The following is based on some true experiences; some were mine, some others’. Mostly, though, it’s just fantasy.

Author’s note – when first submitted, this story landed in the wrong category, Lesbian Sex. That was not an attempt to mislead. This is a resubmission. I’m sorry for any confusion that ensued.

All participants are eighteen years of age or older.


It all began in August, a couple of weeks before school started. I was going to be a senior, and while I understood the importance of that fact, I was unimpressed.

First, I was not going to go off to college. My grades were good, but certainly not stellar, which they would have had to be for me to get a scholarship. Failing that, my parents could not afford anything more than community college. I was also seriously considering the military as a way of making enough money to go.

Second, I was — well, not a geek, exactly, but far from popular. I was good in math, and I had tutored enough jocks to have friends in cool places. Put it this way: no girls would fuck me, and no guys would fuck with me.

It was a tradeoff, sure, but one I could live with.

Anyway, as I say, I wasn’t a geek, exactly, and I wasn’t a jock. I was in pretty good shape, though. I had always loved running. I had even considered trying out for the track team, but there were too many guys faster or in better shape than I was who also wanted to be on the team.

Gina was my best friend and fellow running enthusiast. We had known one another since kindergarten. We had shared in the good times and the bad, made it through the cooties stage with our relationship intact, and generally propped one another up.

We were not, however, dating material.

I thought, at the time, we both realized that any attempt to move deeper into the relationship would potentially ruin what we had. We were perfectly content to let the status be just as quo as it could.

So to tie these threads together…

Gina and I were running around the track that outlined the football field. The football jocks were on the field doing whatever they were doing to prepare for the coming season.

Well, someone was definitely doing some kicking. A ball landed on the track in front of Gina and me. It made a loud *SMACK* and startled the smack out of us, then skittered under the risers.

“Hey, Jeff, get that, wouldja?” called a voice. It was Hank Benson, one of the stars of the team and someone I had once tutored in math, enabling him to stay eligible to play. We weren’t great buds, but we were certainly friendly enough.

I looked at Gina; she shrugged. I reached under the risers and pulled out the ball, then drop-kicked it. I’d seen it done, and imitated what I’d seen. Gina and I started running again when we heard another, louder voice yelling.

It was the coach, and he was screaming something like, “How did you do that, young lad?” Or words to that effect, if you catch my drift. Gina and I came to a stop again, as the coach and a group of players, Hank among them, approached us.

“I wanna see you do that again,” blustered the coach.

I was genuinely taken aback. “I’m sorry,” I said, “I was just returning the ball.”

“No,” Hank interrupted, “you kicked it like nobody’s business. We wanted to know if it was just luck.”

“I never tried before,” I said honestly.

“Get on the field,” grumbled the coach, “and kick it again.” There was a chorus of “Yeah,” “Hell yeah,” “Kick that sumbitch,”and the like.

Again I glanced at Gina, who was by now smiling at my predicament. I shrugged and trotted onto the field.

“Put the tee on the thirty,” ordered the coach. He turned to me and said, “See that? See the uprights?” pointing to the goal posts. “Send it straight through.”

I complied.

Coach said, “Back it up to the thirty-five,” and we repeated. “Forty,” he barked. Once again, I did as he asked.

We went through this process about seven or eight times before we found I had a limit of about fifty-two yards, reliably; further was hit-and-miss. Then we went through kicking it from a snap.

When all was said and done, Coach said, “You’re my kicker.” He hadn’t even asked whether I was interested in playing. In the end, though, I knew I had to do it.

My parents went through the usual it’s-dangerous-and-you-have-to-keep-your-grades-up objections, but signed the consent form. I think my dad was actually puffed up with ankara escort pride.

Our team went 9-1 that year, for the first time ever, and made the state playoffs. It wasn’t all because of me, but I added to the team by subtracting from the field. My contribution was genuine.

I was a senior, with no prior football experience, and so it was a little late for most of the big schools to take an interest in me. A couple of smaller schools, though, heard about my accomplishments and sent representatives to woo me. I ended up taking the one, solitary full-boat scholarship I was offered.

My college days were memorable, and beyond the scope of this tale; but all is not lost.

You see, Gina gave me a going-away present.

As I mentioned, Gina and I never dated. We never properly had the hots for one another, though I’ll admit I had fantasized about her from time to time.

Right after graduation, we were back on the track, doing our usual running. It was late May, and the weather was pleasant after several hot days. A cool front was pushing through; the skies were darkening, threatening rain.

We finished our run, walked a lap to cool down, and sat on the risers to relax a moment before heading home. She was a little pre-occupied. Finally she said, “Why don’t we head to my place and get cleaned up?”

As if on cue, at that moment several large, noisy raindrops plopped on the hot surface of the track. We were close to her car — I had ridden with her that morning — and so we hightailed it. We closed the doors just before the rain really settled in. It wasn’t torrential, but I was glad we hadn’t gotten caught out in it.

As we drove, she was silent; unusual for her.

At length she said, “Did you ever wonder why we never dated?”

I pondered. “Yeah, I guess I have. I guess we’re too smart to ruin a good friendship.”

