Distracted at work.


Distracted at work.Like filthy stories? then let me tell you one.Back when I was working as a carpenter in a house in North London, I got to know the house cleaner rather intimately. She was a georgous, tiny 42 year old single mum and she had a filthy mind. She knew I had the hots for her and teased the shite out of me at every oppertunity. Sally (not real name)was telling me one day about how she spent her last night with her boyfriend before they split up. Cut a long story short, she was sucking him off while crouched right over his face, licking the tip of his glans, jerking him off, etc, and all this time he has’nt venteured near her pussy once. Not once. Sally was expecting no less, so as it was their last night together, she decided to üsküdar escort give him something to remember her by.Once he started to get close to cumming, she stuck her pre lubed finger right up his arse. “I kept beckoning him with my finger while he came, and I milked that asshole dry” were her exact words.By this stage I was just about ready to come myself, and it showed. Sally laughed, gave my tent pole a light slap and walked past me to the toilet. I could not stop looking at her backside moving under her light cotton skirt. She was only 5ft but had the most beautifully muscled calves and moved so lightly. Once she was in the loo I crouched down, reached into my shorts and fingered my own tuzla escort anus while gripping my cock. And then she opened the door. Out of loo roll, Could i get some from the store? No worries, dear.I get a couple of rolls and she opens the door a crack to get them. She looks at me, I look at her. I look down at her raised skirt bunched around her hips. “I have another problem” she says. This time I dont say a word. Still looking her right in her brown eyes, I get to my knees before her. One hand slides up her thigh and then around the bottom of her stomach, finally cupping her vulva. One finger starts flicking her clit rhythmically, while my other hand reaches around behind herto the small of her pendik escort back. Our eyes are still locked as My hand moves down between her cheeks and I rest one finger on her slightly domed anus. Sally now has both feet off the floor, supporting her weight with her hands. I move my mouth up to kiss her as I start to probe her anus and her pussy, the kiss gets deeper as now i’m taking almost all her weight with my hands. She breaks the Kiss, mouth still open as she looks down on me. She begins to take over the rhythm as her climax builds, and then she comes, almost silently, head thrown back, veins standing out on her neck and every muscle taut. By now my cock is like stone, the tip dripping with precum. Sally motions for me to stand up, and places the head of my penis between her lips fluttering her tongue over the top of it. I cant stand it any more and come hard in her mouth, gripping her hair. I withdraw, and I bend to kiss her, swapping the sperm between us untill it’s all gone.Well, is that the kind of thing you like to read?Let me knowCeltlander.

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