Harry and his Virginity


Harry and his VirginityI first met Harry via xHamster, he messaged me and I replied and our conversation grew from that.He was 19, single and had just got his first flat (rental). He was an apprentice chippy. He was also a virgin having done nothing more than kiss and cuddle a girlfriend that had long since gone.During the course of our messaging it became clear he wanted his first sexual experience to be with another man, preferably an older and experienced one. He clearly thought I would be the right guy as I told him about some early experiences I had had with a couple of the boys at my boarding school and one teacher.We decided to meet at a pub roughly halfway between where we both lived. I got there early, grabbed a drink and got what I thought was a quiet table where we could talk privately. He arrived and seemed quite nervous as he searched the room for me. We had both mentioned the jackets we would wear so I noticed him as he walked in the door. He scanned the room, saw me and came on over. Once we had said hello and he was settled I went to the bar, got him a drink and a top-up for me.We sat and talked, discussed some of the things we had said in our messages, always good to see the face and eyes when someone is answering delicate questions. He seemed on the level and his id confirmed his age. He clearly liked what he saw bornova escort in me, so when we discussed whether we should take it any further he said yes. So we went back to my apartment.He was impressed with the lift to the fifth floor and I could see a bulge forming in his pants. After entering my home I took him down to the lounge, the curtains were open and he admired the view out to sea. I got us both a drink, put on some music and we sat in my living room. He looked around and asked a question or two about some of my decorations.Since it seemed I had to lead, I ran my hand up his thigh to his crutch and got my first feel of his hard young cock. Once he cottoned on he did the same for me, which gave him his first experience of touching someone else’s tool. A few moments later I started unbuttoning his shirt, followed by undoing his trousers. He bent to take off his shoes and socks and shortly afterwards had nothing on but his boxers.I took off my shoes and socks and let him undress me in much the same way I had just done for him. He took his time and explored my nipples as he did so. I stood up, went over and closed the curtains and asked him to stand. His bulge got bigger as we stood facing each other naked but for our boxers.I then hooked my fingers on the waist band of his boxers and pushed them down. escort bornova As the boxers went south his young, hard cock popped out, it was an amazing thing to see and stood absolutely vertical. I didn’t touch it but let him do the same to me. I was hard too but not as impressive, but since it was the first cock he was going to get to play with, he didn’t seem to mind.Our cocks touched and it sent a shudder through him. While I like playing with men from time to time, and will do almost anything of a sexual nature, the one thing I will not do is kiss. Probably because while I’ll have a relationship I would never see it as something for forever.Standing there I started exploring his body, I started with his neck and shoulders, worked my way down his chest, stopping long enough to play gently with his nipples before going down for my first feel of his nude, hard cock. It was solid, quite thick and about 9 inches long. He had a foreskin that I pealed back and his head was dark and proud. I cupped his balls. I had been watching his face, he was in heaven, enjoying all that was happening to him. Lastly I explored his bum, first his cheeks and then his hole. Pushing my finger in a little way he didn’t pull away. I knew then that I was going to have some fun there.He followed my lead slowly. He touched, licked bornova escort bayan and then sucked my nipples, played with my cock as I had done with him. He was very interested because he now had a cock to compare his own with. He did the same with my bum too, so I knew he was going to be very adventurous in this relationship.Then we stood there wanking each other, he was getting very worked up and suddenly he came all over me. He blushed, pulled away and said sorry while trying to find something to clean me and the carpet with. I stopped him, encouraging him to his knees and told him to use his tongue. Which he did. After that my cock was in his mouth and I have to say, for a virgin, his first attempt wasn’t that bad. I didn’t cum but it was good.His cock was still hard, I don’t think it had gone down at all after he came. I took him over to the dining table, leant him against it, sat on a chair and took him in my mouth. God it was hard and solid and tasted good. I sucked and licked and sucked some more. I took him in deep and gave almost his full length a hard suck. It didn’t take long before he came hard and strong, I just about managed to swallow it all.After that we went to bed where, having relaxed considerably, he touched me all over. I reciprocated and we had a nice time that ultimately lead to 69 BJ session where we both came and swallowed.In the morning we had fun in the shower and we explored each other’s ass, but only, at this stage, with fingers.After that he had to go, so I drove him back to his car. We agreed to see each other again very soon and he said he hope we would go to the next level.

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