“Do you find me attractive?” she asked.

“Well, sure I do. You’re very pretty,” I responded.

“But are you attracted to me?” she pressed.

I was getting a little annoyed. “Yes, Gina, you give me a hard-on. Is that what you want to hear?”

“I’m sorry,” she said, looking sad. “I’m not handling this very well, am I?”

“Just say what you want to say,” I said firmly. “We’ve known each other for too long. Just spit it out.”

She was silent for a moment, then said, “Okay. I used to think you and I would eventually get married, have kids, stuff like that.” I said nothing, and she continued. “A couple of years ago, I realized I was never going to love you that way.”

I guess that should have stung, at least a little, but it didn’t. “Oh, well, that’s nothing to get worked up about. We’re still friends. Right?”

She paused, then said, “No, what I mean is, I met someone else. A friend of one of my cousins.” There was a pregnant pause, then: “A girl.”

What might have been a body-blow to others was sort of a relief to me. It answered a lot of questions, cleared up a lot of things that had occurred over the previous year or so.

I nodded slowly. “So, you’re a… lesbian.”

She grinned a little. “At least you didn’t call me a dyke.”

We were silent for a moment; then, I said, “So, who else knows about this?”

“No one. Not around here. My folks don’t even suspect. At least, I don’t think they do.”

Another lightbulb moment for me. “And you told me because you wanted to unburden yourself to someone who wouldn’t gossip.”

She smiled again. “That’s my Jeff.”

We rode in companionable silence the rest of the way to her house.

Her parents had set up a small additional parking spot for her, to the side of the detached garage, meaning we had to cover thirty feet or so. We ran to the house, getting soaked yet again by the rain, a hard, steady, insistent downpour.

Her parents’ house had a side door that entered the kitchen; just to the left of the kitchen was a laundry alcove, and that’s where she guided me.

“Strip,” she commanded.

“Gina!” I exclaimed.

She looked at me. “What? We’ve seen one another naked before.”

“We were barely seven,” I answered.

“Besides,” she continued, as if I hadn’t said a word, “you know you’re not gonna get laid. You know who I am now.” With that, she stripped off her A-shirt and sports bra.

I couldn’t help stare. Her breasts were… well, perfect. I had never seen any others for comparison, not in person; but, damn!

She escort ankara saw me staring, and I blushed and averted my gaze. She giggled. “It’s okay,” she said. “I know you like boobies. It’s kinda nice to know they get your attention.”

As I undressed — I had surrendered to the inevitable by this point — I said, “I’m very impressed. With your breast,” I added, and we both laughed.

She loaded all our clothes into the washer and started the load. “I’m putting it on cold wash, so we’ll have plenty of hot water for the shower.” She grabbed a couple of yet-unfolded towels and bath cloths, and signaled me to leave the laundry alcove.

I followed her to the upstairs bathroom, where she started the shower. She stepped in; I held back, unsure of what she intended of me.

She stuck her head out the door and said, “Well, get in here.”

I complied.

The water rolled over us like liquid muscle relaxant. We soaped the cloths and then washed the good grime of hard exercise off ourselves. It was glorious.

After a bit, she handed me her cloth and said, “Be a sweetie and wash my back? I’ll do yours next.”

“I’d like to wash your front,” I said, and giggled.

“Behave!” she scolded, then added, “I think I can arrange that. Not like you haven’t seen ’em.”

I washed her back, handed her my cloth and turned for her to reciprocate.

When we were done, she took my hands, spread the bar of soap over my palms, and said, “Go ahead. Part of your gift, anyway” Then she winked.

I ran my soapy hands over her breasts (and I must tell you I almost shot a load right then and there). The sensation was better than anything I had imagined. She moaned appreciatively. “You’re very gentle,” she murmured. “Some girl is gonna be damned lucky to have you for a lover.”

I could have continued for hours, but I spent only a minute or so. We finished rinsing and turned off the water. We stepped out and dried ourselves. Afterward, she led me to her bedroom and tossed me a girly robe, similar to the one she donned.

“Let me check the clothes,” she said, and darted out of the room. I sat on the edge of her bed, waiting for her to return.

At length she did. “Had to wait for the spin cycle to finish,” she said. “They’ll be dry in forty-five minutes or so. Which, coincidentally,” she said seductively, “is about long enough to give you the rest of your going-away present.” She winked.

“You keep calling it that,” I said. “When am I going away? I mean, August, sure, but that’s a couple months from now.”

She sat beside me. “Well, that’s part of what it means,” she said, “but also, it means I’m going away.”

I stared at her. “I don’t understand.”

She gave me her best oh-please look, and said, “What part do you not get?”

I laughed. “Okay, that was stupid,” I said.

She grinned, and said, “It’s okay. It’s yet another thing I haven’t told you. I’m going into the Navy. I report in a few weeks. My folks don’t know yet.”

“O-o-o-k-a-a-ay,” I said slowly. “So when are you planning on springing it on them?”

“Look,” she said, “let’s not talk about my future plans. My parting gift to you is to prepare you for your future.”

I waited; she continued, “I’m going to teach you a skill that will benefit you, and all the girls you will love from now on.”

