Camilla and a sexy flight attendant


Camilla and a sexy flight attendantMy sensual girlfriend Camilla looked nervous, moving in her seat.We had left Rio airport just twenty minutes before and now I could not stand her anymore. She was going crazy every time this young flight attendant passed close to our seats. “I need to fuck this sexy slutty babe…” Camilla whispered into my ear.I put my attention on this nice girl. She looked Asian, but the company was Brazilian; so this girl should be Brazilian too. She was really hot; a beautiful face, tall and slim, with nice firm tits underneath her silky blouse, long legs to die for, nice hips adjusted in a very tight skirt.The only matter to know now, was if such a beauty could be a lesbian…She approached us to offer some drinks and then Camilla reached out, slipping her hand inside the cut at the side of the tight skirt the girl was wearing.“Annabella” said the little badge on her round soft tits.The girl looked surprise as Camilla touched her; but she did not resist…She had both hands busy taking a tray; so she could not move away.Annabella just smiled to my girlfriend, as she wanted to say she was also enjoying the soft touch…As bakırköy escort the girl went to the forward section of the plane, Camilla looked at me and she whispered in my ear:“The little bitch has her panties soaking wet yet…”Two minutes later Annabella came back and brought me a cup of coffee I have asked her. She moved her head towards Camilla, signalling my friend to follow her.Of course Camilla did nt hesitate as she unfastened her seat belt. She smiled at me with an evil grin and said she would be back soon…Camilla then followed the sensual flight attendant to the rear section. I turned my head and could see both of them entering a tiny bathroom.Fifteen minutes later, Camilla came back to my side. Her sexy face was transfigured, red and burning in sweat. Her facial expression was pure lust.“It looks as you had a good time right there inside that claustrophobic place”I hissed, asking her every detail…Camilla looked at me and then she put her fingers close to my nose.I could smell a strong scent of pussy juices… She laughed and told me:“I just lifted her tight skirt, pulled a sexy black thong down, beşiktaş escort made her open these long legs wide and I ate the sweetest and wettest pussy I have tested in so much time…”“Sweeter and wetter than mine…? I asked her, playing jealousy…“Of course no, honey… yours is just unique…”My girlfriend then ate my mouth with a deep passionate kiss, making me taste the scent of this sensual Asian little girl.“I brought you a Little present, in case you get angry…”She then put the used black thong onto my lap.Camilla closed her eyes and she relaxed her whole body, telling me they would have another encounter later.She was right; a while later, Annabella approached us, carrying a small box in her hands. She signaled again Camilla; but my girlfriend told her that we would have space enough for the three of us inside the little bathroom.She added I would only watch at them. The girl accepted the proposal.We went there. Once inside, I pushed myself onto a corner; trying to give them more room. Annabella lifted her skirt up to her waist; exposing her round bare buttocks.I felt my own cunt starting to get beylikdüzü escort wet as I stared at this perfect ass…My girlfriend did not waste time. She ordered me to feel this little Asian cunt between my naughty fingers. I shoved two fingers in Annabella, as Camilla held the girl firmly by the hips and sunk her finger up this tight rosebud.Annabella’s moans were increasing louder, as she felt our fingers caressing her two holes. I put my own sticky fingers to my mouth and then I had a very intense orgasm, but keeping my lips shut, without even a slight moan.Camilla smiled as she noticed my climax. I then shoved my lubed fingers back in this sweet stretched Asian cunt. The little girl was moaning with her nice eyes wide shut. Her glossy red lips were inviting me to kiss them hard.Camilla then knelt before the girl and she made me pull my fingers out.Annabella almost fainted in my arms, as she felt the expert tongue of my friend parting her pussy lips. I embraced the sweet girl, as Camilla sucked her clit. All of a sudden she shuddered as an orgasm ran through her body.I smiled at Annabella and kissed her red lips for a last time.Then I went out, leaving both of them to enjoy another wild moment.I passed out onto my seat and a while later I was awoken by a sweet tongue kiss. Tasting Annabella juices made me get even wetter…“Are we there yet for landing…? Camilla asked me.“I am missing my loving hubby so much…” She added happily…

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