Cloud Nine: Ch. 8


Cloud Nine: Ch. 8Aaron put his arms around Libby and pulled her forward to mash her big tits into his bare chest. Her stiff nipples made little indentations in his skin, and a strong surge of desire to fuck her swelled within him. “How long are you going to make me wait?”“Oh, until I finish what I want to do,” she said cheerfully. She slid her free arm around his neck and lifted her lips for him to kiss.He covered her lips with his, and his desire swelled even higher as he slid his tongue into her mouth, tasting her sweet saliva, exploring the inside of her mouth. She held her awkward position astraddle his legs, his cock still on her clit, her mouth open for his tongue, sucking and nibbling on it as it slid around in her mouth.She pulled her mouth away and kissed him lightly on the chest with moist, trembling lips. “I’m going to make you feel good now,” she said, her voice husky with lust. “Going to do what I’ve been wanting to do since we met yesterday morning.”He relaxed and buried his lips in her soft, fragrant hair and cupped her heavy tits in his hands. “I’m all yours,” he whispered hoarsely, “do whatever you want.”Her hot lips moved down his chest, and his cock swelled and twitched and throbbed as the awareness of her heated kisses and her soft hand gripping his shaft rushed over him. The tip of her tongue touched one of his nipples lightly, her tender lips covered the hard little stud, and she chuckled in her throat as she sucked it.His muscles quivered convulsively as she squeezed his prick hard. Her hot lips and tender tongue trailed down his body, leaving fiery sensations in their wake, and he groaned way down deep in his chest. She went lower, and he spread his legs, giving her room to kneel between them, and looked at her with amorous eyes as she gazed at his shiny, naked cockhead hungrily, pure avarice showing clearly on her beautiful face.She assured him she was a damn good piece of ass, and he wondered if she was also a good cocksucker. He hadn’t had a really good blow job in weeks. Most of the girls he fucked declined to even try to suck his cock because of its size.She slid both hands between his legs and took a ball in each one, then looked up at him and smiled. She curled her long tongue around the head of his cock, and all he could manage was a deep gurgling grunt. Swallowing quickly and panting hoarsely, he lifted his hips and pressed his cock toward her mouth. Her tongue seemed a yard long as it slithered under the head of his cock and down the underside of his shaft. She lowered her head slowly, opened her mouth so wide that her jaws cracked, and his cockhead slid between her lush porno hikaye lips and into her humid mouth.As if someone had poured gasoline on a blaze, sizzling sensations roared through him as his cockhead sank into her hot, watery mouth. She gripped his shaft tighter and curled her tongue around the head, and his breathing changed to ragged gasps. Breathing deeply through her nose, she let his cock slide into her mouth until the tip touched the back of her throat, and he nearly lost it.“Incredible,” he muttered. “I don’t remember when a girl swallowed so much of my cock.”She chuckled happily, delighted by the feel of his big rod in her mouth and the knowledge that she was giving him something few could. Her mouth full of saliva, she pressed his cock between her tongue and the roof of her mouth and bobbed her head up and down slowly, gurgling softly around the gratifying cock.“Jesus,” he muttered.She looked so fucking seductive kneeling between his legs, fucking herself in the mouth with his cock. She moved her tongue and sucked his cock avidly and gently kneaded his balls, and his hips moved gently in rhythm with the bobbing of her head.His mind wallowing numbly in the dizzying sensations, he felt his orgasm gathering, ballooning in front of a seething pressure, demanding release. He tried to think of anything but her extraordinary mouth on his cock, driving him rapidly toward the ecstatic crest of a climax, to delay the inevitable conclusion a little longer.She came close to shattering his control when she tightened her lips, slid her hand up and down his rigid shaft swiftly, and bobbed her head faster. She had to know he was about to cum and was deliberate teasing him. But then, a gifted cocksucker would know, and she was certainly masterful!The pressure to cum became intense and every muscle in his body stiffened as he mentally gripped himself, trying to hold it back. The temptation to let go, let her adept mouth snatch him to the heights of sensation was ever so strong, but he held on so he could continue to watch the tantalizing beauty and savor the delightful feel of her skillful mouth gobble his cock.She relieved the pressure by lifting her head and letting his cock slide from her mouth. He closed his eyes, clenched his teeth and breathed a long sigh of relief, then opened his eyes and watched her caress the head of his cock with her palm and tease the shaft with her lips and tongue.She looked up at him and grinned. “Got pretty close, didn’t you?”“Yeah,” he grunted, “won’t be long.”“Might be longer than you think, baby,” she chuckled mischievously. “You have to earn it.”“What, you aren’t going to leave me seks hikayeleri like this, are you?”