F is for Fantasy


We’d only been married a short time, though we’d each been married before. And we’d made a promise to one another, both having suffered through the pains of rejection. Simply put, life was too short not to explore and enjoy our hearts desires.

I had told Carol early on that regardless of whatever fantasies she might have, I would do my level best to see that each and every one of them was fulfilled. Similarly, she had made that same promise to me.

It had started out as nothing more than a suggestion, but we both thought it might be fun to see where it led, see how it went. And if we held to our promises, then we both felt it would keep that fire, that passion we’d so missed knowing and having alive.

“So baby, what do you think?” she’d asked.

“I like it,” I told her. “But it will only work if we both commit to doing it,” I explained.

“I will if you will,” she purred suggestively. I was already becoming aroused at just the thought of doing this before we’d even begun.

“Ok, the blue slips are for you, the pink one’s for me.”

“Naturally’, I laughed taking the five neatly cut squares of paper Carol had made for me as she took five of the pink one’s for herself.



“Not that you need any help doing this, but maybe we should fill them out naked, if we’re even more aroused, excited as we do this, then perhaps we’ll be more open and honest about what we put down.”

I liked her idea.

There were few rules, though there were some. We’d discussed these before hand, agreeing to honor them, otherwise we both knew this would fail. There would always be five slips of paper in the jar from each of us. If one was drawn, another must be written to replace it. Another being that we must both draw at least once a month, though frequency wasn’t an issue, something which had both made us smile and laugh wickedly.

Like kids anxious for presents, we pondered the concept of secret pleasures being shared. But the biggest rule perhaps, was in agreeing sometimes a fantasy was just that. A fantasy.

We agreed to be open enough, if indeed we were bold enough, to put our most secret desires on paper. It didn’t mean they would ever be realized. It was a built-in failsafe perhaps, just because Carol or I had a desire or wish, didn’t mean it would be the others. Nor that it would ever be fulfilled. It might in fact remain forever within the realm of our “fantasy jar” as we now called it. But it was also to be understood, don’t put in the jar what you don’t want to happen either.

Seeing her write, watching her nipples harden with obvious excitement as she did was a bit of a ‘mini’ fantasy itself. I enjoyed it whenever I could convince her to simply stay naked, even doing mundane chores around the house, and though she looked upon herself with imperfections, I saw none of those. Seeing only the beauty and allure that had caused me to offer her my heart and soul in the first place.

“What are you doing?” she asked taking notice of me as I sat staring at her. “I thought you’d have all of yours written by now,” she said with a flush growing within her cheeks.

I laughed. She was obviously aroused, whatever she had written, regardless of how simple, or perhaps how detailed her desires might be. The fact she was so willing to write them, in order to share them was a luxury I was enjoying and seeing.

“I’m still thinking,” I offered lamely, as though I didn’t already have a head filled with naughty little desires.

“Yeah right,” she grinned back. “Come on,” she coaxed anxiously, “We agreed Ron, we’d give this a try.”

I wasn’t having a problem with that, I had already made a promise to myself, no matter what she had written, no matter her desires, how silly, how ‘out-there’ or even how decadent they might be. I had vowed to myself, and silently to her, I would indeed fulfill each and every one.

Having said that to myself, I finally put pen to paper and began to share with her, even if it wasn’t to be known immediately my hearts most wicked thoughts.


We’d drawn cards to see who would go first, a precautionary measure from springing any planned surprises simultaneously, though the odds of that remote. Remaining flexible as well, swapping turns as it were should the circumstance or opportunity to do something thus taking precedence.

I had drawn her first slip, enjoying the curious look, which came into her eyes as I read it silently to myself. And though she knew it to be one of five that she had written, the secret of which remained with me as I digested her desire, already formulating its completion within my mind. I was grinning too. “This is going to be fun,” was all I said, as she grinned back, reaching into the jar.

Her first had been simple, perhaps a way of easing into the game. But it was never-the-less a fantasy, and I had every intention of ensuring it lived up to her every desire.


It couldn’t have been more perfect as it turned şişli rus escort out, both unexpected, as well as perfectly timed. Carol had come home from work, an unusually busy day where she’d spent the better part of it on her feet. And, it had been a longer day than usual as well. I’d arrived home well before hand, the brief call she had made telling me she’d be home later than usual giving me the time and opportunity I needed to put things into motion.

