cuckold lifestyle 19


cuckold lifestyle 19Being a cuckold husband is well sometimes the most exciting thing you can do in a marrage. My wife is very good at getting the most excitment for me out of each side dick she lays. Some times I have no idea she is off fucking due to me at work or busy doing something at home. When that happens I always get the pie when she gets home. But what she loves to do is let me know she is about to go fuck one of my friends but do it in a way that I can’t ask any questions. This way always works and it’s the hardest on me so she loves it! It always happens on a rainy day, see I have this buddy Keith , he runs equipment for a construction company. Well when it rains they don’t work. So what my wife will do is come by my work just about lunch time , she knows I can’t leave for lunch so she’ll just hang around and guess who always shows up ( because she called him to meet her there ) yep Keith. Most of the time if it’s warm that day she’ll have on a pair of terry cloth shorts and usally a wife beater with out a bra. Her 34 B’s don’t need to be held up. She makes sure I see her nipples are hard when shes talking to Keith, and then she’ll come up with some lame ass excuse to have to leave , Keith always hangs around for a few minutes to keep my employees canlı bahis from guessing whats going on, yeah right they aint that stupid, they just know better than to fuck with their paycheck writter. Then he’ll leave, and I know where he is going. Sometimes I’ll mess with them and call the house just about when they should be getting started. I always “star sixty eight” the call so she can’t look at the caller ID. It rings a long time but shit I let it ,till she picks it up. I love it when she sounds out of breath, I’ll ask her ,where you out side and had to run in to get the phone or where you busy fucking Keith? She laugh when I say that, see Keith don’t know I know. She’ll say yeah thats right , I wasn’t outside. That way he don’t know….all I’m doing is torturing myself, But I can’t help it. I’d be lieing if I said it don’t bother me at all that she’s home fucking while I’m at work. I a kinky son of a bitch, I want to watch her. But she won’t let me because all but one of my buddies that fuck her don’t know I know. Tim is the only one that knows. I asked her to fill the others in and she said NO, I like fucking without you watching. On days like that it seems forever for five to roll around. Once at my shop after we had closed I stayed late bahis siteleri to work on a friends truck. He has met my wife but he had never fucked her at this time. I called her to let her know why I wasn’t home, I don’t want her to worry about me. Anyway she said OK, then a half an hour later she shows up with a bucket of chicken and some soft drinks. She says I know you guys haven’t eatten so I brought you some food. Oh that’s nice my buddy says, but I’d like a beer with my chicken. I said me too, why don’t you go get some , after all I am fixing your piece of shit truck for you. Give me your keys he asked me, I start digging for them and my wife says I’m parked behind your truck , I’ll drive. So my pal and my wife head off to the beer store. So I’m here alone, I wash my hands and carry the chicken into my office so we can set down and eat. The beer store is only five minutes from my shop. Well thirty minutes later they pull back up, my buddy comes in but my wife drives off. I asked him where the Hell did ya’ll go? He said I’m sorry she had other things to do while we where out. Anyway we finished his truck about eleven o clock and I headed home. When I got there my wife was already in bed. I hit the shower and then butt naked slid in beside her. güvenilir bahis She was asleep or acting that way. I ran my hand up her leg and right into her pussy, It was a mess. Her thighs where wet and her pussy was all loose. I whispered , hey did you fuck some one here with our son in the house tonight? She said don’t be silly, NO I didn’t! Well then why is your pussy all messed up? She said ask that buddy of yours. I said no way he fucked you? She said that’s right I fucked him. He was freeked out the whole time. How did he act when he got back. I said he acted a little stange but I never thought he’d be the kind of guy that would fuck another guys wife. She goes on to say well he was the hardest guy I ever fucked and I don’t mean his dick. That guy didn’t want to fuck. She said I got his dick out and sucked it I thought that would do the trick but he was still scared, Well how did you get him to do it I asked. She said I pulled off my shorts and when he saw my shaved pussy he was mine! Where did you fuck I asked. She said in the high school parking lot. I said not space number s*******n was it? She said the only one I ever fuck in . Me and her when we dated she made me fuck her the first time in that space. Well I had a late night pie snack and went to bed. The next time my buddy rolled around I sinced he was nervous , I fucked with him and whats wrong with you? You fucking some body’s wife or something. I could hear his heart beating in his chest! LOL Life is good……

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