Cocksucking Adventures Of Cortni Ch2

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Cocksucking Adventures Of Cortni Ch2Cortni couldn’t get the thought of sucking guys dirty cocks out of her mind! Her pussy would juice up at school as she thought about how nasty it was to take some guy’s filsthy disgusting, unwashed cock in her mouth and suck it until it shot out it’s load. She had been going to the adult theatre now for a few weeks, and during that time, she blew over a hundred guys. Most were pretty clean, some were a bit smelly, but two were down right disgusting! The first was that of an old man she seen entering a booth by himself. As she walked by she seen him peeking out the door at her, pants down, cock in hand. When she stopped he opened the door and exposed himself to her. She went up to him and after he let her in, asked how much for a BJ. She told him she was hooking, and kneeled in front of him. He sat down and she could already smell the stench of stale pee and cum from the old guys cock. It was limp as she peeled the foreskin back, revealing a thick layer of white cheese under the head. She leaned in and sniffed it, rubbing it under her nose so she’d be able to smell the nastiness all day, before taking it in her mouth and sucking it for ten long minutes before the guy got hard. She enjoyed every second of sucking his old nasty cock and was disappointed when he came several seconds after he got hard! She licked the cum from his balls and the old guy thanked her and left.The second, was a homeless guy that had snuck in and was passed out in one of the booths. Cortni snuck in and after closing the door he awoke. He got up, startled, but Cortni told him to relax and got down on her knees in front of him. His was the nastiest cock she’d ever sucked, and she LOVED it! He hadn’t bathed in weeks, and she gagged numerous times from the stench, but she also had four orgasms before he finally came! As soon as he got hard, she went to work on his filthy ballsack, lick the dirt and grime off, rubbing the nasty pubes all over her face! As she licked under it, he lifted his ass up and pushed her head down, making her lick his filthy ass crack. She had two orgasms rimming his nasty asshole, the taste of old shit filling her mouth. When he came she swallowed hos cock down her throat and swallowed every drop. Afterwards she gave him a hundred bucks and told him to have a great day, hoping she’d get to see him again!Cortni also took to stealing her friends panties and underwear. Her one friends dad worked construction, and she’d snag a pair of his sk** marked underwear and sniff them as she frigged off, imagining he was making her rim him! She’d take her friends panties and lick the fresh cum from her and her boyfriend, wishing it was from her pussy! Cortni had only had one lesbien experience, and that was just with her friend a few months before. They had gotten drunk at her place, as they were changing, her friend commented on Cortni’s tight body and was going on about how firm she was. Cortni told her her body looked hot too, but her frined said she wasn’t firm like her and told her to feel her. Cortni did and before she knew it the two were standing in the middle of her room, naked, fingering each other. Once her friend came, ataşehir escort she got all embarressed and dressed. They never mentioned it again, but Cortni wanted to be with another girl bad after that!Her cousin Mark had moved in with them when he started university. He was a year older then Cortni and was a chubby nerd. He was sweet, but she felt bad for him as he wasn’t popular with the ladies. She wondered if he jerked off a lot and went into his room one day in search of a cum rag. She didn’t find one but what did find excited her! In his underwear drawer was a collection of toys! He had a few dildoes, vibe eggs, cock rings, and a fleshlight! She took the fleshlight and sniffed it, and realized he hadn’t washed it the last time he used it! She tongued it and could taste lube and cum. She fingered it and got what she could out of it and layed on his bed and masturbated herself to an orgasm. She then went through his laundry and found only two pairs of underwear. She sniffed and realized he must have worn them for a few days! They were black so she couldn’t see any sk** marks, but could smell his sweaty ass stink, and the precum stains were heavy, and she could smell a heavy odour of piss on them too! She again layed on his bed and brought herself off sniffing his raunchy undies! When she was done, she knew she had to find a way to spy on him while he played with his toys! She wanted just to blow him, but still didn’t want to give up her persona of being a sweet innocent girl! But if she had video of him fucking his fat ass with a dildo and using a fleshlight, Cortni figured she’d be able to suck his dirty dickie and keep him from talking!She knew the perfect person to help her out! Jerry was a guy that had been expelled from their private school for taking upskirt videos of girls! He was also her lab partner the last semester he was there and she got to know him pretty good. She figured she was safe asking him for help, as, if he told anyone, she’d deny it and they’d believe her over a perv who took upskirt videos! She knew he still worked at his dad’s electronics store and went to pay him a visit. After going to store and telling him she needed his help, they met after he was done work at his place. She explained what she wanted to do and asked if he’d help her set a hidden camera up in Marks room! Jerry was taken aback by Cortni’s kink as he always pegged her as a prude! He told her he’d have to see the room and he’d set something up after that. Cortni thanked him by getting on her knees and taking his cock down her throat! He came and she swallowed and left.The next day, Jerry came over to Cortni’s house and had a look at Marks room. He left to get some supplies from the store and Cortni waited until he got back. Jerry came back and installed four cameras around the room, all hooked to a motion sensor that would turn them on and start recording to an outside server. Cortni would have a full view of the whole room. He also put a mic beside the bed and went to her room and showed her how to long onto the sever and watch whatever had been recorded. She could erase any files, and download ümraniye escort them if she wanted. All the cameras were HD, and the mic was as well, and Cortni was shocked at