Flat Tire leads to BBC PT4


Flat Tire leads to BBC PT4Six weeks from my first meeting with Jerome, in a seedy warehouse, the home pregnancy test showed positive. I made an appointment with my doctor, it was confirmed. Jerome had fertilized my garden with his potent seed.I called Jerome that night and asked him to come over, he agreed. I had not seen him since I moved out of my house, this worried me.Jerome showed up at 9:00, which pissed me off. I had made dinner to celebrate our pregnancy. When Jerome knocked on the door, I answered fuming.”Where…?” Smack.”Whats with the clothes?” he said.”I thought…” seeing his hand start to rise, I stopped.”When you call we fuck,” his confidence made my clothes fall off.I led him to the bedroom half naked, I knew my place. I stripped Jerome’s clothes, suductively I removed my bra and panties. I reached down to rub my pussy, I could not beleive how wet I was being in Jerome’s presence.I turned to look at Jerome and he was pointing. I fell on my back with my legs spread, like it was a reflex. Jerome crawled between my legs, I grabbed his cock. I guided it to my pussy and inserted it. This is why I left my husband, I remembered, this feels so right.Jerome kissed me planting his cock to the root, “Oh my god! how I’ve missed this cock.””What’s with the rings? you left hubby.””Still married not divorced, OHHHHHHHHHH!””So! you’re not living with him.””Feels so good when you cum in my married pussy, AHHHHHHHH!”Jerome started hammering into my pussy, with the intensity I fell for. I felt Jerome’s cock starting to swell, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him deep. The explosion of his baby batter was just as powerful as I remembered.”Your going to be a daddy, OHHHHHHHHH!”Jerome finished cumming and rolled off me, “WHAT WHORE?””Jerome I got the test results today, you knocked me up.””Not mine,” he denied it.”What do you mean? After telling you I was fertile and letting you cum in my pussy, Your denying it?” I started to cry.”A black cock slut like you could have got knocked up by any black man you fell over on your back for.””Jerome you were the only one, you turned me into your fuck bunny.””How do I know that? I haven’t seen you in over a month.””Jerome I can’t beleive your being like this, I submitted to you because that’s what you wanted.””You gave it up so easy Bitch!” he said. “Now you got what you deserve.””I can’t beleive you, knocking me up and now deny doing it.”Jerome pushed me over on my back planting his cock to the root, “STOP! get off me you BASTARD!”Jerome started sawing in and out of my pussy with intensity. I looked down seeing the union of black in white, I submitted. I enjoyed every thrust of Jerome’s cock into my pussy.I had the best orgasm of my life when I felt Jerome’s seed pelting my womb. Jerome got up and left after that.I fell asleep that night pissed at myself. I let Jerome knock me up and then submitting so easily after he denied it.I did not see Jerome for 5 months after he left that night. I saw him one day on the street, now seven months along.”Jerome,” I called out.He turned hearing his name, “Dani.””Yes glad you remembered.””How have you been?” he asked. “Looks like it will be any day now.””2 months to go twins,” Jerome tried to hide his smile.”Really, Boys bursa escort or girls?” he asked.”I want to be surprised being the first pregnancy and all.””Surprise, that’s a good idea.””Jerome we need to talk.””Talk.””I know you don’t want to admit knocking me up, but I miss you,” I started to cry.”No proof their mine.””No, not yet but that’s not what I want, I just want you to keep fucking me, no matter what.””I’ll think about it,” and he left.Two months later I gave birth to healthy boys. They were definatly Jerome’s.It had been six weeks since I gave birth to the twins, I was horny.I called Jerome, “Hello.””Hi, it’s Dani.””Whats happening?””Not much, I gave birth to twin boys six weeks ago.””Congratulations, Are they healthy?””Yes they are,” I told him.”That’s good.””I want you to see them.””I’ll have to see.””Okay I’ll be around.”Jerome sounded like he was not interested in seeing if the boys were black. Jerome never showed much emotion about anything. I held hope that he would want to fuck me again.I kept my attire to a minimum at home. Panties and a T-shirt for the boy’s at feeding time.Two weeks after calling Jerome I was sitting home on a Friday night, after