Filthy Warehouse Sex


Filthy Warehouse SexHe took her panties off the door handle as he left. I would have too. They were sexy and reeked of my wife’s pussy. I hadn’t realized he had her bra also. I couldn’t see it. She came out several minutes after he had split. She was taking small steps. Her clothes were on. Her hair was somewhat tussled, but not out of place. She sat in the minivan for a minute. She lit a cigarette. She usually only smokes when she drinks,but I don’t think she had had a drink yet. She tossed the smoke and split. Now to retrieve the evidence.Weeks earlier I had mentioned a fantasy that came to me. It was great;fun and unique. It would put my wife in a whore’s situation. I spent a few days thinking of the details and work involved getting things together. When I thought I had a good elevator pitch, I explained it to the wifey. She was reluctant, which I anticipated. I kept selling the idea over the next couple weeks. I used some sales tactics: sending flowers, buying gifts, giving in to her way. Finally persuasion won out. This fantasy was headed for reality.I began searching for a guy to fuck my wife. We are poly and she has guys on the side, but I wanted this to be a stranger to each involved. It took some time. I met with a bunch of guys, but didn’t feel the right vibe. I searched all over the internet. I finally met a guy claiming to be thick in size, but shy about me being involved. I told him I would not be with them. It would be he and my wife alone. We agreed to meet. He was an IT guy and it showed. He was overweight and dressed like a dork. We talked for a while, he was not outgoing in any way. I thought this would work out well, I didn’t want either of them talking… all. We went outside, I wanted to see the goods. He was apprehensive, but I told him no show no go. We went behind his car, (a nerdy Hyundai) and he pulled out his dick. He was wide, not just more than me (or most others), bursa escort he was wrist wide. He didn’t seem overly long, but he was nervous so some shrinkage was certainly at play. He won, he would be fucking my wife.Having waited out her period I set my plan in motion. She was to follow all directions given her via text. We get ready in the mornings separately. Usually she keeps the bedroom door somewhat closed so i can’t see what she’s doing or putting on. I told her to dress sexy, although she had to keep it legit for work. Her professional office environment couldn’t tolerate slutty. The following week her first text came through. “Make for easy access”. She had the bedroom door ajar while I got ready for my day. I listened for a few minutes, I’m such a voyeur. She came out wearing a new leather skirt. It was knee length, sexy yet sophisticated. She had on a shimmering satin top. Tight around her breasts, but covered well with a business sport coat. Her heels were well shined without being stripper height.She left for work. She received her next text, “this needs to be inside the backside”. In her work bag I had placed a new jeweled glass anal plug. Just to be an ass I bought the widest one they had. I didn’t give her a time frame. She didn’t know if this would be a lunch time rendezvous, after work, or what to expect. The day went on. I sent a couple random texts “be wet”, “get ready for crazy”, “you’re my whore”, “do as you’re told”.Towards the end of the work day I sent her some real instructions. “Go to the warehouse directly after work”. I work for a company with a few warehouses, there is one that we rarely use. We’ve fucked there before so she knew where I meant. I sent another “remove your panties,hang them from the door handle so I know you’re inside”. I left the door unlocked to the warehouse. Knowing she would be there soon, I sent ” go to the couch bend over the back. Face bursa escort bayan the wall with your legs spread”. I let a few more minutes pass. “Do not speak. Cum,moan,scream, but DO NOT TALK!” I looked at my watch, I sent the last text “It may or may not be me”.I had told him my plan last week. He was reluctant so I took him over one afternoon and showed him around. I explained the entire fantasy in detail. He was to arrive in the evening. He would know all was good if her panties were on the door handle. He seemed at ease mostly about the no talking rule. I was adamant, do whatever you want but DO NOT TALK. Go in, fuck her and leave. The easiest score in a lifetime!I retrieved my go pro camera I had hidden in the warehouse. I was parked across the street in a parking lot next to a few cars. I was diligent about remaining incognito. Tonight I was the puppet master, pulling the strings, making her perform. I sent her another text. It was a shopping list. That would keep her busy so I could get home and review the footage. I couldn’t get home quick enough! She arrived an hour later. She was still taking small steps. She didn’t have on her sport jacket,she was obviously braless. I said “wow, everyone got to see those jiggle around, huh”. Her wide nipples were erect and it looked as if one had been wet. She put my requested purchases down. ” I’m not even sure what happened. What the fuck did you have on?” I chuckled and hit play.She gasped when she saw herself. Our nervous new friend walked in slowly. He looked around making sure they were alone. He approached her. He kept staring quizzically. I guess he didn’t know what to make of the big amethyst blocking the wifey’s asshole. Her cheeks are large so it tucks in just so perfectly. He unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to the ground. He instantly started pushing into her pussy. Luckily she was wet anticipating the hookup all day. “Unngh uhhhh escort bursa oh ow ow ungh oh no unnnnngh” She was making sounds I hadn’t heard before. He was in and she was uncomfortable. “Uh uh uh uh goddammit oh oh aw aw aw aw” he was pumping. She was taking it. Her face contorted, but ecstasy kept her going. She stared to orgasm. Her moans turned to short deep breaths until she started holding her breath as she squeezed in orgasm. “AH…….Ah uh huh uh huh……AAAHHHHH” she screamed. He was pumping hard, he was slapping into her cheeks. She alternated between grunts and moans. Then she began screaming just out loud shrieking. He kept banging, he was like a machine. He said he didn’t get laid often and most women didn’t want to deal with his size a second time. I felt like I was doing him a favor. She began grunting, almost like a pig. Her eyes rolled back and she seemed almost to shut down. Her body just kept shuddering with each thrust. She began drooling, she wouldn’t even close her mouth. He had pushed her blouse up reaching for her tits. In his only unmanneristic action he ripped her bra off. He then clamped down on her tits hard. She kept making sounds I hadn’t heard. He finally grunted miidly and came with no great fanfare. He pulled up his pants then inhaled as if to speak but he stopped without saying a word. He put the bra in his pocket and left. She just laid there, over the back of the couch. She literally took a few minutes to stand up and come back into reality. I could see her tits. They were leaking! He had fucked her so hard she lactated! Both of us were surprised! She pulled her blouse down and walked out of screen.I instantly jumped her. I pulled out her butt plug and fucked her asshole hard. I talked down to her like a filthy whore the entire time. Eventually she squirted, I didn’t slow my pumping at all. I grabbed her hair and spun her around. I jammed my dick in her mouth just in time to cum in it. I held her mouth closed and pinched her nose so she had to swallow to breath. It was the hottest sexual event we had done together, ever!Our new IT nerd friend will have to join us again sometime.

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