For Services Rendered Ch. 02

Big Tits

(This is the second part of the story since some thought it was unfinished.)


“Gerald, can you do me a favor?” Gerald looked down at Megan after coming off his euphoric state. He noticed the erotic picture before him of an unattainable woman with his own seed spilt over her sweetly endowed rack and could feel the rebar hardness returning to his member. Just the way she said those words filled his head with so many not so subtle images of the carnal excesses the cheerleader could participate in. His world came back to Earth when he heard her again.

“Gerald, are you okay?” He quickly reverted back to his dominant state. He looked down at her temporary blocking the erotic images inside his mind.

“Of course I’m fine, slut. I am just amused that even though you are the one on your knees bound and with my ejaculate on your breasts that you just ask me if I can do you a favor. Wasn’t the Math tutoring enough? I mean, what else do you really need?” The answer floored him.

“Gerald, I really need a cock inside me. I could wait until you left then try to call my boyfriend, but I am really horny right now. I don’t know if it was you cumming on my tits or what, but I really need a dick. Please fuck me. I’ll do anything you want and I mean anything. I’ll suck your cock. I’ll swallow your cock. I’ll let you fuck me anywhere anytime. I just need a good fucking now.” She was out of breath from the small dissertation she just gave her tormentor.

Gerald was stunned. There before him was the new object of his desire with his mark on her and she was offering an open opportunity to fuck whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted. All he had to do was fuck her at that moment. It sounded like a trap of sorts, but her panties were always considered as unattainable as the view of her tits. It was in essence a nerd’s fantasy come to life.

As he reasoned within himself, he felt her soft lips tenderly kissing the head of his cock. He looked down and saw the sincerity in her eyes begging for him to pleasure her. Was it Fate? Was it Destiny? Was it just the right place at the right time? Gerald was unsure as he looked down and slid his cock back deeper down sarıyer escort her throat. With that one movement, Gerald felt Megan moan on his cock, sending vibrations down to his toes almost literally. Gerald looked towards the Stucco on the ceiling again before he looked down at her. He then pulled his cock out of her mouth although it pained him to do so. Megan was left there mouth open stunned. As Gerald bent down to his knees, he looked her in the eyes.

“I don’t know if you really know what you are asking,” he said calmly as he felt his voice drop a bit. “If you want me to help you, I will. But don’t go making promises you can’t keep up with.” As he went back to his feet, he reached into his pants and pulled out a pocket knife. He used the blade to cut the plastic cable ties that kept her hands secure behind her before he sat on her bed. Megan rubbed the wrists where the plastic started chafing her skin before she turned towards him.

She then reached down and pulled off her sweatpants so that she was completely naked before Gerald. She then lay back on her back and spread her legs in an effort to beckon Gerald to touch her. Gerald could feel the control leaving him as he saw the engorged lips of her pussy literally tempting him to explore. As he finished removing his pants, she started to reach down and rub her clit slowly.

“Hurry…please,” she whispered as she arched her back slightly. It was a pose straight out of the porn websites Gerald would surf for online. As he knelt closer, she stopped him.

“Condoms, nightstand drawer,” she whispered. Gerald took the hint and crawled over to her nightstand and found a few foil packed prophylactics waiting to be used. As he ripped the package, Megan reached up with her hand and began to rub the remainder of his former remnants into her breasts and moaned softly. The sight was erotic; watching the unattainable girl rubbing her own pussy in person was almost too much for Gerald. He slipped on the contraceptive and started to climb between her legs.

The first jab missed the mark, but teased Megan who proceeded to reach down and help esenyurt escort Gerald slide his latex covered tool inside her hungry box. The first stroke was heavenly as Megan began to feel the pleasure that comes from getting ready to be satiated for the moment. The picture from afar looked more erotic than pornographic as Gerald moved slowly to stroke his cock inside her. He was watching Megan, trying to take cues from her instead of performing the rapid slamming the porn guys were known for.

Megan felt the fire within her begin to flare as her legs reached around and began to push Gerald inside of her. She wasn’t thinking of her real boyfriend, her best friend or anyone else at that moment. She was just thinking about the cock inside her pussy that was going to get her off after the day she had been through. As she felt the first wave begin, she slowed Gerald down a little as her back arched again. She then screamed softly, or rather she opened her mouth and barely a sound erupted forth. Gerald had never seen a woman cum before and was scared before Megan opened her eyes at him.

“I needed that,” she said before she pushed Gerald off of her. “Okay, Geek boy, time to make me cum differently. Wanna fuck me from behind?” she asked as she went to her hands and knees and faced the wall. Gerald was enjoying the view of her ass before she turned with a dispenser in her hand. She poured a glob of stuff in her palm and began to stroke his condom covered dick with it before she turned towards the wall again. She took her right index finger and started sliding in and out of her ass before she went to two fingers. Gerald sat there paralyzed although his member was stiffening from the view.

“You know the asshole I go out with?” she asked not expecting an answer. “His cock is smaller than yours. He had never been forceful to me like you have. He is simply after my ass to get him status while he fucks around on the side. I bet he’s fucking Stacy right now as we speak.” She paused long enough to give Gerald a look, a more confident sultry look.

“I’m going to give you a present, Gerald. I’m not sure how many girls in that scrapbook avrupa yakası escort you fucked, but I’m gonna give you my ass tonight. Not because I love you because I don’t. Not because I owe you because I don’t. But because I am a slut and need to be treated like one and you have the only dick here. Now come here and shove that man tool in my virgin ass!!” She started scooting backwards as Gerald pushed forward until he started rubbing his lube covered cock over her rosebud.

“Take it slowly, Gerald. Once we get it in, you can then fuck the hell out of me until we both cum. Do it, now!” He slowly slid the head in and marveled at the tightness of her ass. As he slowly worked it inside, Megan did everything she could to relax before she felt a warm presence over her.

“Oh…my…god! Fuck me, Gerald!” she yelled as he slowly began to pick up the pace. He felt like John Holmes at that point while she moaned underneath him. His cock was pistoning in and out of her ass while her fingers started frigging her clit. They remained like that for a few minutes until Gerald began to feel himself getting ready to release.


“I’m cumming!” Megan screamed as Gerald emptied inside the condom. There they remained for a few moments before Gerald was able to pull out slowly. He looked down at the hole his cock was just in and was amazed at the size of it. As she turned over, they both heard the sounds of a car pulling up.

“Oh my god, my parents,” she yelled as Gerald quickly grabbed his pants and went to the bathroom. Megan slipped on her sweatpants and a t-shirt as she looked for a can of air freshener to hide the smell. As she ran downstairs, her drunken parents were just walking in. As they stumbled towards the living room away from the dining area, Megan looked and saw the scrapbook on the table. Quickly, she ran over and grabbed it before hiding behind her back.

“Evening, Princess, you okay?” her dad asked. Megan leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Just fine, Daddy. Gerald and I were just doing some Math work…”

“And I need to get home before curfew. Good evening sir and madam,” Gerald said as he ran down the stairs and grabbed his bag. As he ran out the door, Megan almost yelled that he forgot his scrapbook, but it was too late. As Megan walked upstairs, she reached behind her out of sight of her parents and felt how sensitive her ass was from the fucking. She then started thinking about how to get Gerald back to her place again for another round.

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