putting the boys to bed. I was crying over a coke about to admit that it was over, Jerome wanted nothing to do with me.There was a knock on the door, scaring me. I wiped my eyes before I answered the door. When I opened the door I was surprised to see it was Jerome. I jumped into his arms giving him a kiss, to my surprise he did not toss me on the floor. He walked into the apartment with me in his arms, lips locked. After a couple of minutes he put me down.Eyeing up my new shape, he whistled, “Looking good girl,””Twins give you plenty of exercise, they got me right back in shape.””I see that, just like the first night I fucked you.””These are a little bigger now,” lifting my tits.I walked over to Jerome and planted another kiss on his lips. I found myself reaching for his cock. Jerome kissed back with confidence, I started fondling his cock. When our kiss broke my hand stayed planted on his cock.”Jerome, after all we’ve been through I just realized that I don’t even know your last name.””Want to get that to send court papers.””No! I just thought I would like to know, besides I told you I did not care if you owned up to being the father of the twins. I would never have a paternity test done, I know the truth.””Promise Bitch!””Yes, I just want you to fuck me, use me, hopefully knock me up again,” I told him.”Well it’s Jackson,” he told me.I had to laugh, “What’s so funny Whore?””I named the twins Jerome and Jackson,” Jerome laughed.”Nice to meet you Jerome Jackson I’m Dani McCarthy,” Shaking his cock, we broke out in laughter.I found myself getting very wet at that moment.I guided Jerome towards the bedroom, by his cock. Entering the bedroom I let go of Jerome’s cock and my clothes fell off, “I really hate when that happens,” I said snickering.”What’s that?””My clothes seem to have a mind of there own when your in the room,” I said giggling, Jerome laughed.We were on the bed with Jerome’s cock buried balls deep in my pussy. “Just like I promised Jerome, OHHHHHHHHH!””What promise?””I let you plant your cock bareback in my pussy, AHHHHHHHHHHH! bursa escort bayan just as I promised.””I recall that,” he said.”Bareback is the way I will have you fuck me, fertile or not.””That’s the only way I fuck.””As long as you plant that potent seed as deep as you can, OHHHHHHHHHHH! in my pussy,” I moaned.Jerome started plowing in and out of my unprotected pussy, I was climaxing non stop. My hips thrusting to meet Jerome’s. The feeling of his cock swelling in my pussy set off the most intense orgasm I’ve had in quite awhile.I lost track of my fertile time being pregnant. I could not remember having a period after the birth.Jerome’s cock exploded in my pussy, “That’s it baby knock me up again, OHHHHHHHHH!” Jerome’s seed was pelting my womb. I was in a state of euphoria again.Jerome lay on top of me when he finally stopped injecting my pussy with cum, “Whore! what did you say?” I got scared just then.”Jerome, I said knock me up again.””There’s no proof of that.””Jerome I told you I would not do that, you don’t have to admit it because I know, That’s all that I need.””You’re just a Whore! you know that.””Jerome thats uncalled for after…..” he cut me off.”After you willingly fell on your back and let me deposit my seed.””Jerome you made me into what I am right now, treating me like a whore, I just can’t help what you do to me,” I started to cry.”I didn’t make you a whore,” he said “I just brought out the real you and it shows.””What?””You were always a Whore! you just did’t know it until you dropped your panties for me and landed on your back.””What are you talking about? you tricked me the first time.””I did not trick you, I just made you admit to yourself you were a whore with the condom.””But you took it off when I passed out purposely to knock me up.””You were not disappointed with the results after that.””I could not beleive how your confidence came out making me feel that way.””Once you knew I came into your fertile pussy you could have left, but you didn’t, you chose to stay for more.””I can’t beleive this here I am naked with you again, OH MY GOD! I let you fuck me bareback hoping to get knocked up,” I started to cry.Jerome got excited at that his cock started growing in my pussy, “DAMN IT! How do you keep getting me so angry that I forget your cock is in my pussy?””OH GOD! Just fuck me I’ll be quiet.””I like my whores talking and moaning,” he said. Jack