Head Contest


Head Contestmy last story, my cousin the cocksucker, was obvious bs, but this one is 100% true. About 5 years ago, me and 7 of my friends decided to start what’s called HeadContest. The object is simple: get the most blowjobs by women of any age over 18 in 30 anadolu yakası escort days that could be proven by a video. there is no money prize or anything, just bragging rights for the next 6 months. I usually use craigslist, pendik escort and for the most part it works. i would post the contest rules on the posting and what was required.last year in june, i was down by 13, and only had a day tuzla escort left, so i posted 1 more time on craigslist, with my situation.within 2 hours, i got a message from a woman saying she could help. i asked how and she gave instructions on where to go. next thing i know, im at a hotel in boston, where there was a bachelorette party going on. the woman i talked to meets me in the lobby and takes me to the party. within 10 minutes, i have a line of girls, all on theyre knees, ready to give the required 2 minutes per bj to qualify. TBC!

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