Hot night with Vic and Courtney


Hot night with Vic and CourtneyVicHi baby . KissSinthya CD (whisper to Vic)kissing you back…happy to see you…hope others will join… remember great 3somes and 4somes with youVicThe more cock and cum the betterSinthya CD (whisper to Vic)yessssssssssssss…..Sinthya CD (whisper to Vic)How do you want me dressed, baby?Vic Something that shows off your titsVic Stockings and heels Vic Pinching my nipplesVic Hey baby kisses youSinthya CD mmmmmmmmmmmVic MmmmmmmmmSinthya CD walking around to show you my outfitVic Arm reaching out stroking up and down the back of your thighSinthya CD black 6 inches spike heels, black thigh high, black lacy panty, black mini, white see thru blouse,two size too small… showing my DDD cup black bra…blouse buttons might snaps anytimeVic mmmmmmmm yeahVic That’s how to dressSinthya CD love your gentle touch on my thighSinthya CD I feel so sexySinthya CD want me to pole dance for you?Vic Mmmmmmmmmm love the way you dress babeSinthya CD and I love the way you look at meVic Dance for meSinthya CD I can see the lust in your eyesSinthya CD sexy moves on the pole…stroking it as of it was a cock…then licking itVic Eyes you up and downSinthya CD looking at you….the pole between my titsVic Ooooooohhhh fuuuuck yesSinthya CD you love what you see lover?Vic Very muchSinthya CD let me see you rubbing your cock thru your pantsVic CD let me see that growing bulgeSinthya CD let me see that big cock that will later fuck meVic Spreading my thighsSinthya CD that blonde on the gif is so hotVic Let me see yours babeSinthya CD i’m licking my lips…cupping my titsVic He’s a lucky guy sucking her cockHotSonHomefromCollegeGood evening–good to see you again!Sinthya CD (whisper to HotSon)hey sweetie…want to join Vic and I in Cin City?Vic fuck you’re so hotSinthya CD you’ll get a chance to suck me laterVic Yes it has babe. How are you kisssssssVic Just shaved my cock and balls smooth tonightSinthya CD I walk towards youSinthya CD kneel between your legs, your knees…parting them a bitVic Eyes looking into yours as your heels click towards meHotSonHomefromCollege Mmm..that’s interesting…ok, I’ll join you there!Vic Watching you go to your knees my cock twitchingSinthya CD rubbing your thight…then my hand on your crotchVic Spreading my thighs apartSinthya CD leaning forward and kissing youSinthya CD mmmmmmmmmmm…HotSonHomefromCollege I slowly enter the room, watching as Sinthya drops to her knees in front of VicVic Moaning in delight my cock throbbing at your touchSinthya CD unzipping youSinthya CD your cock throbbing…wanting outVic Hi hot son motions you over next to meSinthya CD oh… hi son… didnt see you enteringVicBaby I’m so hard and horny RTHotSonHomefromCollege I walk forward, watching as Sinthya unzips Vic…I move next to him as I watchSinthya CD Son, look how I tease himSinthya CD taking his cock between my thumb and index fingerSinthya CD long, slow strokes with only those two fingersVic She knows how to turn me on Sinthya CD I lean forward to kiss him, but as his lips meets mine I pull out a bitVic Licking my precum RTSinthya CD fingers under your shirt…finding canlı bahis your nipplesSinthya CD you like what you see son?HotSonHomefromCollege Has left the roomVic My fingers grip your hair pulling you back and kissing sinthya hardSinthya CD (whisper to HotSon)thats alright…Missy was here a while ago but didnt answer me back…didnt see avaSinthya CD (whisper to HotSon)thats alright…Missy was here a while ago but didnt answer me back…didnt see avaSinthya CD ooooooooooooooooh vicHotSonHomefromCollege Oh wow, yes last night with Missy and ava was amazing!Vic MmmmmmmmmmmmSinthya CD when I tease you I also tease myselfVic I know baby it turns me on when you doSinthya CD tongues swirlingVicMmmmmmmmm licking more here. I love cock and cumcourtney(cd)kiss*S*Sinthya CD slowly…my lips kisses the tip of your cock headVic Nipples hardening as we kissSinthya CD (whisper to courtney(cd)) hey dollcourtney(cd) hows it going?Sinthya CD tongue around your cock headSinthya CD my big tits in the way…brushing on your cockVic Oooooh yeah. My cock throbbing faster as your lips caress my swollen tipSinthya CD (whisper to courtney(cd)) I’m with Vic…wanna join? He wont mindVic I guess Son didn’t want a threesome?Sinthya CD your precum oozing…making my tits all wetSinthya CD (whisper to Vic)too badcourtney(cd) fuck yes what room?Vic CD by now I have taken