Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 6


Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 6Fam!ly Reunion – Chapter 6Wednesday, August 20River View Chiropractic was a single-story building that sat by itself among a small cluster of other health-related businesses. Tom was parked about a block away and had a good view of the small parking lot on the side of the building. It was 6:20 p.m. and a Lincoln Navigator pulled out of the parking lot and drove off in the opposite direction. Now, only Sara’s silver Lexis was left in the parking lot.Fifteen minutes went by and then Tom’s phone rang. He checked it. It was Sara. “Hello, Sara,” he said simply.”Hello, Tom. Are you close by?””Yep. You ready for me now?””Oh yeah, Tom. I’m ready,” Sara said in a sexy, breathy voice.Tom squeezed his groin muscles tightly, making his cock feel good. “I’m starting my car now. I’ll see you in a minute.”Sara unlocked the front door when she saw Tom coming up the sideway. She locked it again after he entered. When she turned around, Tom pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Sara, keys still in hand, placed her arms around Tom’s neck and pressed up against him as the kiss became more passionate.”It’s only been two days, but I must have masturbated six times thinking about tonight,” Tom said as he pulled his lips from Sara’s.Sara smiled. She was flattered. “Come on, this way,” she said taking Tom’s hand and pulling him towards a corridor.”What? Wait. I thought we were going to, you know, do it on your desk.”Sara smiled over her shoulder. “Another time, maybe. This is something else I’ve always wanted to do.” Sara led Tom into one of the treatment rooms.In the middle of the room was a padded, leatherette upholstered treatment table. Suspended at the foot of the table was a roll of paper that could be pulled up over the table, then ripped off and disposed of for each new patient who laid down there. There was no paper over the table now.”I wiped down the surface so it’s nice and clean. After we’re done, I’ll wipe it down again,” Sara said. She was excited to be doing this, fucking in a treatment room where she worked and, especially, to be fucking this handsome young man. Her body shivered just slightly with anticipation.Sara turned to Tom and embraced him, tilting her face up to him. She decided to be blunt and bold and, unlike some women, she liked talking “dirty”. Only she didn’t think of it as dirty, only as directly sexual or erotic. “You ready to fuck me in here, Tom?””You bet,” he said with a big grin. He liked her being so open with her language.Sara groped Tom’s crotch, feeling his cock, which was nearly fully erect. “I guess you are,” she said before pulling him down for another long, delicious kiss.Tom pulled his lips from Sara’s sweet mouth and began to kiss and nibble on her neck, still holding her tightly against his body. She moaned and rubbed her tits and hips against him. She loved having her neck kissed and bitten. “Ohhh, Tom,” she breathed out as his mouth maneuvered carefully around her dangling earrings to nibble on her ear.Tom, emboldened by Sara’s bluntness, decided to speak his mind to her. “Sara, I want to fuck you so much. Here, or anywhere. I want to suck on your pussy. I want to feel your mouth on my cock. I want to feel my hard cock fucking your tight, little pussy.” Then he kissed and nibbled on her ear again before going back down to her neck.Sara, head tilted up, eyes closed, moaned with pleasure. Her body shuddered with delight. Her pussy was definitely getting wetter by the second.”Ahhh!” she gasped. She pushed Tom back. Her eyes were wide, her pupils dilated. “Get undressed,” she said as she started unbuttoning her blouse. Next came her lacy bra. Tom had almost ripped his T-shirt getting it off. Then he unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and let them drop to the floor before kicking them off to the side. He looked up and saw Sara’s lovely breasts and couldn’t stop himself from reaching out to massage them. He bent down to kiss her on the mouth then moved down to suck and firmly bite each of Sara’s fat, luscious nipples, eliciting a string of gasps out of her.Tom stripped out of his boxer briefs and had trouble kicking them off to the side as he still had his tennies on. He quickly knelt down to untie his shoes strings. He looked up as Sara finished unbuttoning and unzipped her skirt and letting it fall to the floor and, like Tom, kicked it to one side.She smiled down at him. “You like?”Tom’s mouth fell open, then he grinned and nodded. “Oh, hell yes!” he said.This was the stuff