hammering my pussy I started to get into it. I flexed my hips to meet his thrusts. I even checked our union black in white, I orgasmed.”OH GOD! fuck me you bastard! that’s the way, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” meeting Jerome’s thrusts with my hips. I was well on the way to a continuous orgasm, Jerome stopped thrusting.”What do you want Whore?” I looked at Jerome and then down to our union seeing my pussy lips hugging his cock, I broke.”FUCK ME! plant that seed, knock me up.””Just as I thought a true Whore, wants me to knock her up,” Jerome’s pounding got more intense.His cock started to swell my legs hugged his waist to hold him deep, “That’s it baby seed the garden, AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jerome exploded with the same intensity.I felt every rope pelt my womb, “Oh God! Yes that’s it baby your hitting your mark, I’m CUMMMMMMMING!” Jerome rolled over when he görükle escort was done.”Jerome.””WHAT?””I told you, I don’t care that you won’t own up to being the father of the twins. I don’t care that you won’t wear a condom, When we fuck. I get so much pleasure when your seed pelts my womb I am willing to risk pregnancy again.””When is your fertile time?””I don’t know I lost track during the pregnancy, I don’t remember having a period after the birth.””What does that mean?””I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it.””So you may very well be fertile?””Yes! but I don’t think so,” with that Jerome got up and left.I called my doctor with the questions I had, which she answered.Now I could track my fertile time. Jerome kept coming by regularly after that, He left me well fucked and seeded. I tracked my fertile time with temperature readings everyday, I never had a period. Three months later I started having morning sickness. I ran out for a home pregnancy test, it was positive. I went to the doctor, to have it confirmed. I did not tell Jerome this time.Jerome kept fucking me regularly. When he asked if I was fertile I told him I was safe.A month after I got my pregnancy results Jerome noticed I was gaining weight.”What’s this?” poking my belly after fucking me.”With all the exercise from the boys and your hours of fucking me, I started eating more to keep up,” I lied.Another month went by I really started to bulge. In the middle of one of the marathon fuck sessions Jerome looked worried. his cock was beginning to swell.He poked my belly, “Your gaining a lot of weight, I don’t think it’s food,” His cock exploded, his seed dousing my womb.I had to confess, “Oops you’ve knocked me up again, AHHHHHHHHHHH! cum baby that’s the feeling I love, oh yeah,” Jerome finished cumming.He rolled off me, “Bitch! you did that on purpose””I did not.””You always said you were safe, WHORE!” he was getting mad.”The first time we fucked after I gave birth, that must have been my fertile time,” I said. “I did as the doctor said, I tracked my fertility and it never came, then the morning sickness started.””What now?””You make me feel so good when we fuck, then you treat me like a whore,” I said.”You are! you got knocked up by a black man while married, now you are knocked up by another black man, you are just a slut for black cock.”Jerome rolled over and started to slap his cock on my pussy lips before I could say anything,”You can’t help yourself? can you Whore?”I watched his cock slapping my pussy I couldn’t help myself, I wanted him to fuck me.”You will do what ever a black man want’s? You need the big black cock? Don’t you?” he slammed his cock in my pussy.”Yes, What ever a black man want’s, no condom, I am addicted to big black cock, AHHHHHHHH!” I moaned. “I love being injected with potent seed knowing my belly will swell with a black bastard like it is now, OHHHHHHHH! Fuck me,” Jerome’s cock swelled exploding potent seed directly at my womb.”I feel that you agree, you enjoy it when a white woman lets you knock her up, Yes?” Jerome finished cumming and pulled out.He got dressed and left without saying another word.I cried myself to sleep that night thinking I would never see Jerome again. I gave him what he wanted. He wanted a woman that would submit, I did. He wanted a woman that would fuck him whenever, I did. He wanted a woman that would fuck him without a condom, I did. He wanted to knock up another mans wife, he did. What is wrong with that man?

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