Happy Wife, Happy Cuckold Ch. 03


It had been a few days since Brad had been confronted by his wife about his homoerotic urges, but not much had changed. Amber was still getting a steady diet of cock outside of their marriage, and Brad was still jerking off several times per day. The only real change was that Brad had started to mix more gay porn into his masturbation routine.

He had just gotten back from a trip to buy groceries and was carrying the bags inside. As he opened the door, he saw his wife sitting on the couch next to her best friend, Krystal. They each had a glass of red wine on the coffee table in front of them.

“Hey. The cocksucker is home!” Krystal said with a laugh.

Brad tried to ignore her and brought the groceries into the kitchen. He put everything away before heading back to the living room.

If there was one woman who rivaled his wife’s sexiness, it was her best friend Krystal. Her hair was long and dark, almost black. She was about 5’3″, 120 pounds, with fake but incredible 32DD tits and an ass to die for. Brad had always been nervous around her, and now was no different as he sat in a chair next to the couch.

“Honey.” Amber said. “Why didn’t you say hello back to Krystal when she called you a cocksucker?”

Brad raised his hand and gave a slight wave. “Hello.” He said, half-sarcastically.

“Did it feel like a weight off your shoulders these past few days?” Krystal asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Finally coming out of the closet.” Krystal said bluntly. “Coming clean to your wife about all of those gay desires you’ve hidden for so long.”

Brad blushed, too shy to answer.

“I’m just glad I was finally vindicated.” Krystal added, taking a sip of her wine.

“That you were!” Amber exclaimed, turning to her husband. “From the moment we got engaged, Krystal tried to get me to back out of marrying you. She was adamant in her belief that you were hiding your homosexuality.”

“I still like girls.” Brad muttered, slightly frustrated at the humiliating discussion.

“Oh I believe that.” Krystal said. “But you’re just not good at pleasuring them. At least according to your own wife. So then the only logical choice is to become a source of pleasure for men.”

Amber took a sip of her wine, sensing her husband’s frustration. “Why don’t you tell him the good news, Krystal?”

“Oh right! So I was talking to my coworker Tyler…”

“Her gay coworker.” Amber clarified with a giggle.

“Yes, my gay coworker.” Krystal added. “I told him that you had just come out to your wife and you were eager to start getting buttfucked.”

Brad could feel himself getting aroused, curious where Krystal’s story would lead.

“I assured him that you would be fully submissive.” Krystal continued. “I gave him your number and he said he’d think about it.”

“What do you say, honey?”

Brad didn’t want to submit, but he knew it was useless to fight. “Thank you, Krystal.”

“You’re welcome. But there’s something else.” Krystal told him, picking up her purse. “Amber and I have been talking about ways to keep your submissiveness top of mind.”

“Oh fuck. What now?” Brad wondered.

Amber giggled seeing how nervous her husband was.

“We picked up some things for you.” Krystal said bluntly, reaching into her purse.

“It’s for your own good, honey.” Amber added. “Please just accept it.”

Krystal pulled out two items: a pair of pink panties and a hot pink, 4″ butt plug.

Brad felt his cock twitch as his face burned bright red. “What the hell?!” He exclaimed.

“From now on, you’ll be wearing panties.” Krystal explained. “A reminder that you are not a real man.”

“We already threw away all of your boxers.” Amber said as she laughed.

Krystal held up the panties and dangled them in front of Brad. “These will be perfect for your beta dick.”

“I don’t know.” Brad said, thoroughly embarrassed. “I think this is going a little too far.”

“Nonsense!” Amber replied, taking a sip of your wine. “I agree with her. I think they’ll be perfect. Take off your pants and try them on.”

“What?!” Brad exclaimed. “In front of Krystal?”

“Oh don’t worry, Brad.” Krystal said. “Amber’s told me about your small penis so many times I feel like I’ve been disappointed by it for years, too.”

Brad felt like it would be impossible to blush any more than he currently was.

“I’ll make you a deal.” Amber told her husband, hiking up her skirt. “If you try them on, I’ll let you smell my pussy.”

Brad looked at the white, cotton material hiding his wife’s vagina. He didn’t want to do such a humiliating thing in front of Krystal, but the promise of smelling Amber’s crotch was something he couldn’t pass up.

With a sigh, Brad kicked off his shoes and stood up. He pulled down his pants and underwear and tossed them aside, taking the pink panties from Krystal.

“Oh my goodness. It’s even smaller than I imagined!” Krystal said, pointing and laughing. “Even your balls are tiny!”

