Express action: The Office Party


Express action: The Office PartyThe office party never got beyond the boring stage. They never do when senior management pretend they are just part of the team like the rest of us wage salary slaves. No share bonuses in the company for us. I think we were celebrating ten years of the international business in Sydney, so some bright spark decided it should be on the tenth floor.My heels were killing me. I wanted a relaxing spa bath. I needed some quiet personal down time after completing a deadline review just before six. And here I was clock watching at seven-thirty, thinking a polite exit would be okay at eight. I’d call up my recent fuckbuddy about ten I was thinking, when I got my second wind.I was drifting from group to group trying not to look obviously bored. How I ended up alone with two of the high flying young senior managers, James and Jason, yeah nearly interchangeable pricks, well it happened and they were talking shop. I thought Christ boys, at least sport or cars, or flirt with me or even be rude and see how I respond to a crass smutty joke. We could end up in a storeroom threesome. No, it was a new office layout, teams were in and hierarchy was out. Could have fooled me. I got slightly more interested as James mentioned décor and mood colours. But my etiler escort eyes and the corner of my mouth really did smirk, when Jason called the process, ‘Pimping the Workplace’. My usually controlled at work dirty mind escaped like a nipple slip.Oh I knew pimping a car from TV and the slang idea of making something cooler or better, but the grubby idea of procuring, soliciting, prostitution, a pimp living off the earnings; pimping a workplace; seriously; I imagined myself as a high class call girl working and servicing these two dudes.My face gave me away. James suddenly realised there was a young slut under a well cut navy blue dress and I could tell he didn’t give a shit about the look of the workplace now. Jason caught up too. What is it about sexual opportunity, the glint in a woman’s eye and guys going into instant cock led overdrive?I hadn’t realised how well located we were to get it off immediately. The cat was out of the bag or updating it,pimping the expression, my pussy was about to be knickers free. I sidled left and backwards into the photocopy room, the two guys following like puppies on a very short leash.Sex in the photocopy room, well I’d have called it a porn fantasy myth until it happened to ümraniye escort me. Oh, there is a hard copy of my arse printed out of the machine, but wait for it.It was speed sex. God the door wasn’t even closed. We were in the alcove by the shredding machine. Quite apt actually. They literally shredded my dress, bra and panties off me, like roughly peeling a banana. Nothing put on their ‘bananas’ though, dirty buggers, no condoms, but I was too trash randy to care. Pregnancy precautions; always the girl and her trusty pill.Shit I was squeezed between the pair and I loved it. Cock nuzzling into my body front and back. My tits getting sampled. My neck nibbled. My pussy fingered. My arsehole poked. My mouth caroused by tongue. Both my hands full of cock. Good sized peckers too. My earlobes licked.Nothing planned. It all just happened. Cocks look good poking out of well cut suit pants. I was bent over by Jason to suck his rod and the smutty bugger James eased his dick straight into my pussy from behind as my head went forward sucking cock and my body went forward too, filled with cock. Then I was chasing cock forward and rocking back on cock behind me.Geez both bastards were in me deep. They would have met in the sarıyer escort middle of me if they could. I was a perfectly balanced conduit for cock. A double fluid channel. My mouth swamped by salvia drenched cock. My pussy juices giving James cock the ride of its life. Oh fuck I felt good, especially as he also fingered my arse.It was all a blur of hasty action but I was aware of it all. I was a double duct of pleasure. My mouth and pussy making me so happy together. I just accepted it as stunning as they swapped over positions; my body was like a busy thoroughfare for peckers. A freeway for my growing orgasm. My entire body a transit lounge for cock.James jagged his prick into my mouth like it was his private pleasure chute. Jason at the same time gouged his cock like a spear straight into my unexpected arse. How my rear chamber expanded so wonderfully quick to accommodate his stiff rod, I still don’t know. I realised later I was fully slut relaxed.My arse was a canal of unrefined buggerised ecstasy as Jason creamed it. My mouth became a sluice of salvia and cum, as James emptied himself in my gob and insisted I swallow. Of course I did.“Umm” said Jason sheepishly, “Your arse please, on the photocopy machine.”Guys, boys, dudes; they want it all.“Sure” I said, “Help me up.”And there I was; my cute arse getting warm from the flashing copier light and the glass getting a good smear of my girly juices and Jason’s jizz.“Oh press it twice more” I said.I got off, redressed, and we all snuck out of the dying office party.Private revelry at my place instead, starting with three in the spa bath

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