you in my arms and lean up to kiss you. When you press your tongue into my mouth I take it and give it a good suck and then alternate between kissing and sucking your tongue. I pull back enough so that I can bite your lip and then move down your chin across your jaw and down your neck. As I make my way down your chest I stop first at your left nipple and bite gently. As I move across to your other peck my hands travel down to your erection and I find that I have helped you grow more. I continue to massage you as I kneel in front of you and take the tip in my mouth continuing to massage closer at the base with my hand. I want to take my time and enjoy you. Feeling every inch of you as you become harder in my mouth. Slowly licking the rim and then up through the center so I can taste any pre-cum that might have been released. Then gently sucking you into my mouth. Maybe two inches to start, rolling my tongue over the tip. Sucking hard as I pull you out of my mouth then taking you back in and going deeper this time. In and out to the same spot really get you into it then taking more of you in until now I have almost all of you in my mouth as I am sucking you in and out of my mouth. The feeling is so good and just when you think it can’t feel any better I will slide you in to the hilt down my throat until you feel that slight squeeze as I gag on your head. I feel every muscle in your body tense as you gasp for air. I am very pleased with myself and my motions build as I am twisting my mouth with a circular motion around your now throbbing cock. Again I will take you to the base and down my throat and hold there for a moment giving a slight bob to the pause. Up and back down a few more times until I know that you are very close. I pull back up to work on the middle of your erection while I let my hand find your balls and pull gently down I don’t want you to cum just yet. Slowing things down by making love to your cock with my mouth. Taking my time to make you feel every sensation. Then back down fast to let you fill my mouth and then my throat. Wrapping my arms around you and grabbing your ass to hold on to while I take charge and make it my mission to make you cum. You find you release and I do my best to swallow the sweet juice that you fill me with. Not missing a drop I continue to suck and massage you until you have stopped riding your wave of pleasure.

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