of fantasies. Sara was standing before him in self-supporting, istanbul escort bayan black thigh high stockings and her shiny black stiletto heels and nothing else. She hadn’t been wearing panties. Tom’s cock throbbed.He forgot about his boxer briefs, shoes, and socks and kneeled, pressing his nose into Sara’s beautiful, bald pussy. He could smell just a touch of her perfume along with her wonderful womanly smell. He could tell that she was clean. The time between when the last car left and she called him, he realized, she must have gone into the bathroom to freshen up.As Tom’s nose and lips and tongue began to explore her pussy, Sara moaned. Her ass was against the treatment table. She shifted her weight, placed her hands on the edge of the table and levered her ass up on it. Then she leaned back, supporting her torso with her arms behind her and spread her legs.Tom inched forward on his knees on the rough commercial carpet. He didn’t even feel it. Now that he had open access to Sara’s pussy, he began making the most of it. His right hand came up and, with his thumb and first two fingers, he firmly pinched her outer pussy lips over her clitoris. His first lover, an older woman, had taught him this and a couple of other things on how to please a pussy.He pinched Sara’s pussy hard and pulled up then began roll his thumb and fingers back and forth in such a way that it stimulated Sara’s clitoris wonderfully without any direct contact on it. Then he began licking the sensitive spot just below her clitoris.”Oh my God!” Sara gasped. “Oh, fuck, Tom!” Sara had never had anyone do this to her. How could this young man know how to do something like this, something that was almost immediately feeling so good that she knew, if he kept it up, it wouldn’t take her long to come.But Tom didn’t keep it up. He tried to gage Sara’s level of arousal and when he thought she was getting close to orgasm, he stopped. He stopped pinching her clitoris between her pussy lips and he stopped licking her sensitive spot.”Ooo,” Sara moaned and then, almost immediately, “ahhh!” as Tom pursed his lips and placed them over her clitoris and began sucking, not biting, or licking, just sucking. At the same time, he slid two fingers through her very wet vaginal sphincter. He pressed down and in with great pressure. “Ohhh!” Sara exclaimed. Her vaginal muscles tightened up and then Tom relaxed. Then, when her pussy muscles relaxed, he pressed again, which again made her want to tighten her vaginal muscles.Sara couldn’t believe it. It almost felt like she was being fucked and on top of that was Tom’s wonderful sucking mouth over her clitoris.This went on for several minutes. Sara’s arms were getting tired, holding her body up. Her legs were tired from holding them up and wide open. But she was totally fascinated to watch her young lover manipulating her pussy so wonderfully. He would look up at her from time-to-time and, with his mouth still on her pussy, she could have sworn that he was smiling at her.Then it was happening. “Oh Tom! Oh Tom! Ooo! Ooo! Tom, it feels so good. Yessssss!” and Sara was coming, her body shaking, her legs quivering. “Oh yes! Oh fuck yes!” she cried out.Tom kept his mouth over Sara’s clitoris and fingers in her pussy, but not moving, just holding them there while her orgasm played out. Only then did he pull his mouth away from her delicious pussy. He pulled his fingers out of it, then sucked her juices from them. He was smiling.‘God,’ he thought, ‘I love doing that.’ To Tom, giving Sara sexual pleasure with his mouth was almost as good as fucking her… well, not quite. But it did give him a great sense of mental pleasure.Sara’s orgasm left her weak. Her legs were now dangling over the side of the treatment table. Her body laid back on it, with her shoulders projecting over the edge of it and her head lolling down. She lay like that for several moments, recovering from her climax, then she carefully, but quickly pulled herself upright. Tom was busy finishing untying his shoes, getting them, his socks, and then his boxers off.Sara smile and stood up just as Tom did. