Carmen and Ali part 2


Carmen and Ali part 2Needless to say Carmen went out the next morning and bought some books to read up on pets, and to do some other shopping. Carmen came home in the early afternoon to a clean apartment, and a committed pet husband still wearing my, or should she say his black panties. Carmen was just a little crossed with Ali for hiding his domestic skills from her previously, but how can one stay angry when your pet has done exactly what you have told him to do?Carmen could have picked apart his efforts easily enough, some dust behind a picture frame and the like, but it would be foolish to do so unless she wanted that job back again. The sheets were cleaned and changed and the bed not a complete mess, her delicates apparently hand washed as I had asked and hanging to dry over the shower rod, and lunch waiting for her. Carmen had to ask how Ali managed to do the laundry, and here he confessed that he put on some shorts and a sweatshirt over his under things before trekking down to the laundry machines.Carmen was fine with that as she hadn’t pondered making this little game anything but private between us, and in keeping with that theme she noticed that the shades were closed throughout the apartment so that the more nosy neighbors across the way couldn’t see him in his nearly naked labors. So far so good on our game, and she at least wanted to play again, the question was would he?There was something about the way he said the word “panties” now as well, it was different and naughty sounding to Carmen, telling her they were different to him. There appeared to be a linkage in his mind between the taboo feminine garment that he was now required to wear, and his new helpful service to Carmen around the house. Carmen had intended as much, but she was surprised at how easy it was to pull off. Ali new panties would be his uniform of service to Carmen, hidden under his man clothes at times for the pair alone to know about out of necessity, but the dominate thrill she felt was impossible to suppress.”Reward good behavior, punish bad, and always let your pup know that you love them.” It was good pet advice, and good husband advice as well she thought somewhat cynically. There would be time to hone her pet’s domestic skills in the future, and Carmen realized this was a form of the teach a man to fish parable, and the thought seemed profound to me. “Clean your apartment yourself and it will be clean for a day, teach your pet man to do it for you and you will never have to touch the vacuum again.” Carmen was willing to invest the time to train Ali as she was in this for the long term, a pet after all was a lifetime commitment. On that score some of our friends from school were already having problems with their own marriages, and she didn’t want to go there no matter how green the grass appeared on the other side of the proverbial fence.It made little sense to Carmen now to keep searching for the perfect man after ones marriage, Carmen realizing her concept of perfect would likely change several more times in her lifetime anyway. When she was a teenager her idea of the perfect boy was one with a car and no acne, and later on Carmen obviously wanted other things. As mature as she thought she was, Carmen had just added şişli escort one more quality to her ever expanding list, possibly the most important one it seemed. Carmen wanted a man who was trainable, a lump of clay that she could form as necessary to suit her changing needs and desires. Those desires would no doubt change over time, but even if Carmen one day old dog could be taught some new tricks Ali could still be useful to Carmen. There could be no wandering out of her proverbial yard this way either, but one doesn’t have to worry about such if their pet is well trained, their yard’s fence hardly necessary other than a subtle reminder of to whom they belong…Being fully and properly dressed and one hundred percent in charge while being humbly served by a nearly naked man is rather empowering as well for those who haven’t tried it themselves, and as Carmen hardly dressed man served her the lunch Ali had made for them. Carmen pondered his reward. Ali was at that moment very flaccid and somehow fitting into his rather tiny underthings though, it looked rather uncomfortable to Carmen all things considered, and she wondered if he was still “up” for this little game of theirs and just needing some positive reinforcement. “Honey, that was a wonderful lunch, and while your cleaning up I am going to jump into the shower, and when your done why don’t you do the same and meet me in bed as I have a surprise for you.” It was another command from Carmen, but a gentle one that most men would find easy to follow, their potential reward all but clearly stated. Carmen knew she needed to teach him obedience and simple tricks before Carmen worked up to the more complex ones, he learning with every new trick to further trust Carmen, almost as if a learned reflex action. Eventually following Carmen’s commands would come naturally, his reward not even necessary, like Pavlov’s dog drooling at the bell.”Is it a good surprise?” Ali asked, and Carmen could tell from his tone that he wasn’t sure if he had met the requirements of their little bargain the night before.”I guess your just going to have to find that out, aren’t you?” Carmen asked in her best come hither tone.Carmen then thought to myself as she walked away that this was just wonderful, he had just done more for Carmen around the house in the last few hours than he ever had, and still he realized that there was room for improvement…Carmen took her shower and left behind his first surprise, they were brand new and black satin, but these had a pink little bow on the front where his other panties were plain. Carmen bought them for him while she was out, as well as several others, but one size larger than hers as a trial. They were on the bargain table and the sales girl commented on how nice they were, and by that she meant sexy, but nice was a more acceptable way to say it at the time. Carmen thought to herself at the time, “if you only knew who was going to be wearing them!”Carmen sat up in bed and read her pet training book while waiting for her pet husband, skipping over the house breaking chapter completely, thank heavens for that. The next section was crate training, and Carmen skimmed through that, but did so with a smile on her face with the mecidiyeköy escort possibilities while wondering if they made them big enough for a man sized pet.Carmen put her book