your cock all of it in my mouthVicCould have been funSinthya CD (whisper to courtney(cd)) we should tease him by putting on a show for him room = Cin CitySinthya CD (whisper to courtney(cd)) we should tease him by putting on a show for him room = Cin CityVic My hand going to the back of your head pushing your head downSinthya CD my lips reaching your ballsSinthya CD sliding finger in the back of your ballsVic Saliva running down my shaft and ballsVic ooooh that’s it babySinthya CD your balls are hard as a rock…your cock throbbing out of controlcourtney(cd) hello?Vic My cock stiffening in your mouth my hips begin to lift and pumpVic Mmmmm hi CourtneySinthya CD I stop sucking for a while and look deep in your eyes while my fingers pushes up your asscourtney(cd) walking behind Sin kneeling leaning over pressing my tits on her back watching her suck as i kiss her shoulderSinthya CD mmmmmmmm courtney, honey…what are you doing here *evil grin*Vic Eyes meeting sinthyas as your finger enters my ass my stiff throbbing cock exposedSinthya CD omg feeling her kissing my shoulders…Sinthya CD love that look on Vic’s faceVic Mmmmmmmm watching Courtney and Sinthyacourtney(cd) im just looking for trouble mmmmmmm massaging Sin’s ass as i watchcourtney(cd) kissing Sin’s neck reaching under tugging her tit and nipplesSinthya CD one hand in Vic’s ass.. I extend my other arm back to pull her head closer to mineVic CD turning my head to reach for her lips while she inflames my bodyVic My hand reaches up and grips Sinthya’s other titcourtney(cd) biting locking and sucking moaning mmmmmmmm grinding my pantied clitty in her crackSinthya CD you both play with my tits as I’m able to reach her lipsVic My hips rise and fall as Sin’s finger impales my holeSinthya CD rubbing my ass in her panties…feeling her clitSinthya CD removing finger fron your ass and sucking on itcourtney(cd) taking Sin’s hand licking bahis siteleri her finger as i reach up grinding deep, and fondle Vic’s ballsSinthya CD both our tongues tasting his ass juiceSinthya CD my panties soaking wetVic Mmmmmm tilting my head back as Courtney teases my balls more precum dripping out my slitcourtney(cd) shifting slighly licking my own finger running it up her crack massaging her hole still tugging Vic’s ballsSinthya CD whilw she licks your balls…I lick your assVic My pelvis rocking as Courtney tugs my ballsSinthya CD mmmmmmm my moans muffles between Vic’s cheeks as you push that finger in mecourtney(cd) sucking them licking moaningSinthya CD I, in turn…slides a finger in her pantiescourtney(cd) pumping Sin’s ass slowly mmmmmmmmm yo sexxy bitchVic Electric pulses through my body with Sinthya’s tongue shifting my position to give her better accessSinthya CD as I slide my tongue in his ass…my finger does the same in her assSinthya CD mmmmmmmmmm CourtneyVic Ihhhhh fuck yes babycourtney(cd) whimpering on his balls then licking Sin’s cheek as i press my ass back onto her fingerSinthya CD ride my finger CourtneyVic My finger and thumb pinching Sinthya’s nippleSinthya CD moving my head…kissing CourtneyVic Spreading my ass cheekscourtney(cd) hooking mtginer inside her humping back as we kissSinthya CD mmmmmmmmmm.lips glued on hers as Vic pinches my nipplesSinthya CD holding on to courtney with my free hand…pushing deeper in her with otherSinthya CD mmmmmmmmmmm good ideacourtney(cd) humping back mm baby you make me feel so goodSinthya CD we all want to get fucked, dont we?Sinthya CD finger wont be enough for meVic Yes we docourtney(cd) sucking Vic’s cock deep then licking Sin’s face mmmmmmmmm so hotVicMy cock is aching for youSinthya CD Vic is probably sluttier than you and i, sisSinthya CD love having my face licked…omgVic Watching as Sinthya’ s face shimmers with precum and Courtney’s kissSinthya CD (whisper to Vic)you want me to fuck you or the other way around?courtney(cd) mmmm which end do you want sis? licking down to your neckVicFuck meSinthya CD you could make me cum by just licking my neck the way you do babySinthya CD (whisper to courtney(cd)) Vic want to get fuckedcourtney(cd) grining nuzzling yur neck bitting your shoulderSinthya CD should we dp him?courtney(cd) should i?Sinthya CD Vic?Sinthya CD what do you think?Sinthya CD me? her?both?Vic Ohhhh I Love surprisesVic BothSinthya CD i get in my backSinthya CD Vic you lucky slutSinthya CD get on top of me Viccourtney(cd) licking up Sin’s neck to her chin mmmmmmmmmmm