Getting What She Wanted


Getting What She WantedThere had been the better part of a week since the last time I got any off any of the family. We were all getting really comfortable with the idea and with the secrecy system we implemented so that we would say where or when we had been with one anotehr and what we have done. My parents had gone out for the night and my brother was staying over at a mates house as they were heading to a gig. That left Rachel and I in the house all by ourselves for a good few hours before anyone was due to be coming home. To begin with it was just like any other night however I could see by her face that there was something she wanted to ask or at least something on her mind. Eventually she brought up the time we had sex for the first time and commented on it being really good. After both of us agreeing that it was a great experience and fun she said there was something she had always wanted to try out but she needs to trust the man shes with. She knew she could trust me and came out and asked me if I would help her out. I wasnt sure what she wanted but agreed and was a little shocked when she revealed she wanted to try out some anal fun.I took a little time to think about my decision but Rachel was really keen on trying it and had it all researched out as she started telling me what to do, what we need and how it should be done. She really wanted it to happen istanbul escort to I agreed, thinking that down the line she would do the same for me if I asked her for something new. Rachel led me up to her room and left me there for a few minutes before coming back with some lube and a new pack of condoms. She sat down on the bed beside me and gave me a kiss, a thanks for saying I would do it with her. She stood up and stripped off before telling me to do the same. I took off my clothes and we sat back down on the bed. Rachel made it clear that she wasnt fussed about any oral sex or foreplay, she just wanted me to play with her ass to see if she likes it or not however she did add that she wouldnt say know if I wanted a quick fumble while I was down there. Rachel leaned into me and we shared a passionate kiss before she said thanks once again to me before asking “how do you want me”. I told her I didnt mind as long as she was comfortable to she decided to go on hands and knees near the edge of the bed so that I would have easy access.As I stared at her tight looking asshole, I asked what she wanted to try out. So she said Rimming, fingering and if she feels like it fucking. I wasnt too keen on the idea about rimming and let her know however she assured me she was totally cleaned up down there avcılar escort as she had preplanned asking me. Rachel then gave me the puppy dog eyes and said please, adding I could stop if I didnt like it. Not sure what to expect I got down to be level with her ass and nerviously took my first lick at her asshole. I started to lick more at it much like I would with her pussy. It wasnt really doing anything for me but I didnt mind doing it. Rachel seemed to like it though so I kept going, eventually getting my confidence up to push my tongue into her ass a little a few times. I stopped and gave her pussy a sneaky little lick which she seemed to like but she reminded me its her ass she wants played with.I took the lube and applied some around her asshole and put a little on my finger just to make it easier. I didnt know what to expect or how it was going to feel as I pushed my finger into her ass for the first time. She let out a little gasp as I penetrated into her however with the lube my finger slid in and out fairly easily. I could feel how tight her ass was around my finger and knew if I had my cock in there it would be amazing. I slid a second finger into her ass and it was a little slower going in. I kept sliding them in and out of her slowly to allow her ass to get used to it but she seems to be loving it. I tehn attempted şirinevler escort a third finger but her ass just wouldnt accept it and she seemed to be put off about the third finger. She did however ask me to get a condom and try my cock and I wasnt going to say no to this chance. With the condom now on and some extra lube on her asshole and on my cock it was time to see if her tight little hole would accept my cock. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her ass in between the cheeks. Eventually I pushed down at her asshole and the head of my cock began to slowly dissapear into her asshole. Rachel was saying slowly, slowly as my cock entered her. It felt so mjch tighter than her pussy as the shaft slowly but surely dissapeared into her until the majority of my cock was inside of her ass. We went really slow to begin with as her asshole adapted to having my cock there. Eventually after seemngly ages she gave me the green light to start going a little more roughly. I slowly and gradually picked up the pace and thrusted inside her a little harder and a little deeper each time until we were almost going as hard as we would with her pussy. There was a few times she grabbed at her pillow and let out little screams however it wasnt long before I came. I slowly pulled back out of her and she rolled over onto her back looking up at me. She told me that she loved it and would maybe want to do it again however she thanked me for being willing to try it. I didnt mind really but I loved every second of it and would love to try it once again. Much like the time before my sister gotup and said she better go get herself cleaned up a little so we both went our seperate ways and began waiting for the next time.

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