HardcoreA pen-pal who was so kind as to forego any introduction wrote the beginning to a story he requested i continue in order for him to cum. As you read, you can imagine what the beginning was like!you fuck my neck so hard and fast all i can do is keep my mouth open and hope for enough chances to catch my breath, to make it possible to keep going as long as you want. you drill me harder after each breath I draw, your balls squashed up against my lips as you order me to lick your balls. i manage to get my tongue out over your thick cock and try to lick your balls as you grind your cock around trying to make me gag. i let you make me gag, because i know how hot that makes you, as i taste a bit of bile cum up, my eyes and nose are running. you slap my face ordering me to look at you, so my eyes meet yours. you want to see the tears in my eyes as i try to turn my head to escape your cock for a breath. you slap my face harder, then again, and again 3 times before using both hands to grab fists full of my hair tight against my scalp and instead of forcing my head to anadolu yakası escort you, you force your pelvis hard against me. fucking my mouth like a cunt, closing your eyes, ramming me like you hate me.then you throw me on the bed, on my stomach and with your strong hands you easily lift my ass up, so i am on my knees and force my head down. you take a pillow and shove it over my head and begin fucking my ass dry. you know how it tears my flesh but that’s the point, you want to see the pain you inflict. i’m coughing and screaming beneath the pillow and the weight of your hand leaning on it as you ram the full length of your cock through my ass into my stomach.you roll me over, take the pillow case off the pillow and put it over my head so you cannot see my face. it is not worthy of being seen. my body is only good for one thing, there is no person, in your mind, just fuck holes to punish.you lift my legs over my head, get on top of me facing me and lean down, holding the pillows cases edges with both sides tight against my pendik escort face spitting on it as you shove your thick cock deep inside my cunt. you can hear my screams but they only make you want to get rougher. the more i protest the hotter you get. you take your cell phone and hit speed dial, i can barely make out your brief conversation which only took seconds, before i hear the door open, then shut again. i hear no other voices, your focus is solely on punishing my cunt as you drill deeper and faster. Then you start to fuck my still partially open ass hole again for a few strokes, then my cunt again back and forth until you focus on my cunt harder and faster than ever until you let out a loud groan dumping your load inside me in violent bursts, filling me up.you get off me but within seconds, the pillow case is now being tied around my neck and i am rolled over to my back again. strong hands pull me to the edge of the bed and a cock enters my cunt only it feels different, longer, but not quite as thick to my relief. i am being jack hammered tuzla escort furiously for at least 20 minutes straight without pause, as i can feel sweat dripping onto my ass and back. i hear hard breathing, but no voices. my screams turn into moans as i begin to enjoy the sensation of all the nerves in my ass coming to a point where i burst into a gushing climax. then i can feel the cock burst inside me as the moans of another man fill the room. i am thrown to the side and left there for a moment. I hear keys, zippers, belt buckles then suddenly i feel the most screeching pain i’ve ever felt on my flesh as a leather belt slams down on my ass visciously hard. then again thwap! you strap me again. each time in slightly different angles. lastly, my legs are moved apart, my ass is lifted up and i can feel it coming, i shudder, and a belt now doubled cums up between my legs from beneath, covering my flesh from clit to ass hole so hard i cry.another sound of a belt buckle, i shiver… but it is being fastened, not preparing to be used on my body thank God. i hear more keys, the door open, both foot steps leave the room, with the door not quite closed. as soon as i can get my wits about me, i rush to the door, limping, with each step i realize how bruised and damaged i am, how painful it is to move but i must close the door before anyone sees me.

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