DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend – Part 15

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DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend – Part 15DeAnn’s Submissive WeekendChapter 15 – The final Chapter===================================================================As I stood there in the dark, bound tightly to the posts at the end ofRobert’s bed, I think I was close to yelling my safe word to Robert and Suzy whowere sleeping in the bed I was bound to. I really didn’t want to use thatword, but I was thinking about it as I stood there spread out in the shape ofa big X.It was almost midnight and that marked the end of the first day of myweekend here at the mansion. It had been a very busy day. I’d been through somuch that it felt like a week instead of a day. Overall I felt like I had doneone hell of a good job as the new member of the family. I started wonderingwhat Suzy had to go through to get to where she is.Suddenly I heard a noise and looked over at the row of mirrors on the wall.The bedroom light came on, and as I watched, the mirror opened like a door;there stood Mark, my husband. He was smiling, and I was never so glad tosee him as I was right then. A safe room with a one way mirror. Mark hadwatched the entire time.Robert had turned the light on and was laying there smiling too. It becameobvious that this was a pre-planned conclusion to my first Saturday night atthe mansion. Wow, I was feeling better now that I realized I had passedtheir test with flying colors.Suzy got out of bed and began taking the ropes off my ankles as Markreleased my wrists. It felt so good being able to move again, and I fell intoMark’s arms; he gave me a big hug then said, “I’ll wait until you’re cleaned upfor a kiss.”Suzy took me by the hand, led me to the bathroom and we got in the shower.A wonderful, hot shower. She was very attentive and washed my hair, soapedme up and gently washed my back. When were both fresh and clean Suzy grabbeda towel and patted me down.”You are the hottest babe we’ve had around here in a long time DeAnn,” Suzytold me as she blew dry my hair.This was yet another of Suzy’s many personas, and I looked at her andleaned in and gave her a long kiss. I told her, “I’ve never been with anybodylike you and I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of it. Well almost everyminute,” we both laughed.Robert’s bed was huge and Suzy and slipped under the satin sheets in themiddle of our two masters. Mark was on one side with me then Suzy and Robertwas laying on the other side of Suzy. Everybody, naked and cozy in the masterof the mansions huge bed.The light went out again, and I was asleep right away. I was really tired,but I felt so good about the way the day went; being sandwiched between Markand Suzy was really kind of special. Suzy and I were facing each other andMark’s arm was around me. Suzy gave me a quick kiss goodnight, and the lastthing I remember before dozing off was Mark’s big hand holding one of mytits.We slept in the next morning, and then Mark and I went down the hall to hisbedroom to shower and dress for breakfast. I found my clothes for thismorning laid canlı bahis out on the bed. I dressed in tight jeans, heels, matching blackpanties and open cupped shelf bra and a sheer white blouse. I put on extraheavy eye make-up and pulled my blonde hair back into a long pony tail. Ibrushed out my bangs and was ready to go. I felt happy and refreshed after a goodnights sleep and even though I was still a little sore, I was ready forwhatever this day would bring.Mark took my hand as we walked to the patio for breakfast. Robert and Suzywere already seated and Debbie was waiting the table dressed as usual in hersexy french maid uniform. All three of the Korean women at the house weredrop dead gorgeous.After breakfast, Robert talked about the mansion and how things normallywork. He said, “I place a high value on my girls here. Besides the generoussalary I give them they actually get days off and paid vacation each year andmany other benefits. They can leave anytime they want but they enjoy theirlives here and all three have been with me for a long time.”Mark added, “Robert also provides free surgical procedures which all threeof his Korean beauties have taken advantage of. The best breast enhancementsI’ve ever seen Robert.”Robert looked over at Mark and smiled, “Thank you, Mark. I do take pride inmy work. If you’d like to have me do any work on your lovely wife here, I’msure we could work something out. Maybe in lieu of cash we could have hercome and work for me. A trade of sorts. My services for her services?”Mark thought about it for a moment and said, “That sounds like a veryinteresting deal. I’ll get back with you after I decide which surgeries wouldbenefit her then and we’ll discuss the details.”Robert then said, “Sundays are usually pretty laid back Mark, so feel freeto use the pool , exercise room, or the dungeon. Make yourself at home. Suzywill be free to make sure your day lacks for nothing. I’d like to takeDeAnn back up to my office. What time we’re you planning on leaving today?”Mark smiled at me and replied, “I’ve got nothing else planned for today soI think around three this afternoon will work.”Robert extended a hand to me and I took it. As I stood up he said to Mark,”I’ll have her back here before three, ready to go.” Then he led me backinto the house and over to the elevator.Looking over at me he simply said, “Strip. Leave your heels on and let therest of your clothes drop to the floor.I quickly did as he said and then the elevator door opened and I followedRobert inside. We went up to the second floor and he told me, “I’ve got somephone calls to make. Drop to your hands and knees and follow me to my office.I said, “Yes sir.” and crawled behind him on the thick, plush carpet untilwe came to the end of the hall and he opened the door to his private officeand held it as I crawled in. Then he shut the door and locked it. I brieflywondered why I bothered to get dressed around here since my clothes seemedto end up in piles thru out the house but bahis siteleri I