Her first “fantasy” written into few words simply indicated, she wished to be pampered, taken care of, and pleasured. Sure…perhaps it left a lot of wiggle-room. I could have taken license with it perhaps as well, but written as simply as it had been, so did I believe a simple response to be the correct one as well.

She looked tired upon arriving home, and though giving me an affectionate greeting and kiss, headed upstairs almost immediately after to change. I followed. Slipping off her shoes, she turned seeing me standing beside her even as she reached to begin unbuttoning her blouse.

“Let me,” I said simply replacing her hands with my own.

“I need to shower,” she responded. It was a polite way of letting me know if I wanted to…she would. But also that she needed some time, some time to gather herself. Time to relax if indeed there was to be any intimacy between us.

I said nothing, only smiling as I continued to unbutton her blouse, slipping it off her as she then automatically reached behind to remove her brassiere. “No,” I said softly. “Let me.”

Again she acquiesced to my request, finally smiling, though again more politely than annoyed. She was never annoyed with my attentions, never that. But tired was tired, and that she told me in her simple look as she gave into my request.

I removed her bra. Then lowered my hand to unzip her skirt, turning it, then watching it fall around her feet as she stepped from it, once again her hands automatically reaching for the black satin panties she wore. My hands again replaced hers, wordlessly this time as she allowed me to pull them down, once again stepping out of them as she placed her hand upon my back for support. “Just give me a few,” she spoke softly. That need to relax so clearly etched within her face, the tone of her words, though the promise of ‘coming around’ when she had spoken being given within the same phrase.

Carol headed for the bathroom, and once again I followed. This time she shot me a brief though annoyed look. “I have to pee,” I explained giving reason.

Carol’s hand reached the door opening it, as she stepped into a whole new world.

It was already lit with at least two-dozen softly burning candles. The bath still exquisitely hot as I’d gauged her arrival perfectly. She turned smiling even as I crossed the room to press play on the CD player, filling the room suddenly with the sounds of soothing soft music. Beside her, the bath steamed with pyramids of bubbles still waiting. Gingerly, she slipped one foot into the near scalding hot water, allowing herself to adjust to it, beaming now as she turned, grinning.

“God I love you!” she stated, her look now not quite so tired, certainly far from annoyed.

Easing herself into the hot tub, she pulled the bubbles towards her like a comforting blanket, leaning back to relax as I joined her there, sitting casually on the toilet seat as I poured her a glass of wine.

I saw the exhaustion slowly vaporize away. The smile still spread across her face as she soaked, the bubbles playing peek-a-boob with her breasts. We sat for a time unspeaking, her eyes closed as the weariness finally soaked away. After a time, she sat up her hand reaching for the washcloth.

“Uh, uh,” I told her. “That’s my job.” I began to wash her back, soaping her first, massaging her neck and shoulders, rinsing, and then washing again. She leaned back, once again eyes closing as I began washing her feet, her legs, repeating the process over and over again though the effort certainly not needed for she was already squeaky clean merely from her soak. I ran the bar of soap now up between her legs, still watching her face, her eyes still closed in rapturous repose. Felt her spreading them slightly beneath the layer of snow-like white that yet hid her womanly treasures.

Though it was the bar of soap itself that first caressed, teased, sliding smoothly and easily up the openly displayed folds of her slit, it was my finger delicately probing as the soap now floated away which caused her to moan expectantly.

I now teased the tip of her clit with my finger, feeling her squirm. As she did, I watched the now rapidly flattening bubbles separate like breaking glaciers upon the high-seas as the furrow of her luscious femininity now came into view, the sight of my hand moments ago hidden beneath the surface, now erotically revealed as I continued to probe, stroking, even allowing my finger to trace an intricate pattern further downwards şişli türbanlı escort until coaxing, easing, and then sliding in… nearly as easily into the opening of her more than relaxed ass. “Oh fuck,” she purred soothingly. It wasn’t an urgent statement, but a very ‘caught by surprised’ relaxed one. I allowed my finger to wiggle in even further before introducing still yet another into her more than liquid quim.

