For Carriep-Part One


For Carriep-Part OneMy wife and I recently moved into your neighborhood and were still waiting on most of our household stuff to show up. In our first conversation, I was telling you that it was looking like everything was going to be delayed for a few more days, so you decided you wanted to help us out. After a little pleading, you convinced your husband that you should have us over for dinner the next couple of days. Excited to get to know new people, you hurried across the street and came up to our front door to tell us that we were cordially invited to spend some time in the comfort of your home. In your hurry to come over, you forgot to put a bra back on and had one of those thin, low cut tank tops on. You had just stepped up on the porch when you realized it.Suddenly, you heard me yelling something about “…is so you would stop fucking other guys…I’m going outside!” You only had about a half a second to process what was going on when the front door swung open and I barged out, nearly knocking you off the porch. I reached out and grabbed you around the waist so that you wouldn’t fall down the steps and apologized for running into you. I looked down and saw the glory of your chest pressed into me and quickly stepped away. You quickly stammered “I would like to invite you in… or over… for dinner….with your wife, and my husband….umm, since you don’t have what you need yet. I, um…” I quietly interrupted you, saying that “we would love to come over for dinner and I greatly appreciated the offer. What time?”. I hadn’t quite peeled my eyes off of your chest and noticed the gentle outline of perfect nipples, slightly pressing out of the fabric of your shirt. I was lost in thought about how wonderful they must look when you finally noticed that I kept staring at your chest. You gently folded your arms across your chest and told me that it was at 6. I guess my staring embarrassed you a little and I noticed that your face was a little flushed so I quietly apologized saying, bursa escort “I am sorry, I had forgotten what a beautiful and caring person looks like, please don’t think any less of me.” You told me not to worry about it and started to walk away.You weren’t sure why, but you were extremely aroused by my gaze and my straight forwardness. As you were slowly walking away, you found yourself suddenly looking back over your shoulder and saying “I really look forward to seeing you tonight.” Our eyes met for just a second, but you felt a jolt deep inside of you that you had long since forgotten. You wanted a man, a real man, this man inside of you! You dismissed it as silly and kept walking towards your house, idly wondering what you were going to serve for dinner.At about 6 that evening, you had mostly forgotten about your previous carnal desires because of all of the work you were doing in the kitchen. You heard the door bell ring and came to the door, expecting to find my wife and I both present. Instead you were met with only me and an apology for my wife’s absence. I explained that she was feeling very unwell from all of the stress of the move and had decided to take something to help her get some rest. Your heart skipped a beat at the possibilities and you quickly shut down the thought, remembering that your husband was right in the other room. You invited me in and closed the door behind me just as you heard your husband’s cell phone ring.He came into the room, still talking to someone on the other end and told you that he had to go in for a quick “emergency”. You knew that these things often lasted into the early morning, with just enough time to come home for a shower and back to work and sometimes not home at all since he kept a bag at work just for these types of things. You thought you heard a woman’s voice say something like “Hurry, I need you.” but he was shaking my hand and apologizing to me on his way out the door.I noticed the look of disappointment on your face bursa escort bayan and understood the feeling. Perhaps better than you. I resolved myself to make that empty feeling inside you go away. I also noticed that he didn’t even glance in your direction once, while he was headed out. It seems that he was completely disinterested in you. It broke my heart to see the things that I was feeling being felt by someone else. “Yes, I am going to make her smile, somehow.” I said to myself. I just had no clue how to do that yet.Dinner went well. We talked about nothing yet found nearly everything in common. We had deep and meaningful conversations about shallow and meaningless topics. We even had a little playful banter that bordered on adulterous. We also had a little wine with dinner, which may have been part of us being able to loosen up, but maybe it was just us. After dinner, you offered up a second bottle, but I politely refused, stating “I can’t drink too much of that stuff, without regretting it, whiskey is more my thing.” To that, you smiled and opened up a cabinet with a decent stockpile of various whiskey brands. “Pick your poison.” you said. “Pick for me!” I replied. You did!After a few samplings of the fine spirits, you suddenly blurted out “I think my husband is cheating one me!” Taken aback, just a little, I replied “My wife has done the same to me. It hurts, it makes me feel like I can’t please her. It makes me feel like I am inadequate.” Then after a slightly awkward pause, you replied with a simple “Me too.” Feeling sorry for you, and myself, I came up with an idea. “Things like dinner tonight, the conversation, the laughter and the connection are part of what I miss. I also miss the physical and emotional connection of real intimacy. I miss being able to focus on somebody else’s pleasure, while they focus on mine. I miss that trust in another person to give me what I need while they trust me to give them what they need. Is that what you miss?” You briefly escort bursa think and reply with a simple “Yes!”.“I propose that first, we set out to see if we can help each other, then we worry about the consequences later. Will that work for you?” Your reply is something that will be burned into my memory forever. “Please…?” That was it. That simple question, filled with a hundred million cries for help and a simple demand for recognition was something that would change both of our lives forever.We suddenly found ourselves locking lips in the most passionate kiss either of us have ever felt. There was no force in the universe that could have separated our lips, or so we thought… Suddenly the urge to have each other was beyond anything we could have imagined and you quickly slipped off your form fitting jeans as I practically ripped off my pants. I was exploring your body, as you were exploring mine. I suddenly lifted you up and set you back on the dining room table. My lips never left yours, as I pressed my cock into you. Your pussy was literally dripping with excitement, as I slid inside the one place where I truly belonged! You were seeing stars as I gently pushed deeper and deeper, finally owning you. Owning your pussy in the same manner that you owned my cock. Our rabid lovemaking may have lasted 5 minutes, or 5 hours, neither of us had the slightest awareness of time. The feeling of me penetrating you was more than you could bear, just as the feeling of you responding to my thrusts was more than I could bear. Suddenly, I felt you quivering around me as I began to swell and trust faster and deeper. In an instant, or maybe an eternity, you could feel me exploding into the deepest recesses of you being and I could feel the connection to an unknown dimension, through your ecstasy.We collapsed onto the table and felt a full and complete oneness. There was a seemingly endless supply of our lovemaking filling your pussy, as well as my deflating penis. Once we had both regained our senses, I quietly whispered into your ear “I want to show your husband and my wife how wrong they are for hurting us. What do you say?”You again reply with a simple “Please!” And thus starts our adventure!

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