For My Lady……musings


For My Lady……musingsFor my Lady….Musings… As I kneel at the edge of the bed contentedly lapping up what’sleft of my Ladys’ nectar, I keep thinking how luckyI am to have met and serve this wonderful woman. She is by no means an angel and without fault. She is not blessedwith patience, as everything about her seems to be doneat top speed, leading to lots of little mistakes in herday to day vanilla existance. I find this aspect of her tobe endearing if a little irksome in my, “place foreverything and everything in it’s place”, styleof life. She can swear like a trooper and fight with the best of them,neither of which are too ladylike. But she redeems herselfwith her steadfast loyalty to her sub, (lucky old me), andthe care and thought with which she helps and nudges himto improve in his role as her very own personal pleasuregiver ( and general dogsbody come tidy upper after her,do all the jobs she doesn’t want or have the time to doperson). Sometimes I get a little dispirited with all her demandson my time and energy, but istanbul escort then remember all the good pointsabout her. She puts my personal safety and health aboveall else in our relationship. On no occasion has she everput my safety in jeopardy for the sake of her own personalpleasure or to test my limits. Every thing she does to andfor me is for my benefit, then ultimately she will reap therewards of a most adoring sub ( clever little witch ). My lady considers herself to be a “sensual domme”. This had me puzzled for quite a while. I assume it to meanthat the sub is there for her own personal pleasure, meaningthe better I am trained , to perform as she wishes, and doingthings to her, exactly as she likes it, then all the betterfor her. A sub is not there to be kicked and abused as thiswould lead to an unfulfilled relationship for them both,and leading to resentment While some subs do like to be abused-most avcılar escort do not ! She, unlike a lot of dommes, prefers to have eye contactwith her sub. “This”, she says, “Letsme see the level of excitement, fear, desire and love thatmy sub has for me”. Letting her be able to better judgethe required limit to which she can take her sub. She has experience of being a sub ( technically this makesher a switch, but to me she will always be my domme). “This”,she says also, ” Enables me to judge what the thoughtsand feelings of my sub are, and better placedto know what to do next, and how far to push. Because I’vebeen there”. All the training she has done with me so far is ultimatelyfor both our benefit and will also strenghen the bond betweenus. The mastubation training, coupled with orgasm denial,will make this sub increase his staying power as well asincreasing the amount of ejaculate. Both of which pleasemy Lady. Along with the ball stretching exercises she oversees,to increase şirinevler escort my capacity, as well as making me, “lookpretty”. The cock stretching in order to increase my lengh(hmmm..the jury’s out on this one) and thereforeincrease my pride, as well as increasing my Ladys’pleasure.And so to with the nipple clamping, which causes the delicioustingling sensations that she promised, going all the waydown to my pegged cock and causing me to leak buckets. The ass spanking with her hand, while holding my cock withthe other, so as she can feel and tell when to adjust the forcefulnessof the slaps. And, plugging my ass for both of our enjoyment.All this my Lady does for me, in order to make me a better andmore appreciative sub. This is the sensualness she means,she may get great pleasure from it, but so does her sub. Howlucky am I ? As I kneel here drinking in her scent, and musing on my goodfortune, my Lady awakens me from my reverie, “OK mylittle subbie, enough of a rest for you, it’s time toget back to work”. As I look up she is stubbing out her cheroot in the ashtraywhile blowing a final plume of smoke in my direction. Shereaches down with both hands and grabs me by the hair, gentlypulling my naked body on top of her. She wraps both arms aroundmy neck and kisses me on the lips, and non too lightly shovesher tongue down my throat. She is now ready for another round………To be continued………

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