FIRST NIGHT WITH MOMIt was the shifting of the bed which woke me from a light and dreamless sleep. I looked over and saw my mother sitting on the edge of the bed, glowing softly in the moonlight that spilled in through my window. I turned myself over and sat up. I saw now as my face was closer to hers that she had been crying. I held her beautiful face in my hands, brushing away the steam of tears away from er cheek.”He’s left,” she said.”Who?” I asked, still somewhat drunk from sleep, but it quickly dawned on me and I smiled.”Good riddence,” I responded after a brief pause.I moved my hand slowly down her long slender neck. She was wearing a sheer nightgown with a very deep neckline and appealingly highlighted her weighty breasts.With my fingertip I traced the words I LOVE YOU.Mom blushed but did not restain my hand as it advanced closer to her breasts, my thumb now slipping into the deep cleavage. Just beneath I could feel her heart racing.”We can be alone now,” I whispered in her ear.The only remaining obstacle was Mom’s inhibitions, but she was well aware my own feelings and felt absolutely no shame in them. For years now we had flirted with varying degrees of intensity as her marriage to my father faded. She became a prisoner of her desires which most of the time had to be poorly satisfied with a vibrator I bought for her as a brithday present and which she kept haidden in my room. I specifically chose a waterproof model that she could bring with her in the bathroom canlı bahis and pleasure herself as she showered. There came a timid tap on my bedroom door and she slipped in to retrieve the contraband appliance. She smiled sadly as she left the room. The pleasure was empty and fleeting. (“I miss the weith of another person against me. The touch and smell,” she explains. “Masturbation is a poor substitute.”)I now was in the position to rid her of that emptiness and take my father’s place as a superior lover. Whenever he did fuck her (not make love) it was usually adriot and without passion and he seemed to do it merely as an obligation.”I want to make you happy,” I said, my lips grazing her cheek.”I’m still so afraid,” she said and moved her head back fractionally.I gently took her hand and guided it under the bedsheet and laid it on tent in my pajama pants. There was a momentary resistance and her breath quickened, but then her fingers bagen to curl around my erection. She was still very conflicted on the emotions spinning in her head.”There is no ease way,” I told her.”We are different from other mothers and sons.””Is this wrong?” she asked after a lengthy silence as she slowly gathered her thoughts. She shook her head slightly and her eyes turned down towards her hand wrung my erection.”No,” I answered her question with a little smile.She suddenly drew her hand away and she looked at me. Her mouth moved but no audible words could be made out.I drew a little closer.”**** bahis siteleri me,” came a tiny whisper of a voice.”What?””**** me. It has to happen ths way. PLease. Yes, I love you and I ache for you but I can’t do it willingly. Not now. You have do get my past that fear. Do you understand?”There was a strange expression on her face, tears flowing freshly down her face. I attempted to kiss but she twisted her head away until I held it firmly in my hands and kissed. Her lips were tight and impenetrable. I pushed back down onto the bed and ripped open her nightgown; the thin fabric was no great obstacle and her mom’s white fleshy tits leapt free.She continued struggling and thrashing about on the bed while I removed the remaining shreds and tossed them aside. All this had to be accomplished with one hand alternating with another as I held her flat down. She attempted to flee but I seived her by the waist and shoved her down.There was no time to appraise the lovely body before me as I worked my hand between her legs and prised them apart and began fingering the pussy buried under a dense nest of dark pubic hair.I tried to be very mindful as to how much force I was applying and did not wish to hurt mom in any way. I felt a slight ebbing of her struggle as I continued fonling her cunt, pinching the swollen clitoris between my thumb and forefinger. The pleasure seemed to begin to seep through the mask of shame that was quickly crumbling. My fingers advanced deeper and güvenilir bahis carrassing her vaginal walls.While this went on I was stroking my own cock and positioned her for penetration, but once she sensed this her struggled resumed and I had to pin her legs firmly down and with one thrust thrsut my engorged cock deep into mom’s cunt. She let out a sharp cry and her body arched up off the mattress. I was afraid that I had hurt her and for a brief moment I considered stopping bt I overrulled this thought and continued fucking her until her body became soft and docile. Again the pleasure glowed on her face.I no longer need to hold her legs down; mom wrapped them around my back as I continued pumping into her, my energies beginning to flag. I had never had such a sexual encounter in all my life that required such a taxation of my physical and mental faculites.Mom groaned and sighed and wriggled her body beneath mine. We we both saturated with sweat and the slippery sensation it created was quite wonderful, but now I felt the unavoidable reward swiftly approaching and pulling my cock out and shoot my load over her shimmering torso. Mom reached over and wrung my cock dry of a few remaining trickles of sperm.Her face was suddenly illuminated by a bright sweet smile.”Thank you, my love,” she said, holding my cock as I began to wither away.Once we regained our strangth we made our way into the bathroom and stepped into the shower stall. Mom was a bit timid about walking around naked through the apartment and reached for a robe before I restrained her.”No shame,” I whispered to her. “You are beautiful.”She smiled at me and little tear ran down her cheek as she kissed me warmly and deeply.

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