There was no urgency to any of that either. Sitting on the edge of the tub though balancing somewhat precariously, I leaned over kissing her, the heat from her lips permeating the slightly cooler temperature of my own. It created an interesting sensation as cool met hot, her tongue flicking out to dance with my own as my fingers continued their slow agonizing assault of both pussy and ass. Though her body urged, coaxing if not imploring me to quicken my stroke, I refrained from doing so. Maintaining the same slow torturous caress that I’d begun with. As hoped and expected, I soon after felt her begin to tense, but not in of course in a bad way, but tense with hovering expectation as she lingered breathlessly on the precipice of orgasmic bliss. And still I continued to slow finger-fuck her, even as she began raising her pelvis upwards, the water now churning, beginning to slap playfully against the sides of the tub.

“Fuck…oh fuck Ron harder! Harder!” she begged. And still I did not. Still I continued that slow in and out motion of fingers, ‘twiddling’ them briefly as I probed before withdrawing, just as slowly, yet just as caressingly as when entering.

“Oh baby…oh baby!” she wailed suddenly, then came in a shuddering convulsion of such pleasure that the water appeared to be boiling.

Though the water had cooled considerably, and the once mountainous array of bubbles had now turned into spent remnants of wispy feather-like streamers floating atop the water, Carol remained soaking, still recovering from what had turned out to be one of the most powerful climaxes I’d ever seen her have.

“Be right back,” I half-whispered barely shaking her from her revelry. “Don’t go anywhere.” It was a compliment as I hurriedly left that she didn’t even bother to answer.

A precious few minutes later I returned, the terry cloth robe that I held still warm from the dryer. “Ready to get out?” I asked helping her up onto still as yet unsteady feet as she stood, slipping into the luxuriously warm robe. “And dinner is ready, whenever you are. I hope you’re hungry,” I said pridefully having made one of her favorite dinners.

I felt the exploratory caress of her hand as it slipped almost casually down the front of my shorts. “I hope it’s something that can be reheated,” she said nipping at my chest, her hands now busily engaged with my rapidly hardening cock. “Because right now baby, I’m hungry for something else!”

The reward of giving Carol the first of her fantasies went well beyond my own expectations. Soon after I lay in the twilight of unimaginable pleasure as her tongue, lips and mouth drove me to, and then beyond heights I had ever previously known.

# It had been a day of errands and shopping. Not that I minded doing that, because I didn’t. I enjoyed spending time, just being with Carol. And, she had a way of turning the mundane into something very, very special.

We’d nearly completed getting and doing everything we’d planned. The last stop, picking up a new DVD release for a movie we’d both been wanting to see. I was looking forward to an evening of entertainment, and popcorn. Although busy as was the case most weekends, I spotted someone pulling out just up a head much closer to the doors.

“No! Pull in over there!” Carol pointed all but grabbing the wheel. Half startled, I immediately cranked on the wheel parking the Jeep where she’d indicated. I thought perhaps she had spotted someone she didn’t want seeing her by the way she’d reacted. That was…until she grinned, reaching down already beginning to lift the tee shirt she’d been wearing over her head. “Surprise!” she smiled wickedly as the twin spheres of my own lusty desires spilled into view. And though my prick almost immediately took notice and began to grow, I couldn’t help but look around a bit nervously.

“Right here?”

“Right now!” she said matter of factly with absolute determination.

“Fuck!” I grinned glancing about me like weather radar suddenly gone wild.

Like a Banshee in heat, Carol tore at my belt, unzipping my fly. I would have been content to merely allow my cock to come free. But no, she wanted, needed more than that. As had I when I had first shared with her this very thought.

“Take them off!” she ordered, which I did. Now sitting with nothing on but a tank top, Carol leaned over a bit awkwardly perhaps, as her large magnificent breasts fought briefly with the gearshift as she sought for my straining cock with her mouth. I was looking everywhere at once, like some sort of şişli ucuz escort cock-eyed Helia Monster.