“Isn’t that what the girl usually says to the jack rabbit guy? No, I won’t torment you. I want you to do something for me.”“What, do you want me to suck your pussy? Want to do a 69?”“Of course I want you to suck my pussy, baby, but not right now. I want you to talk to me, tell me if you like the way I suck cock.”“I can already tell you that,” he blurted. “Yes, God yes, you’re a terrific cocksucker, better than anybody I know!”“No, that isn’t what I mean,” she said softly. “You have to say it while I’m sucking you. Not just a word or two, really talk to me.”She breathed against his cock, fondled it with her lips and the tip of her tongue, let her tongue trail down his shaft and licked his balls with swift strokes of her tongue.He knew she was delaying until he agreed to talk to her while she sucked him off. He wondered how long she would wait. He’d better not risk it. She could stop sucking his cock without distress. Suffering was his role. The tip of her tongue caressed his nut sac. Tendrils of fire shot through him and he trembled as his arousal careened.“Yes, damn it, yes,” he groaned. “Whatever you want, just please, please suck my cock!” He grabbed her head with both hands.She pushed his hands away roughly. “Don’t,” she admonished. “I suck cock better when my head is free to move.”“Oh, fuck, baby, whatever! Please! I’m dying!”“Oh, don’t be silly. Of course you’re not dying.” She pushed his balls against his cock and squeezed both at the same time. “But your cock is really hard, isn’t it? Does it hurt when it gets this hard?”“Yes, it hurts all the way down to my toes!”“Hmmm, well, we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” She dragged her tongue up his shaft and looked at him over the head of his prick as she lapped and kissed it. “You have to cum a lot for me,” she said in a hoarse whisper. “I’ll stop if you don’t promise to empty your balls and give me a big mouthful of sweet cream to eat.”He nodded and croaked, “Yes, God, yes, I’ll drown you with the fucking stuff! Just suck. I’ve got to have your mouth on my cock. You’re the best cocksucker ever. Your tongue and lips are fantastic!”She wrapped her hands around his cock, one at the base, the other above it, and took his cock back into her mouth.“Oh, yeah, baby, that’s the way, suck my cock good! God, you’re a fabulous cocksucker, baby, the best ever, the best in the whole fucking world!”The muscles in his thighs knotted and trembled and a groaning sigh burst from his lips, punctuating his words, as her sensational, humid mouth enveloped his tortured erotik hikayeler cock. She thrust her head down, stretching her lips around the base and took his cockhead into her throat.“Whoooeee, damn,” he yelped, “what a fantastic cocksucker!”She propelled her head up and down with an emphatic force, stimulating him rapidly, driving him toward a climax.“Oh, baby,” he groaned, “you’re getting it good! Can you feel my cock swelling? Suck it, baby, suck my cum out. Use your tongue like that… oh, yeah, that’s it, baby! Go, baby, go, suck the cum right out of the fucking thing!”His hips lifted off the bed and his body stiffened. Her head bobbed faster, slurping, watery sounds poured from her mouth and saliva streamed down the shaft of his cock as she siphoned his cum out of his balls like soda through a straw.He struggled for a moment to hold back, then realized that he couldn’t resist her suctioning mouth and swirling tongue. A shuddering quiver raced through him, and his cock seemed to explode. “Take it, take it, take it,” he chanted. “Suck it, suck it, suck it! Oh, God, baby, yes, suck my cock!” He roared, and cum spurted from his cock in sticky gobs.She swallowed his first shot avidly and continued to thrust her head up and down, kneading his balls and jerking his dick rapidly. More cum gushed into her mouth, and she gulped it down with relish.He writhed and bucked in the throes of ecstasy, panting breathlessly as she sucked him dry. His cock rapidly collapsed into a limp tube, and a few droplets of his cum seeped between her lips and trickled down the shaft of his cock to blend with her saliva. She rolled his dick around in her mouth with her tongue, then spit it out and licked it eagerly, lapping up the last of his delicious essence.She held his flaccid shaft in her palm and kissed the head tenderly, then looked up at him and smiled. “Isn’t it amazing how quickly a cock goes from being a nice hard rod of hot flesh to a limp tube of nothing?”“I wouldn’t call it nothing,” he said indignantly.She grabbed his ears, pulled his head down and kissed him passionately, thrust her tongue into his mouth and let him suck it for a few moments, then pulled away.“Just a figure of speech, baby,” she cooed. “You have a gorgeous cock. Did you like the way I sucked you?”“Outstanding, baby,” he said fervently. “If you fuck as well as you suck, you’re one fantastic piece of ass.”“The best you’ll ever have, baby,” she laughed. “I told you, my husband taught me well. Just don’t try to hold me down, and I’ll give you a ride you won’t ever forget.”“Give me a few minutes to recover, and we’ll find out how good you are.”“No need to waste time,” she said, running the tip of her finger over his lips. “You haven’t used your tongue yet, so it can’t be tired.”“Want me to lick your pussy, huh?”“Damn straight, baby, that’s what a tongue is for!”¦¦¦

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