“It gets bigger ankara moldovyalı escortlar when it’s hard.” Brad argued.

“Not much.” Amber quickly replied.

Brad shook his head and started to put the panties on. He got them just past his knees when Amber stopped him.

“Wait!” She said, turning to her friend. “Do you have any lube?”

“Of course I have lube!” Krystal answered. “A girl always has to be prepared.”

Krystal again reached into her purse and retrieved a small bottle of personal lubricant.

“Before you put on the panties, I want you to stick that plug up your ass, honey.” Amber said.

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely.” She added. “I’ve never seen Tyler’s cock but I’m betting it’s more than four inches. The plug will help get your virgin hole warmed up. You need to practice opening it up before you take a dick.”

Again, Brad was humiliated but knew arguing would be useless. He took the plug and lube from Krystal, who was still laughing. He squirted some lube on his fingers and reached behind his back, massaging it into his anus. Then he drizzled a line the length of the plug and rubbed it all over the toy. He reached back again, this time directing the plug toward his hole.

“Oh yes!” Krystal shouted. “Shove it up your ass like a little bitch.”

Brad was pleasantly surprised at how easily the toy slid into his rectum. The girls clanked their wine glasses together at Brad’s accomplishment and each took a sip of wine.

“Great.” Amber told him. “Now pull up your panties, dear.”

It took a little maneuvering but Brad got the underwear pulled up and in place.

“A perfect fit!” Amber said.

Krystal started laughing again. “Look at that little bump, Amber. It’s barely bigger than a standard cameltoe.”

“I know.” Amber agreed.

Brad rolled his eyes, accepting the continued humiliation. “Can I please smell your pussy now?”

“In a second.” Amber told him. “I have one more request.”

“I’ve done everything you’ve asked though.”

“And you’ll do this too.” Amber snapped. “As you are inhaling my perfection, I want you to rub yourself. But leave your penis inside the panties. In fact… go ahead and start rubbing yourself now.”

Brad couldn’t believe the request. Both girls were staring at him, waiting for compliance. He moved his hand to the panties, and slowly rubbed his bulge. The girls giggled in amusement.

“He’s actually doing it.” Krystal said. “He’s rubbing himself like a little girl!”

Pleased, Amber parted her legs and pointed to her crotch.

“Are you going to pull your underwear to the side?” Brad asked.

“No, sweetie.” Amber told him. “Getting to smell me through the panties should be sufficient.”

Brad sighed with disappointment, but continued rubbing himself as he knelt in front of his wife. Lowering his head, he placed his nose against her crotch. The cotton fabric was warm and damp. Amber was clearly turned on by his humiliation. Brad inhaled deeply through his nostrils, taking in her beautiful fragrance.

“I love the way you smell. It’s wonderful.” Brad told his wife.

“Well duh.” Amber said playfully. “Everything about me is perfect, darling. Why would my twat be any different?”

Brad continued rubbing his panties as he once more took in the scent of his wife. Despite not even being fully erect, the excitement of the predicament left him with an all too familiar feeling.

“Oh no.” Brad muttered, feeling his warm cum dribble into the soft underwear.

He stopped rubbing and stood up. Krystal immediately burst into laughter.

“Look at that mess!” Krystal shouted. “He creamed his panties like a girl.”

Brad hung his head in shame as his mess caused the material to stick to his upper thigh and soft penis.

“Can I take these off now?” He asked.

“Absolutely not!” Amber responded, pulling her skirt back down. “You need to get used to wearing panties. Even dirty ones. It’s not my fault you prematurely ejaculated in your underwear, is it?”

“No. It’s not.” Brad admitted. As if things couldn’t get worse, Brad heard his phone vibrate. He walked over and checked it, seeing a new text message.

FROM: Unknown

Hey. This is Tyler. Krystal told me you’re in the market to get your ass wrecked. How about I come over tonight?

Brad felt himself become nervous as he saved the number to his contacts.

“Who was it?” Amber asked.

“Tyler.” Brad told her. “He wants to come over tonight. He wants to fuck me.”

Amber’s face lit up. “Yay!! Reply with something nasty and submissive, but let me see it before you send it.”

TO: Tyler

Tonight sounds great! Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I am going to be your personal cumbucket.

Brad showed it to his wife for approval. She confirmed and Brad hit the send button.

“Perfect response.” Amber said. “Very submissive and gay!”

“Umm. Thanks.” Brad replied.

“I’m going to text Kyle and make sure he’s still coming ankara ukraynalı escortlar over.” Amber added. “It’ll be kind of like we’re on a double date.”

