Fix My Car, Drive You To Orgasm


I pulled up outside the old building, my chevrolet was dying on me. The engine was going to shit, so I needed to take it to a mechanic. I’ve been running low on money, so I had to find a cheap one. I managed to find a mechanic that would fix the engine for $50, which is the cheapest I had seen. It was a dilapidated building, the sign barely visible due to the loss of letters and dirt running across it. This was the place, out in the middle of nowhere. Inside was really hot and unkempt. Old furniture was breaking, the front desk was made from old car-parts. I knocked the front desk, and wiped the grease from my hand on my jeans. A woman walked to the desk. She was stunning.

Olive-skinned with brown eyes and dark brown hair. Her features were soft, but covered under grease and dirt. Her voice sounded slightly italian, or mexican. The way she spoke sounded sexy, despite the anger and impatience in her voice.

“That your car?” She asked sternly, pointing to my car with a gloved hand. I nodded without looking.

“The engine’s bust. Can you fix it?”

“I’m a mechanic. It’s what I do. Let me have a look see.” She pushed open the door I came through, and walked towards the car. She threw open the bonnet and bent over the side of the car. I watched as her overalls exposed her cleavage, proving she had no shirt or bra underneath. She turned around, giving me a glance of side-boob. She was amazing. I felt my cock becoming hard, and tried to hide it under my jeans.

“What’s your name?” I asked her with a tremble in my voice.

“Vanessa. Your engine will need to be replaced. It’ll take me a few hours. You’re welcome to stay in the waiting room. kadıköy escort There’s a TV.” She replied, and I followed her instructions. The channels were limited to only five, so I watched the news. After half an hour Vanessa came into the waiting room to grab a bottle of water. I noticed the buttons on one side of her overalls were undone, and I could see her white thong. My eyes widened when I saw lines of grease stained her underwear and what looked like a hand-print above her crotch. Had she been fingering herself?

I pictured it in my mind, and I felt myself becoming hard again. She went back out, and I mustered the courage to see what she was doing. I walked into the room, I saw my car parked in the middle, and Vanessa was nowhere to be seen.

I looked into the room quietly, and searched around the large room. She was nowhere. I found her boots left on the floor, but that was the only evidence of her I could find. I decided to look at my engine, see if it was fixed. Still the same broken one. I saw one of my doors was open, probably for Vanessa to test if it works. But out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in the back-seat. Vigorous movement. I looked inside, and saw Vanessa. But her overalls were missing, her boobs bouncing free, her nipples erect. Her panties were no more, and her pussy was shaved, with two of her fingers plunged into her wet hole.

I admired her fingering herself. Her perfect body squirming in pleasure. The lips of her pussy were kiss-able, and deeper inside looked like heaven. I felt my erection grow even more, and pulled üsküdar escort it out of my jeans. I pulled at my manhood, jerking it off. I felt my jeans fall to the floor, exposing the lower-half of my body. I just wanted to watch her. She suddenly looked at me, and with a look of horror on her face she covered herself up with her hands. I pulled open the door of the back-seat, and got inside. Without a single word I pulled her hand away from her vagina. I admired it. Took in the sweet, musky smell. I wanted to touch it, so I pressed my fingers on it, just on the lips. I heard Vanessa let out a little moan, which goaded me on. I traced her opening with my index finger, before pushing it inside. It was soaking wet, and warm. I let my finger wriggle inside, and started to pull out, then in again and added more fingers. I kicked off my shoes while I finger-fucked her, and shook my jeans off.

Vanessa removed the hand covering her boobs, and touched my face. Her hands trailed to my button-up shirt, which she tore apart, rendering us both totally naked when I removed the rest of my shirt. I licked my lips, then pressed a kiss on her left nipple, and teased it with my tongue. I flicked it along her tit, then sucked on its sweetness. My mouth trailed to the next nipple as I added yet another finger to her dripping cunt. I felt Vanessa’s hands move down my chest, through my bush of pubic hair, and caress my erection as best she could. It was extremely cramped in my car, so it was difficult. I pulled my mouth away from her nipples, and twisted myself around into a 69 position with this sexy mechanic. I licked her entire pussy tuzla escort on the outside, dragging my tongue over the lips. Her juices were delicious, I just wanted to taste it for eternity. I felt Vanessa take the head of my dick in her mouth, and I shivered in pleasure. I pushed my tongue inside her, and licked at her clitoris. She screamed and groaned at the same time, but pulled my manhood deeper into her mouth, and started to deep-throat me. I felt like I couldn’t continue licking her out, but I plunged my tongue further inside, then pushed my wet finger (from fingering her earlier) into her asshole. She screamed in what seemed to be pain and pleasure at the same time.

“Please just fuck me!” She begged, and I pulled my finger and tongue out.

I twisted myself around, and felt her get up. “Let’s do this outside.” We got out of the car, totally naked. She got down on the ground on her hands and knees, showing off her perfect ass. I got down, and positioned my dick between her legs. It slid into her opening with ease, and we did it doggy-style. I felt my hands guide up her waist, and reach her boobs, where I teased the nipples with my fingers. We fucked for what seemed to be an eternity, until I sprayed my cum inside her. She came a matter of seconds later, screaming and groaning again. I felt sweat drip down my chest, and saw she was beaded with sweat. I pulled on the remains of my shirt, and threw my jeans back on. As she was about to pull her overalls, I took hold of her breasts in my hands, and nibbled on her nipples a while longer. My hand let go of one breast, and slid down her stomach. I found the familiar wet crevice, and pushed my finger inside it. I finished at that, and left to go back to the waiting room.

It was as if she had put a spell on me, because I wanted nothing else but to fuck her again. After an hour, she replaced the engine, and came back out for her money. I gave her the $50, and cupped her breasts in my hands again one last time, before driving away from the mechanic.

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