DIRTY OLD PERVERTSThis storey relates to me and a time when my life was so good, that I thought o would put pen to paper and tell you good folks about an incident that happened to me back when I was being used by dirty old men for there gratification.Ive told you all before about the 2 dirty old men that used me in various positions and the like over a 3 year period that I would never change in my life and is something im quite thankful for, well this incident is a follow on from them stories and involves the same people but with a little twist on that fact.I was asked by Ken if would run him down to Brighton to pick up some things from a friend of his who lived in that part of the country and Ken had lost touch with him over the years but they had made contact through another mutual friend.Well the day came and we set off along the coast road to Brighton, we found the address and knocked on the door, the door opened and this very tall man answered it and as soon as he saw Ken they sort of hugged and made pleasantries whilst walking in a very small ground floor flat.Once inside we were offered drinks and sat in the lounge drinking our drinks and Ken and the other gentleman who’s name was Alf were talking about old times and how they had lost touch with each other, not once did Ken introduce me to the other man when all of a sudden the other man said” well Ken is this konak escort the young man you were telling me about” yes Alf what do you think” not bad Alf said” but I want to see more, with that they totally ignored me again and carried on talking.Ken then said” I have what you asked for have you got what I want Alf”, with that Alf got up and went to a cupboard and produced a bag which he handed to Ken, Ken looked inside and said” great stuff here’s yours and proceeded to hand him a bag, I cant tell you what was inside these bags suffice to say it looked like magazines and videos, with that Alf said to ken” why don’t you take a walk Ken along the seafront for an hour, Ken said” fine I need some air and he got up and left looking at me as he did so, ” I went to get up and Alf said” not you boy you stay there and he followed Ken out of the room and I heard the door being closed and locked.Alf came back in the room and started to undress until he was totally naked sporting a very thick and veiney cock, I said ” I don’t know what’s going on here but im leaving to which Alf got up with me and then slapped me hard across the face making me fall backwards against the cupboard he then said” strip you dirty boy I know all about you and your sister, I was a little afraid but also turned on, I started to strip until I was naked and he commented on my young konak escort bayan cock saying” Ken was right you are a dirty little boy aren’t you” what are going to do to me ” im going to fuck you like the dirty little boy you are now go into the bedroom, I went into the bedroom to find a dirty mattress on the floor, fucking hell I thought not another one, Alf produced a chair and sat down on it and pulled towards him and he started to slowly wank my cock backwards and forwards, “your a dirty little boy aren’t you I love dirty little boys, that’s why I can no longer teach, which planted a seed in my head he then started to Lapp and lick at my cock which by now was really hard and throbbing, he then bent me over his knees and pulled my arse cheeks apart and was probing fingers in my arsehole saying” you have a tight boy cunt which I can see has been used before “do you like it being used “yes sir I do” he then started to lube my bum then stood me up and said “straddle my lap to which I did and he then forced me down and his big cock pushed inside me and he started lifting me up and down ion his cock” he then was talking dirty saying” you like being fucked and used by dirty old men don’t you Nigel” yes I said and he started wanking and pulling at my cock which was leaking spunk,” do you like watching your sister being fucked by dirty old escort konak men to because one of the videos ive given Ken is your sister being used by me and some friends when she stayed here last month, this sent me over the edge and I started to spurt spunk everywhere Alf then pushed me forward so I was on the edge of the mattress and started to really fuck me hard calling me a whore and that my parents must be stupid not to know that there offspring were being used by dirty perverts to use when they liked, he then asked if my mother would like to take his cock and that ken was working on using my mum and turning her into a dirty fuck whore for other dirty men to use like me and my sister.It was at this point that he said he was cumming and started to spunk in my arse, he produced a lot of cum and then made me suck him clean before telling to get dressed.An hour later Ken came back and he got his stuff together and we left, in the car driving back Ken said” did you enjoy being fucked by a teacher young man” i didn’t speak” you know he has fucked your sister don’t you him and some friends used her last month and I cant wait to watch what they done to her” I said what’s this you are working on my mum Ken” well young man I was thinking now that your parents have split up your mother must be frustrated so why not get her into my flat and use her cunt to” I bet you would like that young man wouldn’t you” please Ken don’t do that” ill do what I like and I like your mother and so would my friends.That’s another storey which I will tell one day but ken and his dirty friend invited her round for drinks and got her drunk more to follow.

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