Friday Shopping: The Week After


Returned next week, the usual Friday night rigmarol of shopping for the week, tired, with a list in my hand of immediate/weekly want’s. Thinking of Karen!…look around, usual bunch of people, busy with their own thoughts and day-to-day- problems.. ‘Get it over with and go home’ Karen in sight . . . ‘Oh Well’.. It was in the Buiscuit Ailse. I was seeking coconut buiscuits . . . my favourite!!. She….unnoticeable until now…was after the same product. My hand inadverdantly/somehow, got caught in the buttons of her blouse and brushed her breast!!. She reacted rather than expected, given the situation.

“Do you mind”!. The vision materialized before my eyes…gulp.

“I….am so sorry”, I somehow explained, grasping for air at not only for what I had just done, but for the apparition that stood before me!!.

“And so you should be, you freak”, the Vision of Angels Said.

“Hey,! hold on a minute, Miss”, I said…”It was a genuine mistake, I was only reaching for the biscuits”.

The apparation spoke,”Ohkay, in the first place, I am not a Miss, my name is Melissa, in the second place, what biscuits are you after”?.

Corny?,, Females have a right to question everything. Because…. “Maureen…..don’t mind….do you?….I happen to like coconut biscuits . . . Dave, by-the-way”.

She/Melissa…looked at me, I reciprocated, after all…one good stare deserves another! . . .and, I wasn’t far off the mark . . .now that I had broken a couple of buttons off her blouse could see, peeking out from under her wunderbra..coconuts that do NOT grow on trees!! . .full of youth . .young . even fruitfull!!, her ripened nipples threatening to challenge the guarantee of the strength of the fabric itself!!!

Blushing furiously at my stare, she gathered up the blouse collars and twisted them with a dainty hand around her neck . .turning to walk away. I caught her arm, she twisted as though struck by lightning . . “Do you mind”!!!. . .her voice sounded frightened..

“Melissa . .an accident”, I said . .my mind searching for something intelligent to say . . . . “it’s just that I had coconuts on my mind and couldn’t help but look”!!

She gave me a searching look herself, and seeing the sincerity in my eyes . (honest . .guys)!!!! . .smiled and said,

“OhKay then, but not your fault…but there are better ways to touch a woman than to be as obvious as that”.

“Wrong foot, Melissa….it is Melissa, is it?”, she nodded affirmativly, “it was purely unintentional,”!

Melissa looked askance at me, as if sizing me up…”I believe you, Dave??, honesty is a virtue in my book, are you a virgin”?.

Yeah…well…pigs fly….I ain’t no virgin, and, looking at Melissa, if she wasn’t then only Thor and the Gods had had her, if (you know what I mean)!!

“Ummmm…up until yesterday, as far as I know”, I replied, furrowing my brow to quite remember when!!!

“Oh…I’m so soooryyy”, Melissa – Vision apologetically said, looking very concerned as to my predicament!!.

‘Whaaaaaa……t!, she………. Sooooorrryyyy’, my neathrandrtal brain, somehow finally connecting from my ears to my thinking processor being connected and put into coherant thought, digested that last statement.

“Look”, Vision said, “finish shopping….ring”, she wrote a number on the back of my shopping list.

“Gee, thanks, Melissa ….See Ya”,…fully expecting to See ‘HER’ never again, continued shopping, looking, but not espying her again, amongst the Friday Night melee of shopping.

Go Home…unpack shopping..mind elsewhere…mainly on previous weeks goals -work – bonuses?…(laugh to myself)…maybe next quarter? …check shopping list against spurilous sarıyer escort prices, (don’t trust checkout girls), throw list on table, reveals phone number??..


“Hello” . .a female voice.

“Melissa”? . .I enquire.

“Who’s This”?, she say’s.

“Dave” . . .I say.

“Daaavvvveee, ooooohhhh, sooo looovelllly to hear from you”. She enthuses.!!

Wow….She…remembered me!!! I feel myself practically blushing.!!

“Coming over”?, she say’s.

Invitations……I never refuse!

“Yes, Ohkay, wherd’a live”.?

Writing down the address was essential, memorizing it being stupid, me being, brilliant but not all that bright, or was it the other way around?!!!!, bugger it, on yer horse, Davo.

Arriving at The Visions place wasn’t that difficult, being ‘just around the corner, so-to speak. Knock on Door, Vision Opened it. “Well, that was quick”!, Melissa said with surprise in her voice. Me????, any quicker would have acheived escape velocity and gone into orbit!!. “Come in, so loooovellly to see you”.