“Husband and wife. Sucking cock together.” Krystal said. “How sweet.”


An hour later, Brad was still wearing just the butt plug and the panties he had ejaculated in. Amber entered the living room, also in her same attire, and set her phone down in an exasperated manner.

“Unfortunately Kyle is running late.” She said. “I was really hoping he’d get to watch you take a cock in your ass.”

Before Brad could offer a response, the doorbell rang.

“That must be Tyler!” Amber exclaimed. “Go answer the door.”

Brad answered the door, opening it. There stood Tyler, six feet tall and very fit. Brad blushed, and Tyler chuckled as he noticed Brad wearing nothing but the skimpy panties. Brad led Tyler to the couch.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Brad asked.

“I’ll take a beer if you have one.”

Brad went to the kitchen to fetch a beer for his guest. He had butterflies in his stomach as he retrieved the beverage from the fridge and twisted the top off.

“Am I really about to get fucked by a guy?” Brad wondered, knowing that all signs were pointing to ‘yes’.

As Brad returned to the living room, he was shocked to see that Tyler had unzipped his pants and had his flaccid penis out on display. Even soft, Brad could tell that it was a beautiful specimen. He handed Tyler the beer.

“So my name is Brad. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“That’s nice.” Tyler said, taking a gulp of beer. “How about you get to it?”

“Excuse me?” Brad asked.

“I didn’t come over here to chat or get to know you.” Tyler explained. “There are better things your mouth can be doing.”

Brad looked at Amber, who had a big smile on her face.

“Get to it, honey!” She said. “Show him how much you love to suck a cock.”

Brad, fully aware of his place, offered no resistance, kneeling down in front of Tyler and the penis he was being offered. Leaning forward, Brad put his mouth on Tyler’s manhood. Since it was still soft, Brad easily fit the meat in his mouth, using his tongue to apply a few licks to Tyler’s hefty balls.

“Do you mind if I masturbate?” Amber asked. “It gets me wet watching my husband suck dick.”

“I don’t mind at all.” Tyler replied, gulping down another mouthful of beer.

Amber stood up and unzipped her skirt, sliding it down her legs. She then sat back down and began rubbing herself through her underwear as she watched her husband slurping on Tyler’s penis.

At this point, Tyler was fully erect, his cock reaching about 7.5 thick inches. Brad was bobbing up and down, wanting to make sure his guest was satisfied. Tyler’s moans let Brad know that his oral service was being appreciated.

“Hell yeah, baby.” Amber encouraged, still rubbing her crotch. “Suck that dick like the little cocksucker you really are!”

Tyler’s swollen penis being in his mouth had Brad becoming aroused in his panties. He tried to ignore it so he could focus on the task at hand.

“You’re pretty good at giving head.” Tyler said, taking another swig of his beer.

The compliment only fueled Brad’s desire to do a good job. He continued sucking the stiff prick as his wife watched.

Tyler finished the last of his beer and set the bottle down on the stand beside the couch.

“I think it’s time for me to take your virgin ass now.” Tyler announced.

Brad’s heart fluttered at the realization that it was now time for the main event. He slid his mouth off of Tyler’s throbbing erection and got on his feet.

“Okay.” Brad said. “Just please go easy. It’s my first time.”

“I’ll do whatever I damn well please.” Tyler informed him. “Now take off those panties and bend over in front of your wife.”

“Yes, sir.”

Brad lowered the soiled underwear and stepped out of them. He looked at Amber, whose hand was now inside of her underwear, masturbating her cunt.

“I love you.” Brad told her.

“Bend over like he told you.” Was her only reply.

Brad walked to the side of the couch and bent over. Amber had a clear view of his bare ass and would therefore have a great angle to watch him get fucked.

Tyler made his way behind Brad, and noticed the plug currently occupying his rectum.

“You won’t be needing that.” Tyler said.

He reached between Brad’s cheeks and removed the toy, tossing it across the room. Tyler held the tip of his cock against Brad’s anus.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Brad thought.

With one solid thrust, Tyler inserted his entire penis into Brad’s virgin hole.

“Ow!” Brad cried at the sensation of his anus suddenly going from empty to full. He was met with a hard smack on his rear from Tyler’s firm hand.

“Calm down. You can take it.” Tyler said. “I’m going to make you take it. All of it.”

“Oh wow!” Amber exclaimed. “He just shoved his entire cock up your sincan minyon tipli escortlar butt, sweetie. That’s so fucking cool!”

Brad bit his lower lip as Tyler began thrusting in and out of his rectum.