She leaned in a little closer. “Have you ever wondered how lesbians make love?”

I shook my head, though the denial was not entirely true.

“Have you ever herd of cunnilingus?” she asked, softly.

“Yeah,” I replied, “That’s eating pussy, right? I read about it in a magazine. And I heard some guys talk about it. My older cousin Dave…”

“Ever thought about what it’s like?” she asked, looking me right in the eyes.

“Well, yeah. I guess… I guess I thought it was icky, but…” I trailed off.

“But?” she prompted.

“But so many people seem to like it, it must be okay,” I rasped.

Her eyes shone. “Uh-huh. It’s good. Really good. You learn to eat a girl’s pussy, and I guarantee you’ll never go without.” With that, she kissed me. It wasn’t an erotic kiss, but very, very friendly.

She stood, shed her robe, and mounted the bed, spreading her legs so that her pussy was staring right at me.

I removed my robe and knelt on the bed. “Any pointers?” I asked.

She ran her fingers over her labia. “See these? Like lips. Kiss them. Kiss them like they were on my ankara escort bayan mouth. Be gentle; just baby kisses.”

I did as she suggested, breathing in her clean, fresh womanly scent. “You smell nice,” I remarked.

“Not like fish, huh?” she giggled.

“No, not at all. Very, very nice,” I replied, returning to the pleasures at hand. I kissed those lips some more; and then, by instinct, inserted my tongue a little.

She gasped. “Oh, yeah, you’re a good student,” she said softly.

Well, if that worked, I figured, why not do more of the same? So I did.

I rooted my tongue around and struck a hard little nubbin. She jumped when I did that, and I knew instinctively I’d found this thing called “clit.”

I began flipping my tongue up and down over that nubbin, and her pelvis began to writhe, in tempo with her moans.

After a few minutes of this treatment, and just before my tongue was going to mutiny, her body seized up, and she began to push my head away.

As soon as I moved my head, her thighs clamped, and she made sounds that might have been mistaken as intestinal distress. I thought I had a good idea what had happened, but I moved up next to her on the bed and said, “Gina?”

She flailed a bit for another moment, and then gasped, “You did okay for a first timer.” Then she laughed, taking large breaths every few seconds.

After a moment or two she calmed down. She looked at me through dreamy eyes and said, “That, buddy boy, is eating pussy; and you are a natural.”

I smiled. “Really? It was good?”

Again I got the oh-please look. “You do that to one girl, and I promise you’ll have no shortage of dates.”

“You don’t mean girls gossip, now, do you?” I asked mockingly. She giggled and swatted my arm.

I leaned over and suckled on one of her breasts, feeling proud of myself. She rubbed the back of my head.

After a moment she said, “So how’s Mister Chubby?”

I had forgotten my own erection on the excitement. Truth was, he needed some relief; I told her as much.

“Well,” she said, “I don’t want one of those things in me. The thought turns me off. No offense, but, hey, I am…” she let the thought trail off.

“Fair enough,” I replied.

“But,” she continued, “you satisfied me, so you should get some help. Wanna show me what it looks like? I’ve never seen a guy come, so you may as well be my first.”

“Sure,” I replied. I lay on my back, took her hand and placed it over my penis, and helped her masturbate me to a shattering orgasm. Most of my spunk landed on my chest; some of the blowback got on her hand.

She laughed. “Damn, that’s nasty. No offense,” she added, grimacing, “but that’s just… nasty.” She left the room and returned with my bath towel, mopping up all the evidence.

She lay down beside my spent self, rubbing the side of my face gently. I was drained by that point, and I fell into a light slumber.

I awoke when she threw my warm, freshly-dried clothes on me.

“How long have I been out?” I rasped.

“About an hour,” she replied. “You looked so cute sleeping, I just let you. Now it’s after four, and I need to get you home.”

I dressed slowly. It had stopped raining, so the trip to her car was nothing like it had been before.

She drove me to my home, a couple of miles away. I was still too muzzy-headed to make any conversation.

When we pulled up into my driveway, she stopped the car and put it in park. Before I got out, I said, “So I was a good student?”

She laughed. “Very good student. I enjoyed the teaching part.”

After a moment, I asked, “Any chance for… well, you know… advanced studies?”

She smiled wanly and said, “No, ‘fraid not. It was a one day…. semen-ar,” and giggled, as did I.

I looked at her and said, “You know I love you, don’t you? Maybe not romantically, but I do love you.”

She smiled again. “I know you do. And I love you, too. If I was different… well, wish in one hand,” she finished lamely.

Just before I got out, I said, “Yeah, well, at least I gave you something to use in future relationships.”

She frowned. “I don’t follow…?”

“If you ever have a girlfriend who doesn’t satisfy you, you can always tell them you know a straight guy who does it better than they do.”

She howled with laughter. “See ya,” she said. I got out, and waved as she backed out of the driveway.


I’ve never seen Gina again. Never heard another word from her. I have no idea whether she’s alive or dead. I dearly hope she’s doing well, happy, and in a nurturing relationship; I just don’t know.

But I will always have that magical afternoon.

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