the video quality! It was clear as day! She asked Jerry how much she owed him and he asked her if she’d let him lick her butt and give him a few pairs of her dirty panties, as well as giving him head! She agreed and stripped down, as did he. She bent over her bed and Jerry got behind her and licked her tight little butthole as he jerked off. He spent almost twenty minutes eating her ass, before he stopped and had her suck his dick. This time Jerry surprised her by grabbing the back of her head and face fucking her hard! Out of all the guys she had blown, she’d never had one treat her so rough! She was gagging and he didn’t care! He was calling her a dirty cocksucker and told her to take his cock like the slut she was! Just as he started cumming, Cortni just touched her little clit and exploded into orgasm as well! After Jerry told her he was sorry, and just got cought up on the moment, but Cortni smiled at him and told him she loved it! He smiled and told her what a whore she had become and left, with two pairs of her dirty panties!Cortni decided not to go back to classes that afternoon as she had planned. Instead, she went shopping and bought some very slutty clothes, which she changed into in her car, and drove to the porn theatre. It wasn’t very busy, and when she entered the straight theatre, found it empty. She decided to go to the booth area and was happy to see a few older guys lurking around. One waved at her and motioned for her to enter a booth with him, which she did. When they were inside, he asked her if she was the girl that had blown his friend a few weeks earlier, and after describing him, Cortni told him it was indead her! He grinned and told her that he’d been comming here almost everyday looking for her as he dropped his pants and sat down. Cortni smiled at him and got on her knees in front of him and took his limp dick in her mouth. He wasn’t nearly as smelly as his friend and she was a bit disappointed, but sucked the old guys dick for all she was worth anyways! Unlike his friend, he got hard right away, and Cortni was pleased to find that he was almost 10″! As she bobbed her head up and down on the monster cock, she took his hands and placed them on the back of her head, pushing down on them. The old man got the hint, and was soon forcing most of his cock down her little throat! When she gagged he stopped but she shook her head and swallowed more of it, and he resumed forcing her face down onto his cock. Cortni started choking on her own saliva as it leeked out the side of her stretched mouth, and tears filled her eyes, but as soon as she touched her clit through her panties she came! Just as she thought she was going to black out the old guy started cumming, and stood up and shot all over her face! Both his crotch and her face were a mess with her saliva and his cum, and Cortni proceeded to lick everything off the old man’s dick and balls. After, he thanked her and told her he hoped to kadıköy escort see her again, she replied to make sure the next time his cock was dirtier, and he laughed and winked at her! Cortni stayed in the booth, and when nobody came by, she went out to no one in the hallway. On her way up the theatre, she passed a guy on the stairs, and when he got passed her, she felt his hand creep up the back of her leg and grope her firm little butt cheek! “MMMMMMMMMM nice!” He said and walked down towards the booths, staring at her the whole time! Cortni had stopped when he groped her bum, and now headed back to the booth area with the guy. They went into a booth and the guy told her only had twenty, when she told him she just wanted to blow him, he laughed and told her to start sucking. She got on her knees and fished his 5″ boner from his sweats and took him all the way in. His pubes stank of day old piss, and from the taste of him, he’d jerked off recently. Cortni slobbered all over his prick as he groped her titties. She put a hand up her skirt and into her panties and frigged herself to an orgasm, seconds before he came in her mouth, telling her to show him the load before she swallowed it! After he left she kept the door open, and blew another four guys before heading home. She changed back into her conservative clothes in her car and cleaned her face up, before she got home. She noticed Mark’s car in the driveway and was excited to see what he was up to!She logged into her server and clicked on the feed from the beginning. It showed Mark walking into his room, unpacking his bag, and working at his computer. Boring! She fast forwarded the video and after a little while seen him go to his laptop and start typing. She resumed normal play and watched as he chatted with someone online. All of a sudden he got up and went to his closet, and opened one of his suitcases and came back with a bunch of lingerie! He then grabbed a few toys and went back to his bed where his laptop was. He stipped down and put on pink stockings, pink garter belt, frilly pink panties and a pink lace teddy. He then typed and she saw him grab his webcam and set it up. Then she heard him speak for the first time and it was like he talking into the mic it was so clear! He was talking to a girl and calling her maam! He was telling her he liked being her little sissy slut and that he was ready for whatever she told him to do. Cortni was shocked! Then she heard a girls voice and realized the mistress had a cam and mic too! She was instructing Mark to stand and dance for her and spank his fat ass! She could hear the girl laughing her hysterically at her cousin as he danced around in his pink lingerie, spanking his chubby butt cheeks, turning them red! Cortni stripped off her clothes and got her vibrator and sat back to masturbate and watch her cousin being femdommed! The mistress asked Mark if he had donw what she’d asked and when he replied yes, she told him to tell her about it in detail. Cortni heard him recount his day at school and how in between classes he’d gone into the bathroom and sucked guys off under the stall! Cortni couldn’t believe Mark was a fag! He told his cam mistress all about it, and Cortni came from hearing it too! She watched awhile longer as her cousin humiliated himself on cam, before comming up with a plan to suck him off. She figured if she told him about the cams, her free sex show would be gone, so she thought of another way to keep Mark’s mouth shut about her cocksucking, slutty side!

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