down when Ali came in, (freshly showered and smiling while wearing his present), realizing that having Ali under Carmen command was turning her on like mad, especially since she had made the sacrifice of going without the night before. At that moment though she realized it was likely more of an investment in Carmen future rather that any sacrifice.Once again Ali wasn’t fitting behind his panties, and she imagined Pavlov’s bell ringing somewhere in the background as she smiled. These were a true string thong in every sense of the word and made from slick satin, and they looked good on Ali if not slightly fragile for the job. Carmen knew if his legs were shaved smooth they would look perfect, but she wanted to go easy with this so her pet didn’t revolt. Carmen intended a long period of ownership, and remolding this man pet of hers into her version of perfection seemed like it could be a labor of love, or at the very least entertaining.Carmen patted the bed next to her and told Ali to lie down as if to a dog, Ali doing so without hesitation while missing the nuance of Carmen command completely. It was obvious that Ali wasn’t thinking, only reacting, or possibly just thinking with a different part of his anatomy.”Last night was all about you, this afternoon is all about me. No touching or else!” Carmen warned with a wagging finger.Carmen peeled off the night shirt she had thrown on, the scene different to her from last night though because the sun was shinning brightly through the closed blinds. What last night had been discreet and in the near darkness was today raw and out in the open. They had made love several times in the middle of the day before, but this was different, Carmen was in charge both by her desire, and by Ali willing and unconditional surrender to Carmen’s leadership. “Grab those two bars, and don’t you dare let go!” Carmen commanded as she pointed where she wanted him to hold on to their headboard.”Yes ma’am,” Ali answered, and with not a hint of sarcasm either.Carmen’s husband worked in customer service and every phone call was answered the same way with a ma’am or a sir, it was good southern respect, but also his company’s policy, and possibly about to become hers as well even though pets aren’t expected to speak in traditional ways. Carmen thought to herself if they did speak though, it would most certainly be respectfully…There was no need for any foreplay on her part, and in rare fashion she mounted up on Ali as she was way more than ready, having short changed herself the night before. Carmen shivered once in a little orgasm before he was even fully inside of me, confirming for herself that this was what Carmen needed as this was a first for Carmen. Camen’s pet face was scrunched up in concentration, Ali knowing without being told not to dare pop off until Carmen was done with him. Carmen could have several orgasms before exhaustion overtook her if everything worked out perfectly, (it almost never did), but he a single one under most circumstances, a true once and done man in esenyurt escort every sense of the word.When Carmen got control of herself she bottomed out on him slowly while savoring the moment, Carmen having little experience being on top other than the few seconds it usually took in the past for him to toss me off and to the bed like a barbarian. Those times were wonderful, but Carmen was in charge now, and she was setting the pace. The satin of his panties felt unique under her, and she tried riding him gently with her next orgasm building with every movement.This next orgasm was epic, and when it happened Carmen rode him quite roughly and without the slightest regard for his own pleasure, our bodies slapping together noisily as he helped to the extent that he could with his own hips. It was just too much for him, Carmen impassioned gasps as she m*****ed her own breasts in his hands absence probably not helping him to keep control either, he erupting with her in a rare mutual orgasm. He looked up at me sheepishly when he caught his breath, either because Ali knew she wanted more, or because he had no choice but to with Carmen in the power position on top. It was empowering for Carmen, but truth be told she also bore a certain responsibility for his rather short ride then, and had she managed to keep control and do things differently Ali may have lasted longer. Carmen then rocked her hips slightly to see if he had any more left for another ride, but he was done for the day between last night and our rather passionate but short “nooner”.There was an ulterior motive for Carmen position, and she WAS a complete mess thanks to my pet husband’s efforts. Ali had proven his abilities to clean up his mess just the night before, but going down on Carmen was not his favorite thing to do even before sex, and never had he done so afterwards. Carmen rarely did the same for him so she had no quarter to complain, but carmen was on top now and thought to see how far she could take things.Carmen gave him that certain look, it was the come hither look when Carmen wanted Ali but didn’t want to ask. In any event he looked back as if he knew what she was thinking, and she felt her smile grow of it’s own accord. Carmen inched forward and felt his deflated self flop free, and despite Carmen warning Ali not to move his hands he reached under her thighs and pulled Carmen toward him. Carmen’s girlfriends called this a cream pie, something their husbands and boyfriends offered to do, but to a man they chickened out after their own orgasms deflated their courage. Carmen knew there was more to it than that, just like with pre and post orgasm man promises. Is seems like whatever happens to a man right after the event, (some call it a post orgasm low), it ordinarily ruins their motivation for such things, as well as a great many others.Carmen pet husband however was on course to break still another paradigm, and she was more than willing to let him! Ali pulled her up by her thighs and Carmen grabbed the headboard, Ali not hesitating for an instant as he attacked her like a man starving. It was just wonderful, and he kept at her until Carmen was not only clean enough to sleep, but orgasmed out with too many to count and fit only to sleep. Carmen was sore as well from his efforts, but who could possibly complain, Carmen napping for hours without her ordinary post sex shower that always woke me.That concluded her first weekend with Carmen new pet husband, and she couldn’t imagine ever living without one again…

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