Caught stroking


Caught strokingMy parents divorced when I was young. I spent two weekends a month, and two weeks every summer with my dad. I had discovered something I like doing very much, and after dad went to work I’d go into my room and do it. One day while it was raining I snooped around for something to Jack off to. Looking in the back of dads closet I found a stash of dvds. I went to my room and stripped. Dad lived on the third floor of a nice apartment complex. Being so high up I never thought of closing the blinds. This day was no exception. I popped in the disc and laid on my bed by the window. I would stroke it to the verge of cumming, then hold off. I loved the feeling just before cumming. I lasted a good hour and a half before shooting a load up and on to my stomach and chest. I lay stroking till my dick went limp. Just before dad came home I cleaned up and took a shower. After dinner I went straight to bed and locked my door. The next day was sunny and warm. I went down to the pool and swam for a while. Laying down drying off I heard someone say, hello, how are you. Looking up, it was an elderly man. Fine I said. We talked a little bit. He told me where he lived. I said, I just live across from you. After a few minutes he said, I was expecting someone for lunch but they cancelled at the last minute. Would you like to come canlı bahis over and have some lunch. I was a little nervous, but he seemed to be OK, so I said sure. Let me go change. Come as you are, he said. No sense going all that way. OK, I said and followed him. Going up stairs we went in. From the living room you could see right into my bedroom. I thought, what if he seen me. But I dismissed the idea, thinking he would have said something. After eating he said his son lived on the other side of the country, but still had some of his clothes. Would you like to try them on, he asked. I can’t do anything with them, and it would be a shame to throw them out. I agreed to follow him into a bedroom. Opening the closet there were suits, shirts and jeans hanging. I picked a couple of things out and said I’d try them on. Great, he said. I’ll step out and fix us a couple of drinks. As he stepped out I pulled down my swimsuit. The pants fit good, but the shirts were a bit tight. I went up front to tell him thanks. As we sat he told me his name was Mark. I told him mine. He offered me another drink. Handing it to me, it slipped out of his hand. I was soaked. I’m sorry about that, Mark said. Go ahead and take them off. I was going to go to the bathroom, but he said I’d make a mess walking around. Just take them off and I’ll bahis siteleri throw them in the washer with your trunks. I didn’t know what to do. After a couple minutes he said, take them off, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. I froze. My heart pounded thinking about what he might have seen. Mark started undressing me, you’re making a mess he said sharply. As I stepped out of the pants he said, your dick looks a lot better in person. My knees felt like jelly, I wanted to run but where, standing naked. He carried the wet clothes to his washing machine and came back with a towel. I wrapped it around me while he made me another drink. Coming back he handed me the drink and went to the television. Mark said, I think you might like this one. Putting a movie in, he came back and sat beside me. My heart nearly stopped, it was a porn almost like the one I watched last night. I started to relax after a few minutes, and started paying attention to the movie. After a few minutes of watching mark said, I see you like it. Puzzled I looked around and seen my dick was pushing the towel up. He put his arm around me and said, it’s alright. Sit back and enjoy it. I wanted to Jack off, but was afraid to in front of him. Mark reached over and rubbed my chest. I didn’t know what to do. I guess since I didn’t move or say anything, bahis şirketleri he took it as a sign to go further. With his arm around my shoulder he pulled me a little closer to him. My dick hurt looking for attention and my breathing quickened. As Mark rubbed my chest he moved lower. Reaching the towel he asked, can I. Not knowing what he meant I said sure. My heart beat faster as I watched him open the towel I was wearing. Smiling he said, doesn’t that feel better. Mumbling I said, yes. Come here, he said softly. As I got up to move Mark grabbed my waist and pulled me down on him. Wrapping an arm around me he said, it’s OK. Just lay back. My dick seemed to stiffen harder from fear. I jumped when he wrapped his fingers around my dick and started stroking me. He moved his hand slow at first then spend up. When I started to cut he squeezed my dick tight till the urge passed. Whispering in my ear he said, I’ve been watching you play with yourself for a while. Pushing my legs apart he massaged my balls while stroking me. Each time I felt like cumming he stopped. My head was in a fog. I no longer cared about being played with, all I wanted to do was cum. As the movie ended Mark finally let me cum. I never shot some much seaman before in my life. As he stroked me and tugged at my balls my dick pumped for what seemed like a minute. I fell limp in his arms. Hugging me tight he said, how was that. I couldn’t speak. After recovering from the best ejaculation I ever had Mark said, why don’t you come over after your dad goes to work. OK I said

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