Cocksucking Ex Girlfriends


Cocksucking Ex GirlfriendsIt always goes back to my first girlfriend who probably sucked off dozens of cocks before she met me to be as perfect a cocksucker as she was! For her to be able to make any cock cum in under 5 minutes, while knowing exactly when the load was going to shoot, exemplified by the fact that she never swallowed a load, proves this point! She would always take her mouth off the swollen purple head the moment before the load was squirting. It takes an absolute cocksucking whore to know the moment a cock is orgasming by mouth alone. One of my friends once confessed to me, while his eyes got wide and glassed over, how he got a quickie blowjob from her one night and how lucky I was to date her for 8 months! But I digress…she would whip it out and suck it off on a daily basis, no matter the place or time! The ride home from class every day my cock would be rock hard expecting the ultimate pleasuring suckoff was only moments away! As soon as we got home, she would sit me down, unzip me, wriggle my pants around my ankles, and start bobbing and sucking with ultimate cock pleasing precision until a load was squirting out of my cock while her facial expression showed absolute glee at the fact that she made another cock feel the ultimate pleasure. I am convinced her whole existence was based around the attention she got from guys and the control she had over them being the absolute best cocksucker! She is the beginning of my addiction to blowjobs. To me every day was based around when that next blowjob was coming. And they came every day multiple times a day so my brain became wired to expect it and to crave it! That was how she manipulated me and every other man that had the good fortune to experience one of her ball draining suck jobs! I’ll tell a few of my favorite blowjob stories. I would sit on the couch, my fly unzipped, cock exposed at full attention, she would lay next to me facing the tube, and she would watch tv shows with my rod in her mouth, sucking and bobbing at her whim and leisure. She would edge my cock to orgasm over the course of a few hours. I would sit there helpless, in my mind and loins begging for orgasm, accepting my fate of the continuous cock pleasing edging she exposed me too. I’d like to tell how she humiliated me one day. We went to the beach with her older sister and she teased my cock all day leading me on to expect that a ball draining blowjob could happen at any moment. Her slutty actions, comments and body language all day had my precum wetting the front of my bathing suit. I had to hide my fully to semi hard cock from the public and especially her sister! bahis siteleri The wet precum would draw attention to the front of my bulging bathing suit. To further humiliate me we went to her aunts house so I could meet her for the first time. There was no hiding my wet stained bulge from anyone. Later that week she broke up with me and I later found out she had sucked off an older guy that same week. My next girlfriend I had to train how to suck off a cock. By now my life was based around when I could my next blowjob. When I wasn’t manipulating Ex 2 into sucking my cock all my free time was spent jerking off to blowjob porn. She never really got it her suction was never right. I was so spoiled by the precise cocksucking of Ex 1 that Ex 2 would never suffice. Except the one time we left class together and she pulled me into an empty stairwell. She unzipped my fly and whipped out my hardening rod, bent over and wrapped her lips around my head. I was so excited and turned on by the spontaneity she only had to bob her head like five times and my semi hard cock was unloading in her mouth! Ex 2 always swallowed. It was very convenient with all those car suckoffs, we never had to cleanup because after my load would fly, she would pause, slurping my load until she swallowed every last drop. My softening rod would slip out glistening from her mouth, and I would just zip up, satisfied and relaxed. It was Ex 3 that solidified my addiction to blowjobs. Her boyfriend before me was black and she never hid the fact that she loved sucking off big black dicks. She was also very bossy so my cuckold fantasies began with her. It took me about a year of blowjob “coaching,” you know, “suck harder, cup my balls, more pressure, don’t let me cum yet, lick my balls”, etc.; before she became an absolute blowjob pleasuring machine! At first it took a little coaxing, “I’m so horny, can I have just a quickie blowjob?” til eventually, I was whipping it out wherever and whenever I wanted! She would ALWAYS pull out her perfect perky C cups so I could fondle them while her pretty face and tight lips would bob up and down on my swollen purple member, cupping my nutsac with one hand while her other hand twisted right under my swollen glans, her hot tight wet mouth exacting absolute perfect suction while her strong tongue flitted about my head, building me to the moment right before orgasm, in approximately 5-7 minute increments. She would allow my almost peaking orgasm to subside while she licked furiously under my nutsac, or proceeded to give my taint a hickey, my cock never waning from full erection, throbbing purple head and canlı bahis shaft glistening with spit! Then she would start up the ultimate pleasure process again! Usually