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him several times, and then one long, very wet, tongue twisting kiss. “Where did you learn to do that,” she asked. “No. Wait. Didn’t you say your first lover was an older woman?”Tom smiled and nodded.”But you did things I didn’t even know about.””It was a chance meeting. She was a porn star, or ex-porn star. Mature. But she was still pretty hot looking. And istanbul escortlar once she found out that I wasn’t put off by her age, in fact, attracted by it. Well, she decided to be my lover for a few months.””What happened?””I don’t know. I got an email one day saying she loved me, hoped my future would be bright, but it was over. I went by her apartment but she’d moved. She never answered my phone calls or my emails. After about three weeks, I got the message: It was over.””Well, she did good, Tom, because you did good.” Sara paused. “You want me to suck your cock now?””I’d love that, but I’d really like to fuck you, if that’s okay?””Of course it’s okay!” Sara looked a little embarrassed. “Tom, have you ever had anal sex with a woman?””With my first lover, the ex-porn star.””Of course. Did you like it?””Yes. Yes, I did. Why, do you want me to have anal sex with you?” Tom couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t met any girls who wanted to have anal sex, in spite of all the anal sex porn on the Internet.”Well, when Dr. Owens left, the last car to leave before I called you?”Tom nodded.”I took some time to, uh, well, to give myself a little enema and then clean up. I like anal sex and I know this is kind of early in our relationship. But if you’re okay with it, I would love to have you fuck me in the ass.” Sara gave Tom a wickedly sexy smile.Tom grinned a big grin. “Well, uh, yeah, Sara. I’d love to,” he paused and grinned, “fuck you in the ass.”Sara laughed and kissed Tom quickly. “I’ll be right back.” A few moments later she came back into the treatment room with a partial roll of paper towels and a small bottle of sexual lubricant. She set the paper towel roll on the treatment table and handed Tom the bottle. “You know what to do, right?”Tom smiled and put his arm around Sara to pull her close for a lingering kiss.Sara then turned around and got up on the table on her hands and knees. Before she could adjust herself, Tom quickly set the bottle of lube down and grabbed Sara’s ass. He began kissing and caressing it, as well as biting all around on it. He pulled back and looked at Sara’s little brown butthole and thought, well if she washed her pussy, she probably washed her asshole, too. He kissed her asshole, making her gasp in surprise. Then he began licking it and that made her moan. He kept this up for a few moments before straightening up.”Mmm, that was nice Tom,” Sara said, enjoying his hands and mouth caressing and kissing her ass cheeks and anus. Then she spread her knees wide apart bringing her ass down to where Tom could easily stand behind her and fuck her ass. Supporting her upper body on her elbows and forearms, she looked over her shoulder and grinned. “Is this okay?”Tom’s cock felt so hard it almost hurt from the blood pressure in it. He picked up the bottle of lube and squirted some of it directly onto Sara’s anus and rubbed it around for a bit before carefully sliding a finger in. He worked the finger around, pressing up, down, and from side-to-side, then he slid in a second finger. He fucked Sara’s ass with those two fingers for a while, pressing all around and deep as he could push them. Sara moaned and groaned as he did this.”Do me, Tom,” Sara spoke up. “Just start out slowly.””Right,” Tom said. He lubed up his cock, grabbed a couple of paper towels off the roll to clean off his hand. Then he stepped up and pressed the very large and swollen head of his cock right against Sara’s little butthole. Holding his cock at the base, he pressed slowly into her anus. His cock head started to mushroom at first, and his cock, as hard as it was, bent just a little before it began to slid through Sara’s tight anal sphincter. Tom was beyond aroused. This hot, horny, beautiful woman wanted him to fuck her ass, and now here he was doing it.”Oh yes, Tom, that’s it. Slow and easy,” Sara sighed.Slowly and easily, Tom’s cock disappeared through Sara’s now stretched anus until most of it was inside her. He loved the feeling of her tight anal muscle on his cock. She loved the feeling of the girth of his cock forcing its way through that tight anal muscle and keeping it stretched open.Tom began to fuck his cock, gently, just a short distance, through Sara’s asshole. As he kept this up, Sara moaned with pleasure saying “Yes, that’s it,” and “Oh Tom, your cock feels so good in my ass.” Tom began to fuck Sara’s ass with longer, faster strokes and Sara’s kept encouraging him. Soon, with Tom holding onto Sara’s hips, he was banging his cock fast and hard in and out of her istanbul escort ass. And Sara was all but screaming out how much she liked it, how good it felt to have him fuck her ass. And then she was coming, grunting, panting, her body convulsing. It took Tom by surprise. Here