Melissa was dressed?….c’mon, man, she was adorned with the shortest, cutest negligee that even a Ballerina woudn’t wear on a first night. Those ‘Coconut’ breasts literally propping up – adorning the top half of the nightie, leaving a tent like swirl around her hips, from which protuded very long slender thighs and legs . .her tiny feet encased in the highest stilettoes that a girl was possibly able to walk upon!!..the negligee was white . .semi – transparant . . a hint of a black thong was just visible through the fabric. My heart gave a thump . .my penis lept to my throat . .

“Hgggh” . .I croaked… “Uh . .Hi”! . .I managed . “Apologies for the delay”!

A smile from her . .a puzzled look?

” C’mon in, seat?, Drink, Coconut biscuits?”

“Uh…no….Bed”, I said …stupidly.

“OhKay….hoping you’d say that”. With ‘that’ she grasped my arm and led me to her bedroom!!

I gasped upon being ..ummm . . ‘dragged’ into it . . ‘it’, the bedroom, was adorned with the frilliest, softest, most feminine pillows, bedspread, sheets, curtains . .even the rugs!! . .(which I had last seen in some romantic movie somewhere)!!!

She laid . .no draped herself upon the bed ..knees slighty bent . .the curve of her thighs accentuated by the stilettoes . .the neglgee had rolled up to her waist, revealing the black thong. .her coconuts . .(Sorry!!) . .umm, breasts, now showing their full potential to defy gravity!!! . .the urge to just..well, grab and pummel was enormous.. I stood there just looking at her, being unwilling to touch this fragile -looking piece of womanhood lest I break it.

Melissa rolled over onto her stomach, her eyes mishevious as she did so. .

“You like, Dave”? . .a soft, sultry voice came from the vision.

Her nightie was now over her very slim waist, the thong complementing the rounded Coconuts..Damn it!! . .buttocks, beckoning to be grabbed, pummelled and mauled . .the beast in me . .having already risen to the occasion . .!! was now writhing and screaming between my thighs to be let loose upon this vision of innocence, and to milk every last drop from her!!!.

I reach and begin to unbuckle my belt . .ready to do battle . .

“NO . .Don’t”!! Melissa said, alarmed, reaching out a slim arm and a dainty hand . . “I wan’t to do that”!!

She sits on the edge of the bed, her thighs together . .pure and sooo perfect and rounded . .I edge forward . . she unbuckles my belt and looses my jeans . . somehow I wriggle out of them, followed by my underwear, which falls to my knees..I begin perspiring esenyurt escort . .umm . .sweating . .(only Girl’s perspire!)

“G-O-L-L-Y, BIIIIG!!! . . .isn’t he” . ..Melissa exclaimes, placing a tiny hand around it, her eyes inspecting the offering!!,

“Yeah, well . . y’know . .” . .I brag . . “I was only saving it for you, 888”.

Melissa lets go my penis, falls back and re-arranges herself on the bed, posing?? . .and closes her eyes.

“AAAAAH” . . .she sighs . .”I’m ready”!!

Huh? . .

This is new?!!! . .at least to me!!!!

I strip off…(may as well!) . .

“Can I lie next to you, Melissa?”, I enquire . No answer . .perhaps she’s gone to sleep?

I gently lower myself onto the bed and lay as close as possible to her, minutely inspecting close-up those perfect coconuts . .fuckit . .breasts which lay under her nightie. I place a hand on her thigh . .my hand tingles with the touch .. . her thigh quivers slighty with the reaction.

I place my hand on her thong ..nothing happens!!?..I pull down her thong and hava look . .as expected . .she was clean-shaven and purfect!! . .now daringly, I pull the thong out from under her . .no reaction or sign of distress? . .nope, so wet 2 fingers and probe into those sweet soft lips of her pussy. .find clitoris and start playing with it!. . .she doesn’t move or even react? . .her eyes still closed . .her breathing ‘normal’, I probe deeper into her pussy, finding it moist and soft..still she doesn’t move?!. I lift up her negligee, laying bare those perfect breasts, her nipples the color of roses. I straddle her and, gently parting parting her thighs, enter her, watching her face for some kind of motion . . .still nothing?! . .I thrust deep into her, placing my lips over a breast nipple, licking and sucking, the other breast cupped in my hand . .I cum almost instantly, reveling in the sheer agony of the spasmodic eruptions inside her . .willing the moment to last as long as possible, but it was not to be, my penis slowly shrinking from the after-glow, finally falling out amidst a deluge of cum.