bothSinthya CD Courtney baby…get in back of himVic Carefully mouthing sin on topSinthya CD grab my clit and guide it inVicI’ve always wanted to do thisSinthya CD let yourself slide on itcourtney(cd) getting behind Vic smacking his ass pushing my precum slicked cock between his legs rubbing it on his cock and ballsSinthya CD oh yeah sisterVic Fingers grabbing sins shaft guiding the tip to my assSinthya CD mmmmmmmmmmmmmSinthya CD feeling your ass on my cockheadVic Lowering my hips as her clit penetrates my rimSinthya CD popping your ass cherry?Sinthya CD take it all the way incourtney(cd) wildly licking down Sin’s neck to her tits stroking the base of her shaft as she entersVic Tilting my head back as pain turns to pleasureSinthya CD ..and prepare to make room for another stiff oneVic Taking bahis şirketleri Sinthya.s clitty deepSinthya CD (whisper to courtney(cd)) we will fuck him. make him cum but we will try not to cum yet, ok?Vic Fill me up yesssSinthya CD Courtney getting me even harder in you Viccourtney(cd) moaning pushing his ass cheeks wide guiding myself along side Sin’s pushing hard to work it inVic Stopping feeling your clit throb inside my pussycourtney(cd) fuck yes babySinthya CD omg…feeling your clit starting to rub on mineSinthya CD so tight in thereVic Grunting as courtney works her clit head to my ass stiffening my body for her leverageSinthya CD Vic, you are a whoreSinthya CD fuck him, sweetheartVic I do have a tight assVic Fuck me yesssscourtney(cd) i can only whimper and pull your head down kissing your legs hooked hugh on your body toes pointed perfectlySinthya CD (whisper to Vic)you HAD a tight asscourtney(cd) working in sucking Sin’s tits as i maing pushing it in spreading himVic My hands grip and squeeze Sinthya’s titsVicFucking with my vibe RTSinthya CD looking Vic in the eyes while we both fuck himcourtney(cd) fuck Sin your clit is sooo hard mmmmmm slamming deep stroking Vic as i roll my hipsSinthya CD Vic…we will make you cum with our clits in youVic My body relaxing as both of you impale my pussySinthya CD but we will not cum in you thenVic ooooohhhh fuck me yessSinthya CD you will cum without touching your cockVic Feed me your cumSinthya CD your cock throbbing,could burst anytimecourtney(cd) lettign him go kissing Sin hips pressed far forward fucking deep feeling us throbVic You two have me so hardSinthya CD No, you’ll feed us your cumcourtney(cd) spurt you little whoreVic YessssssSinthya CD come on Vic…let us have itcourtney(cd) licking Sin’s ear mmm cmon Vic we wanna swap your cumSinthya CD shoot it up all over my belly and titsVic Close to cummingSinthya CD (whisper to Vic)will you cum rt?courtney(cd) reaching down fucking harder twisting his nipple cum you little slutSinthya CD my baby will lick your cum from meSinthya CD then snowball meVic Mmoaning as my cock squirts ropes of cumm on SinthyaSinthya CD oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooVicYessss cumming rtVic My cock pulsing again and againcourtney(cd) ahhhhhhhhh eagerly sliding out greedily licking Sin then holding the cum kissing herSinthya CD gush after gush of cum on my titscourtney(cd) sucikng more off her tits biting on the nipples kissing her again greedily pushing cum in her mouth with my tongueSinthya CD mmmmmmmmmmmm cummy kisscourtney(cd) leaning down sucking Vic with a frenzy milking it all out before kissing Sin againSinthya CD tongues swirling in cumSinthya CD mmmmmmmmmm more babyVic Taking a glob on my finger sucking it off leaning down and opening my mouthSinthya CD let me spit it all in your mouthcourtney(cd) opening for you mmmmmSinthya CD cum swapping with Courtneycourtney(cd) mmm gota run luvs sorrycourtney(cd) Has left the chatSinthya CD some of it running down your chinSinthya CD hey Vic…how was your night?Vic Placing my open mouth to yoursVic Fucking fantasticSinthya CD gotta go soon babyVic How was yours babe?Sinthya CD great! better than expectedVic Haven’t had a threesome in quite some timeSinthya CD (whisper to Vic)I suspect Courtney left because she came rtSinthya CD well,the best 3some I had were with youVicI came RT. But I’m not going to leave. There’s more that can be doneVic You make them the bestSinthya CD ah…that so sweetVic It’s not easy having a three some.Sinthya CD you need the right partnersVic I need to get some sleep Vic Yes you do.Vic Has left the chat

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