was a woman who not only loved anal sex, but she could get off on it. Now Tom was sure he never wanted their affair to end.He kept fucking her because, with her orgasm happening like that, Tom felt his own approaching quickly. “Oh fuck, yes!” he cried out. “Sara! Sara!” And then Tom was shooting a big load of his hot cum deep up inside Sara’s ass. The orgasm was intense and his body shuddered with pleasure. Tom realized, surprisingly, that Sara was having a second orgasm. One that came right on the heels of his. She was crying and panting, pushing her ass back hard onto his thrusting cock, getting every bit of it that she could inside her ass.And then it was over. Tom still held onto Sara’s hips, pressing forward against her firm ass cheeks, his cock buried deep up in her ass. His upper body was leaning back, head tilted up to the ceiling. He was panting, heart still thumping in his chest, and he was sweating. He laughed to himself, how a bit of sex could get one sweating. Sara shifted her body, pushing back against Tom’s hips and cock, still deep in her ass. She carefully lowered her legs down until her high heels touched the floor. She sighed and laughed and wiggled her ass. She pushed herself up off the table to stand upright. Tom’s hands came around in front of her, moved up to enclosed her breasts. He held her tight against his body. His cock was still in her ass, but it was getting soft quickly.”Damn, Sara!” Tom said. “That was fantastic!””Yeah, I kind of liked it, too. So now you know, Tom. I’m one of those women who actually like anal sex. Is that okay with you?””Damn, Sara! That was fantastic!” Tom repeated.Sara giggled. “Okay, I got the message. However, don’t think this is going to happen every time we get together, okay?”Tom gently massaged Sara’s breasts. He kissed her on the neck. She leaned back into him. “Yeah. Not every time. Just once in a while, though, right?””Mmm.” Sara was enjoying Tom kissing her neck and massaging her tits. “Right, once in a while.”Just then, Tom’s flaccid penis slid out of Sara’s ass, along with a gob of his semen. Tom gave Sara’s neck one last kiss before reaching for the paper towels. He tore off several, wiped his cock off, then got to his knees behind Sara. His cum was already oozing over the elastic top of her thigh high stocking and down onto the stocking itself. Sara leaned forward on the table and spread her legs. Tom wiped the cum off her stockings, following the trail of his cum on her naked thigh, and finally dabbed and blotted all around her anus, cleaning up all his semen. There was a blob of his cum on the carpet that he blotted up as best he could.When he stood up Sara had turned around. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips then stepped around him and went to a stand-alone cabinet. She opened it and pulled out a small plastic trashcan liner. Tom put the wad of paper towels in it.”Go down the hall to the bathroom and clean up,” Sara said. “I’m going to wipe down the table then I’m going to clean up too.”A few minutes later, Sara and Tom were ready to leave. She handed him the trash bag, now twisted and tied shut and shooed him out of the front door, saying, “There’s a dumpster in back.” Then she activated the alarm system, went out the door and locked it behind her.She met Tom at their cars. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her up to him. They kissed a long, sweet kiss. “When can I see you again?” he asked.Sara smiled and gave Tom three little kisses on the lips. “Soon,” she said. “I’m not sure but I’ll call you, okay?”Tom sighed. “I guess it’ll have to be.”Sara laughed. “What? Most guys would just be happy to have gotten laid… anal sex no less. And be on their way to their favourite bar to brag to their buddies.””Most guys, maybe. But that’s not me. Besides, any time with you is like a little time in heaven.”Sara laughed. “Oh stop.” But she was pleased, nonetheless. “I’ll call you tomorrow. You’ll have to suffer until then.” She laughed again then gave him another little kiss. Sara walked around to the driver’s side of her car and unlocked it with her key fob. She gave Tom a smile and a wink. “You’re hot, Thomas Reynolds.” And then she was getting into her car.‘Oh no I’m not,’ Tom told himself, then repeated what he used to say when he was a gawky, gangling freshman in high school when he’d see one of the hot chicks: ‘You’re so hot and I’m so not.’Of course, now, Tom knew that he was probably considered a bit above average in “hotness,” but Sara, in his mind, was way above average in “hotness.”

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