Gasping somewhat, I raised myself off her and went into the en-suite, and, finding a hand-towel, rinsed it in warm water, returning to the still motionless figure on the bed, and gently cleaned her up, admiring the slim shape of her, her legs and thighs and those full breasts. Upon touching her, my reaction was as expected, my penis erecting itself from the picture laying on the bed in front of me . .. . .I was more than puzzled now, actually a bit concerned, as although her breathing was ‘normal’ and her eyes were still closed, Melissa appeared to be either drugged, in a coma, or asleep? I do not recall her taking any pills or suchlike during our albeit brief time together upon arrival, and as far as I could make out, not being an expert,her pulse appeared to be ‘normal’.

She moved!!! . .Melissa gave an enormous stretch…like a cat..opened her eyes.. focused on nothing ..rolled over onto her tummy, thighs wide apart, placed her hands under her head . .and, closing her eyes.. went back to sleep!

“You awake, Melissa”?,I asked . . .no answer?!

I looked at her butt, oh so rounded and perfect and couldn’t but help myself, the yearning to be in her again was overwhelming!!!. Straddling her again I massaged her rounded butts with my hands.. expecting some kind of response from this lovely body..nothing!!

I found her tiny rear hole with my penis and thrust hard, pushing her into the matress..still no reaction from her as I invaded her body yet again, achieving almost full penetration before I violently cum, the pressure from her tight liitle back-passage avrupa yakası escort making my head spin, my body racked with orgasmic spasms from the moment!

Gasping for air I withdrew, my penis throbbing like crazy, sweating like a pig. Checking to see if Melissa was still ‘Asleep’ and seemingly alright I went into the en-suite to tidy myself up, staggering a bit on wobbly legs!!.

Returning refreshed I was surprised to see that Melissa had moved again!!. She lay on her side, near the edge of the bed, one thigh lay across the other, her rounded hips and waistline being accentuated, one breast lay crushed under her, the other seeming to hang in space on her breast-plate, is if defying gravity!. Her long hair hung over her face. I knelt down and lifted the hair off her face, and gently kissed those full, soft lips.

Melissa stirred!!, guessed it, fellas!!!..went ‘back to sleep’!! It came to me like a thunderbolt!!!…is this the original ‘Sleeping Beauty’?!! I kissed her again, and she stirred slighty!!! . .encouraged now I kissed her yet again, pushing my tongue into her mouth, seeking out hers..yep!!, it seemed that the only way to ‘wake up’ this golden – skinned maiden was via her mouth!!!, as she raised an arm and placed it upon my shoulder!.

After a good few minutes of kissing her my lips began to get numb, I also had trouble breathing due to the position I was in..but still no ‘awake’ Melissa!

There was only one thing left that I could think of!! ..raising my placid penis against her lips I began to caress them with it . . .suddenly she popped her tongue out and began to lick it!!..amazed at this event, my poor throbbing penis erected itself! . .steeling myself from the pain I pushed my penis into her mouth, whereupon it was immediatley grabbed by her little sharp teeth!!, her tongue lashing it’s head!! ..her eyes opened!!

She’s looking at my penis!!..or what is left of it . .as most of it is in her mouth! . . two dainty hands encompass my balls and gets pulled towards her, as if she’s trying to swallow those as well!! . .my body is virtually screaming for this to end . . . the agony . .I cum . .or what few drops are left in me spurts out . .my poor penis expanding and contracting with the effort . . Melissa is now sucking like a new-born baby with it’s first bottle, her whole body moving like a fluid psudeo – dance in rythem with her mouthing . .long legs thrashing the bed . .eyes . .now very wide open and as big as a new-born deer!!

Watching this very lithe girl writhing on the bed with my penis in her mouth from my point of view is about as entrancing a sight for anyone to behold. The pain I was experiencing had now turned to numbness, sheer reflexes had taken hold of my body, my penis murderously enjoying the situation!!

Melissa goes completely rigid, feline animal noises issues from her throat, she squeezes my balls so hard I almost faint..she rams her head up aginst my body, ingesting every last inch of my penis..her whole body shudders violently, then it is all over..she withdraws and flops back onto the bed, gasping and moaning.

I touch her hand.. she clasps it tightly and looks at me..

“Thankyou . .that was the best .. .ever”!!..she whispered.

“No problem at all”, I reply.

“No, really . .I mean it, Dave! . .I can only achieve satisfaction by ‘mouthing’ your penis . .it just doesn’t work any other way for me . .I always seem to go into some kind of trance when guys . .umm, y’know . .do it down there”!.

‘What a waste’, I think to myself. . . ‘but there-again..perhaps not’!

I lay on the bed and hold her to me . .her softness and curves of her body sending tingles throughout my being, I feel very possesive towards her . .I experience a pang of jealousy that she has ‘known’ other men, and that they have seen what I have.

“Have you always been like this, Melissa”?, I ask, “I mean . .getting .. umm . satisfaction by chewing a guy out”?

“Umm..suppose so, as far as I can remember” . .she replies.

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