Amber was really working over her pussy now, mesmerized by the sight of her husband being dominated and reduced to a simple piece of fuckmeat.

“Thank you for being so submissive, honey.” Amber said. “Seeing you getting fucked like a worthless little bitch makes me so happy. And horny.”

The initial pain was subsiding and Brad was starting to enjoy the feeling of Tyler’s penis being inside of him. Tyler wasn’t concerned with Brad’s feelings either way as he relentlessly pounded away between his cheeks.

Brad looked back over his shoulder at his wife. Amber’s hand was moving vigorously inside her panties and her eyes were rolled back in her head. She was obviously about to orgasm to the sight of him being manhandled. He looked back in front of him and focused on taking the ass pounding.

Tyler spanked Brad’s bare ass again as the fucking continued. Brad’s own cock was hard and swaying back and force in rhythm with the anal sex he was receiving.

Tyler grabbed ahold of Brad’s hips and began to fuck him even harder and faster. Brad could hear Tyler’s breathing getting heavier.

“Is he about to cum in my ass?!” Brad thought. It was a thought that made him nervous but also excited him.

Brad closed his eyes, savoring the sensation of Tyler’s cock ramming into him. And then he felt it… a large gush of semen squirting inside his asshole.

Brad couldn’t believe it. He felt a sense of pride knowing that his rear had been responsible for giving a man an orgasm. He was so caught up with feeling more spurts filling him that he hardly noticed his own cock twitching, flinging cum all over the couch and cushions.

Tyler made sure his balls were thoroughly drained before sliding his cock out of Brad’s ass. Amber was impressed at how loose and red her husband’s hole was.

“He really stretched you out, honey!” She said. “You look great with your asshole blown out like that.”

Brad stood back up, clenching his anus in an attempt to hold the semen in a bit longer. Tyler simply pulled up his pants and headed to the door.

“Wait!” Brad yelled.

Tyler stopped and turned around.

“Do you maybe wanna…” Brad started. “…hang out sometime?”

“Not really.” Tyler answered bluntly. “I’ll let you know if I need a warm hole to bust a load.”

“Oh. Okay.” Brad said, somewhat dejected. “Well can I think about you when I masturbate?”

“I’d really prefer that you didn’t.” Tyler replied. “Ultimately I can’t control your thoughts. But no, I don’t want you to jerk off to me. This isn’t any sort of relationship. This was me making use of you in order to get my rocks off. That’s all.”

“I understand.” Brad muttered. “Well… thanks for fucking me, I guess?”

Tyler smiled, and then turned around and left without another word, the front door shutting behind him.

Brad turned and walked back to the couch, picking up his panties. He was no longer focused on clenching his ass muscles, and Tyler’s semen had started leaking out.

Amber stood up and took her husband by the hand.

“That was amazing.” She said. “Especially the way he treated you. Just using you and leaving like that.”

“It was a little bit rude.”

“Oh honey. I know you aren’t used to it but that’s just how an alpha male is sometimes.” Amber explained. “I thought you were going to cry when he turned you down. That would’ve been so sexy. Do you want to cry now?”

“I’m not going to cry.”

“Well that’s too bad.” Amber said. “I probably could’ve had another orgasm watching you cry from a man turning you down for a date.”

Brad could feel more of Tyler’s spunk oozing slowly out of his anus. Amber smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

“Even though he turned you down, it was still a big day.” She told him.

“I did manage to take a dick in my ass. That was nice.”

“Right in the ass. It’s official now.” Amber added with another big smile. “You’re officially a faggot, sweetie.”

Hearing his wife use that word shocked him, but it also sounded strangely erotic. And knowing that she had gotten off while watching him be buttfucked did fill Brad with a sense of pride. At least something he did had given her an orgasm.

“I love you.” Brad told her.

“I know.” She replied. “And I love that you’re officially gay now. Trust me… there will be plenty of penis going in both ends moving forward. I promise you that.”


Kyle arrived shortly after Tyler left. Amber happily described every detail of how Brad had been used as a fucksleeve, earning him a high-five from Kyle.

Brad asked if he could watch Amber have sex with Kyle, but Amber gleefully told him not tonight.

She did do her husband one favor, though. Since Tyler had told Brad not to masturbate to him, Amber did talk Kyle into letting Brad take a picture of his penis on his phone.

After obtaining the picture of Kyle’s superior cock, Amber sent Brad to bed in the guest room.

Brad masturbated three more times while staring at the picture of Kyle’s dick before drifting off to sleep, his anus still sticky and wet from Tyler’s semen.

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