refocused quickly to what wasimportant in the here and now.”Crawl over to my desk slut.” He ordered. I did as he ordered and waited onhands and knees.”Bark like a dog.” He ordered.I obeyed him and make dog barking noises until finally he said, “Shut thefuck up and beg to suck my cock.”I started begging him saying, “Please may I suck you cock master, I promiseI suck it so good for you, all I want is to please you, sir. Please, daddy,please may I suck your magnificent cock? Please, Sir? I want to lick it andworship it with my mouth. I promise I won’t disappoint your sir. I’ll suckit so good for you. Please, Sir. Please let me have your hard cock in mymouth. Please. I’ll be a nasty slut for you. I’ll do anything you say sir.”Finally, he unzipped his pants and sat down in his chair. He picked up thephone and said, “I’ve decided to allow you to suck my dick but you bettermake me smile slut, or else.”I reached into his pants and pulled out his huge, hard black penis and slidmy mouth down on it and as I slowly sucked it he dialed a number andstarted talking to somebody about a delivery he needed done the next day. Hetalked and I licked his cock and his balls. I ran my hand up and down his shaftfollowing my mouth up and down. Slowly, running my tongue over his balls andthen sucking his sack gently and then up his shaft with my tongue again.Over the head of his hard cock I swallowed the length of his shaft deep into mythroat and left it there for a few seconds before slowly sucking my wayback to the head again. I wanted to give him the best blow jobs he had ever had.He continued talking on the phone but I knew he was getting close as Icontinued to work him with both hands and mouth. I heard him say, “Standby for aminute, I’m going to put you on hold.”Then he grabbed my hair and said, “Fuck yeah, suck it bitch.”It was about thirty seconds later he gushed and I swallowed and thenstarted licking, looking for anything I might have missed. He picked up the phoneagain and continued talking as I licked him clean.When he hung up the phone he looked down at me and said, “You really doknow how to suck dick baby.”I looked up and gave him a big smile. That was exactly what I had hoped hewould say. As we looked at each other, I was still licking his cock but itwas growing soft, he said, “Zip me up and climb up here on my desk.I did exactly what he told me to do and he got up and positioned me sittingup with my legs hanging off one end of this desk. He opened a drawer andgot out a few items. Next, he tied my ankles. My legs were open over the endof his large desk, feet still in heels, secured to the legs at that end. Thenhe stuck a ball gag in my mouth and secured it tightly behind my head.Robert grabbed my arms and pulled them up as he laid me back down on the desk.He tied my hands together at the wrists and then pulled tight above my headand secured to the other end of the desk. I was helplessly bahis şirketleri roped and spreadon the bosses desk.He sat down and made another business call as he squeezed one of my tits. Iwas here only to amuse him now and somehow I found that was really erotic.Robert continued to squeeze, pinch, and pull my nipples as he talked andmade several more calls.On the last call he made I heard him say, “Hello Keith, I’ve got a new girlthat I think would be fun down at the store. Yeah, I’m not sure when butI’ll bring her by sometime soon. Uh-huh, Yeah, she’s blonde, older, and knowshow to take orders. Ok, talk to you soon.”I’d been laying on his desk for about an hour now and after he hung up onthat last call he got up and walked to the end of his desk and dropped hispants. He was hard again and without any waste of time, he stuck it right intomy pussy. Grabbing me by the ass cheeks he started pounding me. Slammingthat big black dick in and out. All the way in and then way out.It felt so good. I bucked my hips and started to moan around the ball gag.Then I had an orgasm and I was pushing my hips into that cock, trying to getas much as he could give me. “Oh shit, Finally,” I mumbled through the gagas I came again. Fuck he had me bucking and arching my back like a cockstarved whore. It was wonderfulFinally, I was on my third, or fourth orgasm and he swelled and shot a loadinto me. Damn, I loved his cock. I hoped he’d spend the rest of theafternoon fucking me but as he pulled out he zipped up his pants and turned andleft the room leaving me dripping and still horny.About ten minutes went by and the door opened again and Robert’s three sonswalked in. I spent the next hour and a half being fucked by one thenanother and it continued through so many orgasms that I lost count and that didn’tinclude their orgasms, just mine.Finally the clock struck three and they zipped up and left without a fact they never said anything to me the entire time they were takingturns fucking me. It was just as well since I still had that ball gag in mymouth and couldn’t talk anyway. Boy did my jaw ache though.Suzy came in and untied me and had a black Harley Davidson Tee-shirt forme. She gave me a long, wet kiss goodbye and then said, “Mark is waiting outfront for you. Hope to see you soon Dee.” Then she winked at me and left.I put the Tee-shirt on, naked underneath and walked downstairs to meet myhusband. Mark was talking to Robert as I came out on the front porch wearheels, a Tee-shirt and a smile.I hugged and kissed Robert and thanked him for allowing me the honor ofspending a wonderful weekend at the house. Then I climbed on behind Mark and hefired up the Harley. I had to pull down hard on my Tee-shirt to make sure Idecent enough to hit the public roads and it was close but I managed tostretch it just enough.Away we roared. I had my arms wrapped tight around my man and I wascontent. The ride home went faster than I would have liked but as we rolled intothe driveway I was smiling. What an extraordinary weekend. Even the ride homewas a kick. At least five guys looked like they might have gotten whiplashlooking at us as we rode by.I love my life!-The End- (Of this story)Want Another Fantasy Story??

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