Somewhat relieved, I noticed that there were several open spots between the Jeep and any other vehicle. As Carol drew my cock deeply within her talented mouth, I allowed my hands to roam freely cross the surface of those wonderfully smooth soft breasts. The hardness of her nipples pressing against the palm of my hand, my fingers soon rolling her right one as she bent, enjoying the thrill of doing so while she slowly gobbled the length of my shaft up and down.

I’d fought to keep my eyes open, somewhat startled to see another car pull in, though not directly adjacent to ours, only one parking spot away. I quickly glanced to ensure the top of Carol’s head wasn’t making a brief but frequent appearance over the edge of the doorframe, glancing back towards the new arrivals as a young mother and daughter stepped from their car. Sheepishly I sat staring at her, which she noticed. Unsure of what to do if anything, the grin I new that appeared on my face had to have looked bizarre to say the least. All I could think of to do was wave as though I knew them. I was a bit surprised when the young daughter waved back, smiling, even as her mother quickly took her arm jerking her in the opposite direction heading towards the store, though not before throwing me a less than friendly smile.

All I could do was sit there and grin. Carol was driving me insane with this exquisitely torturous blowjob, not to mention the feel of those luscious full breasts filling my hand.

I came thunderously. And by that, I mean I groaned loudly, windows down, pleasure coursing through my ejaculating prick into Carol’s greedily sucking mouth. Even so, there was almost too much for her to take, near choking as she fought to swallow a great deal of it, finally sitting up knowing full well my decadent naughty side of wanting to see that white frothy cum filling her mouth. She smiled, and as she did two twin rivers of semen cascaded like summer falls from the corners of her mouth. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. I wanted to ball my fists, pound my chest, and in my best Cave-Man like voice, yell out “See cum! Me cum! See cum inside her mouth! Woo Woo me cum lots!”

Yeah, the beastly side had been released for a moment, and it took a good few seconds to reel the idiot back in.

Once I had done so, recollected myself, I watched somewhat disappointedly as Carol once again tucked away her luscious ta-ta’s. “Hey honey?” I questioned then continued. “Ah…as much as I love the look of a pearl necklace on you, you might want to fix that before we go inside.”

Carol pulled down the mirror on the visor above her for a quick ‘look-see’ then laughed. It wasn’t exactly a ‘pearl necklace’ per-say, more like a single pearl solitaire, albeit a rather large one however. Pooled perfectly between the gentle slopes of her breasts stood a droplet of semen, happily clinging to her breasts as though in some attempt to hide its purpose and reason for being there. I expected Carol to wipe the remnants of my orgasm away, perhaps even lick it off her finger in doing so. Instead, she merely grinned stepping out of the Jeep.

“Coming? Oh…that’s right, you already did!” she giggled, then stood waiting for me to join her.

“You’re kidding me!” I said slightly stunned. “You’re really going in there with that cum stuck between your breasts?”

“Ah huh!”

“What if someone sees it?” I asked her.


“So!” “So, so what? What are they going to do? Come up to me? Hey lady, did you know you have cum stuck between your tits? Why yes, yes I do thank you. Doesn’t it look nice?”

I had to admit, she had me there. “You’re really going to do this,” I stammered as we merged hand in hand, heading inside the store.

“Could be worse, could be leading you by the cock you know,” she told me.

She had a point there.


As I had hoped for, over time, and not very much time at all, Carol’s fantasies became bolder and bolder, more daring. I had been careful as well, not writing anything down that I thought might be a little too much for her to handle, let alone ever consider. So as such, whenever she had drawn one of my little blue slips of paper, she would read it and always smile afterwards as she considered my thoughts, already processing the possibilities in her mind. So far, she had yet to return one, always keeping the one she had drawn for completing during the allotted time frame.

As I tossed through the papers, finally picking out one of hers, I almost had to turn away to keep her from seeing the surprised expression on my face. This was obviously a newer one by now, and by the boldness she had demonstrated, though she’d left some of it up to me for further interpretation, it was obvious that Carol had finally turned things up a notch.

“My fantasy is this,” I began reading, careful not to give away the farm in my obvious excitement to this higher level of trust and shared fantasy. “I want to submit myself to you, for whatever you would have me do. Regardless of what it might be. You know my limitations, (for now)” she had parenthesized, “but know that I am willing to push the envelope…for you, only for you. Do what you will. I trust you.”

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