Cheating College Girlfriend with 12inch BBC Part2


Cheating College Girlfriend with 12inch BBC Part2It had been an extremely busy week between football and school. So busy I didn’t devote much time to thinking about the fucking that I had gave Marley. That was until i showed up to the student center for my tutoring session and Marley was not there. I sent her a text asking where she was at. She sent one back that read “I am sorry Trey but the other night was a big mistake.” I replied saying “well I still need you to help me with some of my math homework.” Eventually I talked to her into coming down to the student center to “help” me. Marley showed up the student center wearing nice jeans that showed off her ass and a tank top that somewhat showed off her tits. Her boobs looked bigger than normal, must have been wearing a push up bra. Marley was helping me with my math homework, and my mind kept wandering off about how I could get into that 19 yearold pussy again. As we were wrapping things up I asked her why the other night was a big mistake. She said that the expierence for her was most intense thing that she had ever expierenced and that she didn’t want it to come between her and Zach. She also said that when she got home that night, that Zach had pressured her into sex…noting that is the worst fucking she had ever gotten from him and that he also questioned why her pussy felt so loose. I busted out laughing and asked “what did you tell him”? “I told him that is cock got smaller and it caused a pretty big fight later on.”At the next tutoring session she gave me more details about the problems she was having with Zach and that he had been to busy with his frat brothers as of late. That is when I tried her to come back to my dorm and she reluctantly said no. I wasn’t about to give up on hooking up with this short 5’3, 100 pound, blue eyed, fuckin hot brunnette. We left the tutoring session, when I got back to the dorm I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking canlı bahis her. I got out my phone and took a pic of my soft 9 inch bbc and then got it all the way hard to 12 inches and took a pic of it too, I then sent to Marley with a message that said “are you sure?”I didn’t get a reply but thirty minutes later I hear a knock on the door and there it’s Marley standing there. She was wearing some short gym booty shorts and a tshirt. We went back to my room and laid on my bed. We chatted for a little bit and then we started to make out. My bbc got really hard in the middle of it and I started feeling her up as she started rubbing my cock. Eventually she took my cock out saying “wow it’s even bigger than I remember. She then started sucking on it. I stood up with her on her knees and started really ramming her throat good with my cock. So much to the point she was really gagging and her eyes were watering. I pulled her up and started pulling her clothes off. After I got her naked I pushed her onto the bed and started titty fucking her while she gave me a blowjob at the same time. Finally I pulled my cock back and started teasing Marleys pussy with it just pushing the head in. Marley finally had enough saying “Trey you have got to fuck me now.” It took her awhile to get adjusted to my cock again. Marley’s phone rang several times while I was fucking her. It was her boyfriend Zach lol she ignored it each time. Marley was really getting into this time, even more so than before, saying “omg Trey I am fuckin cumming again on your huge black dick, shit I am cumming again. We fucked for an hour and a half and of course I came in her pussy. When we got done we went out to the kitchen to get some drinks. Matt and Elisabeth were in the living room watching tv. ” I didn’t hear you guys come in” I said to them. Marley’s eyes were dialated and her chest was flush. You could tell I had just got done fucking bets10 her. Marley stayed the night and we fucked four more times. I probably kept Matt and Elisabeth up all night. Marley and I started fucking each day. She pretty much was staying with me most week nights but not on the weekends. She went home on most weekends to see her family. Matt’s family was in town one afternoon and Marley was wanting some of my bbc. Matt’s fam was back at the dorm so I told Marley we would have to fuck at her place. She said not a problem. “My roommate is gone and Zach never visit’s me during the day. ” We didn’t have a lot of time because I had football practice. After 30 minutes of fucking I came in her pussy. While still in her pussy I got hard again. I decided then that I was going to fuck Marley’s ass. She was a little relucant but after about 10 minutes I had 10 of my 12 inches in there. Marley was rubbing her clit and i was fucking her ass as hard as i I could, i shot a huge load into her ass. I got dressed and left for practice. I later found out from Marley that Zach showed up 15 minutes later. Marley was still in bed naked. Zach took it as his oppurtunity to get some. He got in bed with her and started fingering her saying “Shit your already wet for me.” Marley then asked Zach to eat her out (which I had been encouraging her to do any time after I get done cumming in her ). Zach did as he was told and started eating her pussy. Zach got up from underneath the covers saying “What the fuck Marley, your pussy looks different, and tastes like cum. Are you fucking cheating on me?” Marley pushed his head back down before he could say anything and made him continue to eat out her pussy. Marley said Zach looked so pissed off, yet horny at the same time. Zach then started to take off his pants and Marley said she felt bad so she decided to let him fuck her. Zach started trying to fuck her for a few minutes bets10 giriş and Marley said “Zach I can barely feel you, your 4 inch dick is not going to cut it anymore for me.” Marley said she could see my cum on his little white cock and it looked “cute.” This is when Marley broke up with him. Marley and I fucked like rabbits for the next week. Matt had pretty much stopped talking to me. Marley made so much noise we probably made things very uncomfortable aroudn the dorm for Matt and Elisabeth. I had a whole bunch of tests late in the week which didn’t leave me a lot of time to see Marley. We sent a whole bunch of nude pics to each other back and forth. Finally Thursday came and I got my tests out of the way. When Marley got out of classs she headed straight for my dorm. I was trying to get Marley to not go home that weekend because we had no game on Saturday. As it turned out though she couldn’t because of a family get together back home. After fucking until about 3 in the morn we finally went to bed. Marley nearly over slept for her first class. It was about 9 in the morn when I heard a knock on the door. It was Elisabeth…”Trey do you know whose phone this is, I found it out in the kitchen, I think it might be Marley’s.” I said hell I don’t know, here call my number, if it shows up as Marley in my contacts we will know it is hers. I must have given Elisabeth my number four times before she was finally able to hit the call button. I later found out from Elisabeth that the reason it took her four times to enter my phone was because she was distracted by something else. The day before Marley never brought her phone back to her home screen. She left it the text messages between me and her. One of the last messages I sent her was a nude selfie in the mirror. The message Marley sent back ( the day before) read ” Trey your cock turns me on like no one else, ever since we started fucking I am having the best orgasms ever, you fill me up like no one ever has, I can’t wait to fuck your 12 inch bbc tonight.” Apparently that was the first thing Elisabeth saw when she swiped her thumb across Marley’s phone to call me. Part 3 coming soon….

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