after 4 cycles of mind blowing head, around 20 minutes to a half hour, I would be delirious, practically drooling, my voice a begging whine, “PLEASE LET ME CUM NOW…” Then the moaning would start, coaxing some of the longest orgasms in terms of duration, cock spurting gooey white load after gooey white load until my cock (and entire being really) experienced the ultimate in pleasure! She never swallowed BUT would let my cock and balls drain entirely into her mouth. However long it took she would gather every drop into her mouth that by now was just this sloppy wet sucking reflex. To make the ultimate blowjob even hotter she would always let me watch her spit out the load! Out the car window, in the sink, on the floor, on my belly, into a napkin, in the woods, in the toilet; my sperm was spit everywhere, over a thousand times over the course of 3 years! After her, my addiction to blowjobs was complete, and completely consumes my sexuality even to this day. The chick after her had the juiciest set of dicksucking lips you could imagine! Unfortunately she wasn’t a cocksucker BUT she would let me jerk off and shoot my load in her face! I’d love putting my fully erect rod in front of her pretty face and those juicy lips would suck my nutsac while her spit and my precum would lube up my head. I’d rub circles around my swollen head edging my cock to orgasm relishing the sight of my hard cock in her face. I’d grab her hair on the back of her head as my cock would shoot a gooey load across her face. This eventually turned into a fetish which you can enjoy in my picture galleries of hard cocks in pretty girls faces! One time she borrowed her brothers car and we parked in front of my house, I whipped out my cock and demanded a blowjob to orgasm. I slumped back in the drivers seat my gaze fixed on her dick sucking lips slowly bringing me to orgasm. When I shot my load it squirted all the way into the back seat and hit the ceiling! The bitch after her wasn’t the prettiest but she was a total fucking nympho! She told me how she loved watching porn with a vibrator so I immediately went out and bough her a “pocket rocket”. It was a tiny high speed vibrator. We would go out and I would pull the car over somewhere inconspicuous. She would pull my pants AND her pants around our ankles, whip out my cock AND the pocket rocket and get to work! I would get scorching blowjobs, the whole time the vibrator buzzing on her clit, her moaning in ecstacy with güvenilir bahis a big dick in her mouth and the pocket rocket bringing her swollen clit to orgasm. She would time our orgasms perfectly, sucking furiously as she edged herself to orgasm, making sure my load would squirt as she climaxed! Although I preferred to be submissive while getting blowjobs, she would allow me to be dominant whenever I wanted. Sometimes before leaving the house, I would whip my cock out of the zipper, grab her head, and use her mouth to masturbate a quickie load out of my cock! She would adjust her mouth and lips in a sucking position, I would stick my swollen cockhead in her mouth, grab her by the hair and she would get a perfect vacuum going with her mouth. I would grab her hair and neck and push and pull her head in an orgasm building rhythm quickly shooting my load that she always swallowed. The pyscho slut after her was one of my all time favorites! Eyes rolling in the back of her head, moaning suckjobs! Whenever the mood struck her, my fly would be unzipped, she’d whip out my cock, and furiously start bobbing her head, moaning in ecstacy as my swollen rod pulsated in her mouth, not slowing the pace for even an instant until at last she had a gooey load spraying into her mouth! One day, she sat me on the couch, undid my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down around my ankles. She then took out her phone, dialed her ex boyfriend, put him on speakerphone, and laid it between my nutsac and her mouth on the couch between my legs. My rod stiffened in excitement as she said she just wanted to say hi during her lunch break. They had a tumultuous relationship so she just goaded him while I watched my swollen purple head get tongued in between their inane banter. She would take my head in her mouth and bob while she “mmhmmhed” him in response to his questions. THE HOTTEST BLOWJOB OF MY LIFE!!! She would take the cock out of her mouth to give a nasty reply and give me a look like, “this guy is such an asshole” and her eyes would roll in the back of her head as she went down again edging me closer and closer to orgasm! My orgasm was now dependant on their combative conversation so the more she worked him up, the more he argued, which allowed her more time to work on my cock. After some serious slurping he got suspicious and questioned, “what are you doing?” She quickly shot back, “having lunch remember!” with my stiff and swollen purple prick all shiny next to her face. By then my orgasm was hanging on by one or two more head bobs! I mouthed the words “don’t stop” so she got to work her eyes getting real big as my load launched against her tonsils! She gave one last moan and curtly said to her ex, “I have to clean up now and get back to work.” She hung up and I savored every moment of what was to be probably the dirtiest blowjob of my life!

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